Season 1 Episode 21

The Greater Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2005 on ABC

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  • The Greater Good

    Although Sayid's flashbacks outshine the uneventful main plot, the final events portray how distraught Shannon really is after her tragic loss.
  • Awesome.

    Locke arrives at Boone's funeral and is attacked by Jack. Locke asks for Shannon's forgiveness, to no avail; instead, Shannon steals the key to the gun case from a sleeping Jack, and confronts Locke in the jungle. Sayid tackles Shannon just as she fires the gun and the bullet grazes Locke's head. Sayid later tells Locke to take him to the hatch. In flashbacks, Sayid becomes an informant for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA, which has asked him to infiltrate a terrorist cell of which his old friend Essam is a member. Sayid agrees to do it in return for Nadia's whereabouts and he betrays Essam, who kills himself. We learn more about Sayid, more boring than usual, still an awesome episode. Boone gets burried - so sad. Locke returns, Jack goes crazy trying to kill John, and then faints, Kate drugs Jack so he can get some rest - amazing scene. Charlie is so funn calling the baby "Turnip head", and just looking after him for an episode. The bebay can't stop crying Charlie tries to make him stop, then Hurley and then the good old Sawyer, who actually stops it by the sound of his voice, so funny when Charlie just keeps saying "keep going" - got to love Charlie! This is the episode where Jack and Locke start not getting along.
  • Great episode, and a hell of a lot better than the previous...

    Let me start by just saying how awesome this show has become, even after twenty-one episodes, who will know what it'll be like in the long run.

    This episode took us through Sayid's second backstory - the events just before jumping on the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. Shannon decided to avenge Boone's death by not forgiving John Locke for something Locke didn't do, but then again he didn't mention out the location and existence of the hatch until the last minute.

    As for the flashbacks: Very nicely done and it was very significant. But Assam shooting himself dead probably wasn't the way to go... the you CIA! All that pressure for the Iraq people was shot because of Assam's death. The island events were tense as the raft is nearing completion, but John took Sayid out to the beach craft and actually (in one of my favorite scenes) told Sayid the truth about the attack earlier on.

    I do feel sorry for Shannon, her horrid life in the past was even more shattered when her step-brother Boone died, Teary. I knew Jack shouldn't have had ALL that rest, a bit maybe because of the mysterious arsonist - Shannon who stole the key to the gun's suitcase, when after John and almost killed him.

    Overall: Weighing up the great flashbacks and the island events of betrayal, it was a great episode, but not as great as many of the earlier shows of Lost.
  • Nor Spectacular, but still great!!!!

    This episode continues to show the consequences about "Deus Ex Machina" Episode.

    Sayid is of course involved, since he is the actual shannon boyfriend. This make the perfect oportunity for the writers to bring more Sayid Flashbacks.

    Nothing spectacular, it was just Scenes to fill the episodes, with no importance and no connection to the island. The Flashback were good, but the conclusion feel like this was only a filler Flashback.

    Locke is now the center of attention, some hatred, and some people simple don´t trust him anymore. Jack, Shannon and Sayid are examples.

    The writers managed to build and to resolve the situation in a good way,to end this history for the time being. It would be difficult to build something fantastic or better than this and for this I give 8 instead of 7. This episode is a pure drama, since even the clifihanger was not the best, interesting, but not shocking or reveling.

    The Other situation on the island don´t bother anyone
  • Some major turning points for a couple of characters

    Up until now the majority of the castaways have viewed Locke as one of their greatest assets. He's he guy who keeps them fed, who got Charlie off heroin, saved Walt and Michael from a polar bear, and has generally been the strongest focus. But when he reappears in the first scenes of 'The Greater Good[', with Boone's blood soaking through his shirt, for the first time, everyone looks at him as if he were a pariah. It's not just because Jack, the other real leader, is infuriated at him (that's more part of his reflex against Locke, who he now holds responsible for Boone's demise) Maybe it's due to the fact that Locke's hasn't been coming through with the boar as unusual, and the people, already suspicious are now beginning to wonder about this man.

    Jack wants a piece of Locke, but Kate dopes him so that he can get some much needed sleep after his marathon attempt at saving Boone's life, so the man who confronts Locke is Sayid. Up until this point, the two men haven't interacted in awhile, and that's hardly a surprise, because the two men are working on opposite ends. Sayid is desperately trying to get everybody off the island, and Locke is trying to find out more about the islands secrets. This is the kind of thing Sayid would probably have done normally, but the other reason is that he wants to help ease Shannon's grief. The thing is, what exactly does Sayid see in Shannon? He's had a very long life, and as we find out in his flashback, he has never given up searching for Nadia (who we met in 'Solitary'). And it's clear that this particular love was deep enough to make him work with the CIA do help bring down a former friend to stop a terrorist attack. Indeed, what Sayid did was even more despicable than that, as he took a man who clearly had doubts about the terrorist mission that he was on, and turned him into a willing martyr, all so he could find out where this girl was. This has to be the motivation for working so hard to get everybody off the island. It's the reason he asked for Shannon's help in the first place. And now he's thrown over his childhood sweetheart for a rich blonde who on her best days is whiny, petulant and angry? There might well be more to Shannon than meets the eye, but the writers seem to be determined not to let us show it.

    We'll let that go, because the confrontation between the two men is a brilliant counterpoint. Their scenes together make up the better part of the episode. The return to the plane that we saw two episodes ago leads to some great drama in special ways, such as the moment Sayid casually tells Locke that he knows he's carrying a concealed weapon, and Locke's very casual deflection of what 'the hatch's. This leads to the biggest shock of the episode--- when Locke reveals that he was the one who knocked Sayid out and destroyed the transmitter way back in the moth. However, his explanation leads to another mystery. He tells Sayid that he didn't want them to find the radio signal, because of the Rousseau's message, which he believes leads to some kind of slow death. Problem is, he didn't know about that then. It is likely that while excavating Boone--- who did hear the message --- probably told it to Locke. But if that's the case, that leaves Locke without a reason to commit the assault.

    Is it possible that when Locke had his first confrontation with the monster that maybe it told him some kind of message--- something along the lines of "This island is special, and no one can ever leave it?" Did he do this for the island? Given several of the other incidents that will happen in later seasons, I am strongly inclined to believe this explanation-rather than consider it a fault of the writing.

    Locke's explanation seem to soothe Sayid, but it brings no release to Shannon, who steals the key to the gun cabinet, with every intention of finding Locke and killing him. Save for Sayid's intervention (which is believable; Sayid doesn't want Shannon to destroy herself). Locke would probably be dead. As we have learned this season, despite his background, Sayid is a compassionate man. Ironically, that very compassion helped put him on Flight Oceanic 815, as he traded for a later ticket to make sure that the man he helped kill got a proper funeral. But he has his own reason, as he finally forcing Locke to show him the hatch.

    The other main subplot is an amusing one as Claire, still exhausted from giving birth rests, Charlie (naturally) tries to take care of the baby--- who will not stop crying. He goes to Hurley, with pretty disastrous results, and Jin and Michael can't help him. For some reason, however, Sawyer's voice lulls the baby into a calm, which leads to a hysterical sequence where Sawyer reads a sports magazine like it was a bedtime story.

    Other relationships on the island are evolving. Michael and Jin, who were at each others throats when the first raft burned, now are working together to get it built. The language barrier is still present, but now it seems that they've found a way to work around it. Walt seems to be getting closer to his Dad, though his somewhat innocuous questions can be seen as double-edged when you remember he burnt the first raft (What happens if we die?, etc).

    Kate spends most of the episode making sure that Jack finally gets some rest. Again, there's a certain measure of compassion here. Kate has built up some capital by helping deliver Claire's baby, so when Jack finds the keys to the gun case is missing, he doesn't automatically suspect her. But this won't even last a day. (Hey, Jack has trust issues)

    Still, 'The Greater Good' essentially belongs to Naveen Andrews and Terry O'Quinn, two of the pillars of this series. Because of what happens, Syed will lose a lot of faith in Locke, and given what happens in later seasons, there's a real possibility that Sayed may regret that he didn't let Shannon kill him. Locke's presence may be for the good of the island, but for the rest of the castaways, this is where the first real doubt in this mysterious man comes in.
  • This was a very moving episode. It brought some questions up that needed to be addressed to the group.

    This episode brought sorrow, joy, and fear of the unknown to the group. I felt so sad for Shannon for her loss of Boone and I fully understand her need for the truth.It was also a sad to see the loss that Shannon suffered and the fact that her last words with Boone were not on good terms makes you want to get things right before you let someone leave or say goodnight or whatever the case may be. Although Locke is not directly responsible for Boone's death he could have prevented it if he had told him what he had dreamed of I believe. I did not like the way Locke done things in regards to the death of Boone and lying to the rest of the group about the hatch, I just feel like something could have been done in regards to the hatch if he had told Jack and the others before going on this hunt with Boone. The joy and comedy of this episode was the voice of Sawyer of all people being able to soothe "turnip head" and the fact that Charlie followed him around with the baby after he realized this. The unknown fear is of what the hatch is for and why did they find it when no others have that we know of.
  • Venganza

    Shannon culpa a John por la muerte de su hermano Boone. Descuajada le implora a Sayid que haga algo por ella, y él le responde llevando a Locke en una excursión. John lo lleva donde el avión está para convencerlo que la historia de la muerte de Boone es real. Pero a Sayid hay algo que no le cierra, interroga a John acerca de la escotilla pero éste le miente.
    De vuelta en la playa Sayid le cuenta a Shannon que cree que Locke no tuvo culpa en la muerte de su hermano entonces ella decide vengarse con sus propias manos.
  • We learn what Sayid will do for information regarding the mysterious woman from his Iraqi days. We learn about the motivation of Shannon regarding revenge for her brother. Sayid and Locke explore more than the jungle and Sawyer has a listening ear.

    Jack goes off to find John Locke, Sayid asks Shannon if there is anything that he can do for her, telling her that Sun told her that Boone had refused the treatment as he knew what was happening and he wanted the medicine saving for the others.

    Kate goes after Jack and persuades him to come back to the camp, where everyone has gathered to pay their respects to Boone. Sayid starts off the words, then Locke reappears and says his words, before John Locke comes to add his words, which causes Jack to take his anger out on John.

    We get a greater insight into the past life of Sayid, as we see him being escorted into a holding cell and given details by the CIA and SIS, regarding a terrorist cell in Sydney that they ask him to inform on. Then later, when we see that he is asked to stop his former room mate having second thoughts about being a martyr. But at the last moment when the time comes, Sayid explains to Sam that he is working with the CIA, he feels abandoned and betrayed and ends up shooting himself.

    Kate in order to get Jack to have some rest and take it easy admits to him, that she crushed up some sleeping tablets and added them to his drink, so that he will actually take some rest and have some sleep.

    Locke takes Sayid into the jungle to where the plane was, what had happened so that he can gather some of the components for making a transceiver for the boat. He is shown the drugs, Locke also gives him the gun that they took from the priest and admits to Sayid that it was he, that took the transmiter equipment and based him on the head in the first 2 weeks of being on the island, as it had to be done.

    Jack awakes and fines that his key is missing, to the gun suitcase, he blames Locke, but Sayid explains that it wasn't him but he has a good idea who it was. He doesn't tell them that Shannon asked him earlier to kill Locke, nor that he told Shannon that he could not. But they go into the jungle and get to her just as she is about to shoot him, their actions manage to prevent him being killed and just getting a graze from a shot.

    Sawyer has a captive audience as it is discovered that his voice is a soothing calming voice to the baby, whom Charlie has initially called "turniphead" as thats what it looks like, well at least until Claire gives him a name.
  • The momentum and pre-finale tensions on the island, subsequent to the "Numbers-Deus Ex Machina-Do no Harm" trilogy is maintained. Shame about the backstory.....

    After the trilogy of episodes that came before it, you would expect the writers to surely come back down to earth a bit. However, there are two reasons why that wouldn't have been a good idea. For one the season finale is only two more episodes away. Secondly, the end of Do no Harm was filled with a sense of foreboding and for the writers to spend an entire episode not following up on the events of the previous episode would be a disgrace. They seem to have learned their lesson from Whatever the Case May be, which was Season One's only major misfire. At least wrap up an ongoing thread before raising up others, which is what this episode does in a way. It settles the tensions between Locke, Jack and Sayid, as we will confirm by the next episode, and some plotpoints are wrapped up before we go into the next phase of the storyline going into the finale. While The Greater Good is not as gripping as the past three, meaning the momentum has been allowed to ease slightly, it is still filled with alot of tension, because we are unsure of the consequences for the last episode's events. Is Jack going to kill Locke? Or is Sayid? It comes as a surprise when Shannon, of all people, takes a shot, grazing his forehead.
    The whole episode had been building to a conflict, even though we had already had one conflict at the start bewteen Jack and Locke. That conflict did little to clear the air, which is good for the episode as it keeps the tension throughout.
    Sayid is an interesting character, so much so that it seems that he could have had much more attention throughout the season, aside from his flashbacks.
    It is slightly unfortunate that the only thing that mars this episode are the flashbacks, which do spoil the rising momentum of events on the island, which many of the series' flashbacks tend to do. I am not against the flashbacks. They are interesting, give us great character depth, nice parallels between the "real world" and the "island world" and break up the island action in a cliffhanger style. Breaking up the action is okay but it's when it abruptly stops the momentum. Momentum problems aside the flashbacks are okay but I probably prefer the ones from "Solitary". The final couple of flashbacks are pretty cool, however, and nicely link the suicide of Essam with the subsequent Locke & Shannon stand-off. The final flashback is interesting as it finally completes the plot thread of why the survivors all boarded the flight of Oceanic Flight 815.
    One of my favourite moments from the episode is when Charlie follows Sawyer around the beach because the sound of his voice calms the other-wise screaming baby. LOL!
    While this episode could have been better, following on from the previous three episodes, was going to be a challenge. The writers wisely didn't try too hard to compete but don't underdo it either, delivering a nice balance.
  • A Sayid-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I really liked this episode, and it's definitely my favorite Sayid-centric episode of Lost that they've had so far. I thought that the flash backs that they had in this episode of Sayid's life prior to the plane crashing on the island were great. Sayid's story line was definitely my favorite. I'm finally starting to become a big Sayid fan. Another story line that I really liked in this episode was Shannon's storyline of mourning Boone's death. I was shocked by Shannon's behavior. Although, I was very impressed by Maggie Grace's performance in this episode. The Charlie/Claire story line was great too. All in all, I thought that this was another very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I more that I watch the show, the more I fall in love with Lost.
  • Sayid: At the funeral you said your leg was injured. Locke: It was just a charlie-horse....a cramp. Sayid: I know what a charlie-horse is, John.

    Locke arrives at Boone's funeral and is attacked by Jack. Locke asks for Shannon's forgiveness, to no avail; instead, Shannon steals the key to the gun case from a sleeping Jack, and confronts Locke in the jungle. Sayid tackles Shannon just as she fires the gun and the bullet grazes Locke's head. Sayid later tells Locke to take him to the hatch. In flashbacks, Sayid becomes an informant for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA, which has asked him to infiltrate a terrorist cell in which his old friend Essam is a member. Sayid agrees to do it in return for Nadia's whereabouts and he betrays Essam, who kills himself. Least favourite episode of Lost but that doesnt mean it is a bad episode.
  • Great!

    Sayid has flashbacks of when he worked with the CIA to rat out his friend. He betrays his friend to find Nadia, the woman he saved in the Middle East.

    Locke shows Sayid the plane that Boone fell down with. When Sayid mentions the hatch, Locke covers by saying the hatches on the plane. Shannon doesn't believe that Locke is innocent, so she steals Jack's key to the case and finds a gun to kill Locke. Sayid, Jack and Kate find Shannon holding a gun at Locke. She shoots, but Sayid tackles her and the bullet brushes against Locke's head. Charlie takes care of Claire's baby while she rests. The baby stops crying whenever Sawyer starts talking.

    This episode was great! The thing with the baby and Sawyer was funny! I didn't really like Sayid's flashbacks that much. I have to admit that the flashbacks are getting a little annoying. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Sayid and the Hatch

    Not too much happened in this episode. it started off with the burial of Boone. I must say that was pretty sad. I almost had a tear form in the corner of my eye. Locke mysteriously pops up out of no where from being MIA. Shortly after he is attacked by Jack who blames him for Boone's death. Shannon is also mad a Locke and takes matters into her own hand to try to get him killed. Her plan failed, Locke was barely shot. The flashbacks sucked as usual, and we are still waiting to see what is inside the hatch.
  • With Boone's death... Jack is losing his temper and tries to find Locke. On the same Shannon is also trying to find him, to kill him.

    A beautiful episode with super ending.

    First the story rolls out with Boone's death and Jack is losing his temper as he cannot stand that Locke lied to him. He is trying to go and find him, and I am not sure what he could do if he had found him. But Kate drugs him as he needed rest not to run around.

    Also Claire is having hard time with baby, so other propose to help her, so she could have a sleep. But it is not easy. In the end it comes out that Sawyer is most handy.

    On the same time, Sayid is having his flashbacks and we learn that he was in Australia to see Nadia again, had to work for CIA and lost his friend there.

    Also he founds Locke in the jungle and he is not so over of his past habits. He is somehow interrogating him to get him reveal the truth - there is a plain, it was Locke who took the transiver in the beginning of the episode from him... I just adored when they two where out there. The way the both are surrounded my mysteries, the way they talked. Super.

    And the end.. the decision Sayid has to make.. to save Locke and the final words: "Take me to the hatch. No more lies"

    Great episode
  • An average episode in my opinion.

    Locke reappears at Boone's funeral, bursting his tension with Jack. Shannon asks Sayid to avenge her brother's death, forcing Sayid to choose between his love interest and his morals. Shannon steals the guns and fires at Locke; however, the bullet only grazes him. Flashbacks reveal Sayid's purpose for being in Australia. The episode of lost wasnt the best of the series but had some interesting moments like Locke revealing to Sayid that he knocked him out a good few episode ago.
    I thought this episode was very slow and I was expecting alot more so near to the end of the season.
  • "There's always a choice."

    That’s very true, and I wish the writers would have made a better one. After two of the most interesting and emotional episodes of the entire season, the show goes into a mini-slump in this episode and the next. There was a six week break between Do No Harm and The Greater Good, and this episode is a letdown after that long of a wait.

    Why is it a letdown? There are a number of reasons. The story on-island drags quite a bit, since a lot of it is repetitive. Locke says he’s sorry about Boone and that he was a good guy quite a few times-at the funeral, when he talks to Shannon, and then again when being quizzed by Sayid. None of the scenes are exact clones, but Locke’s message is the same. Terry O’Quinn, on the other hand, is brilliant in this episode. Even though Locke did effectively kill Boone, his calm demeanor and sincerity can’t help but win you over once again. Unfortunately, his charm doesn’t win over the other survivors, and they basically shun him, evidenced very well by seeing Walt, one of Locke’s closest friends, being very wary of him in the caves. Locke’s ostracism will soon be forgotten however, which is strange, because other characters will be crucified for their actions a lot more in the future.

    Shannon’s grief manifests itself in a rather odd way as well. It seems that she’ll simply try and put Boone’s death behind her at the beginning of the episode, and then she wants revenge on Locke eventually trying to kill him. The fact that she wants vengeance is not strange, but Shannon is not a violent person. She was not told what the key around Jack’s neck did, and she was certainly not told where the Halliburton case was. Furthermore, I’m sure that Jack took the magazine out of the gun and/or turned on the safety catch in the event that a gun found itself in enemy/untrained hands. However, I’ll ignore this little oversight and watch the very well-done sequence of Locke’s near death. It’s very intense, and the rain makes it even more dramatic. The rift that occurs between Sayid and Shannon at the end of the episode is an unforeseen twist too-at the end of Do No Harm, when Boone died, most people in the audience went, “Oh, at least Shannon’s got Sayid.” This change of heart will make for some good drama in the season finale, and it’s also very true to life-oftentimes we push people away at the time we need them most. The problem with Shannon’s grieving is simply that she’s the only character not to have a flashback yet. Therefore, the audience ultimately can’t get as emotionally involved in her sadness as we could in Locke’s sadness in previous episodes, or Jack’s, because we don’t know her.

    Sayid’s investigative role is much more entertaining. The scene in the jungle between him and Locke is terrific, and both O’Quinn and Naveen Andrews play the scene perfectly. Both of these actors have figured out who their characters are and are really taking off with them, and I think both deliver outstanding performances in this episode. The way that both state something and ask a question at the same time (evidenced by the “Is that a question?” from both characters) is great, and I love how subtle they both play the scene-until Locke reveals the answer to one of the show’s mysteries. Sayid momentarily reverts back into torturer mode when Locke tells him that he sabotaged the attempt at triangulating the Frenchwoman’s signal, and for good reason. Wasn’t Locke the one who said that people wouldn’t destroy attempts at rescue in a previous episode? Well, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. As mad as we should be at Locke, though, Terry O’Quinn’s acting just makes us forgive Locke once again, as Sayid does as well. It also makes for a nice payoff at the end of the episode, when Sayid tells Locke to cut the crap, and to take him to the hatch. Events are being set in motion, and there are only two more episodes for them to build before the season finale.

    Elsewhere on the island, other characters are having little moments of their own. Jack’s desperate attempts to save Boone’s life have taken quite a toll on him, and he’s collapsing from lack of sleep and blood. Kate slips him some sleeping pills, which is done with good intentions, but ultimately leads to the gun case key to be stolen. This episode features the first real instance of Jack and Locke being completely split over an issue, and Jack overreacting about it. The scene at the funeral is really well-written and played, and it will be the starting point for an entire season’s worth of animosity between the leader of the camp and the person who just might be the most knowledgeable of everyone. That’s next year, though, so you’ll just have to wait. Charlie also gets a bit of a spotlight here, although I’m not sure it was a good idea. Claire is also burned out, and I like that Charlie and Sun are there to help her, but the subplot of the crying Turnip-Head is something that is really just played for laughs, and to try and take some of the impact out of Shannon nearly murdering Locke. The scenes are admittedly rather funny, especially Hurley singing to the baby, but they don’t really add much to the episode, and instead seem just like an excuse to give Sawyer something to do, seeing as how all he’s done since Outlaws is get a pair of glasses.

    Lastly, the flashbacks, which are my least favorite part of the episode. There is one thing I like about them, though: the message they send. What is the greater good? Is it betraying a friend to find the one you love, as Sayid thinks, or is it blowing oneself up to try and make a point to the world at large-Essam’s view? It’s a good message, and one that fits with Lost very well, but it’s poorly executed. Obviously, having an Iraqi character is going to cause problems with Western viewers, and up to this point, there have been no problems. I personally like Sayid, and think it’s great to have a Muslim character that isn’t portrayed as a villain. However, when the flashbacks try and make us have sympathy for terrorists, it’s going too far. Trying to buy into Sayid’s moral turmoil at double-crossing a friend takes a backseat to the fact that we’re supposed to be accepting terrorism as a means of grief over the loss of a loved one, which is Essam’s excuse. Why Sayid does it is also a mystery to me. He hasn’t seen Nadia in seven years, so naturally, he wants to find her, but after working as a rat for the CIA, who treat him like scum because he’s from the Middle East, he then falls in love with the first pretty blond he meets on the island? Did I miss something? It doesn’t add up that Sayid was going to America in the first place to find Nadia, but then gives up on her and starts hitting on Shannon. The island is a place to start over, yeah, but for Sayid to completely forget about his past life is a pretty big stretch in my opinion.

    Overall, The Greater Good is not a waste of airtime. There are some very good dramatic moments, but there are more moments that simply don’t work. The fact that this episode follows a really good episode doesn’t help, but there is good news: it looks good in comparison to the next episode.
  • Review

    For the first half of this episode I didnt think this episode would ever amount to anything higher then a "filler" episode, however, the end really picked up and left us with a good cliff hanger. I thought that Locke got the better of Sayid with the "Hatch" description of the plane, but I like the way the writers allowed Sayid to come back at the end of the episode and call Locke a liar. With Sayid going to the hatch, I have a feeling everyone is going to get involved...including Jack which is sure to lead to some drama. Ive never seen Jack walk away from someone in need of medical attention, which shows the disrespect or hatred that Jack currently has for Locke. I think something is going to come to a head in the last couple of episodes. Sayids flashbacks were interesting, yet a little random. Sayids flashbacks have spanned the greatest distance in time - over seven years. This flashback shows us what happened to Sayid a little bit more then a month ago right before he got on the plane.
  • Great episode.

    Everyone attends a funeral. This episode centers on Sayid, we get to learn what he was doing just before he boarded Oceanic Flight 815. Sayid also tries to figure out what Locke is doing in the forest. He believes that Locke is somehow responsible with Boone's death. It turns out that Sayid flew to Sydney to find an old friend and along the way, he got to work with the CIA. This is a really exciting episode. The stuff that Sayid did for the CIA was exciting to watch. There's some adventure here, the plot was well written and the episode was well directed.
  • Good episode. (Contians Minimal Spiolers)

    After another funeral, tempers rise as the survivors' suspicions of each other grow, and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. The events that landed Sayid on Flight 815 play out as he engages Locke in a psychological game of cat and mouse to uncover the truth about the mishap that claimed Boone's life.

    This is a Sayid based episode and is rather well done. It did not deserve a ten I do not think. The ending is good and the action was good but mostly character development from beginning to end.

    STARS: *** OUT OF ****

    OVERALL: Good episode.
  • Locke: "You were hit from behind, knocked unconscious. When you woke up your transceiver, your equipment was destroyed. That was me."

    Jack has spent the morning running around the jungle looking for Locke, but can't find him, and he's still weak from giving Boone so much blood. There's a funeral for Boone, and everyone is at it. Locke finally shows up, and explains how Boone fell from the plane. It's quite an incredible story, and Jack doesn't believe a word of it, and tries to attack Locke, but passes out. Afterwards, Locke gives Shannon Boone's belongings and apologizes to her, saying he knows what it's like to lose someone you love. Somehow, this makes Shannon even more upset, and she goes to Sayid and asks him to find out exactly what Locke did to Boone. Meanwhile, Jack is back in his tent with Kate, and Kate puts some sleeping pills into his drink so Jack will finally get some rest.

    In flashbacks we find out how the CIA blackmailed Sayid into helping expose a terror plot one of his friends may carry out in Australia. Once his friend finds out Sayid is working against him, he kills himself right in front of Sayid.

    Charlie is taking care of Claire's baby while Claire rests, but can't seem to get it to stop crying. And Locke is taking Sayid out to the drug plane. There, Locke tells him the entire story, and more, revealing that it was he who hit Sayid from behind and destroyed his transceiver (episode 7). Sayid is rightfully angry, but Locke just doesn't want anyone to leave the island, and he believes the raft is another foolish idea. But when Sayid inquires about the hatch, Locke denies its existance, saying there are two hatch doors on the plane. Back at camp, Sayid tells Shannon Locke was telling the truth, but Shannon refuses to believe it and, needing someone to blame for the death of Boone, steals the guncase key from around Jack's neck, and goes to get a gun. Once Jack is awake and realizes it's missing, he gets Sayid and Kate and they take off. But it's too late- Shannon is holding Locke at gunpoint, ready to fire. After a moment, Sayid tackles her, and she shoots. Locke goes down, but only had a superficial wound on his head. Shannon is upset and storms off back to camp. Later, Charlie finds a solution to the problem of Claire's baby crying so much: he has Sawyer read a car magazine to it, which keeps it quiet. That night, Sayid approaches Locke by a fire, and quietly demands to be taken to the hatch. The REAL hatch.

    What a great episode... tense and exciting, the show is building up towards the season finale. Michael Giacchino is in top form with his music here, as usual. This episode is great because we get to see a lot of character interaction, and that's one of the things that makes Lost great. Add in some superb Sayid flashbacks, and Locke's revelation of how he hit Sayid, and you've got another excellent episode of Lost.
  • Shannon makes plans for her brother's alleged killer after jack attacks locke at the funeral. Sayid's past involves the CIA and a suicide bomber.

    this was a brilliant episode, like every episode anyway. the best parts were: boones funeral where jack attacked locke, sayids memories when his friend killed himsself and the part were shannon almost kills locke. the funniest part of this episode was the part were charlie is trying to calm aaron and everytime he goes no sawyer with him he stops crying, so charlie follows him around. lost is brilliant, its da best show and it deserves to be in number 1 for best drama and best show overall. i love lost i love lost i love lost i love lost i love lost i love lost i love lost i love lost...

    One of my all time favourite LOST episodes. It focuses on Boone's death and the events that follow with Locke ex. Jack attacking Locke, Sayid interogating Locke, Shannon trying to kill Locke ect.

    I also loved this flashback, usually i find that the flashback brings the episode ratting down for me, but not in this episode. I love the plot change in this episode also, from everyone liking and trusting Locke, to everyone hatting him and definatly not trusting him (even Walt).

    The whole problem with Shannon was kind off balance, but i made the episode stronger and more appeling, and it also made Sayid's character more likable (if possible). This was fantastic episode and a great way to start to bring season 1 to an end.

    Sayid: I want you to take me to the hatch.

    Locke: I already showed you, I...

    Sayid: And John... No more lies.

  • not all that impressive

    this is an episode that revolves mostly around sayid. he is a character that i really did not like during the first season. this episode did little to change my opinion. his backstory really does not interest me much. his interaction with locke and shannon was well played. as for the rest of the episode all the stuff with the baby and kate drugging jack i just yawned my through.
  • good episode. tons of action

    this one was a pretty good episode filled with action. Sayid is still a badass even though i'm still perplexed why the flashback was relevant. and how did shannon find the briefcase with all the guns? last time i checked, only a few knew that there were extra guns and where the guns were located and shannon was definetly not one of them. kate and jack were the only ones who knew where the case even was located and i'm pretty sure kate didn't tell shannon seeing how she didn't even know that she took the key. and how did shannon know that the key around jack's neck was for the case?
  • The best episode of the whole season.

    First of all, the flashbacks don't usually surprise me, but this one was my favorite one."Well Sayid, I hope she makes you whole again...""Essam!No!". But the best parts were on the island. Locke just came out of no where and gave a speech about him being responsible for Boone's death. But Jack didn't buy that for one second, so he charged at him, choking him to the ground, asking where he was and what he did to Boone. It was funny how Sawyer's voice calmed the baby. But I dont know how Shannon found the case, because Jack never told her where it was. This episode contained trust issues with Locke, Jack's rage, and a great Sayid flahsback. This episode is exactly why I watch this series.
  • Good Ep.

    It's awesome to finally know why all the main characters got on the plane. It's kool to see how Sayid dealed with Shannon asking him to kill Locke. This was a very exciteing ep. that everyone should whatch with alot of different plot twist. and we learn some more secerts.
  • a good episode that developed both sayid and john locke, and revealed a few secrets.

    a good episode that developed both sayid and john locke, and revealed a few secrets.

    I thought that this was a good episode on the island, but im thought that the flashbacks were poorer than normal. This episode also starts to lead towards the ending and the hatch being blown open.
  • Shannon wants Sayid to kill Locke and avenge the death of her brother. This reminds Sayid of another task he didn't want to do but still performed for the "greater good."

    What can I say except for wow! This is one of the best episodes in the second half of season one, in my opinion. The look it gives you into the mind of the Muslim jihad, is both fascinating and disturbing. Boone's funeral was appropriately touching, especially Sayid's eulogy. Kate's drugging of Jack was absolutely adorable. The culprit of Sayid's attack in "The Moth," is unsurprising, but I really liked Sayid's reaction to the crazed Locke. (Die Locke Die)

    But anyways, a very solid episode and a worthy follow-up to the tearjerking, nerve-wracking beautiful disaster that is "Do No Harm."
  • Jack, Locke, Sawyer...

    This episode was quite the choker if you want my opinion. I don’t get this: Why did Jack start accusing Locke of killing Boone, in the middle of his funeral?? I understood that he was upset because Boone died, but please! He called Locke a liar in front of everybody, how did that make Locke look? Jack could have handled it like a man and could have waited until the end of the funeral and talked to him in private.

    Something else that I don’t understand is why wouldn’t Locke tell anybody about the hatch? They could help him open it and see what’s inside.

    I thought it was so adorable how Sawyers voice calmed the baby! He looked so cute when he was reading the car magazine to him. :)

  • How Sayid Ended Up On The Plane.

    This was an unexpected and very good flashback episode. I didn't expect Sayid to have to work for the government like that. Man, were those CIA agetns assbags. I did feel bad for Essam. He didn't even want to go through with it but the CIA forced Sayid to talk him into doing it. Then when he finds out the truth, he shoots himself. Poor Sayid. He has to deal with the CIA threatening Nadia and then he has to deal with his friend killing himself right in front of him. Not to mention the only reason he was on the flight that crashed is because he waited an extra day to claim Essam's body.

    I really liked how Sawyer's voice was the only thing that could calm down the baby and make it stop crying. Sawyer's glasses look so funny on them, especially the half that are blatantly from womens' glasses. Plus I love how Charlie calls the baby Turniphead. This show is good is so many ways its incredible.
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