Season 2 Episode 11

The Hunting Party

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • The Hunting Party

    The events in this episode are a pivotal turning point in the overall scheme of the second season, even though they don't quite pack the punch that they should due to a somewhat off tone and mediocre flashbacks.
  • Michael Dawson

    Michael Dawson, a well-written, well-acted, and thoroughly detestable character.

    Talk about being a slave to one's emotions. Talk about being a loose cannon on deck. Michael Dawson is a raging bull for whom anything and everything is a red cape.

    If I were stuck on a desert island with him, I would have strangled him within a week.
  • Pathetic. Let's go to war. Sure, great solution. It's worked so well for the U.S. hasn't it?

    Considering how excellent the prior episode was, this one was just terribly boring. I don't think Jack is much of an actor, and I'm tired of seeing his backstory when there are so many other characters I'd like to know more about. And I don't get why no one seems able to communicate, everyone has secrets, and too many people just cannot resist trying to control each other. I sure hope this episode was an exception, as many others have been a total blast, exciting and unexpected.
    a few more words wasted here so I can be done with this.
  • Awesome.

    Michael leaves the survivors in search of Walt. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer pursue Michael but encounter the Others in the jungle. In flashbacks, Jack's wife leaves him. Wow - what an awesome episode I love the way Michael goes after Walt. I love the scene in the hatch with, Jack, Sawyer, Locke annd Kate. I also love the way Jack doesn't want Kate to go with Locke, Sawyer and himself. Sun and Jin are awesome - there characters and storyline is so real. I love the scene where the other talk to the gang for went looking for Michael, it's awesome the way they have Kate. Jack really loves her. Charlie and Hurley are so funny I love their scene talkign about women. Jack's back story is awesome too.
  • This episodes has it´s issues, but overall as some interesting scenes!!!

    Ok, why this episode deserve a 8? Instead of 9 or 9,5?

    From Writers/Producers Perspective:

    Jack is the main character, so he needs at least 3 flashbacks per Season, which means that the audience may feel bored. The writers insist with Jack Story through his marriage, which make sense, since Michael go after his son, to rescue him, so Since Jack is the leader, he go after Michael too.

    So, The writers tried to tie the flashback to Jack situation on the Island and his necessity to fix everything. Here the writers forced the flashback into a situation that doesn´t needed to be done in that way.

    What worked in this episode, is the fact that the writers did the unexpected. The Others appeared, and the confrontation and the conversation was great. This is the Key moment of this episode.

    The Producers know that a episode only need a story that in the end or even in the middle, has something that feels great to see. So this was the case and was well executed.

    My Point of View:

    What I think that was great was the confrontation, even the dialogues was interesting, and it was unexpected that they would found them in the jungle. What I expected was more delays, not the case.

    Jin and Sun share their time on screen, nothing bad or boring.

    The endind was good, but not great, just interesting, since this can make more deaths in the way.

    So, what sell this episode for 8, is the appearence of the others and the nice conversation Between Jack and one of the Leader of the Other.
  • Another merry chase, but this one really doesn't go anywhere

    Because so much of the series is centered on Jack, his flashback episodes are traditionally the weakest, partly because he wears his heart in his sleeve, partly because we learn less about him as a person in these episodes. This is pretty much the same when we see his story in 'The Hunting Party'. He's under the thumb of his father when it comes time to perform the same kind of miracle surgery that he did on Sarah, who we see in this episode as well. He failed, he took it hard, and in a moment of weakness he kissed the man's daughter. As always, he couldn't keep these feelings bottled up, so he told Sarah, promising to be a better husband, only to find that she, too , had run out of patient with him. Jack may have loved her once, but as she puts it, he will always need someone to fix.

    Jack might not like Christian, but the fact is he is a lot more alike him then he would care to admit. In the season 2 premiere, he told Sarah that she'd probably never be able to walk again, and Christian told him that he needed to hold out some degree of hope. Now that he has pulled off a miracle, his ego flares up, and he can't help but gloat, which makes his fall even more devastating.

    Now that he's finally beginning to establish his leadership on the island, he faces the worse crisis to date, when Michael takes some guns and locks Jack in the armory while he goes after Walt. Why Michael has decided that he has to act now is hard to fathom; we won't get an answer till the end of the season.

    Jack forms a party, aided by Locke and Sawyer (who has sure healed up, considering he was near death less than three days ago) Kate wants to help, but the reemergence of Sawyer seems to have regressed their relationship yet again. Now he's treating her like a child, and she brazenly defies him. Only time the consequences are far more devastating.

    But then again Jack's behavior is particularly pig headed. He knows from what happened to the tailies how organized and careful the Others can be. He knows because he dealt with Ethan how deadly they can be. And he has to know after a point that Michael is not on his own anymore. Nevertheless, he keeps charging ahead, arguing all the while.
    And than what night falls, we get the episodes high point. They run straight into the bearded man who took Walt (who the writers have inexplicably nicknamed 'Mr. Friendly'). He seems to know as much about them as Goodwin did in 'The Other 48 Days', and this time things are far more chilling. And when Jack, not wanting to let things go, tries to press them, we learn that there are a lot more of them than we originally thought. The speech he gives is chilling, particularly the section where he tells them "This is not your island." He then tells them to give up the weapons they're carrying and walk away, which Jack and the others do very unwillingly.

    But Jack's attitude is particularly unsettling. He used to blame himself for his downfalls, but ever since he came to the island, he's been finding scapegoats everywhere. He blamed Locke for the death of Boone; he blames Kate for losing Michael, and now he has a whole other bunch of scapegoats to turn to. He is blind to his own failings. Sayid is conspicuous by his absence--- Jack never even thought to ask him around, even though he might have had a far better way to handle the search. Sayid ends up learning about it from Charlie and Hurley, for God's sake. And when he comes up with his idea to train an army, eh goes to Ana Lucia, even though he knows that Sayid has more experience, and is frankly, more trustworthy than someone who killed a woman the moment she brought her people here. But Jack can not communicate, which is one of the reasons this group of people who could make a decent group of warriors, will never become unified. (It's also the best explanation as to why this potential story never goes anywhere.)

    Indeed, everyone seems disconnected. Locke has lost his past because of the hatch. Kate and Jack seem to be moving two steps forward and one step back, Charlie is heading down the path to heroin again, Sawyer seems focused on having revenge than anything else (why else does he look at Mr. Friendly with promises that this isn't over?). and Michael didn't think enough of any of the people he's been on an island with for seven weeks. to ask for help on what otherwise might be a suicide mission. Only Sun and Jin are actually making progress with their relationship, and that's because Jin is willing to listen to his wife (then again, she still is the only person that he can talk to.) Despite Jack's remarks that they need to live together or they'll die alone, this episode seems to demonstrate that's exactly what's starting to happen.

    Compared to some of the other episodes this season, ' The Hunting Party' isn't nearly as strong. Part of this is because of the focus of the flashback, aprts of it has to do with the disconnect from later episodes, mostly it's because we are edging up to a mystery but we don't gain nearly as much about The Others than we thought. There's more information here, but we're not getting it.
    My score:7.5
  • Run after you

    Pobre Michael... Por qué hizo lo que hizo con la computadora?!! Está bien, lo entiendo, yo hubiese hecho lo mismo: lo que sea con tal de encontrar a mi hijo o al menos saber qué fue de él y matar al que lo mató si eso fue lo que pasó. Salió de cacería? Sus amigos lo siguen (no se para qué) y se topan con "The Others"... Mmmm... que gente mala... o no? Intrusos se adueñan de su isla y a ellos les molesta, es entendible. Pero por qué no tratar de ayudarlos? Por qué la agresión? Está por verse, si es que no se matan unos a otros primero...
  • We have a funny episode here, that of Michael chatting to his son via the computer in the bunker, then going to rescue him, we have him plonking Locke on the head, locking him and Jack in the armoury, then a posse going to rescue him!!!!

    We have a flashback to Jack's medical career, this time where a woman comes to see him, with her father who has an inoperable spinal tumour, she flatters him by saying it is known that he works miracles, like the spinal injury of the woman her later married.

    Sawyer and Kate come to the rescue of Jack and Locke who are locked in the armoury, by Michael who has taken a weapon and is going to rescue his son. If Kate and Sawyer had not gone to get his dressing changed, we would have found out what happens when the countdown gets to zero. They decide that they are going after him, but the are taking Sawyer, just recovering, but leave Kate to push the button!!!

    We then flashback to more of the incident of the surgery on the guy with the spinal tumour, then we discover that Jack has undertaken alot of tests prior to planning on operating on her father. As he gets into bed, his wife is getting up, they are like ships in the night, but she was aware of that when she married a miracle worker.

    According to Locke the tracking of Michael is easy as he is going in a straight line, but he is heading North, not in the direction of which they crossed the island. But they keep up a good strong pace.

    Back on the beach, Hurley gets talked into Kates button pushing shift, allowing her to catch up with the group. Jin wants to go too, as Michael is his friend, but Sun tells Jin how it was, how her feelings were in turmoil whilst he was on the raft, away and she wasn't aware of his condition.

    We have Jack's flashback to that the surgery wasn't successful, the spinal tumor was a success, but he suffered a heart attack on the table, not one that he could recover from, Jack getting mad in the locker room, his father coming in saying that he has already spoken to the daughter. Jack knows that he has to see her, they kiss long and hard, but Jack knows its wrong, so he tells his wife at the first chance and then she tells him that she's been seeing someone.

    Meanwhile back in the jungle, night has fallen, the bearded leader of the others appears, everyone puts their weapons down once his men all light their torches, out numbered and out gunned, the men throw down their weapons for the return of Kate and a truse and agree to where the line is drawn.

    At the end of the episode we see Jack talking to Ana and asking how easy would it be to train an army.
  • "This is our Island!" The Others return with a warning to the survivors and Jack's attitude to the situation on the island may have changed at last....

    This episode was great but I was also disappointed by it. As Jack episodes go, this was his weakest thus far. His previous episodes have all been outstanding with great island action, good momentum, and interesting flashbacks.
    The flashbacks of this episode are a bit redundant, despite a few new hints (Sarah Shepherd's pregnancy and Christian Shepherd's unfaithful marriage). All of Jack's flashbacks are not all too eventful and are generally quite slow-moving but they never usually spoil the momentum, and in this episode the same can be said. There is always great emotional drama in his flashbacks, which are fun to watch and keep the events in the flashbacks interesting and fit well with the emotions in the present. But this episode joins Do No Harm in the least interesting Jack flashbacks category, despite that episode scoring a perfect rating for me, due to the gripping events on the island.
    In the present the drama on the island in this episode builds really well and many of the pre Others meeting felt much like the scenes in "All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues" and as the episode lead to that confrontation moment I felt that this episode would have been as good. The confrontation with The Others was great to see and there were a few nice hints pertaining to the Others.
    "Zeke" as he is nicknamed by Sawyer tells the survivors that this is his and people's island, not theirs, and that the survivors are living on the island because the Others have let them, but only if they abide by the rules and respect the island and its people. This comment that the survivors have been allowed to live on the island backs up the theory that The Others or DHARMA are experimenting or monitoring the survivors.
    Zeke also mentions that Walt is a "special" boy, which also echoes the comments of both Locke and Walt's Step Dad.
    Thirdly, Zeke calls for Alex to bring their hostage, Kate over, which is Danielle Rousseau's child!!
    Despite all these semi-revelations the scene seem to fizzle all too quickly and didn't build to anything bar the near killing of Kate, which was so predictably not going to happen. The fact that the survivors turned their back on The Others was rather annoying, not just for the fact that we didn't get to learn anymore information, but because that is just what the survivors have been doing since they crashed on the island. With all the crazy situations that have been going on, practically on a daily basis the survivors still have time to flirt, cut each other's hair, play vinyl records and fool around on the golf course. The survivors have been (hopefully intentionally) made to look uninterested in what is going on around them. Sometimes the survivors are shook into action, most notably when Danielle brought warnings of the Others. But once that threat had evaporated the survivors returned to the Beach and pretty much returned to their usual routines. When Jack approaches Ana-Lucia about training an army, I almost cheered out loud. Finally...FINALLY, Jack may be taking things more seriously and will undergo a transformation into a more active leader, with a heightened interest in the island. And, in turn, this was cause a significant dominoes effect to the rest of the survivors.
    This effect would be great for the season and the series in general, which has been rather plodding, thus far, with seemingly shocking or revelatory events brushed aside, i.e Shannon's murder.
    Now that Jack has approached Ana about his army, this part of the story may come back when the rest of the survivors question her involvement with Jack, following her crime, as accidental as it was.
    The end of this episode, post meeting the Others (or at least one of them) fell a bit flat. I was expecting it to end with a bang, and even though the end scene with Jack and Ana was a good way to go out I was expecting something more pronounced, which was a disappointment.
    But there were plenty of great moments and most of them were centered on the character interactions between Jack, Sawyer and Locke. Sawyer was in good form, firing off many nicknames and there was some good tension between Jack and Locke. I think it was interesting that Jack accused Locke of not wanting to find Michael when Jack has on more than one occasion turned his back on the other survivors and their issues. He turned his back on the abducted Claire, of course, and brushed her off when she returned.
    Aside from The Three Musketeers, so to speak, not much else happens on the island, which is a bit of a disappointment too. Hurley and Charlie listen to records and laze around, while Jin and Sun may share a deeper understanding of each other.
    This was an episode that had some really great moments in it, a good encounter with the others included, but a redundant flashback and a whimpering end marred it slightly. Still, it stands as another episode in the gradual improvement of Season 2.
  • A Jack-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. This is definitely my favorite of all the Jack-centric episodes of Lost that I've seen so far. I thought that all of the flashbacks of Jack's life before the plane crashed on the island were great. It was really great getting to see more flashbacks of Jack's life. I always really enjoy learning more about his character. All of the other storylines were great too. Even though this wasn't a Sawyer-centric episode, I have to say that I absolutely loved Sawyer in this episode. Josh Holloway really does play the role of Sawyer perfectly. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my Lost: season two DVD set.
  • Locke: (looking around) Are you sure nothing looks familiar? Sawyer: Oh, look. There's my favorite leaf. How could I ever forget this place?

    Michael leaves the survivors to search for Walt. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer pursue Michael but encounter the Others in the jungle. Jack remembers not being able to fix a patient's back and when his wife left him for another man. Thought Kate was going to die for a minute but now when I think of it they wouldn't kill the leading lady. I found this episode to be a very interesting and a very fast paced episode just like last seasons "All the best cowboys have daddy issues" which had me on the edge of my seat.
    An exellent episode with great suspence.
  • Started as really boring but got really exciting in the end.

    I just really hate Jack's flashbacks. They bore me and honestly I sometimes get sick of medical dramas and medical complications . I'm a huge Grey's anatmoy fan and I enjoy watching House from time to time and my dad is always watching E.R and he's a doctor and my mom also really likes watching General hospital so in the end it kind of gets me. So anyway Jack has flashbacks. He tries to operate on a man who has a tumor on his spine but he couldn't do anything but then his daughter ( Gabrielle) goes and kisses him and even though he didn't initiate the kiss, he didn't stop it. When he goes to tell his wife Sarah what happened she tells him that she's having an affair and that she's leaving so Jack starts crying. When he cried I was like pull yourself together man ! Micheal locks Locke (LOL) and Jack in the gun room and goes after Walt. Sawyer, Locke and Jack go after him and Jack and Saywer argue a bit on the way but when they get there they find out Kate was following them and she got captured and the only way to stop them from killing her was for them to give up their weapons. At the end of the episode Jack asks Ana Lucia how much time it would take to train an army which really gave me goosebumps because that sentence meant one thing which was The war is on ! Also in this episode Sun and Jin have a moment where Jin kind of apologises to Jin for telling her what to do alot before. Great episode although it was rowened by what I thought were boring Jack flashbacks. My favorite character from this episode : Kate, Evangeline is so pretty.
  • Damn those Jackbacks.

    Let me start off by saying I like Jack as a character, but his flashbacks are wearing thin. I liked his first one, absolutely loved his second one, his third one was below average, his fourth one was good, but I just didn't think there was anything more to the whole marriage plot. It appears there is. We learn about the big break up.

    To be honest, it was executed poorly. Jack being obsessed with work(must fix everything) kisses a random girl, and then tells his wife, only so she can tell that she's dating someone else. "Jack, you always want to fix everything" Oook. Talk about overused expressions. It wasn't bad, but it was dragged out for too long. I didn't feel any of the hospital scenes expect for the one with Christian.

    The island storyline on the other hand... almost flawless. Michael running off in the beginning was great, and while many of us predicted it'd happen, I don't think we expected it so early. Wether it's the others playing mindgames with him or Walt, the point is: he's going after his son. Alone.

    Jack doesn't let anyone go alone, so quickly goes after himn with Locke and Sawyer. Some good lines here and there, especially from Locke "who are we to tell what people can or can't do". That's right Jack. You don't need to fix everything!

    The big scene of the episode is the confrontation between Bearded-man from the boat and our losties. It was a very good scene, despite the obviously over mystified dialouge coming from Mr. Beard. But, on the writer's part it was an obvious cop out to have Kate captured by the others to use her as insurance so Jack and co would give their guns to the others. As much as it fits with Kate, that was plain stupid, and this "twist" made alot of people hate her with passion.

    The ending was surprising, to say at least, with Jack wanting to organize an army. Hmm. We got our endgame of the season?

    Overall, if it wasn't for those damn JackBacks, this would've been one of the best of the season so far. But like this, a solid 9.2, which is still very good.
  • Michael goes after Walt

    Jack has flashbacks of events that led up to his wife leaving him. He tries to care for an old man after his daughter convinces him to. The old man dies and Jack kisses the daughter, Gabrielle. He tells Sarah, but she then says that she's been having an affair and she is leaving him.

    Michael goes after Walt. He locks Jack and Locke up in the hatch. Kate and Sawyer get them out and Jack, Locke and Sawyer go after Michael. Kate wants to come, but Jack doesn't want her to. While on the trek, they meet up with "the Others." They have captured Kate, who was following them, and they want them to stop looking for Michael. They must give up their guns and turn around, or they'll kill Kate. Jack saves Kate. He asks Ana how long it would take to build an army.

    This episode was pretty good! I don't think Michael should've went to find Walt. The thing with the Others was interesting. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • The Others

    Once again we have to endure the dreadful flashbacks of Jack's past. I'm sorry, but in my opinion Jack has the dullest flashback, I rarely pay any attention to them. Michael is starting to make me upset again always trying to rebel. Now he getting everybody else caught up in his drama. Kate...I just want to slap her on this episode. Why won't she just listen? Jack told her to stay put, but nooo. She had to get involved. Now look at her, all captured and tied up. They should have shot her just for being hard headed. I bet next time she will stay where she at.
  • A Great Episode.

    Michael leaves the survivors to search for Walt. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer pursue Michael but encounter the Others in the jungle. Jack remembers not being able to fix a patient's back and when his wife left him for another man. Thought Kate was going to die for a minute but now when I think of it they wouldn't kill the leading lady. I found this episode to be a very interesting and a very fast paced episode just like last seasons "All the best cowboys have daddy issues" which had me on the edge of my seat.
    An exellent episode with great suspence.
  • "I'm going to fix this."

    Jack's flashbacks finally tell us what happened to his marriage. The acting in them is fine, but they take away from the island story way too much. This story is very interesting, and filled with excellent scenes.

    The plot of the episode is that Michael has taken off once again to try and find Walt, and Jack, Locke, and Sawyer try to find him and bring him back. The combination of those three guys is actually a very good one. Jack and Locke are opposites of each other, and Sawyer spends most of the trek providing some comic relief ("Yeah, right over there's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?" remains one of the funniest lines in show history). The acting of all three guys during the episode is superb. Matthew Fox does a terrific job as Jack, which is hard, considering he acts like a real jerk for some scenes. Terry O'Quinn is wonderful as usual, and Josh Holloway looks relieved that he finally is able to do something in an episode other than lay down and mutter. There's the scene that I like between Sawyer and Locke where "Mr. Clean" questions Sawyer about his name. This scene really just serves to remind the audience of Sawyer's background, or at least part of it. It's written and played terrifically though, and will have some importance later on.

    The only complaint I have with the first part of the journey is that there are too many "What are you doing here?" moments. Jack and Locke have the discussion, Jack and Sawyer talk, and the scenes are all the same. They are interesting in terms of the individual characters' psyches, but once we've seen the conversation sixteen times it becomes a little irritating. It seems to me that the writers just couldn't figure out how to make the story long enough so they just cloned one scene and played it a bunch of times.

    The best part of the storyline is the confrontation between the hunting party and "Zeke," the Other with the beard. It's extremely tense, and it contains a lot of tantalizing hints about the Others. We hear the name "Alex," which is the name of the Frenchwoman's daughter, and Zeke insinuates that Walt is being used for his "abilities," which we saw somewhat in Season 1, and a little bit more in this season. There's also the great moment when Jack challenges Zeke, saying he thinks that there are only two Others, and three Losties. Then, when our Other pal yells "Light 'em up!" we see just how many Others there are, and just how well concealed they are. There are only torches, and we can't see anything around them, but we know that the Others are there. It's a great scene, and made even better when Kate is brought out. As soon as that happens, the audience knows that Jack and Co. will turn around and go home, because they wouldn't let Zeke shoot her. It is infuriating though. Even though the boys probably wouldn't have gone on anyway, the idea that they just might be able to, or that they might have gotten into a shootout with the Others is a good one, and would have made for a really ripping end to the episode. Instead, Kate screws everything up. This episode cements the fact that the Kate that we knew is officially dead. The scene between her and Sawyer outside his tent, where Sawyer waits a full ten seconds after getting up before saying, "Thanks," is literally painful to watch, and I want nothing more than to stab myself in the eyes with an awl during it. Then, the group goes back to the camp because Kate has to be "one of the guys," and is now sad because Jack won't talk to her, but glad because Sawyer will. Good lord. This would have worked with Shannon, but it's completely humiliating that it's happening to Kate. Oh well. We'll always have Season 1. There is one good thing I like from this aspect-the cinematography when the Others leave and Kate is released. As soon as she is able to talk and says, "Jack…," he turns away and his face is obscured by shadow, showing how he's removed himself from the situation.

    Really the only thing that comes out of Kate's presence in this episode is an excuse for some of Jack's flashbacks to be shown. For the most part, the flashbacks are superfluous and pretty much pointless. Most of them center on Jack and the Italian woman, who is a real greaseball, seeing as how she makes out with Jack knowing full well that he's married. It seems to me that Sarah leaving Jack was put on as an afterthought. This scene, which should have been the focus of the whole episode, is about a minute long and shoved onto the last flashback, where it doesn't really fit. There's no chance for any real emotion, because as soon as Jack starts to break down, we're shoved out of the flashback, and basically left confused. Was the point of the flashbacks Sarah leaving Jack, or that Jack always needs something to fix, or that he's lost any faith he had, because the source of his faith deserted him, or that Italians are untrustworthy and die easily, or that Jack's dad might have had an affair? I don't know. They show why he's no longer married, although it's done terribly, they basically sorta kinda explain why he hates Locke and his faith, and they kinda sorta help drive home the commitment problem Jack. To sum it all up, the flashbacks are very confusing, and suffer an identity crisis-they try to do too much, without ever even picking a topic that they mostly focus on. Therefore, if you're unlike me and only watch the good parts of an episode (I watch the whole thing, whether I like it or not), skip the flashbacks. The only good that comes of them is Matthew Fox's performance in the last one.

    The level of intensity in the main story doesn't really allow time for a subplot-there's only a couple scenes with the other characters that feel largely tacked on. There's the scene in the hatch with Charlie and Hurley, which tries to do a lot of stuff, none of it well. It tries to do humor, but the end of the scene kind of squashes that. It tries to ramp up tension in the main story, but by the time Kate is brought out, it's been seven to eight minutes since the hatch scene, so we've pretty much forgotten her. Therefore, it's still a shock, instead of something we're supposed to have suspected. It also seems like an excuse to see Sayid, who is in terrible shape after losing Shannon. Naveen Andrews is great once again though, and makes the scene worthwhile. There's also a little setup to the next episode, when Hurley asks Charlie if he thinks he has a chance with Libby. Nothing comes of that in this episode though-Libby doesn't even appear.

    Charlie also has his story next episode set up, however bad it may be. Locke is seen with Claire at the end of the episode again, and this really serves to infuriate Charlie a little more, as we all know how bad he is with being rejected. There are also a couple of scenes with Jin and Sun. I like seeing their relationship develop in a good way, and I think both Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim play the scenes excellently. Unfortunately, they don't really serve any purpose in the story-they don't have any flashbacks in the near future, and there isn't really a purpose in having them appear right now. However, as I said, I do like the scenes, and I like the little bits of character emotion that comes from them. The final scene of the episode seems to set up something in a later episode as well. Jack asks Ana-Lucia about starting an army, and it seems to be very important. Will it be a story arc this season? We'll just have to watch and find out.

    In conclusion, this episode has some good moments, but it also has some bad moments. Fortunately, I think the good moments cancel out the bad, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I wish I could say that the next episode will improve upon this one, but I can't. Sorry.
  • Review

    One of the biggest confrontations of all time, with Jack, Sawyer, and Locke running face to face with what seems to be one of the leader of the others. I thought that the situation was perfect. Dark outside, torches the only form of light - I think this scene will go down as one of the most compealing and interesting as far as season 2 goes. I thought this was Jacks weakest flashback episode, but it was still pretty solid. In the last episode we saw the marraige begin and in this one we see the marrage end. I thought the filler scenes back at the beach were okay...nothing amazing though. Sawyers jokes towards Locke and Jack in this episode were really good. Overall it was one of the better episodes of Season 2. Certainly in the top 3 or 4.
  • great episode

    Jack, Locke and Sawyer come after Michael to prevent him from doing something that can get him killed. Sun forbids Jin from joining the hunting party when he shows his desire to go with Jack and the others. Charlie and Hurley talk about what woman are looking for. The others make an appearance in this episode. It's a really exciting episode, the survivors are once again rising to the occasion to help out each other and find ways to survive. Their lives are complicated by the appearance of the others, their every move is hindered by the desire of the others to control them. This is a good episode.
  • Not what I thought but still very good

    I waited with excitement before this episode came out thinking that it would be the most action-packed, suspense-filled episode of the series so far. I knew that Jack, Locke and Sawyer would meet the others and I couldn't wait to see what happened when they did...

    Unfortunately my hopes that it would be the best episode of the season were misplaced. Don't get me wrong the episode is still very good and the fact that they do have some sort of confrontation with the others IS a bonus. The quote "this is not your island this is our island" is one of my favourites and you finally get to see what the others are like. However the others weren't involved enough in my opinion. If the others were involved more the episode wouldn't have been just good, it would have been great. The episode also provided few answers to questions but believe me it did provided many more new ones.

    Anyway I will finish off by saying this. Despite the fact that The Hunting Party was not the best episode of series 2 it is still very good and worth a watch.
  • Jack centered..again

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Jack (as long as he's not psycho) but slowly I'm getting sick of Jack centered episodes. I mean how many where there by now? 12?15?60? We didn't get to knew anything knew or revealing and I knew from the 1/3 of this episode that it would be about his divorce which I never even bothered because since we got to know Jack there where enough signs on WHY they divocred. I mean, ok the kissing.. but still they broke up because he is a " workoholic" , it's nothing new, original or interessting. there are so may characters whith Backgrounds, like Michael, this would, if there were more Michael, a perfect Michael centered episode.

    I liked the Sawyer moments though. And the scene with the others was also quite nice and it saved the ending but it didn't save the episode
  • Almost, but not quite. The episode has a couple of issues, but still, the plot is strong enough to make you feel excited. Review recommended to read.

    The previous episode was a nice kickstart for the second part of the season. The writers decided to put give the Eko-Charlie-Monster storyline a rest, and decided to continue the 'main' storyline.

    The first scene is pretty intense; Jack wakes up, and finds Locke lying on the armory's floor - he's got knocked out. Seconds later Michael rams the door on Jack and Locke; he's going to save his son.

    Definitely, this decision by Michael was made because of the chatter he had with his son - or, at least, he thought, that it was his son.

    Not much longer, Kate and Sawyer free Jack and Locke, and they decide to go after Michael.

    Very good, intense start, but can the episode maintain the goodness? The answer is, no.

    The rescue mission soonly fails, as the team hears gunshots. Not much later Locke loses the trial aswell, and he wants to go back - there's no point in following a blind lead in the night.

    However Jack decides to go ahead, and when they finally made their mind up, a very scary man comes out of nowhere, the man on the boat, who blew up Sawyer's& Co boat.

    This is, by far, the most revealing scene of the episode, and it could've been intense if... If, Kate didn't follow the rescue team. Thing is, Jack didn't let Kate go with them, but Kate couldn't resist... Curiousity kills. Jack had to choose: either they give the guns to the others, or Kate dies.

    Unfortunately, the guns had to go, along with Michael, and the hope to confront the others.

    At the end, Jack asks Ana Lucia if she could train an army...

    Honestly, Jack character went to nowhere in this episode. There was only a minimal character development. Jack had flashbacks, and they were extremely boring. We found out how he broke up... it was simply put: painfully boring.

    Not really revelant to the events happened on the island.

    The plot is evolving and getting more complicated. Very interesting.
  • ***AWESOME***

    This is definitely one of the greater Lost episodes!! Jack's flashbacks are very interesting and so are all the things going on on the island! I'm not going to write what happened in the episode because most people who read this, already know.

    my favortite quotes from the episode:

    Sawyer: Oh, I don't know, Mr. Clean, I probably would have gone around Mt. Vesuvius.
    Locke: Why'd you pick that name?
    Sawyer: Ain't it obvious? All you need's an earring and a mop.

    Kate: (throws a banana at Sawyer) Good morning.
    Sawyer: Did you just throw a banana at me?
    Kate: Couldn't find any rocks.

    Locke(looking around):Are you sure nothing looks familiar?
    Sawyer:Oh, look. There's my favorite leaf. How could I ever forget this place?
  • More insight into Jack's past.

    Sawyer: Did you just throw a banana at me?
    In this episode we find out what happened between Jack and his wife Sarah. She left him for another man. More in the flashbacks we find out that one of Jack's elderly patients died on the table. Overall a pretty good episode, and it is pretty well written. The army idea probably wont work out, and if ana lucia is incharge i bet I wont be able to stand those episodes. Michael is out most of the episode searching for walt, and doesnt show up at the end. Their obession with the button is just annoying, will they just leave it alone once!? I hope J.J Abhrams doesn't end the show as badly as Alias ended.
  • Go Michael

    This is a fantastic episode, focusing manily on Michael and trying to get his son back. I loved the episode, the plot line and the interaction with the others, the only thing I didn't like was the flashback.

    I know I have said it many times but there really wasn't much to this flashback, which was disapointing because I every other Jack centric episode has been good or at least okay, but this flashback I find had nothing to do with anything, the only art with a point was the ending when Sarah leaves him.

    Don't get me wrong this was an amazing episode which reminded me of All the best cowboys have daddy issues, but this time Sawyer was invovled (YES!). I also like how Jack and Locke fought with eachother, but they knew they needed one another. This episode is fantastic and full of surprises.

    Locke: I've lost the trail.

    Jack: You don't just loose a trail! You just don't want to find him.

    Locke: Yeah that's right Jack, I've been running through the jungle, towards the sound of gun shots because I don't care about Michael.

    Jack: Don't trun around on me John.

    Locke: You're not gunna be able to get him back and you know it!

    Jack: Hey, you know what happens if we just turn around? We're never gunna see him again, and that's gunna be on us. On you, and on me.

    Mr. Friendly: You're excatly right Jack! But if I were you I'd listen to Mr. Locke.

  • After Michael runs off to find his son, John, Sawyer, and Jack willls top at nothing to get him back. But, when they meet a strange man in the forest, they find they are no longer alone.

    "The Hunting party" is a brillently writen piece of work. One that iwll make your blood boil, and your nerves shake.

    When Michael goes to find his son, Jack, John, and Sawyer, run after him. But they meet a strange man by the name of "Mr. Friendly", a big, old, bearded fellow, with a deep southern accsent, and a look that could kill.

    M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly) proves how perfect the casting for this show is. he si cary, yet seems settle. You hang on every word he says, because everthing he says seems to be of some great importence.

    And while this epasoede is probably more exciting if you have not seen "Three minutes" and "Live together die alone", it is still a excited choice of story.

    And while, in the end, this story migth ahve been there to tell us that the Others are strong, and not what they seem, it really gets the point accross. Nothing to major happens, but it's a good enough story. It's well writen, and the acting is emmy-award winning.
  • While some people say flashbacks were boring, I say, it was well put.

    Jack isn't perfect. WE knew that from the beginning, but we now get a HUGE verification. In his flashback, we learn how he failed in his job, and his relationship. Although it was definitely dragged out at some points, it was still very good.

    On the island, Michael decides to go and get Walt back. He knocks out Locke and locks him in the armory. As Jack awakens, he finds Locke... and the adventure begins. Sawyer, Jack, Locke go out in the jungle to find Michael. Things soonly get worse as gunshots are heard.

    Not much passes, sun goes down, its nighttime. Locke loses the trail, and they are arguing about where to go, back or ahead. But.. they are soonly interrupted by a man. The man on the boat. An other. And not only one... 10's of others.

    They have an intense discussion 'This is our island.. and the only reason you live on it, is that we LET you live on it'.

    Jack and his team are armed, and Jack believes the others are not. So Jack: 'I dont believe you'. If someone wasnt so curious, maybe Jack and his team could have defended the others. But someone was curious. The other's captured Kate. The guns.. for Kate.
  • one of the best episodes so far.

    i really liked this episode. it's been the most thrilling in quite some time and we've finally seen some more of the "others", which makes me think, that they might not be too bad after all (even though i don't like what they're doing at all). they had four very important "losties" at gunpoint and they still would let them go off with only just a warning. i also liked the interaction between jack, kate and saywer. it shows in a nice way how much kate is undecided between the both of them and how much at least jack is jealous when it comes to saywer.

    very good episode (especially after the season had started of some kind of not too exciting ...).
  • When Michael heads off in search of Walt, Jack, Sawyer and Locke go after him. Despite being told not to go, Kate persues and ends up being captured by the Others. When jack etc. discover this, they have a choice to make:Give up their weapons or save Kate

    I found Micheal's extreme approach for getting a gun suprising and out of character at first,but then I came to realise, the Losties have been on our screens for over a year, but on the show, they've only been on the island for a month and a half, so really no-one who didn't know each other before hand can really trust each other. For example, very few people know about Kate and I don't believe anyone knows about Hurley.

    What I also found suprising was Sawyer's decision to accompny them. I think that despite his other motice (revenge) he really did want to help. If that's true I think that that's a great testiment to how much Sawyer has truly changed since his arrival on the island.

    When the lights came on, i honsetly thought that oneof them was going to die. it was extremly suspencful.

    The only thing I didn't like about this ep was the ending. I don't think Jack has a right to declare war. After all, the Others were there first and I don't see how he has a right to take their home away from them.

    Even that little annoyance couldn't take away from what was, in my opinion, a supurb episode. i hope next weeks keeps up the standard.
  • This was an extremely enlightening episode

    It is unclear whether Michaels communications with Walt are actually taking place. Jack was looking at the computer screen and saw nothing. These communications could be a projection of Michaels intense desire to be reunited with his son. If these communications are taking place they can be happening for the sole purpose of manipulating Michael. If this is the case it means that someone is watching what is going on at the computer and is able to clear the screen when some one other than Michael is close by.

    One can understand Michaels rather Commando-like exit as he has been begging for help to find his son and no one is listening to him. Jack has been extremely patronizing promising that they will do something but then doing nothing. It is clear that Michael knows where he is going and is not randomly wandering around this adds to the idea that he is being manipulated for some ulterior purpose . Michael has turned dark in his obsession to find Walt which leaves us wondering what he is capable of. Could Michael ultimately be the downfall of the tribe.

    Jacks reaction to Michael leaving is a combination of a bruised ego and the fear that he is losing control of the group. This is the first time that one of the survivors has actually stood up and said I am doing this and you will not stop me.

    Locke brings up the very valid point that the survivors have every right to do as they wish and that Jack is trying to control them. This adds a whole new dynamic to the tribes leadership. Jack and Locke have been seen as the joint leaders of the tribe up till now. Now we see them taking firm stands that contradict each other. While Locke believes that the survivors should be free to do as they please Jack believes that they must be protected from themselves stemming from his belief that he has to save the world.

    While Jack is a wonderful doctor he is a dictatorial leader. Jack believes that if every one does what he says everything will be fine. His reaction to Locke teaching Michael to use the guns is unreasonable. If one looks at the bigger picture they are on an island surrounded by “hostiles” it would be understandable to expect that every person be able to defend themselves and the tribe

    The love triangle between Sawyer, Kate and Jack is causing an intense friction between Jack and Sawyer causing another interesting dynamic to the story. Sawyer may represent the man that Jack wishes he could be. While Sawyer is not willing to burden himself with the weight of the world when something needs to be done he will do what it takes and more. This is the complete opposite of who Jack is and threatens him.

    The interest of Kate and Sawyer in each other is salt in the wounds left from the collapse of Jacks marriage. Jacks marriage was doomed from the start. It is common for a person to fall in love with the Doctor that saved them and this is pretty much what happened to Sarah. Jacks desire to save every one but forgetting what is actually important did not help his marriage very much. Jacks bitterness and feelings of inadequacy at himself for the collapse of his marriage brings out very petty side of himself. We see him behaving like a jealous teenager resorting to snippy remarks and leaves Kate behind possibly as a way of trying to punish her. Jack is split in two one side demanding control of the situation and the other strongly influenced by his emotions. It will be interesting to see how this triangle will influence Jack in the future

    In his early flashbacks Jack is invincible believing that he can do anything while his more recent flashbacks show blow after blow bringing him back down to earth. Jack has doubts in himself but refuses to admit to them or deal with him.

    The meeting with “the others” shows how unprepared for confrontation the survivors are. Kates actions are completely irresponsible and put not only herself but the entire group at risk. Her actions can be put down to a desire to defy Jacks order for her to stay. It also places an emphasis on the fact that she needs to feel that she is an important part of the group not wanting to be left out. From what we have learnt about Kate we see that she acts without thinking of consequences. Because she is used to taking care of only herself she forgets that she is now part of a group and that her actions have an impact on the whole tribe. Her actions in this case cost the survivors guns which are probably the most valuable commodity on the island.

    Jacks irrational handling of the hostage situation once again questions whether he is the right person to be leading the survivors and confirms that his judgement is clouded by emotion:

    Anger at being disobeyed
    Fear that Kate might be hurt
    Humiliation at being ambushed so easily

    “The others” have given the survivors a truce and have not been unreasonable in their demands. This was the perfect time to ask questions and to get answers. Unfortunately Jack blows everything.

    On the way back to the beach we realize that Jack feels that he has let the group down and these are the grounds on which he decides that it is time to form an army. He also realizes just how unprepared and disorganized the survivors are.

    Jacks turning to Ana-lucia to form and army is also interesting. Sayid would have been a much better option. Is it possible that Jack my think that Sayid has become unbalanced after Shannons death and could be considered a risk. Or could it just be a case of trying make Kate jealous.

    One must also consider whether an army is really in the best interest of the group “the others” do not seem to pose a threat and Jack is relying on very limited information about them.

    What we learn about “the others” tells us that they are highly organized and will be a formidable opponent. “the others” are not out for a confrontation and have no desire to wage war on the survivors. “the others” know alot about the survivors knowing their names and what is even more disturbing how many guns Locke was carrying. While it can be argued that Walt may have given them a lot of this information he would not have been able to tell them about the guns.

    For some reason \"the others\" are rather interested in the Survivors and we can only hope that their reasons become clearer to us.
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