Season 5 Episode 16

The Incident (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Flawless, Superlative!

    All of these words describe this episode of LOST. But the bottom line is as follows: LOST equals perfection!!!!! What a phenonemal season finale; perfect finale!

    A-OK, absolute, accomplished, aces, adept, beyond compare, blameless, classical, consummate, crowning, culminating, defect less, excellent, excelling, experienced, expert, faultless, finished, foolproof, ideal, immaculate, impeccable, in-defectible, matchless, out-of-this-world, Paradise, paradisaical, peerless, pure, skilled, skillful, sound, splendid, spotless, stainless, sublime, superb, supreme, ten, unblemished, unequaled, unmarred, untainted, untarnished, Utopian, abstract, airy, ambitious, Arcadian, chimerical, dream, fanciful, fantasy, grandiose, hopeful, idealist, idealistic, ideological, illusory, impossible, impractical, lofty, otherworldly, perfect, pie-in-the-sky, pretentious, quixotic, romantic, transcendental, unfeasible, visionary, bright, clean, error less, exquisite, faultless, flawless, impeccable, irreproachable, neat, pure, snowy, spotless, spruce, stainless, taint-less, trim, unexceptionable, unsoiled, unsullied.
  • Now that's how you leave viewers on a cliffhanger...

    Wow! Ridiculously good episode. From the first scene in which we finally SEE Jacob to the heartbreaking Sawyer-Juliet death scene to the Jughead detonation scene which is sure to have us all dying for Season 6. Lost once again knows how to close out a season in style. So Jacob's dead, Jughead is detonated, "They're coming", a war is imminent, Locke is not Locke, and something in Latin lies in the shadow of the statute. I don't know about you, but this 8 month wait for Season 6 is going to be tough. But until then, I'll be satisfied with rewatching "The Incident" until our final season arrives.
  • 9 months to Season 6…Let the countdown begin

    Let me say that I am still trying to figure out my feelings for this episode. It was a very action-packed episode that answered questions and asked us even more. It thoroughly set up Season 6, by killing off Jacob, stating that war was imminent, and giving us one of the biggest cliffhangers I think I have ever experienced during the show. However, they seriously dropped the ball when it came to the Jacob storyline. It was cool for the first two flashbacks to see that Jacob had interfered with the lives of the Losties, but soon it became dull and boring. Jack performing his first surgery and Jacob shows up and hands him an Apollo Bar. We already knew what happened during his first surgery!!! We don't need to see it again and add Jacob into the mix. The problem was that all of Jacob's scenes were handled like this. They show us something we already knew, and Jacob does something minor to influence the events so they end up on the island. Other than that I can't complain about much since Season 6 will come no matter what, but it was basically setting the stage for Season 6 and nothing else. This is turning into a rant so I'll end it with saying some positive things about the episode. Juliet's "death" scene was very emotional, the conclusion to the Locke storyline and the resolution that we received, and all the action scenes had me on the edge of my seat.
  • Jack and others set off to detonate the bomb on the island while John, Ben and other set off to meet Jacob if he exists.

    Entertaining first part of the finale.

    Jacob's appearences for the survivors-Some say this cheapened the episode. Others feel differently.
    I guess it depends how convinced you feel that Jacob has really known all the survivors all along.

    The one thing I did find was a real stretch was for Rose and Bernard to survive by themselves for three years on the island especially after the flaming arrow attack. The rest of the episode was exciting. John ordering around Ben is just delicious to watch. Ben has been getting a taste of his medicine that has been coming for a long time. It's just sweet to watch this unfold. I nearly died laughing when Locke had the grin on his face when Ben told him that his dead daughter said to do everything he says.

    I wasn't surprised by Kate and Juliet's actions to go back to the island. It's expected. Sawyer's attitude is excruciatingly annoying and contradictory. You can't say it's better for nobody to have come back to the island and then change your mind a sec later. The fight that he and Jack would have in hour two really quenched my thirst to see him actually shut up for once.

    The shootout with Jack and Sayid was exciting. Jack is a man of science but now we've seen him develop a more macho persona that coupled with a new faith makes him quite possibly the most interesting character on the job aside from Locke. There is no way the Jack of past would do what he did in this episode. With that said, again not surprised that Kate, Sawyer, Juliet were there to stop Jack's plans temporarily.

    It's clear that these characters don't quite have the faith that Jack has. This of course sets up that big finale in hour two. Hour one was entertaining.
  • A Jacob-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. This was such a shocking and exciting season finale! All of the storylines were great, especially Sawyer's storyline which was my favorite storyline of the episode. All of the flashbacks of Jacob interacting with various members of flight Oceanic 815 were great. It was really exciting to finally find out what the Incident was. I have to say that I absolutely loved Juliet in this episode. I found the whole reveal about Locke extremely shocking. I didn't see that coming at all. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait for the sixth and final season of Lost to start so I can find out what happens next.
  • A superb end to a great season.

    Phew !!!! That was a really fantastic episode. The finale keeps up the intensity every moment. I would still rate "Through the looking glass(2)" as the best of all Lost season finales, but this one certainly wasn't far behind. The combination of excellent storyline and wonderful acting made the episode a really fantastic one.

    To start up, the beginning of the episode told something which everyone was waiting for, for a very very long time. Finally, we get to see Jacob. That moment set the tone for a brilliant episode. We come to know that the giant statue was the place where Jacob resided.

    All the flashbacks were really good. I never thought that Jacob would have met so many of the survivors. We see the little Kate, Juliet and Sawyer.

    Locke really looked like a man with a definite purpose - to kill Jacob. Then,to the viewer's surprise, Locke says that it was Ben who was going to kill Jacob.

    It was good to see Jack in charge of the proceeding once again. Back in the submarine, Juliet tells Sawyer to return to the island, to save their friends. Later we come to know that she did this because of Sawyer's feelings for Kate. Meanwhile, Lapidus and the others continued their search for the "Shadow of the Statue".

    As Jack, Hurley, Sayid started their journey towards the site, they were caught up by Sawyer. Jack tells Sawyer that he was doing this so that he never meets Kate. "I had her, then I lost her" were Jack's words.
    He thought that by detonating the bomb, he would never meet Kate, and that would save him from going through the pain of losing her.

    After the ambush at the construction site, we finally see the incident. The moment when Juliet let go of Sawyer's hands was very emotional.

    Meanwhile, back in 2007, as the 316 survivors opened the box, it revealed Jock Locke's dead body which made everybody wonder who was the person who had gone inside the statue. Inside the statue, Ben asked Jacob why he never told him anything, and then, he went on to kill Jacob.

    Just before the end, we see Juliet trying her hardest to detonate the hydrogen bomb. As the episode ended with the white flash, we realize that the bomb had exploded. This leaves us to wonder what would happen. Did Jack succeed in changing the future? What would happen to Locke?

    Season 6 would give us all the answers we want. I am also eager to know about Claire. I really missed her this season. But I know she'll be back in Season 6.
    Overall, this was a great season and the finale was really superb. Hats off to the writers.
  • With only one season left, I expected a bit more than what we got in this finale.

    I dare say, this might be the weakest of Lost's 5 season finales. 2 hours, and only the last 15 minutes were good. I always hate "he-was-there-all-along" type of reveals in anything, and here, we got that with Jacob and all the major island castaways. It's a cheap storytelling device that I absolutely cannot stand. See, he knows everyone, and might be connected with their destinies, but will that ever be explained because just as we got to know him, they kill him. Never mind the fact that he looks nothing like the figure we saw in the rocking chair. (Man Behind the Curtain)

    The Swan firefight bored me a bit, ran, too long, and seeing Jack play Rambo just doesn't fit the character. Sure he's had scuffles before, but he definitely looked like a professional with that gun last night. Weird. I did like when the gang drove in to back him up, but the whole sequence seemed like it was out of a whole other show (namely 24) I also would have liked Sawyer to take out Phil. Short-changed on the payback stick there.

    Jack and Juliet's motivations for setting off the bomb bothered me a lot. I thought Jack might be thinking in "big picture" terms like Faraday had said. Undoing all their misery, saving lost lives, a second chance at everything. But no- it's all because of Kate. That made me want to gag. Juliet knows Sawyer still loves Kate, which also disappointed me (3 years, people!) So she decided "If I never met you, I won't have to lose you." Gag me twice. You guys want to alter the space/time continuum over your lovers? Really? How high school of them. I guess it might not have been so bad if there was a lot more going on. But so many characters just didn't do much. Lapidus just kind of hung around. Sun just kind of hung around. Jin just kinda hung around. (All this time and effort and they still weren't reunited?) Sayid (my favorite character) was shot, so he had no choice but to hang around, while dying. Hurley drove a van. Miles threw in his two cents. Desmond was a no show, and there was absolutely no sign of Claire this season. Normally, Lost finales give everyone their due and while not answering series questions, they do a good job of tying up season threads, so the lack of that last night was a bit odd.

    I get the sense that beach scene was closure for Rose and Bernard. They're done. And I actually liked that part. I'm guessing we won't see them again until their skeletons at the bottom of the lagoon (S1). Rose and Old Man Bernard was just a snippet of a few things I did like in the finale. Here are some others:

    The Locke reveal knocked my F'ing socks off! I knew, I KNEW there was something about New Locke I didn't like- and I'd been harping on about it for months! Ever since "Dead is Dead" (oh the irony!) New Locke was just too cocky! There's a whole new level of creepy now when looking at this Doppelganger, and it sends a legit chill down my spine. (well done, Terry O'Quin! You can see it in the eyes...) This unnamed man, the Omega perhaps to Jacob's Alpha, has found a loophole in an unnamed rule regarding being able to kill his old acquaintance. I'm reminded of the S2 finale where it seemed like the whole story, everything we'd been through, was just a piece of the bigger picture that is Desmond and Penny. Here, there is the feeling that the entire story of LOST, it's mythologies and secrets, rests in the conflict between Jacob and (Esau?). How Dead Christian fits into this, and the Smoke monster (who ordered been to follow this clone) is beyond perplexing. The Ajira guys turned out to be useful after all- but we still have no clue who they are, and I'm a bit frustrated with that.

    I liked the Jack and Sawyer's fight. Finally airing out 5 seasons of differences in an excellent bare-knuckled brawl! Ben's speech to Jacob. Once again, I'm asking for an Emmy for Michael Emmerson.

    Sawyer's reaction to Juliet's death. I can't remember ever seeing him cry like that! Wow.

    But if I could throw in one last side-note about Juliet. I nearly teared up when she fell in that hole. Her death would have been another risky, ballsy move in a great list of risky, ballsy moves from LOST. But no. It turned out she was still alive after all that! What surely looked like at least a 50ft drop, coupled with the crushing collapse of giant lead pipes? And she was still alive? It ripped me right out of the reality of the show.
    Maybe I've been watching too much Heroes, but this reeked of contrivance. Sure she finally set the damn thing off, and being directly near it she should be dead. But now, because of the nature of the show, there is the possibility she might not be. Maybe she'll be special like Desmond now. (I wouldn't mind seeing her running around the jungle, naked and precognitive. ;) Lost finales are such huge events, outside of the Superbowl and The Oscars, there isn't another televised event I get more excited about. But considering I can't think of too much to take away from this finale besides one cool reveal, I'm slightly disappointed. (Their cliffhanger is the the same question that's been driving the last batch of episodes: will they change the past/future?- and it STILL hasn't been answered! Arg!)
  • Part One of My Review of the Best Episode Ever (Until Next Years Finale)...No Spoilers

    What can I say the series has never disappointed when it comes to it's season finales, right from season one's "Exodus" we all thought it was the best finale ever leaving us on the edge of our seats as the camera travels down into the darkness of the hatch , then again in "Live Together, Die Alone" when the Swan station implodes, Season 3 topped that with the famous line "We have to go back" and finally last years finale with the island being moved and the reveal of John Locke in the coffin.

    Well you know what the writers have done it yet again, "The Incident" is what you now all come to expect from a Lost Season Finale it gives you answers, questions, action, suspense, love, tragedy, everything crammed into 2 hours of television oh and did I mention answers.

    This was mind blowing.
  • It's Only End Once.

    This is for Part 1 and 2.

    First let me say, what a wonderful season finale.
    The revelation of Jacob and the Black-Shirt Man. We see the statue again, and we learn that Jacob live inside it.
    We learn also, that the Jacob's Cabin it's not actually his home by a long time... from what i learn maybe the Black-Shirt Man was trapped inside it by the ashes.

    We learn that the Locke we see from the middle of the season (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham) it's actually the antagonist of Jacob, the Black-Shirt Man.


    Back to the the 1977 we learn how Chang lose his arm, and we learn more about the plan of Radinszky. James, Juliet and Kate escape from the submarine and find Vincent, and Rose and Bernard too! Could their Cabin be the famous one that it's been torch in this episode? Could make sense, because Horace Goodspeed it's on the island in 1977.

    Best Moment: Too many, But i absolutely loved the Drive-Shaft Ring moment. I was waiting for that, from Greatest Hits in season 3.
  • Great build up in this first part of the finale.

    After watching this show for 5 seasons and hearing Jacob's name mentioned so much we finally get to see him. Not only that, there were some lovely moments where we saw him encountereing major Lost characters in their pasts, often at significant moments such as at Sawyer's parents' funeral. The purpose of the giant statue was also revealed. Sometimes I felt my head spinning especially when Richard was around because he appears in all the different time frames here. This was probably the best svcenes I have seen Jack in for a long time too. Overall, a great first half building up to the conclusion in part 2.
  • Great finale. What will happen next?

    This was a outstanding finale to the best season yet. The are many questions answered with many more revelations. We finally find out who Jacob is and his role in the lives of the passengers the Oceanic flight. He got Kate out of a bind when she was a little girl. He gives Sawyer a pen when he was a little boy. He gives Jack his candy bar that had gotten stuck in a vending machine. He was there when Locke fell and broke his back. He blessed Jin and Sun at their wedding. He distracted Sayid while his wife was hit by a car and killed. He touched each of these people and invited them to the island.

    Jack and the rest make it to the H-Bomb and start the process to detonate it in the power source and reverse everything.

    Lock tells Ben that he has to kill Jacob as they continue their pilgrimage to the statue. Ben and Locke make their way into where Jacob is. Ben and Jacob get into an argument and Ben stabs him. Before he can die, Jacob states that they are coming.

    The is dissention among Jack, Kate, Juliette and Sawyer as weather to detonate the bomb, but they eventually all agree it is for the best.

    The power source is ruptured before they can detonate the bomb and all metal around the site is pulled into the hole that was being drilled. Juliette gets caught up in the metal and gets pulled down but lives. She sees the bomb undetonated and starts hitting it with a rock until the bomb detonates. Until next season…
  • The Best episode i ever seen ! .

    -- ( S H O C K ) --

    Yea . i am tellin you ( this is the best episode you ever ganna see ) , there is no words to discrbe it Unbeliveable , Touching , Thrilling , BreatTaking . i loved it form the strat to the very end , loved all the actors in this episode :

    1 - Terry O'Quinn ( Plesas let him win an emmy he desarve it ) .

    2 - Michael Emerson ( i dare if his not winning this time for sure ! ) . 3 - Josh Holloway ( WOW , he really did an awesome performace that he will win this time ) .

    4 - Elizabeth Mitchell ( she really did a perfact performance ! ) .

    5 - Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly ( Perfact ! ) .

    - Jacob we have fianlly see him , and man he really great , and i really can beievie it he visit all of them ! , and he is the good side and there is another side wiche is BAD ! WTF .

    - Jack he really wont to blow up the bomb and his fight wiht sawyer really awesome , and man when he look at kate before throw the bomb it was a touching look + plus his crazy love for her . - sawyer i really feel sorry for him , i hope julite survive the next season cuz if not jack will be dead ! , and his actin this season was so damn good but the last is episode was perfact ( when he said to julite dont you dare to leave me !!!!! ) .

    - julite i really love her this season she was perfacet in evreyway ! , but i felt sad when she said to sayer i change my mind ! why ? cuz i saw the look to kate ! + the last scene when she try to make the bomn work WOW one of the best mintues of the show ( i really hope she will come back ) ! . - John WHAT ? i really can belive what dead is dead is so true , if he is dead then who is really ? , but his performance at the last scene when he met jacob was perfact and more than awesome . - ben WOW he just did a perfact and unbelvieable act in just 3 min !!!!! , what else can i add , yeah when he said ( WHY ME ? ) . best scenes : - Illiana and her people burn the cabin why did they do that ? .

    - the fight between Jack and Sawyer . - tha last scene with Juliet - John Locke is dead man . - Ben kill Jacob

    - white background and black "Lost" . at the end ( AWESOME finale ! Great and Aesome season ! ) . damn i really can wait ( 8 frekin Months ! ) .
  • What can I say?

    Here we are at last! This refreshingly Writer's Strike - free season that shocked us all with a new structure, tonnes of twists and some of the strongest episodes of the series which made us forget "The Constant". The season started and ended with a bang and maintained a continuous bang throughout the the year and now I am extremely happy to present my review of what can only be described as the perfect season finale. Before this season Jacob was but an empty chair, an eye and a split - second image of a guy with a beard. In this season he is revealed as a young, cool guy who visits many of the main characters with touching results (pun intended). With each flashback we see him having an effect on these people's lives as well as showing off his skill in languages but whether or not he was doing them for good or evil reasons remains to be seen. The increasingly enthusiastic Locke's pilgrimage to Jacob was heated up furthur when Locke said to Ben that he wants him to kill Jacob. Ben was naturally hesitant (I guess he only likes killing family members) but after a convincing argument was put forward by Locke it looks like Ben will do it. Amateur terrorists Jack and Sayid's (yes, I know he's Iraqi) mission to detonate the Jughead continues to go along without a hitch until Sayid is shot and Sawyer, Kate and Juliet break out of the submarine to stop them. While two blatant goofs are evident; there's no way Sayid could've survived that bullet wound and Sayid's accent was noticeably uneven. This cliffhanger ending to first half of the finale was breathtaking, as Jack's mission pits 815 survivors against eachother; who will win?

    Two memorable moments in this episode were seeing the statue in all of it's (obviously computer animated) glory and learned who lies in the shadow of it and meeting Rose and Bernard again who are living a happy life in the jungle. Putting these nice little moments agaisnt the explosive ones acheives a superb balance that makes Lost so great. After kidnapping Frank; Illana and the beefy Bram continue on their mystery mission, for their mystery boss carrying a mystery box. The only certainty that emerged was that Jacob's Cabin is empty and they are headed to the statue. One of the things that impressed me the most about this episode was its ability to keep the level of tension high without compromising the intelligence or integrity of the script.

    This finale was a big change after last year where the only deaths were of people who must likely responded to the internet ad "Be an extra on a TV show". Shootings, beatings and deaths were coming left, right and centre with the main characters being on the receiving end, for the first time it is uncertain whether we'll have the pleasure of Jack's heavy breathing, Kate's wooden acting, Sawyer's accent, Juliet's hotness, Sayid's singlet, Hurley's.......oh you think up the rest, next year when the 6th season of Lost begins. Even though the only ceremony that honours this properly are the *snort* Saturn Awards, this finale is a prime example of the terrific acting on the show with every single person giving a convincing and strong performance (special mention goes to Ben, Jack, Sawyer, Miles, Hurley, (sigh) Locke and Juliet, if Desmond had actually appeared more then he'd be here too). Next Emmy's should/must/will be Lost's night and as the editor for Emmy's I will be more than happy to submit it. Lost is firmly establishing itself as one of the most generally excellent shows that has ever graced the small screen and this mesmerizing finale is sure to win over even the Anti - Lostites which would've most likely been converted during this season. This finale uses extremely an effective combination of humor, emotion, action, mystery, answers, solid acting and technical perfection that has us enthralled all the way to all - white credits. I'll be right here to review the 6th season opener next year, see you then!
  • We see Jacob for the first time in the season 5 finale

    Season 5 Episode 16: The Incident
    In 1977 Jack plans to execute Faraday's plan by exploding the bomb so time is changed. Kate, Sawyer and Juliet try to stop him. In 2007 Richard takes Locke, Ben, Sun and other people to see Jacob while Locke tells Ben to kill Jacob. In flashbacks we see Jacob visitting the people who arrive at the island.

    This was an amazing episode. The first part and second part were awesome! I cant wait for season 6! I dont think Jacob's really dead, maybe somehow we'll be seeing him on season 6. I cant wait for season 6 which starts January 27!
  • The usual quality that Lost delivers in the season finale, even with some strange lack of details!!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Lost is a show that you can expect some great surprises in the season finale. This time the writers decided to make a big surprise just in the beginning in the episode. It also seems that the episode began with a history and we had a conclusion (open) in the end. The past scenes also play all the tension necessary to the end.

    What I Liked (spoilers) -» Jacob appearance and the introduction to what seems the new villain. The surprises in the ending. The ultra intriguing finale, so many door opens, so many possibilities. The gun fight in the Dharma Territory (With Jack and Sayid). Some of the flashbacks like Sayid, Locke, Sun and Jin. Illana intriguing scenes.

    Didn’t liked (spoilers) -» The poor details about Jack and Juliet motives to modify the future, it´s…Poor details when Juliet was pulled, someone notice the time that Sawyer and Kate was there without being hit or how the EM force didn´t ripped Juliet Torso? Then she survive? This is why this scene didn´t hit me in the proper way.


    Presentation -» (10/10). Very strong. Who would guesses that Jacob would appear? The conversation played there was also very interesting. The flashbacks connection was also part of the presentations and some of them was interesting like Sayid or Locke.

    Complication Phase -» (9/10). In 1977, we have interesting scenes, some dialogues, gun fights and discussions and dilemmas. In the present, was just some interesting conversations, Ilana and her crew scenes was interesting because of the mystery. Unfortunately, Jack and Juliet motives are very selfish and not about a big picture here.

    Climax -» (9/10) When Locke go there to face Jacob, but this is when you discover that….OMG!!! Unfortunately, what failed here was the past climax, the gun fight and some details that can turn you off (like some of the incident details).

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (10/10). Will make youvery curious and will be shocking too. Expect the unexpected. Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10) The main objective here was simple, kill Jacob and explode the hydrogen bomb. There are scenes that bought time, but if you are a regular fan, you can´t notice, I noticed.

    Dialogues -» (10/10). You have all type of dialogues, mysterious, dialogues with tension, informative dialogues and entertaining too.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Unfortunately, some strange details can turn you off, like happened to me and this cause me to fail in absorbing the climax drama between Sawyer and Juliet.

    Suspense/Tension -» (8/10). The moment with Gunfights was filled with tension, however can´t be more than great. There gun fight wasn´t totally realistic in the Swan Station, however, I will not rate it to low, because of this details.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (10/10). The mysteries level is too high â€" candidates? Jacob vs is enemy (why and what happened before), in this war, who is really good, who is evil? What happened to our favorites survivors? Could Jack done everything that is supposed to do and not get the result that he pretended? What Is reserved for Sayid, Juliet, Jacob and Locke? Maybe there are more questions, but you can see that some of the survivors were selected by Jacob in separated times.

    Surprise/Twists -» (10/10). There are some possible deaths that will surprise you. Also the surprise regarding Locke sudden resurrection is fantastic. Even Rose and Bernard appears to say something.

    The season finale wasn´t so strong if you compare it to the previous seasons, this happens because this is the 3rd time that Jack and Co go to war and we already are accustomed to the results. There are Key moments when Jack and Sawyer interact or when Sawyer and Juliet had their last scene., the gun fight inside Dharma territory and the final scene, but other than That, the experience in the past didn´t offers too much. The present scenes holds the mystery until the finals scenes, so until there, the writes shows some dialogues to make time. What was interesting was some of the flashbacks scenes like Sayid and Locke. Overall, this season finale is the usual Lost quality, but since the past situation is not something new and had lack of details, for some people, this can be the weakest season finale in Lost. For me it had enough Key moments to rate it or least with a 9,1.
  • No turning back anymore..

    So.. This is episode what has some really great nostalgic parts but mainly building it all up into big bang as it looks this way..

    Anyway.. I loved the start.. Juliet making decision that they are not leaving and when they end up in a beach where the find Rose and Bernard.. that was beautiful.. I mean their vision of everything, the way they see it all - "you traveled 30 years back in time and still want to shoot each other".. Great thoughts.

    Most of the other episode was pure action and I really loved it.. getting that bomb.. and then those flash backs with seeing that Jacob.. some mystery there and I think we will get some answers in second part..
  • A good finale but the weakest of the five so far. Fascinating stuff though.

    Ultimately I think it's the weakest finale so far but that is to be expected with the direction the show has gone (i.e from curious and intriguing to outright ridiculous - I used to think they knew what was going on but now I am convinced the writers are thinking "help, we're in quite deep here, let's make up a whole load of completely ridiculous stuff that will confuse everyone and that way hopefully people will forget stuff that happened in season 1 and 2 because they are so interested in all this crazy stuff")

    Jacob being around at points in all the Losties lives, what's the point? Will we ever know why he was there? Doubt it. So therefore seemed pointless and basically quite dull. Yes I know he touches them but the actual tv in watching it all was dull. I didn't like the Jacob actor, I feel he should've been older. Kate goes onto the sub to tell Sawyer that they need to stop Jack - weren't you just with him about 20 minutes ago, why not stop him then? Since when has shooting a gun on a submarine ever been a good idea?

    Juliet changing her mind left right and centre. Stupid.

    Our characters outright killing 10s of innocent Dharma men on the off chance that Jack's theory is correct.....hmmm. "We can turn the clock back so that the future won't happen the way it did, by killing all these people and blowing them up" Er....so you want to make Aaron not have to grow up without his real mum, but you'll happily shoot people who try to stop you. The future may be changed had the plane not crashed, but the people in the 70s still die. Nice work.

    Er.......livid at the end. What happens, find out in 9 months..

    Still, quite enjoyed some bits, others less.
  • Q: What lies in the shadow of the statue?

    A: "That one who will save/protect us all" or "Ille qui nos omnes servabit"

    Great finale ! It of course leaves us with many more questions than answers. Did the bomb really explode? Who does Jacob mean when he says 'they are coming'? Whats in the guitar case that Jacob gave Hurly? Is the man that wants Jacob dead the smoke monster? What EXACTLY was the loophole? Is Jacob really going to die?

    So we know that Locke wasnt really Locke, he was this being that can assume the appearance of the dead (and is Jacobs rival). Now for this loophole that he was looking for, here is the possibilities I have come up with so far: Richard states a rule as they are about to enter the statue, something about only the leader may enter and that there can only be one leader at a time. Since Locke is dead and it was actually Jacobs rival that means he wasnt really the leader, ben still was. So is the chamber inside the statue the only place Jacob is vulnerable? and if so, is he only vulnerable to attack from one of his followers or simply a mortal? or was it that ben (the leader) is the only one that can enter the chamber and the knife ben was given is special, and Jacobs rival cant use it himself. So then, was the loophole getting the knife and the leader into the chamber and tricking the leader (a mortal) into thinking of Jacob as his enemy? god.. i have to wait months to find out??!!?!
  • Over the years, we've come to expect a lot from Lost's season finales.

    Over the years, we've come to expect a lot from Lost's season finales. From the superlative intrigue of 'Exodus' to the game-changing revelations in 'Through the Looking Glass', the show has consistently upped its game in its closing hours, delivering A-grade episodes time and time again that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's the best damn thing on television and perhaps more importantly, keep us all pontificating, theorising and chewing our nails off in frustrated anticipation of its return. It's a shame, therefore, that this is the last time we will get to experience the months of heated debate with our friends, the agonising wait for resolutions to the boatload of additional questions that have been thrown at us, the rejection of just about every other show on the goggle box because, well, "it's not Lost, is it?" This time
    next year, the story will be resolved, the final chapter delivered, the book firmly closed. It doesn't even bear thinking about, even if it has the potential to be an absolutely stellar viewing experience, given Lindelof and Cuse's track record. It's a good thing then that 'The Incident' manages not only to press all the right buttons, and then some, making it one hell of an experience to leave us with for eight months, but also to be the best damn end to a season that the show has ever produced.

    As is tradition, 'The Incident' builds to an apex through the interweaving of fast-paced, disparate narrative strands but, like the duality of Locke's mission to turn the wheel and the Losties' attempts to escape from the Island in last season's 'There's No Place Like Home', it splits its plot firmly in two, counterpointing the journey to Jacob with the journey to the Swan. Part one details the minutiae, drawing together all the parties involved in both missions, while part two features the crescendo, turning the cogs of the narrative in interesting and sometimes completely beguiling ways. This is a masterful structure to adopt as it ensures the viewer's complete engagement through the full ninety minutes; the build is fast-paced and full of its own delectable moments, which in turn makes the arrival of the pay-off all the more rewarding. The story rarely pauses to catch its breath and when it does, it's only to provide us with an important character beat or, more interestingly, a glimpse into the influence of the almighty Jacob on the off-Island lives of the Losties. That we finally get to see the legendary caretaker is enough of a treat, never mind getting an episode that is essentially Jacob-centric. Mark Pellegrino is a superb choice of actor, bringing a palatable sense of wisdom and mystery to the role. With every quietly delivered line and subtle glance, he underlines his power, and age, while also encouraging our allegiance with him. It certainly seems that he is the more sympathetic of the beings responsible for the Island, a reading that is illustrated well by the fantastic opening scene. The conversation between he and 'the other guy' as they look at out at what is probably the Black Rock is very telling: while his counterpart believes that outsiders bring only death and destruction, and therefore should not be allowed to taint the Island, Jacob emphasises the importance of trust, of giving others the benefit of the doubt, and clearly believes in the good inherent in man. For this 'progressive' viewpoint, 'the other guy' derides him, setting up a philosophical binarity that cuts to the heart of the show, that has been there right from the start, most particularly in the approaches of characters such as Jack and Locke. And of course, just to make the scene even more delectable, we get to see the full-blown statue again in all its menacing glory.

    The development of this particular strand of the narrative in part one is rather beguiling. The appearance of Jacob at key moments in the history of several of the 815 survivors, while deftly executed, runs the risk of seeming a little superfluous until it becomes apparent, midway through the episode, that there is a purpose to these events. When he appears to a mysteriously bandaged Illyana, and then she subsequently explores the guy's cabin, only to determine that 'someone else has been using it' (leading to a lovely moment in which she torches the place), things start to snap into focus. 'The other guy', it seems, is leading things astray and therefore, it is entirely possible that Jacob's visits to our heroes, however small, are all little shoves in the direction that he needs them to go in in order to put an end to this threat, setting up his players, his army if you will, for their ultimate destinies. His influence on Sayid is certainly indicative of this, as is his healing (effective resurrection?) of Locke when his 'father' pushes him from the building. This scene in particular is superbly executed, with the static, distant camera position greatly amplifying the horror and surprise of the moment.

    Speaking of the bald headed one, Terry O'Quinn continues to do an excellent job of demonstrating the changes inherent in the character, as his actions and dialogue become more and more unusual. His desire to murder Jacob juxtaposes prominently with the glimpses we are given of the psuedo-deity's actions: more than ever, the viewer is encouraged to question why this most level-headed and supposedly Island-savvy of leaders would want to maliciously destroy the only person who could perhaps be regarded as his philosophical equal. The scene in which he effectively goads Ben into submission, getting him to both confess about his pathological lying and agree to 'do the deed', as it were, is fantastically creepy for precisely this reason: it jars with all that we know about Locke's character. The viewer is therefore encouraged to begin to question the man which, obviously, is expanded upon in part two.

    Back in 1977, things are equally as satisfying. While Kate's arrival on the submarine initially seemed to be a rather lame attempt to fan the flames of the irritating love square, a valid reason is actually given for her actions. The juxtaposition of her mission (with Sawyer and Juliet) to stop the bomb being detonated with Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Miles's mad dash to actually blow the thing up works incredibly well, sustaining the episode's momentum and producing some wonderfully intense moments, from Juliet's accosting of the submarine captain to the shoot-out in Dharmaville, which is genuine edge-of-the-seat stuff. Sayid's injury is a very welcome surprise that adds a touch of uncertainty to things as, given the show's corpse-laden history, it is entirely possible that he will not survive. And then, of course, there's Rose, Bernard and Vincent whose past three years are finally given some back story after eleven episodes on the back-burner. It's a delight to see these two again, however briefly, and their newly-developed, karmic c'est la vie attitude makes for a very refreshing alternative to the maddeningly schizophrenic actions of everyone else around them. Sure, the scene gets a little mawkish in places, particularly when Bernard utters the line, "we just care about being together. That's all that matters in the end" (spew!), but it's good to see the Losties put in their place for a moment. All of this also seems to lend further credence to the theory that they are the 'Adam and Eve' from the first season, the corpses that Jack found lying together in the cave, with one black and one white stone in their pockets... definitely a point worth pondering.

    All in all, part one of 'The Incident' is a highly intense, beguiling, rewarding and pretty darn brilliant set-up for the explosive events that occur in part two. The hour ends with Ben resolving to kill Jacob in 2007, and Jack and Sawyer, the two opposing parties in the race to change history, colliding face-first into one another in 1977; if that doesn't keep you coming back for more, I really don't know what will.
  • Jack continues his quest to detonate Jughead; Sawyer and Juliet are roped into helping Kate stop him; Locke guides the Others to Jacob's lair; Ilana and her crew visit Jacob's cabin.

    First of all, I don't remember quite which scenes fit into Part 1, and which scenes fit into Part 2, so my reviews may end up being a bit choppy. Sorry!

    The first hour of the finale was not exactly a thrill ride, but it was still some solid story telling. We get to see numerous important flashbacks -- Kate's first crime, Sawyer penning the 'Dear Mr. Sawyer' letter, Nadia's death, etc. These flashbacks are enhanced by the mysterious appearance of Jacob, who somehow 'touches' each character. I assume his physical touch is what eventually draws them all to the Island, but who knows.

    Jacob is a very enjoyable character! His actor, Mark Pellegrino, was an excellent casting choice.

    I actually really enjoyed the writers showing us a bit more of Ilana! I really enjoy Zelukhia Robinson's contribution to her scenes. However, I have a question -- why was Ceaser (played by Said Taghmagoui) ever even introduced to us? What was the point of his role, lol?

    The writers refusing to show us what was in Ilana's box was pretty tricky, but kind of irritating, too. It was distracting from the plotline, in a way, but ended up serving as a sweet surprise near the end of the finale. Now, I wonder what side Ilana's crew is playing for...

    Nadia's death was a greatly acted scene. It was very sad, and I feel so sorry for Sayid. Speaking of which, Sayid spent most of the finale in critical condition, so I really have to wonder what his fate will be...

    Overall, it was a good first half for the finale. The next hour was, admittedly, much more exciting -- but still, this was a good set-up episode.
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