Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Huge and shocking ending, very powerful and engrossing finale.

    So another season of Lost comes to an end and what an engrossing episode it was. From the feud about the bomb to the hike towards Jacob the whole thing just really flowed. I loved how Jacob appeared in significant parts of the characters past - Kate when she first stole, Sawyer at his parents funeral and Locke when he fell from the window. I liked him as a character, not as creepy as I expected.

    The Jack/Sawyer fight was a long time in the making and pretty intense. Juliet is a great character and I liked her throughout her time on the show. The ending of the episode leaves us thinking she might not be back...but how emotional was her fall. It was so sad to see her and 'James' separate. But it was the very end that got me...Ben killing Jacob, Locke's dead body in the case and Juliet...crawling in her own blood...hitting that bomb which such desperation and then...BANG!

    Brilliant ending, whatever can they do next!
  • Great Ending to season 5 and maybe beyond !

    When you think about the whole lost series so far, it all seems to make sense how this is all woking out. I believe Iliana was in tunisia in the same hospital as locke at the exit point. I believe that she left and jacob healed her to bring her back so that she can help with the war that is coming, I think Jacob knew that he was going to die like christ himself knew, I think that he believed he needed to sacrifice himself at that moment and remember when richard said jacob made him that way. Well i think richard knew as well that is why he is the only one to know jacob and the only one to see jacob and let locke the only person to see jacob. Season 1-5 is about how dharma and the others and oceanic 6 fit into the island and how the final war in season 6 will not only figure out the fate of the island but mankind itself. Jacob said this was a loop of events and the island is a micrcosm of the world itself. So who will be there ? all of the people it appears are of jacobs choosing (flashbacks) and will good overcome evil, what progress has been made since the last loop. This series has always been about mythology about the bigger picture, people look for answers in the small print, who are dharma, the others, etc. But the bigger picture should always have been what is the fate of the world in a very diverse universe. Brilliant and so analytical, we are in for one heck of a ride and the journey is so near it's conclusion, Damon and Carlton said we will find out the future of our characters in the end, there will be no cut to black, either good or evil will prevail and come the beginning of season 6 we will learn what is at stake and what is the end game for our people. Carlton has always said it is the people and there fates that will determine what lost is about and we will find this out very soon. Be prepared people be prepared.
  • Wow! Every season of Lost just keeps getting better and better!

    This episode was the season finale for season 5 of Lost. It was shown in a 2 hour finale like every other Lost finale. The episode had many Flashbacks and was very Interesting at the start because they Introduced Jacob, a character that has been mentioned time and time again in season 3 and 4 But was always used a figment of imagination to Ben Linus and the other people who were living on the Island. Many people thought the Jacob was the Island but It was thought to be a Cabin in the forest that vanishes whenever it wants. But he was introduced and was shown in pretty much all the people who are still alive from the plane crash in their flashbacks. The episode was fantastic, lots of Drama, Cleverness and quite a lot of comedy. But the episode was really good, despite the fact that at the end when Locke fell out of the Cargo containter his dead body came on the plane on he was still in their? So their are many things that are yet to be awnsered in Season 6 but Unfourtuanetly it will not be shown until Early 2010, but Still I have plenty of other shows to watch but hopefully Lost season 6 will be good because in my opinion Lost has gotten better every season from 1-5.
  • What a Shocking season finale! or should i say explosive?

    What a Shocking season finale! or should i say explosive?
    One of the best episodes of lost i've ever seen!

    The entire season was just great, this season they explained a ton of mysteries left by previos seasons, and.... what an incredible way of explaining them!

    One more mystery for next season "John Locke" WTF!!!!! that part was just unbelievable and incredible too!

    Seing a devotional Benjamin Linus? wow i sure didn't saw that coming!

    Next season is the last season of lost! and i think they sure accomplished in making people anxious for season 6! this season finale sure was a great beginning for season 6!!

    Thank You for that wonderful episode!
  • Good season finale for a good season

    Another classical season finale of lost, some questions were answered but tones more are waiting for next season.
    This season was great, actually it was my favourite because it really explains some incidents that happened previous seasons.
    We saw that they all met Jacob before in their lifes. That is shocking so that means Jacob chooses them or Jacob only follows the destiny?
    What happen to Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliette and all the other? Is Jake right about the bomb or they die for nothing? What about John Lock, Jacob and Benjamin? Cant wait for seson 6. And Unfortunately we have to wait until January 2010 I guess.
  • It's Only End Once.

    This is for Part 1 and 2.

    First let me say, what a wonderful season finale.
    The revelation of Jacob and the Black-Shirt Man. We see the statue again, and we learn that Jacob live inside it.
    We learn also, that the Jacob's Cabin it's not actually his home by a long time... from what i learn maybe the Black-Shirt Man was trapped inside it by the ashes.

    We learn that the Locke we see from the middle of the season (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham) it's actually the antagonist of Jacob, the Black-Shirt Man.


    Back to the the 1977 we learn how Chang lose his arm, and we learn more about the plan of Radinszky. James, Juliet and Kate escape from the submarine and find Vincent, and Rose and Bernard too! Could their Cabin be the famous one that it's been torch in this episode? Could make sense, because Horace Goodspeed it's on the island in 1977.

    Best Moment: Too many, But i absolutely loved the Drive-Shaft Ring moment. I was waiting for that, from Greatest Hits in season 3.
  • Aw crap

    Here it comes. I liked this episode (reader who read my previous reviews gapes), but ("what a surpise, there's a but"), it was all in all underwhelming.
    Now, before you crucify me for speaking ill of this ultimately fantastic episode, can you at least let me state my case?
    A) There was a lot of buildup and suspense in this episode and prior to this episode. Seriously, I had been told that we would be seeing the Smoke Monster and learning all there is to learn about Jacob. The only explanation to this is my theory (Jacob was unimportant and Un-Locke is the smoke monster).
    B) They totally ripped off the Season 4 finale. And the season 4 finale was like, "eh...".
    C) The second we're introduced to Jacob, and we see him, we see someone touch him, kill him, set him on fire. But don't worry-Crazy Ghost Temple Jacob will be making an appearance in Season 6.
    D) Oh, and Locke wasn't coming back from the dead. The Smoke Monster AKA Un-Locke AKA Jacob's Enemy was just posing as him, Yemi style.

    And that is the Cons.
    Now the pros
    jacob statue new guy un-locke jughead explosion incident sawyer jack get it on crotch kicking crotch kicking crotch KICKING :o blood guy pronouncing it gaLAHga radzinsky and phil get pawned jacob teaching kate that there are no consequences for doing bad things juliets dad gets meow whipped and of course
    and machetes
    oh! and Frank makes sarcastic comments (fantastic etc)
  • So many questions

    So this is it.. the final try to set things "right".. Or is it right? Anyway, they seems to have an idea and Jack is going with it.. and in some way, he has turned to that man Locke was at the start..

    So.. he continues his quest to the bomb.. and Sawyer tries to stop him.. And there were really great dialoge.. but nothing can compare with the action in Swan site.. and troughing to bomb there.. the magnets.. Juliet.. so many things happening and so fast.

    Also, there was great storyline with Locke.. what a shock.. When "our" Locke is dead.. who is the Locke in the statue... And I liked Ben taking stand against Jacob.. that was great.. I think that most of all we have so many questions - what happened.. did bomb exploded? Where it leads? Who is the Locke? What is that woman and her band doing? Something to wait for..
  • And now part 2 ...

    It was so good to see that the Lost writers did not disappoint. Everything was here - action, love, answers, new questions and so on. And ending on a massive explosion - oh boy, now we have to wait until 2010 to find out more. I didn't see the twist coming that Jacobs antoginist was appearing as John Locke, very clever. The scenes at The Swan were very exciting and dramatic and really well done, especially when Sawyer was trying to drag Juliet back up the shaft. January 2010 just can't come early enough so we can have more Lost!
  • Great ending to a great season.

    This was a outstanding finale to the best season yet. The are many questions answered with many more revelations. We finally find out who Jacob is and his role in the lives of the passengers the Oceanic flight. He got Kate out of a bind when she was a little girl. He gives Sawyer a pen when he was a little boy. He gives Jack his candy bar that had gotten stuck in a vending machine. He was there when Locke fell and broke his back. He blessed Jin and Sun at their wedding. He distracted Sayid while his wife was hit by a car and killed. He touched each of these people and invited them to the island.

    Jack and the rest make it to the H-Bomb and start the process to detonate it in the power source and reverse everything.

    Lock tells Ben that he has to kill Jacob as they continue their pilgrimage to the statue. Ben and Locke make their way into where Jacob is. Ben and Jacob get into an argument and Ben stabs him. Before he can die, Jacob states that they are coming.

    The is dissention among Jack, Kate, Juliette and Sawyer as weather to detonate the bomb, but they eventually all agree it is for the best.

    The power source is ruptured before they can detonate the bomb and all metal around the site is pulled into the hole that was being drilled. Juliette gets caught up in the metal and gets pulled down but lives. She sees the bomb undetonated and starts hitting it with a rock until the bomb detonates. Until next season…
  • For the record, loved the finale!!

    Reading everyones' comments have been very enlightening. But I was just wondering why everyone thinks Jacob is good. It seems both these guys (Jacob and Esau? or Sobek and Anubis?) are messing with peoples' lives trying to prove themselves right. Jacob did say "It only ends once. Anything before that is progress." and the other guy looked pretty pissed off. So it appears to me that Jacob is running his own "little" experiment and the other guy is sick and tired of it and just wants it to end. (Reminds me of the biblical story of Lot- I always hated how that guy's life was totally messed up).

    But who knows? I have also wondered if they are all dead and working their way through purgatory.

    Regardless, I am really looking forward to season 6. How refreshing after another thoroughly tedious finale of "Heroes". Those guys need to take a lot of tips from the writers of "Lost"!
  • I loved this finale...considering i hadn't watched Lost in a long time this season brought back how much i loved Lost. Bring on season 6!

    The finale had me on the edge of my seat; those scenes with Juliet and Sawyer made me cry they were so emtotional. One of my favourite moments of the series and the acting was amazing The bright white light of the finale and the swapping of the colour of the background and the colour of the writing is interesting and suggests somewhat of a change to next season- it will be interesting to see just what will happen to the Losties and what effect it will have for the others in 2007. This episode brought up even more questions - who is impersonating Locke and what's his motives? What will happen to the Losties in 1977? It will be interesting to see what happens in the final season- 8 months cannot come soon enough
  • Amazing finale.

    This finale probably can`t be better , at start of this 1 hour and 24 min`s we finally see Jacob ( good one I think after finale ) and some other guy "native" ( bad one ). They talking about ship ... what ship should we ask - ofcourse "Black Rock" with Ricardus :) Alpert. Both episodes are concentrate about Jacob and his meeting`s with people from island in past in real world beyond island. He meeting them in different times - young Sawyer, young Kate, Locke after accident, Jack during his first operation, Sayid when dies his wife, Sun and Jin when they just get married and Hugo when he induce him to flight the plan. One thing for me the most important is the Jacob touch all of them in different way`s but still touch.

    In episode producers give us a lot of special scenes for example : - back Rose and Bernanrd ... who think about that, not me ... Bernard look`s like Robinson Crusoe now :D and Rose with her true love to Bernard
    - Illiana and her people burn the cabin uhhh :(
    - fight Jack and Sawyer ohhhh I really miss fight like that ( kick in Jack`s balls was amazing :D )
    - Juliet probably dies... really sad scene ;( Sawyer I condolences you ... now i defienietly think Sawyer will change his mind in 100% , back old bad Sawyer :)
    - the finale scene !!! John Locke is dead man ( S H O C K ) for true.... who`s the live John Locke ?? maybe mr. "native" ?
    - Ben kill Jacob ohhh that see like Jacob want this death but why maybe that maky him free man ?
    - Bomb , bomb, bomb ... boom, boom, boom Juliet must hit that bomb 8 times to blow up her ... it`s little crazy :)

    at the end white background and black "Lost" inscription - nice change :)

    Summary great finale, great episode, a lot of shocking things now I want more more more Lost unfortunately I can see Lost not before January 2010 .... :((((

  • An example of a definitive Lost episode. No major spoilers included.

    The Incident, in a word, was fantastic. After a relatively slow (but entertaining, nonetheless) first hour, the show ratcheted up the intensity and came back for the strongest finish in years. Most questions that had been raised this season were put to rest, with a few left brewing for what I'm sure is going to be an amazing final season next year. This episode had everything that was ever worth watching in this show. We got to see Jacob, the full statue, discover what lies in the shadow of the statue, and much more. The main highlights of this episode include the Incident and the seemingly successful attempt of detonating the Hydrogen Bomb. However, things may not be as they seem. Will the bomb complete Faraday's dying wishes, or will things just become worse? Does whatever happened, "stay happened" or can they really change things? Season Six has set itself up in a fantastic way, and this episode was by far the best episode of the season, or the past couple seasons for that matter. With an emotional death, a not as emotional one, but one that could have led to answers had it not taken place, and many other events, this finale will leave you breathless. And in a cliffhanger, arguably one of the best since the opening of the hatch, that will leave you screaming for more, you'll begin to think of the repercussions of what just happened and wonder if what you just saw actually occurred. Did it really happen? I wouldn't have expected it. Oh my God. That's all I can say. I will be waiting breathlessly until 2010.
  • The Best episode i ever seen ! .

    -- ( S H O C K ) --

    Yea . i am tellin you ( this is the best episode you ever ganna see ) , there is no words to discrbe it Unbeliveable , Touching , Thrilling , BreatTaking . i loved it form the strat to the very end , loved all the actors in this episode :

    1 - Terry O'Quinn ( Plesas let him win an emmy he desarve it ) .

    2 - Michael Emerson ( i dare if his not winning this time for sure ! ) . 3 - Josh Holloway ( WOW , he really did an awesome performace that he will win this time ) .

    4 - Elizabeth Mitchell ( she really did a perfact performance ! ) .

    5 - Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly ( Perfact ! ) .

    - Jacob we have fianlly see him , and man he really great , and i really can beievie it he visit all of them ! , and he is the good side and there is another side wiche is BAD ! WTF .

    - Jack he really wont to blow up the bomb and his fight wiht sawyer really awesome , and man when he look at kate before throw the bomb it was a touching look + plus his crazy love for her . - sawyer i really feel sorry for him , i hope julite survive the next season cuz if not jack will be dead ! , and his actin this season was so damn good but the last is episode was perfact ( when he said to julite dont you dare to leave me !!!!! ) .

    - julite i really love her this season she was perfacet in evreyway ! , but i felt sad when she said to sayer i change my mind ! why ? cuz i saw the look to kate ! + the last scene when she try to make the bomn work WOW one of the best mintues of the show ( i really hope she will come back ) ! . - John WHAT ? i really can belive what dead is dead is so true , if he is dead then who is really ? , but his performance at the last scene when he met jacob was perfact and more than awesome . - ben WOW he just did a perfact and unbelvieable act in just 3 min !!!!! , what else can i add , yeah when he said ( WHY ME ? ) . best scenes : - Illiana and her people burn the cabin why did they do that ? .

    - the fight between Jack and Sawyer . - tha last scene with Juliet - John Locke is dead man . - Ben kill Jacob

    - white background and black "Lost" . at the end ( AWESOME finale ! Great and Aesome season ! ) . damn i really can wait ( 8 frekin Months ! ) .
  • Epic and on par with the best in the series!

    LOST does it again. Producing a high quality epic movie of a finale that leaves the competition far behind in the dust. When this show ends in 17 more episodes it will be the end of an era and we may never see deep, layered storytelling in this format ever again.

    Season 5 was ambitious to be sure, and yet it is probably the fastest, most edge-of-your-seat of all 5 so far. Even at this pace and truly embracing it's sci-fi tendencies, the show stayed true to it's beloved characters and the emotional core it's audience is so compelled by. Bravo!!
  • Brilliantly written this finale was an awesome ride. You got involved with the characters and the story, I couldn't turn the TV off. Where can Lost go next season? Where will everyone end up? What is going to happen now?

    Having missed the end of the 4th season due to a bad antenna I chose not to watch the start of this season but I couldn't wait for the DVD release. I tuned in to see the last 3 episodes and I certainly don't regret it.

    This final episode was heart racing. We got to see the characters at their most defining points of their lives, to choose between a life they currently live, or to kill them all. Is Jack right, or is he devastatingly wrong? We won't know until the next season.

    The end worked well, if by any chance the show is cancelled (like others are now) then it's ended, we know what happened. If we continue the writers can go in any direction. Not only did I see the characters in this last episode I also felt them, I held my breath when Juliet was telling Sawyer she loved him, I wanted to reach out and hold on to her as well. When Locke & Ben confronted Jacob I could feel Ben's anguish.
    It was a topnotch episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring on Season 6, I have a new antenna!!
  • That was a perfect ending. I would give it 11 out of 10 if I could

    That was a perfect ending to an almost perfect season... brilliant writing, acting etc... I would give it 11 out of 10 if I could but... and everyone who thinks that Lost is lost, it's not. He's the lost one... That finale left us with the right tension for the next (and final) season. What happens next? Is Jacob really dead? Who's the other man in the opening scene (we all have some thoughts on that but...) and what happens after the nuclear explosion? Well... That lightning we saw at the end, it was the nuc or a massive electromagnetic energy realise? Can't wait for the final answers!!! 2010 seams too far away!!!
  • Finale! I cant wait for season 6!

    Season 5 Episode 16: The Incident
    In 1977 Jack plans to execute Faraday's plan by exploding the bomb so time is changed. Kate, Sawyer and Juliet try to stop him. In 2007 Richard takes Locke, Ben, Sun and other people to see Jacob while Locke tells Ben to kill Jacob. In flashbacks we see Jacob visitting the people who arrive at the island.

    This was an amazing episode. The first part and second part were awesome! I cant wait for season 6! I dont think Jacob's really dead, maybe somehow we'll be seeing him on season 6. I cant wait for season 6 which starts January 27!
  • Lost is lost or at least getting lost quite fast.

    Lost is lost or at least getting lost quite fast. This episode represents a very weak ending for the 5th season. Jack's motivation to blow up the bomb is unclear at first and hard to believe in the end. A stranger in the Lock's body and the real Lock's body in the end are too easy to predict. The whole Jacob story line in this last episode is just way off. The story as a whole is becoming more and more chaotic. A shame to see so many characters we came to love ending up in a quite possibly uninspiring and thus not very much anticipated 6th season.
  • Another Lost episode that leaves the genius of the series to the assumptions of viewers.

    Did not enjoy this finale at all.

    If we knew that this bomb was going to 'reset everything' and we knew it was going to go off (leaving 'dramatic tension' aside) then why did we care about ANYTHING that happened?

    Whatever happened over the course of the episode (in the past) wouldn't matter. It was just so dull because of this. Sayid got shot. O well, he'll get reset, etc. etc.

    I don't know why we're supposed to care about the Kate / Sawyer / Jack love-triangle anymore. The series ignores it for massive sections of seasons, then just drags it up again as if we're supposed to care. I don't know why we're supposed to care for Juliet either. She's never done anything inspiring as a character. She's vanilla ice-cream, and noone cares about vanilla. Even when they were dragging out the whole 'she's dying scene', I didn't care because a) she's a boring character and b) it all gets reset anyway! And how did she survive that fall? What's all that about?!

    This whole, 'Jacobs enemy' taking 'Lockes form' was pretty yawn. I didn't realise I was watching Heroes. Now they've introduced this 'Gods' thing with Jacob & nemesis, making all inhabitants of the island essentially pawns, doesn't this just make their actions (and therefore the prior 5 seasons) obselete?!

    I hated the fact they fobbed off the last encounter with Jacob (when Locke & Ben went to see Jacob at that cabin) as a ruse by Ben. That's just cheap TV.

    What on earth was with the James Bond style shoot-out at the site of the drilling?! Juliet (?!), Miles & Jack all donning handguns and shooting down the anonymous foot-soldiers of the whacky scientist?!

    And the fight between Jack and Sawyer? What was that about? I thought Sayid was bleeding to death behind those trees?! (not that we care in the first-place because it's all getting reset, but surely the characters [particularly Jack] would care, unless they don't care because it's all getting reset, in which case, why are they fighting?!?!?!?!?!?!?) Why are we supposed to accept that Juliet just changed her mind because of 'the way Sawyer looked at Kate'. She's just changed their ENTIRE LIVES because of that and the cheap justification is because 'well her parents split up' ......

    And if Jacob was supposed to be the good guy in these flashbacks, why did he let Sayid's girlfriend die. He could've asked them both for directions?

    /end rant
  • Not sure whether I enjoyed this episode or not.

    I was most shocked to see Jacob, he was not what I expected. Very clever how he had met all the major characters at some point in their lives, but I'm still confused about the Locke thing, which I guess is a good thing as it means I'm still thinking about the episode. I did cry when Juliette fell. It didn't seem to fit right that it was Jack that was determined to follow through with the plan for the bomb and be the leader. Odd choice. There have been some good episodes this season and some bad, I'm not convinced this was worthy of a finale though if I'm honest.
  • A disappointing end to a great season.

    The episode had a very strong start by showing us two mysterious men living on the island, presumably in the 1800s. It was obvious one of them was Jacob, but when the blonde haired man was named Jacob it still gave a great shiver-down-the-spine moment. As did seeing the Black Rock on the horizon and then the full statue! In fact come to think of it the opening was awesome! Just a shame the quality couldn't continue throughout the episode. Will we ever find out how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle? I doubt it, the same way I doubt many questions will get answered.

    One of my major quibbles with this episode was that we didn't get many answers, and as the second last season finale I felt we needed some major information. The main thing being the time travel stuff. Why didn't all of the Oceanic Six return to 1977, why specifically did they return to that time? These are questions that I feel could easily be given answers, but it doesn't look like we'll ever get any. Hopefully I'm wrong about that.

    Anyway ignoring that major issue let's try and review the episode fairly in its own right. The flashbacks in this episode were used to good effect. One of the advantages of having a two hour finale meant that the episode didn't seem crowded by having events happening in 2007/8, 1977 and flashbacks on top of that. As well as showing some important moments for each of the remaining Oceanic survivors we got to see that this mysterious Jacob in fact had met them all at some point. This was done very well and may hint to the fact that it wasn't just chance that their plane crashed on the island. It was also well done how Jacob subtly touched each one of them, which I would imagine will be an important plot point down the line.

    As far as the individual flashbacks went most were good but the ones that stuck out for me were Hurley's, Jack's and Locke's. I was annoyed earlier in the season that we didn't find out what made Hurley decide to get on flight 316, so seeing it here was a great moment. Jack's and Locke's however I wasn't so keen on. We finally saw Jack's little story he told Kate in the pilot and apparently it wasn't as good a moment for him as we'd been led to believe. That it was actually Jack's dad who told him to count to five, and that he embarrassed him undermines the importance that scene should've had. Instead of being a character building moment for Jack, which was what it had always been implied as, it turned out to be a kind of low one. Then there's Locke, while I don't really mind that it appeared that Jacob brought him back to life after he fell out of the window that does seem to contradict the ending reveal of Locke still being dead after Ben killed him. If he could've come back to life once, why not again?

    I'm going to get all of the good stuff from the episode out of the way first, as despite not being great there were still some top moments. Firstly we knew Sawyer, Juliet and Kate would get off the sub, but the question was how. I quite liked that it was Juliet who took charge and knocked the guy out to free them and it was a cool little moment. So with them off the sub they could go find Jack and co to stop them. With the nuclear core in a rucksack the group had to get to the Swan. It was good to see that the tunnels under the island went past one of the Dharma houses, which presumably is the one that is eventually Ben's and explains how he could contact the Monster. It was also appropriate that Richard prevented Eloise and himself from going with Jack and Sayid. It made sense and if only from a thematic perspective it worked better to only have the main characters going to the Swan site.

    Walking right through the Dharma camp when they were on high alert probably wasn't the best idea but they didn't have much choice so it worked. While I think a gunshot wound is a poor way to be killed off, and considering Daniel was killed that way only two episodes earlier, it worked well that Roger shot Sayid. It also led to Jack holding off pretty much the entire Dharma Initiative by himself! He must've taken up shooting as a hobby when he was off the island because I don't remember him being that good a shot before! So we got a cool action sequence complete with Hurley once again performing a rescue in a Dharma van.

    Next up we got a long awaited showdown between Sawyer and Jack. It was a great scene that was always leading to a fight. Although they did have a bit of a scuffle in season one, this was the proper fight. It was brilliantly choreographed and particularly brutal (Sawyer you just don't kick a guy there!). Fight scenes are always good but this one was on par with Sam fighting Dean in Supernatural. Although Sawyer and Jack aren't as close as those two as the two characters who have butted heads for so long this had always been coming and it didn't disappoint!

    Finally there was the end shootout between the castaways and the Dharma guys at the Swan site. Again it was a brilliantly shot scene and had some great little moments in there, such as Kate covering Sawyer. Then after Jack dropped the bomb Sawyer's "this don't look like L.A.X." line was great. Unfortunately the ending of that scene wasn't as good as the start. When the electromagnetic anomaly began pulling everything towards it, although it looked cool, it was just the exact same as the ending of season two and felt cheap. Also after almost four years of wondering how Pierre Chang (or whatever we knew him as at the time) lost his hand it wasn't a great reveal. I guess as we're supposed to like him now a cooler way to lose his hand may not have been appropriate (like Phil's awesome death by flying pylons) but it was still a bit anticlimactic.

    Looking at those last few paragraphs I sound like a bit of a meathead by claiming the only good thing in the episode was the action sequences, but the truth is that's kind of all that was. As a big budget well done show the more superficial stuff such as the fight scenes will always be done well regardless of what's happening in the story. And it was the story that let the episode down. While it was a double episode, it felt very slow moving for the most part. The main culprit here was the part in 2007/8. The large group walking across the island thing has been done to death and so has no real impact, especially considering we didn't know most of the characters on the hike. While there was some much needed exposition there wasn't very much that was exciting about it. It took up far more screentime than it needed to considering all they were doing was walking. That said there were still some nice little moments. My favourite being Sun working as the voice of the audience when she asked Ben what happened to the statue. Her reaction to his response of not knowing was great and that he didn't even have the strength to argue was another nice moment.

    While most of the action came from the 1977 stuff there were still some problems there too. The main thing to poke holes at in the 70s was Juliet. Her flashback seemed a little out of place as it was the only one not to feature Jacob and clearly was only used as a half-baked attempt to justify her sudden and dramatic change of feelings towards what Jack was trying to do. While her and Sawyer's relationship was always doomed after Kate came back, it still felt out of character for her to suddenly want to go along with jack's plan. It felt like a poor way to move forward the story without accounting for the character. That said it always makes me smile when Lost shows how good they are with continuity compared to many other shows. For example other shows may have forgotten that Juliet had a sister (to be honest I kind of had) and not had her in that little scene. Also it meant that every main character this season has had a flashback now, well at least the ones that lasted past episode five!

    I was expecting a good final reveal about Jacob at the end of the episode, but instead we got one about Locke. It was very out of the blue that he wanted to kill Jacob and as I mentioned in my last review I wanted a good answer to this. Well we definitely got an answer but I'm not sure that it was good. I wasn't a fan of Locke being able to come back to life, but after a couple of episodes I just thought of the positive. That being that Locke was back; as my favourite character the show wouldn't be the same without him. The problem now however is the reveal that it wasn't Locke at all since the plane crashed. While it makes sense (in a weird Lost way) all it really means now is that Locke is dead. By giving us time to get used to the fact that Locke had come back to life it meant that this reveal was just annoying and not satisfying at all. While I'm still fairly certain Terry O'Quinn will be on the show next year I don't think I'd want him if he's not really Locke.

    Then there's Jacob; while it was great to finally see him and get some idea of his power not much if anything was really answered. Back in season three the guy in the cabin was clearly meant to be an old man, but Jacob was a relatively young guy (looks wise at least). I'm fairly sure this will be explained at some point, but here it was just annoying. Add to that the fact that we've essentially been introduced to two new major characters in the final episode of the penultimate season. The war that has been mentioned is likely to be a result of the feud between these two, but it seems far too late to have introduced them. Even though we have known of Jacob since early in season three and this other guy could well be behind many of the apparitions seen throughout the show that still isn't enough for me. We should be in wrap up mode now, not introducing huge new plot points mode.

    I'm also going to have to mention the fact that Desmond didn't appear here. Daniel is understandable (what with him being dead and all) but as he's still credited as a main character Desmond should've had a role. Due to the nature of the story this season it has been hard to get Des into it, but it is still an annoyance. While I feel there's far more that could be gotten from his character (as well as finding out what he did in the army to get thrown in jail) if they are going to treat him like this again next season they should drop him down to a recurring guest star rather than a series regular.

    And then there's my final complaint, one that was always going to be inevitable: the ending. As already mentioned the end of the final action sequence was a bit lacking, but the very last moment was awful! Considering how epic every season finale has been before it this was just poor. While it has been compared to how season one ended I still wasn't happy with it. I find it unlikely that they would've killed off the majority of the main cast, which is what that bomb would've done, it implies that they have indeed managed to change the future. While I'm sure this will still be resolved in a decent manner it was just a terrible moment to end the season on. And I hated the "LOST" bit at the end being on a white background instead of a black one!
  • I am extremely upset, as a fan. Compared to previous finales, this was pathetic. It lacked the character drama that I love this show for; in fact it has been missing all season. The dynamics, the chemistry between the characters doesn't work anymore.

    After watching it last night, I was upset. Not annoyed, but upset. Compared to the season finales of the last four years, this was just pathetic. It completely lacked the character drama that I love this show for; in fact it has been missing all season. The dynamics, the chemistry between the characters just is not working anymore. Benjamin Linus has become a walking sulking puppy, I miss his intelligence greatly. Locke's new found confidence was slightly far fetched and aimless at times but it makes a little more sense now. I will not knock on that though, because this was just half of the finale. The whole Jacob/Esau battle that has suddenly appeared is a mystery and plot point for season six and could have interesting implications. What I do wish to knock upon ever so vicariously and viciously and violently and vehemently and… no words to describe my anger so I'll say just say it… What the hell is blowing up a nuclear bomb in such an amateur manner suppose to achieve?

    What the hell is going on? What the f*** do they think is going to happen? Why the hell are they suddenly so bloody motivated to reset the time/space continuum? Let us ignore the fact how that makes no sense on about fifty different levels. No, actually let us not ignore that. It makes no sense on fifty different levels. I loved the time traveling setup of Lost; it worked really well and was started brilliantly in season four by the excellent Desmond/Daniel Faraday episode called The Constant. But this season's The Variable just completely tarnished the acceptable physics the show delivered. We and the characters were made to believe the 'Whatever happened, happened' motto for the entire season and then suddenly in one episode it was all turned on its head with a completely infinitesimal and absurd explanation. It needed to be developed in a more fleshed out manner, but we never got that chance because Lost decided to deliver a really pointless character death.

    Killing Daniel Faraday was a huge mistake, his conviction and explanation for detonating the nuclear explosive was necessary in developing this plot point. Such a critical issue and source of motivation for a lot of the other characters felt completely rushed and not even remotely believable. We as the viewers understand that Faraday knows the physics and conditions on the island far greater than anyone else, and we needed his presence in the finale for this nuclear situation to gauge any emotional value. His knowledge is far above that of our new found warrior-spirited Jack Sheppard. Faraday says one little thing to Jack about supposedly "fixing/resetting" everything and he believes it? Not even just believes it but Jack makes it the mission of his life out of nowhere to blow up a nuclear bomb; Faraday never explained himself or his fervor to carry out these actions. Yet Jack became a blind pilgrim in this belief of something a man, who he has not seen in three years by the way, said to him… about bending space and time by blowing up a nuclear bomb. Ridiculous, that is not Jack. It is as if the writers just threw away four years of character development. The motivation behind the actions of Jack and his crew makes absolutely no sense. Let us not forget for a moment Sayid's random acceptance of the situation at hand as well, utterly absurd. Suddenly the resident torturer of the island is now very capable with plutonium cores and nuclear warheads as well. I must also raise issue with how homosexual Sayid looked for most of the episode, especially after his elaborate wet scene coming out of the waterfall and the flamboyant hair-tie-back action that followed. Oh and I loved the timeout Jack and Sawyer decided to take, all the while Sayid was lying in the back of a van bleeding to death. Clearly Dr. Jack Sheppard forgot that he was a doctor.

    The action was incredibly silly as well, since when did Jack become a sharp shooter? Someone has been watching too much '24' on their three years off the island. I swear the most believable thing in that episode could have been Jack Bauer appearing out of the energy pocket hole, revealing himself to be the smoke monster, Jacob and the island's energy all in one. It got even worse when the whole gang decided to throw a hissy fit at the Swan station at the end, trained DHARMA guards with accurate rifles were shooting air while a blonde fertility doctor with a pistol was nailing head shots through a speeding van. Her accuracy seemed to infect the rest of the gang also as Miss Wonder Bucktooth was rolling around barrels to barrels picking of baddies in jumpsuits as if her name was… Miss Wonder Bucktooth. Absolutely preposterous this episode was I tell you, unacceptable.

    One last quibble about this Jacob of ours, and a point about the structure of this episode in general as well. All the flashbacks of Jacob appearing in the lives of the people currently on the island were too convenient and misplaced. It was stupid seeing random useless tidbits of Jacob affecting the lives of these people. This should have been done in the flashbacks over the course of the season, we should have seen these events scattered out across a proper time line so that in this finale we actually find out that such and such events were in fact triggered by Jacob. This is how Lost has always developed its puzzles, putting pieces together… with Jacob it felt like a complete rush job and utter matter of invention just to show that Jacob went around and met all these people at some point in their lives. The flashback scenes carried absolutely no weight or consequence because of this. The time line of these flashbacks were confusing, entangled in between jumping from past to present with our current gang of characters.

    In general, these episodes and season five in general felt rushed and sorely lacked emotional gravitas. Quite disappointing to be honest, I feel as if all the character connections have been completely lost, no pun intended. Lost was a show built upon the relationships and character conflicts, not these silly mysteries that seem to be derivates of some hallucinogenic run through of the Bible.

    I do wish to commend the ever excellent Richard Alpert. He is the last saving grace of this show in my eyes, and a narrative through his eyes is well over due. A finale in his vein would have been much more sensible, much more emotional and would have definitely eased the introduction of Jacob. To be honest he's one of the last characters with any kind of logical rationale left in him. Frank Lupidus, the poor guy is totally lost but I am quite interested to see what Ajira passengers/Jacob's allies consider him a "candidate" for. Jacob allowing himself to be killed so easily signifies that the body he occupied is possibly just a vessel for his spirit, similar to what Esau has done with Locke, Jacob will do with Lupidus. Whatever the hell happened to Christian Sheppard and Claire? We were made to believe Locke was resurrected on the island just like Christian, but now we are presented with the fact that death is certainly the end of these characters. What makes Christian an exception, why was he nowhere to be seen? What the f*** is that prostitute of a b**** whore Sun doing asking the stupidest questions like a prostituting puppy b****? I thought Christian told Sun and Lupidus how they could meet their friends again, but from the way Sun was acting it was as if she had completely forgotten about her encounter with Christian. This goes back to my point about the episode being awfully structured and very much rushed. Christian should have been around in the finale, too many gaping plot and motivational holes occurred that made no sense on any bloody level. Before I end my discussion, special mention to Hurley, Miles and Desmond who are the last few people making any kind of cynical sense on this show yet nobody seems to listen to them.

    As for the rest of the gang, Ben has become a delusional vagina Jack thinks his first name is The Boss last name Bauer, Juliet is tapping a nuclear core with a rock trying to make it explode, Sawyer is in love, Sun is a whore, Kate is doing absolutely nothing with her life, Faraday is dead, Locke is dead, Jacob looks he belongs in Amsterdam, Esau is an awful character from Prison Break, Lupidus is Lost, Sun is a whore, Jin has become like crewman #5 since he started speaking English constantly stating the obvious and last but not least Bernard and Rose are about to start the Robinson Crusoe family on the island.

    What the hell happened to Lost? Man, I miss Charlie.
  • The usual quality that Lost delivers in the season finale, even with some strange lack of details!!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Lost is a show that you can expect some great surprises in the season finale. This time the writers decided to make a big surprise just in the beginning in the episode. It also seems that the episode began with a history and we had a conclusion (open) in the end. The past scenes also play all the tension necessary to the end.

    What I Liked (spoilers) -» Jacob appearance and the introduction to what seems the new villain. The surprises in the ending. The ultra intriguing finale, so many door opens, so many possibilities. The gun fight in the Dharma Territory (With Jack and Sayid). Some of the flashbacks like Sayid, Locke, Sun and Jin. Illana intriguing scenes.

    Didn’t liked (spoilers) -» The poor details about Jack and Juliet motives to modify the future, it´s…Poor details when Juliet was pulled, someone notice the time that Sawyer and Kate was there without being hit or how the EM force didn´t ripped Juliet Torso? Then she survive? This is why this scene didn´t hit me in the proper way.


    Presentation -» (10/10). Very strong. Who would guesses that Jacob would appear? The conversation played there was also very interesting. The flashbacks connection was also part of the presentations and some of them was interesting like Sayid or Locke.

    Complication Phase -» (9/10). In 1977, we have interesting scenes, some dialogues, gun fights and discussions and dilemmas. In the present, was just some interesting conversations, Ilana and her crew scenes was interesting because of the mystery. Unfortunately, Jack and Juliet motives are very selfish and not about a big picture here.

    Climax -» (9/10) When Locke go there to face Jacob, but this is when you discover that….OMG!!! Unfortunately, what failed here was the past climax, the gun fight and some details that can turn you off (like some of the incident details).

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (10/10). Will make youvery curious and will be shocking too. Expect the unexpected. Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10) The main objective here was simple, kill Jacob and explode the hydrogen bomb. There are scenes that bought time, but if you are a regular fan, you can´t notice, I noticed.

    Dialogues -» (10/10). You have all type of dialogues, mysterious, dialogues with tension, informative dialogues and entertaining too.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Unfortunately, some strange details can turn you off, like happened to me and this cause me to fail in absorbing the climax drama between Sawyer and Juliet.

    Suspense/Tension -» (8/10). The moment with Gunfights was filled with tension, however can´t be more than great. There gun fight wasn´t totally realistic in the Swan Station, however, I will not rate it to low, because of this details.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (10/10). The mysteries level is too high candidates? Jacob vs is enemy (why and what happened before), in this war, who is really good, who is evil? What happened to our favorites survivors? Could Jack done everything that is supposed to do and not get the result that he pretended? What Is reserved for Sayid, Juliet, Jacob and Locke? Maybe there are more questions, but you can see that some of the survivors were selected by Jacob in separated times.

    Surprise/Twists -» (10/10). There are some possible deaths that will surprise you. Also the surprise regarding Locke sudden resurrection is fantastic. Even Rose and Bernard appears to say something.

    The season finale wasn´t so strong if you compare it to the previous seasons, this happens because this is the 3rd time that Jack and Co go to war and we already are accustomed to the results. There are Key moments when Jack and Sawyer interact or when Sawyer and Juliet had their last scene., the gun fight inside Dharma territory and the final scene, but other than That, the experience in the past didn´t offers too much. The present scenes holds the mystery until the finals scenes, so until there, the writes shows some dialogues to make time. What was interesting was some of the flashbacks scenes like Sayid and Locke. Overall, this season finale is the usual Lost quality, but since the past situation is not something new and had lack of details, for some people, this can be the weakest season finale in Lost. For me it had enough Key moments to rate it or least with a 9,1.
  • Well...A Jacob centered finale! I still can't believe I can finally say that. But very sad also...

    Personally I loved all the scenes where Jacob appeared. The flashbacks were really great. I was waiting for this for so long that it's hard to believe it finally happened. So the ending was very shocking. Is Jacob really dead? It would be such a pitty if that's true because there are still MANY things we need to find out about him.

    The Incident itself (the event) was very interesting. Espacially when everything was beeing pulled towards the hole. But then...

    Then the major death. My FAVOURITE character of all TV shows ever... It was the most painful fictional "death" (fall would be more accurate) I have ever seen. My only hope is that everything will change after the bomb exploded because LOST will never be the same if it doesn't...

    All in all, the finale was really great but I just can't accept Juliet's death. Just too much death.
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