Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • The best cliff-hanger since the season 3 finale of The Next Generation.

    I wasn't monitoring the time to be sure when part I ended and part II began, so I will be referring to both. I'd like to start out by saying that I gave this a 10, and while some might argue that most of the episode is pointless and leads the viewers on a false ride, I feel that the drama was good, the action was packed in, and the intrigue was certainly there.

    The episode starts off in an undefined past time. We see a man spinning thread and weaving a tapestry (can anyone say symbolism?). This man walks out onto a beach, and we see that he was inside of the giant statue, or "in the shadow of the statue. This man is wearing a white shirt. He is approached by a man in a black shirt (again, can anyone say symbolism?). I'm thinking... hmmmm... black shirt... black SMOKE MONSTER!?! and if that's the case, could that mean that the man in the white shirt is... wait a minute! There is a boat off in the distance. Could that be the Black Roc? The man in the black shirt does not seem to be happy that they are coming. He looks to the man in the white shirt and says he'd like to find the loop hole to be able to kill and and calls him, you may have guessed, JACOB!!!

    The episode proceeds to show us flashbacks involving all of the characters and an encounter they've had with Jacob. (All except for Juliet whose flashback is Jacob free) We find out that Jacob supplies an 8 year old Sawyer with the pen to write his letter to the man responsible for the deaths of his parents. Jacob keeps a very young Kate from getting into trouble when she robs a store. Jacob prevents Sayid from crossing a street with his wife who is run down by a car infront of his very eyes. Jacob congratulates Sun and Jin as they are getting married and advises them never to take their love or each other for granted. He oversees an argument between Jack and his father, in which Jack's father calls him out on not having faith in himself. Jacob "revives" John after the fall that lands him into a wheelchair. And lastly, Jacob is the one who convinces Hurley to return to the island. I suppose it could be said the he intervened in the lives of each character at some seemly small, but in actuality crucial part. Juliet's flashback involved her parents telling her and her sister of their intentions to get a divorce. Juliet does not take the news well, and her parents tell her that sometimes you have to recognize when you are not meant to be with someone (or something to that effect). Juliet sees the way that Sawyer looks at Kate and realizes that even though she loves him and he loves her, and would probably stick by her, they do not belong together. Juliet takes action on the sub when Kate says they must get off to stop Jack. Once off the sub, when she hears Jack's plea, she takes action to help Jack. A part of her feels that if she can prevent Sawyer and herself from getting together, she can prevent the hurt of losing him.

    Sayid helps Jack extract the plutonium core from the bomb, which is much easier to carry and is all that is needed to cause the explosion necessary to put their plan into action. They are attacked by members of the Dharma initiative and Sayid is shot at point blank range in the stomach. Jin, Hurley and Miles show up in the Dharma van and haul them off to the Swan site.

    Sawyer and ladies intercept the van, and Sawyer tries to change Jack's mind. He tells Jack about the death of his parents and how he had the chance to take the sub and keep his father from killing his mother and himself, but that he didn't, because "what's done is done." Jack doesn't see it that way and admits that his driving motivation in changing the future is to prevent the heartbrake of losing Kate. Sawyer decides when his words fail to change Jack's mind, to use his fists and Jack and Sawyer finally duke it out after 3 years (for them, 5 for us). Juliet stops the fights and sides with Jack. Everyone backs Jack up at this point. Jack approaches the hole that the Dharma guys are drilling into, which will cause "the incident" and throws the bomb in, only the bomb doesn't detinate, the drill cannot be stop and it releases the pocket of electro magnetic energy causing everything that is magnetic to be pulled towards the hole. Miles is able to save his father's life when he becomes entangled in the metalic mess. Juliet gets caught in a metal chain and is pulled into the hole. Sawyer and Kate try desperately to save her but it is in vain.

    Meanwhile, in the present, Locke tells Ben that he must kill Jacob. They reach the foot of the statue where Jacob resides and go inside. Jacob looks at Locke and tells him he finally has found his loophole. He looks at Ben and tells Ben he has a choice to make. Ben is tested by Jacob, and Ben kills him, meanwhile outside of the statue Illana shows up with her crew carrying a box with secret contents. They dump the contents out to reveal a familiar body.

    As my friends and I were watching, they asked me, "Alex, what question would you like to be answered by the end?" I told them, Lost typically doesn't instill questions in me. I feel that I follow pretty well, I make my predictions, sometimes I'm wrong. I said that they only thing I wanted to see was everyone propelled back into the future, I did not want it to end with a big FLASH, where you didn't know what happened. They all laughed and said LOST would never do that. That it always ends with some question being answered and a new one being asked. When Ben stabbed Jacob, he fell to his knees and looked at John and said "their coming." My friends all assumed that he was talking about Illana and her crew, but I'll bet anyone that he was talking about our guys stuck in the past. We won't know for certain though, because sure enough, LOST ended with a BANG! ...and a flash ;)