Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • A Jacob-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. This was such a shocking and exciting season finale! All of the storylines were great, especially Sawyer's storyline which was my favorite storyline of the episode. All of the flashbacks of Jacob interacting with various members of flight Oceanic 815 were great. I found the whole reveal about Locke extremely shocking. I didn't see that coming at all. It was really exciting to finally find out what the Incident was. I have to say that I absolutely loved Juliet in this episode. I'm so sad about Juliet apparently getting killed off the show since she has been one of my favorite characters on the show ever since season three when she joined the show. Although, I think that Elizabeth Mitchell gave an absolutely amazing performance in this episode, especially in the scene where she's talking to Sawyer before she falls down that hole and in the very last scene of the episode where we see that Juliet is still alive and apparently detonates the bomb. That was such a surprising and heartbreaking scene. Also, I loved how they did the reversal of the colors on the Lost logo at the end of the episode. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait for the sixth and final season of Lost to start so I can find out what happens next.