Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • How does The Incident hold up compared to classic LOST finales? (You won't be happy with what I have to say)

    I dare say, this might be the weakest of Lost's 5 season finales. 2 hours, and only the last 15 minutes were good. I always hate "he-was-there-all-along" type of reveals in anything, and here, we got that with Jacob and all the major island castaways. It's a cheap storytelling device that I absolutely cannot stand. See, he knows everyone, and might be connected with their destinies, but will that ever be explained because just as we got to know him, they kill him. Never mind the fact that he looks nothing like the figure we saw in the rocking chair. (Man Behind the Curtain)

    The Swan firefight bored me a bit, ran, too long, and seeing Jack play Rambo just doesn't fit the character. Sure he's had scuffles before, but he definitely looked like a professional with that gun last night. Weird. I did like when the gang drove in to back him up, but the whole sequence seemed like it was out of a whole other show (namely 24) I also would have liked Sawyer to take out Phil. Short-changed on the payback stick there.

    Jack and Juliet's motivations for setting off the bomb bothered me a lot. I thought Jack might be thinking in "big picture" terms like Faraday had said. Undoing all their misery, saving lost lives, a second chance at everything. But no- it's all because of Kate. That made me want to gag. Juliet knows Sawyer still loves Kate, which also disappointed me (3 years, people!) So she decided "If I never met you, I won't have to lose you." Gag me twice. You guys want to alter the space/time continuum over your lovers? Really? How high school of them. I guess it might not have been so bad if there was a lot more going on. But so many characters just didn't do much. Lapidus just kind of hung around. Sun just kind of hung around. Jin just kinda hung around. (All this time and effort and they still weren't reunited?) Sayid (my favorite character) was shot, so he had no choice but to hang around, while dying. Hurley drove a van. Miles threw in his two cents. Desmond was a no show, and there was absolutely no sign of Claire this season. Normally, Lost finales give everyone their due and while not answering series questions, they do a good job of tying up season threads, so the lack of that last night was a bit odd.

    I get the sense that beach scene was closure for Rose and Bernard. They're done. And I actually liked that part. I'm guessing we won't see them again until their skeletons at the bottom of the lagoon (S1). Rose and Old Man Bernard was just a snippet of a few things I did like in the finale. Here are some others:

    The Locke reveal knocked my F'ing socks off! I knew, I KNEW there was something about New Locke I didn't like- and I'd been harping on about it for months! Ever since "Dead is Dead" (oh the irony!) New Locke was just too cocky! There's a whole new level of creepy now when looking at this Doppelganger, and it sends a legit chill down my spine. (well done, Terry O'Quin! You can see it in the eyes...) This unnamed man, the Omega perhaps to Jacob's Alpha, has found a loophole in an unnamed rule regarding being able to kill his old acquaintance. I'm reminded of the S2 finale where it seemed like the whole story, everything we'd been through, was just a piece of the bigger picture that is Desmond and Penny. Here, there is the feeling that the entire story of LOST, it's mythologies and secrets, rests in the conflict between Jacob and (Esau?). How Dead Christian fits into this, and the Smoke monster (who ordered been to follow this clone) is beyond perplexing. The Ajira guys turned out to be useful after all- but we still have no clue who they are, and I'm a bit frustrated with that.

    I liked the Jack and Sawyer's fight. Finally airing out 5 seasons of differences in an excellent bare-knuckled brawl! Ben's speech to Jacob. Once again, I'm asking for an Emmy for Michael Emmerson.

    Sawyer's reaction to Juliet's death. I can't remember ever seeing him cry like that! Wow.

    But if I could throw in one last side-note about Juliet. I nearly teared up when she fell in that hole. Her death would have been another risky, ballsy move in a great list of risky, ballsy moves from LOST. But no. It turned out she was still alive after all that! What surely looked like at least a 50ft drop, coupled with the crushing collapse of giant lead pipes? And she was still alive? It ripped me right out of the reality of the show.
    Maybe I've been watching too much Heroes, but this reeked of contrivance. Sure she finally set the damn thing off, and being directly near it she should be dead. But now, because of the nature of the show, there is the possibility she might not be. Maybe she'll be special like Desmond now. (I wouldn't mind seeing her running around the jungle, naked and precognitive. ;) Lost finales are such huge events, outside of the Superbowl and The Oscars, there isn't another televised event I get more excited about. But considering I can't think of too much to take away from this finale besides one cool reveal, I'm slightly disappointed. (Their cliffhanger is the the same question that's been driving the last batch of episodes: will they change the past/future?- and it STILL hasn't been answered! Arg!)