Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • I was blown away by the last minutes of this episode. I was trembling whenever Jack, Juliet and Sawyer got in a conflict because I feared for Sawyer and Juliet. But they all made it to Swan. And that's where the crazy ride begins.

    First of all, previous seasons of Lost made it clear that the characters are not perfect in any way. They have so many flaws and that's what makes them "tick". Their motivations in this episode may be stupid, but not surprising.

    The Dharma story is over, or so do I think. Last moments of Juliet were so strong, so tense I really didn't move or breathe. Of all the characters, hers is the one I feared would die the most. It's not over yet, but she deserves to go out in style, just like Charlie (who was my fav too). It seemed stupid she survived that fall, but then I remembered something. It's the Island. And one fall cannot kill you, or, it cannot kill you instantly. Jacob and Esau (I'm going to use this name for Jacob's enemy just because I don't have any other - except maybe Samuel). Don't mean to be hasty and call their game a Gods fight. We don't know what they are, or what their motives are. I have some ideas about the loophole and Jacob's motives behind bringing the Variables to the Island. Yes, I think Jacob wants to change things so the loop would stop. And the only way to do it is to use the Variables - people that can act out of their destined screenplays. And Desmond... maybe he's the guy that inadvertently keeps the same (or similar string of time) time going. The Constant.

    I'm possibly wrong and off the course here, but I'm finally intrigued enough to make theories for myself, because I hate spending time on something that isn't really up to me. But the story evolved the way I wanted it to evolve from the Pilot so... I am lost and glad I am trying to be found.

    Ilana grew on me! That's a surprise. Richard and she had a great scene and I found myself yelling "Locke, Locke, Locke!" before they showed him. It was a shock. A great twist. A twist that left all of us wondering did Ben kill Jacob? Did Esau (or Flocke) find a way to kill Jacob? What's next? And who's coming?

    Acting was amazing as always, special kudos for Elizabeth Mitchell. I claim again the actions of the Losties make perfect sense. Juliet's decision to help Jack might be because she thought that was the way to meet Sawyer again. Kate's motives are irrelevant in this show. I like Jack, I don't know why, I guess I got used to seeing him around since he's the first character from Lost we've ever met.

    Conclusion. The finale was outstanding. The story very satisfying. Yes, there might be a few things that could have been done a little differently, but no matter. The negative LOST title in the end predicts more than we know. Everything's changed and we have to wait 8 months to really see if we are glad for the story of LOST.
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