Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Lost sets the bar even higher.

    WOW! First words that come to my mind to describe this episode are mind blowing! Words are hard to find, this is something you have to witness yourself to understand what kind of amazing ride that was.
    This episode had it all. Tension, drama, suspense, intensity, mysteries, mythology, answers, craziness,cliffhangers and hell even its sweet moments.

    Let`s start with the opener. It was an instant OMG moment. Conversation between Jacob and his,what seem to be enemy. Anyway, the conversation was cool and pretty mysterious as always. Seeing the statue again was amazing. A word on the casting choice of Jacob. I think it is a great one. I understand, people expected somebody maybe older...perhaps in line with what we saw in our first meeting with Jacob in Season 3. Chances are that it may not have been Jacob after all when Ben took Locke in the cabin. Anyway, good choice of actor in my opinion. He`s cool and the character perfectly executed.

    Meanwhile, Jack was more than decided to stick to his plan. How Jack has changed. Love the "don`t give up on Locke" line to Richard. I think that describe the character change perfectly.

    One of the very rare thing I`ve not enjoyed so much in these 2 eps is perhaps Sawyer-Julliete relationship. First off, it has not really been developed..so not really used to it. What I don`t like about it is what Sawyer has become. I love the not very likeable guy we all loved back in the days. I understand he has matured a lot and all but here the whole Sawyer-Julliete thing was underwhelming. I mean, it was like Sawyer was taking orders with the changes of mind and all.

    Now that being said, the first time that relationship felt real was of course in the closing moments of the eps, during the incident. A real tearjerker that was perfectly acted by Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell. Very moving to say the least.

    Sawyer-Jack fight was cool..just had to happen. The incident at Swan station was again perfectly executed. There was such a tensed and uncertain atmosphere. Very suspenseful and sad also. Miles made an excellent point about the possibility that the bomb going off could be the actual incident. The ending was WOW and so cruel also cause the hiatus is so long. It was a game changing event and Elizabeth Mitchell did an amazing job here.
    Now, up to Mr. "Locke" and co. Great to see Frank back...love the character. Good to see more about the Ajira survivors too. The scene at Jacob`s "home" was amazing. That was almost 3 seasons in the making. Loved it. There was a lot of shockers in the episodes but the absolute major shocker here is no doubt that Locke was actually not Locke. That`s freaking mind blowing. The revelation was perfectly handled..I almost yelled "if this is Locke, then who is in there" line along with Sun. Theories are flowing big time about this. Ben kills Jacob (which is not something I really wanted to see)...actually manipulated by Smokey/Evil/bad guy or whoever he is. Brilliant! My mind is blown! This is yet another game changer and the line "things will change when he dies" may well be a description of the future of the show.

    On now to the flashbacks/forwards. They were amazing. How ironic is it that everyone of the losties actually met Jacob. Connections were perfectly(getting tired typing this word)made.

    There were some sweet moments too in here. It was nice seeing Rose and Bernard.Very heartwarming to see how they are living a happy life in there...was also kinda funny. Nice moment too see Charlie`s ring too.

    So who`s the guy impersonating Locke?? Smokey?? Did he impersonate Christian too? Has we seen the last of Jacob? Julliet dead? If she is, doesn`t it mean they all are? Are they back to real time??? Did Jack`s plan went well? If Julliete is gone, how will Sawyer ever forgive Jack?? Did Sayid survive?? Is this whole thing god vs the devil... playing their endless game of good vs evil? ETC................. Long hiatus, full of theories and question as Lost enters its final chapter next year. Until then, thank you writers and hats off.