Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Lost for words!

    That's it really.....

    ...but if you insist. A few spoilers may appear. I watched The Incident last night and it was as intricate a piece of TV Drama as Lost has ever served up in its 5 seasons. Backstory,
    1977, Thirty years later. Pivotal moments that involved all the surviving main characters from Season 1 were shown to involve ....Jacob. Finally a face to the name. And Ben never saw him! He faked it! No wonder we couldn't see him in the hut when John went in the first time and no wonder Ben is so bitter. The show was, I felt, almost overwhelming - there was so much going on. A feast, indeed. There are so many images burned into my subconcious and I (and the rest of you) have to wait until next year. When, we are assured, there will be an ending and not a cop out.

    If any show can manage it, it's Lost. The only downer for me was that I'd read that Elizabeth Mitchell was going to be in the new V so I had a suspicion that she might not make it. At least Juliet went out in grand fashion. She has been so pivotal this Season, I don't think I'll be alone in missing her.

    And Locke! Or is it Esau? Dammit!!

    And so much more besides.

    What will there be when we hear that familiar airplane sound next year as the brightness fades from the bomb? You'll have to wait, but one thing's for certain, love it or hate, it won't be dull.
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