Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Huge reveals!

    Wow what a finale! I was speechless and scatterbrained following that white explosion. It took me a while to process everything, but it seems that the writers wanted to emphasize things that happened that actually did happen (Chang losing his arm, Radzinsky running away, the electromagnetic 'incident', on top of all the things that happened in previous episodes). But of course they are neglecting or perhaps hinting whether certain things have changed (such as Juliet regaining consciousness to set off the bomb). Anyways, the new persona controlling John Locke was definitely a kicker; I noticed it inadvertently made Ben even angrier at Jacob for seemingly favoring Locke.
    Also, like many of the reviewers here, I didn't quite buy Jack's motivation for setting off the bomb 'because of Kate'. I mean come on, she hasn't completely given up on him, she is ALWAYS 'with him', she said so herself...why he doesn't see that and decides to erase all traces of that is a mystery.

    To think that Jacob's cryptic message could be deciphered so easily by people on these message boards haha. "It only ends one way, everything before that is progress". Yes, the coiled spring theory (rather than the "whatever happens, happens loop") may be the gist of this series. Explain? So we started out at one end of the spring (which is the pilot episode when the plane first crashes), and traveled that loop. There WAS a previous 1977 incident, unaffected by a H-bomb explosion (the losties were never there). We travel this first loop, which supposedly ends with Jacob being stabbed by Ben. But of course, since the losties went back and changed it (Good job Juliet you are a Variable!), now we are traveling along the coil not only in the circular direction but linearly as well (PROGRESS!!!) There will be of course similar events happening (the losties will probably end up on the island regardless, better prepared for the future war(?) each time) but a key variable will be changed each time. Juliet was the first. This cycle will keep going until we reach the other end of the spring, which Jacob intends all along.

    Some thoughts:

    Did anyone think that Richard didn't sound too happy when he said 'Jacob made me the way I am?' Sounds alot like it was done against his will.

    Sneaky sneaky Richard. Seems he knows how to take matters into his own hands (by bashing Eloise and taking her away). Can't wait to see him in action against the imposter after the shocking revelation of the actually dead Locke.

    Why is Jacob so calm about his death? Why does he seem to care more about Ben making a choice then his own well-being? This may imply that he knows he is far from finished (because the losties will cause the time loop to reset again(?), leading again to that scene where they watch the ship).

    Is Eloise running the Other joint by herself or with Widmore?

    I'm guessing Widmore didn't have access to Jacob either. He seemed a bit clueless and gullible when Richard told him 'Jacob wanted this...' (to save kid Ben).

    The ash surrounding the cabin must have been there to contain something, perhaps Jacob's nemesis. Hurley's visit/departure probably broke the "ash"-line.