Season 5 Episode 17

The Incident (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Yes, it was a good episode but after tying up so many loose ends, why introduce such a massive one at the last minute?

    I don't deny the finale was good but I believe the viewers where dropped a bombshell to make it even more intense. I refer to the fact that there were two opposing omnipotent beings/forces on the island. We have been watching this show for years and the producers decide to make this known in the season 5 finale?!?! I would guess we all got the feeling that there was something special about Jacob some time back, but to find out so late that there was something/someone else there to on par with him is just wrong. It's like watching a murder mystery movie where all fingers point to the evil twin brother, only to find out it was a suicide. It's just not consistent with what we have seen for so long.

    From what I can gather, Jacob wanted to prove to this new character that humans can work together in a world without war and destruction (how naive is that, lol), so he has been handpicking people throughout the decades/centuries in the hope of doing just that. Problem is it keeps failing and the other guy just wants Jacob dead. I won't say anymore just in case people reading this have not seen the finale as yet, but I would guess the term 'their coming' implies Jack & Co are on their way back.

    My final point is that this finale plot line has been done before, and better. I know a lot of viewers would cringe in their Lazy Boys recliners at the thought of their beloved Lost not being original, but it's true. I refer to Babylon 5, Into the Fire (Season 4, Episode 6) where two 'known' opposing forces are manipulating the humans into thinking the way they want them too. This all culminates in one big showdown between the three where the humans are forced to make a choice. See any resemblances yet? Viewers seem to get carried away with the hype and buzz of a show that no matter how bad it gets, they still go at it like a dog with a new bone. They just can't give it up. Why do I get the feeling that there will be a season 6 and everyone will be on the island where Richard and Jin are?
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