Season 6 Episode 13

The Last Recruit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004) Locke is rushed to the hospital after being hit by Desmond. In the ambulance the paramedic says to Ben that Locke is exhibiting no responses. Ben says to the paramedic that he barely knows him so doesn't know his next of kin. Locke is able to mumble that he was going to marry Helen Norwood. As they arrive at the hospital Sun-Hwa Kwon is also arriving. She looks over as their gurneys pass and recognizes Locke. She is frightened and says to Jin in Korean, "It's him, it's him". In the police station, James asks the uniform officer for a minute with Kate. He checks her file saying she does not strike him as a murderer. She says that is because she is not. James talks to Kate about the coincidence of them being on the same flight and a week later she smashes into his car. She asks why he didn't arrest her at LAX. She says that she thinks he didn't arrest her at the airport because he didn't want anyone to know he was in Australia and asks whether she should tell the Feds that. James considers what Kate said and say that he likes her! Miles calls James over about the multiple homicide at a restaurant of Keamy and three of his associates and that there was a witness who doesn't speak English. Miles shows James a surveillance camera record which shows the suspect. Sayid is the suspect seen leaving the scene. Claire, still pregnant, arrives at a high rise to see the adoption agency on the 15th floor. As she signs in Desmond arrives and reintroduces himself. Claire tells him he was right as a scan has shown that the baby is a boy. Desmond suggest that adoption is a complex legal arrangement and that she should have legal representation and he offers to arrange it with his lawyer who he is about to see. Claire is hesitant especially about the expense but Desmond convinces her to see his lawyer. At the law office, Desmond asks to see Miss Verdansky. Ilana comes out and Desmond introduces her to Claire Littleton. Ilana says that they have been looking for her. Sayid arrives at Nadia's and rushes to pack. He tells her he is leaving and will never be able to come back. The doorbell rings and when Miles identifies himself and is let in Sayid has gone. He runs out the back door where Sawyer trips him and makes the arrest. Jack and his son David Shephard arrive at the same office tower to hear Christan's will read. David says that he is sad for Jack. In the attorney's office Ilana Verdansky greets them saying that she has a surprise and asks whether they believe in fate. Claire is waiting. Jack asks how she knew his father. Claire says he was her father. Jack is speechless. He receives a call from the hospital and apologizes for having to reschedule. At the hospital Sun awakes. Jin tells her she will be fine and so will her baby. He says that it is over and they will all be OK. Jack and David walk down a hospital corridor. Jack goes into surgery. He sees Locke's reflection in the surgery mirror and recognizes him. Original timeline (2007) "Locke" says that he was hoping Jack would come and invites him to "catch up". Jack tells Hurley it was his idea and now he is going to talk to "Locke". "Locke" sits on a log and Jack squats in front of him saying that "Locke" looks just like him. Jack says that what bothers him is that he has no idea what the hell Locke is. "Locke" says he chose Locke's body because John Locke was stupid enough to think he was on the island for a reason and he pursued that idea until it got him killed. "Locke" adds that he needed Locke's dead body to look like him, and explains that he also "impersonated Jack's father Christian Shephard simply because they needed water. "Locke" adds he was only ever trying to help Jack to leave but he was always trapped because Jacob had chosen him. Because Jacob was now dead he was no longer trapped and could fly away, but it has to be "all of us". "Locke" adds that John Locke was not a believer but a sucker. On the way back to Locke's camp "Locke" notices that Claire is following them. Jack and Claire greet each other, and "Locke" leaves them to catch up. Claire says that as she never had much in the way of family it means a lot to her that Jack is coming with them. Jack says that he has not decided yet but Claire says that that he has decided and that he did so the moment he let "Locke" talk to him and whether Jack likes it or not he is now with "him". At Locke's camp Sawyer is talking to Hurley. Sawyer says that they are going to use Widmore's sub to escape the island. Kate is explaining the plan to Sun nearby. Sawyer say that as Sayid is with the "dark side" he is not invited. Just as Sawyer is telling Hurley to keep the plan a secret Claire interrupts. "Locke" comes to the center of the camp and says how nice it is to have everyone back together again. Kate joins Jack and Jack again says he is not sure whether to leave with "Locke". Zoe arrives to ask Locke to return what he had taken. "Locke" says he doesn't know what Zoe is talking about. Zoe uses a two way radio and confirms they have a fix on her position and asks that they show them what they are capable of. An artillery shell to explodes nearby. Zoe gives Locke until nightfall to return what he took and leaves the radio for Locke to make arrangements. Zoe leaves. "Locke" smashes the radio with his completed stake. "Locke" says "Here we go". "Locke" says to his camp that their hand has been forced by the Widmore group provoking a confrontation. He tells the camp to gather their things to go the Hydra Island and get on the plane. He sends Sawyer with a map to get a boat and to collect them all. Sawyer asks Kate to come with him while "Locke" calls Sayid over and takes him aside. Sawyer tells Jack that he isn't going to rendezvous with "Locke" but wants Jack and Sun and Hurley to met them at an old dock because he has a deal with Widmore. He explains that Claire is nuts and gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate. "Locke" asks Sayid to go to the well and kill Desmond. Sayid seems to hesitate but "Locke" asks him if he still wants what he asked "Locke" for. At the well Desmond is sitting in a puddle of water at the bottom as Sayid points his gun. Desmond calmly asks what "Locke" offered Sayid. Sayid says "Locke" told him he could get the woman he loved back, even though she was dead. Desmond asks what Sayid will say to her when she asks what he had to do to be with her again. Sawyer and Kate arrive at the coast. Sawyer says it is a terrible idea to go back to get Locke and that instead they would meet with Jack. Hurley, Sun and Frank. Kate asks about Claire but Sawyer says that The Claire that Kate came for is gone and that she is dangerous. They swim out to the Elizabeth. Locke leads his 20 strong troupe toward the rendezvous point. Claire tells Jack that she trusts "Locke" because he is the only one who didn't abandon her. Locke drops back concerned that Sayid has not joined them. He asks Sun whether she has seen Sayid. She writes a note saying that he did this to her but "Locke" is annoyed and says he didn't do anything to her. He runs off to find Sayid and Jack takes the chance and gathers Hurley, Sun and Frank and they leave. Claire observes and follows them. Locke finds Sayid and wonders why he took so long. Sayid tells him he just killed an unarmed man and that he needed a moment. There is tension as he says that he killed Desmond and that "Locke" could go and check. Even as Locke leaves Sayid holds back a moment. Jack's group runs to the coast and arrive at the dock where the "Elizabeth" is anchored and prepare to leave, but Claire emerges from the jungle with a rifle. Kate bravely talks to her about the fact that they are not going with John because it is not John. She asks Claire to Join them and when Claire says that John made her a promise Kate says that she is making the promise and that the only reason she came back to the Island was to reunite her with Aaron. Claire relents but adds that when he finds out that they have left "he's going to be mad". Sawyer and the Losties make way to Hydra Island under power. Sawyer tells Frank that the plan is to get in cozy with Widmore and take the sub to go home. Frank likes the plan. Jack and Sawyer talk. Jack tells him that leaving doesn't feel right leaving the Island because last time when he left it was like a part of him was missing, that they were brought here to do something and if "that thing" wants them to leave he may be afraid of what happens if they stay. Sawyer tells Jack to get off the boat and not talk that "crazy talk". When Jack reaffirms that leaving is a mistake and that the Island is not done with them yet, Sawyer says he is done with the Island and that if Jack wants to take a leap of faith he should take it. Jack says that he was sorry he got Juliet killed and jumps into the water to swim back to the main island. Kate says that have to go back and get him but Sawyer says that they are done going back. Sawyer's group arrives at the island, and Widmore's people confront them with guns but lower their arms when Zoe says that they know Sawyer. Jin arrives and runs to embrace Sun and Sun says aloud that she loves him. Jin promises Sun that they will never be apart again. Zoe radios Widmore and then tells them all to put their hands up and kneel. Sawyer asks about his deal with Widmore but Zoe says the deal is off. Zoe checks that Widmore has a sightline on Locke and says to fire when ready. Jack arrives back on the beach, and Locke and the remaining Others await him on shore. "Locke" makes light of Jack's swim and confirms that Sawyer took "his" boat. Widmore launches a missile which lands on the beach on the Island and throws Jack and some of the others through the air. "Locke" runs to Jack and carries him inland as another shell hits. "Locke" put Jack down and says to him not to worry, because "you're with me now."