Season 6 Episode 13

The Last Recruit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • Jack finally accepts his destiny on the Island in another strong episode that sets up the pieces for the final arc of the series.

    WOW. That was an excellent piece of storytelling for so many reasons. It finally resolved the question of what Jack saw back from the pilot and in true Lost fashion cleverly and seamlessly linked the storylines of the characters on the Island and in the alternate reality in what was a fast moving, creative treat for the senses.

    For me this episode was all about Jack finally embracing his destiny and start to take up John Lockes mantle as the Island's protector. This season has been leading to this moment, and it was expertly done. Their first meeting was so ironic because both of them were sitting, yet again, on opposite sides, except this time Jack was the Man of Faith with his new found belief that his destiny is with the Island, and Locke was the Man of Science, trying to persuade him to leave. It was a complete role reversal, one which has been building all season, and I loved every minute of it.

    The end scene with Jack looking back at the Island on the boat was truly special. It was totally epic. With Sawyer trying to convince him to leave, Jack says that "it doesn't feel right leaving the Island, that it didn't feel right leaving the last time. That they were all brought here to do something special". And then Jack says what we've all been thinking for so long..."that if Locke...that thing (!!) wants them to leave, maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay". Cue the eerie Lost music...

    Then in true Sawyer fashion he tells Jack to get off his boat. But Jack still needs to tell him something important. "James this is a mistake, and I know there's a part of you that feels that. The Island isn't done with us yet". Those famous old words aye? Jack, you have changed!! Sawyer then responds to this Jack/Locke speak by saying that he is through with the Island (remember he hasn't actually left) and that "if you want to take a leap of faith Jack then take it." The whole scene was absolutely outstanding. It really seemed as though Jack needed this final push from Sawyer to finally make up his mind. Jack really has become the man John Locke wanted him to be.

    Jack, having finally made up his mind, turns to his friend and says "I'm sorry that I got Juilet killed", accepting his guilt and finally letting go of the mistakes that have dogged him for so long. He then jumps off and into the sea, as if being cleansed of those sins, and makes his long swim back to the Island. And when he reaches the beach the MIB is there waiting for him. They exchange a few words before they are bombed by Widmores people. Wait a second, they have guided missles? Of course they do!! Locke rescues Jack from the explosions, in a scene remisisant of the initial plane crash, and tells him not to worry, everythings going to be ok now because "You're with me now". O really...?!?

    Cue end title and music.

    This season can only get better. I'm going to miss you Lost.
  • Amazing ! .

    They all back together or are they ? . some much happened in this episode . 01) Jack changes his mind 180 degree . 02) Jin and Sun finally meet . 03) Jack and Fake Locke scene . 04) Jack father is MIN . 05) Sayid did not kill Des ? . 06) Jack and Clarie finally met and what a moment . 07) Sawyer and Jack Scene was one of the best moment in this season . 08) jack Finally say sorry to sawyer for killing Juliet .
    09) Wedmore broke his word and wanna kill the gang ? . 10) Sin say " No it's him " to Locke ?
    11) " Your with me Now " line .
    etc .. Note : Jack Deserve and Emmy for his outstaing performance this season . amazing episode for Lost . 10/10 .
  • Good episode but I can't give it any higher...things are still not fitting into place...

    I enjoyed seeing the camps merge - the reunions with Claire, the looks people gave each other were interesting. I just found the whole things little silly...surely Jack knew that Locke (man in black)would know that he left the group...surely he knew someone or Claire would follow them to the boat...and then he just jumped off?

    I was entertained by all of this but didn't find it particularly believable...but at this point Lost obviously isn't believable. I liked the reunion between Jin and Sun, it was extremely satisfying to finally see them reunited on the island. So Jack is now with Locke...god things are confusing.

    I do like the flash sideways...it's really interesting to see how peoples lives could have gone and now it's ever more enjoyable because Desmond is getting them to remember the island stuff. I still get the sense that they are completely pointless but I guess I'll have my answer in a few episodes time....
  • "It's nice to have everyone back together again"

    The MIB nailed it, of course. Yes, it was good to have most of the main cast in the same place ( can't remember when it last happened, was it the cockpit scene in the season 4 opener ? ) . Actually, even in the flash-sideways, almost everyone was there, and someone - of course, the ever perceptive Sawyer - at last realized how odd it was that some people keep bumping onto each other ( whereas the "original" losties, in most cases, never realized they had already crossed paths before the crash, by the way ! ) . This allowed for some interesting face-to-face scenes ( Jack/"Locke", Jack/Claire - twice, Jack/ Sawyer ... and above all Desmond / Sayid; if Desmond's lines are his very last, which I don't think, what a way to go ! ). And of course, it was one of the high points of the episode to FINALLY have Sun and Jin back together ( just a shame the flash-sideways brought them back as a couple first, it lessens the impact of the scene, if just by a little ) . BUT my complain is, to have all these scenes, the characters seem to be shuffled like a pack of cards. We're going to talk with Locke ! No ! We run from his camp ! I'm coming with you ! No ! I'm staying with Locke ! Perhaps ( probably ) everything will make sense eventually, and the episode will benefit from DVD back-to-back watching, but right now, if I didn't know for a fact that the writers know what they're doing ... well, I could seriously doubt it. To conclude on a positive note, I'd like to pay homage to the ambiguity and the irony of the ending. Jack feels something's wrong about the Candidates leaving the island, is aware that the MIB is up to no good ... and runs to him. Sawyer doesn't trust the MIB a bit ... and does everything to leave the island, which is exactly what the MIB wants. Right now, I can't really tell which one is right, and which one is wrong, and so close to the end, that's a nice trick from the writers.
  • An easy score; Last Recruit was running at a high 10 basically the entire episode

    Once again, this is the type of L O S T episode I love. The Last Recruit basically ran like part 1 of a 4-act finale; it moved full speed ahead, there was a collection of flashes for several of the characters, not specific to anyone in particular, and was filled with intrigue, intensity, and surprises; basically all of LOST's greatest strengths.

    Jack and Locke finally, finally re-unite! Something I've been loving the most about this season is trying to read people's faces- what they are thinking. Fake Locke has been especially intriguing, but no less interesting are the other characters' reactions to him. Jack and MiB have a pivotal conversation, and the issue of Locke Prime, the original man of faith, is a big theme. "He was a sucker," declared MiB. Ouch. Yes, Smokey was Christian, btw.

    Loved the scene with Dr Linus and Mr. Locke in the hospital- and as fate would have it, Johnny Roadkill is going to the same hospital as Sunny Gunshot, who seemed to recognize him!

    Jack and Claire got a nice scene on the island, seeing each other as brother and sister for the first time. Claire says Jack has decided to go with them even if he doesn't know it. He let the Man in Black speak. Hmmm. Seeing how the ep ends, there's a lot to read into that.

    In Otherverse, Claire was visited by Desmond who insisted he meet his lawyer (Ilana, looking smokin) for assistance in the adoption matters- as fate would have it, Lil' Littleton and Papa Jack meet here too, as Claire was in Jack's dad's will. "He was my father too!" Sawyer, meanwhile, is ready to begin his Great Escape, and all our original heroes are invited, except The Crazies, Claire and Sayid. All Jack needs to do is bring his group to the rendezvous point. It was nice to see Sawyer trusting Jack again, and even nicer to see that he is a legitimate leader at the end of things.
    Sideways Sawyer got a little flirty with Fugie Kate, but was all business cleverly apprehending murder suspect Sayid back at Nadia's house.

    Sayid's assignment was to assassinate Desmond, who was down a well that looked a hell of a lot deeper last week. If there was anything special about it, as Smokey inferred, it didn't look like it. No one wants to see Desmond killed, and we're all hoping Dark Sayid can be saved. They had a conversation, but we never saw an execution. Sayid was really trailing behind Un-Locke's crew, much to his chagrin, but when they met back up, Jarrah insisted he did what he was told. We shall see...

    I loved Dark Claire stalking the candidates as they snuck away from the group. I was eager for a big confrontation, but it was sort of anti-climatic. Kate basically just talked her down. On the one hand, it was reconciliation for the two characters. On the other hand, Kate robbed us of something that could have been a bit more exciting. But that's my personal blood lust. Whatevs

    Aboard the boat, Sawyer and Jack have an even better conversation. "It doesn't feel right, leaving the island." Jack laments. Sawyer in 1 basic thought: Oh Hell. He iterates in 5 words: "Get off my damn boat." Jack truly has embraced this fate/higher meaning thing, and in the biggest move of the show, Jack jumps ship! Leap of faith indeed. Did he have a point about Smokey wanting them off the island? Maybe they shouldn't go.

    The ep concludes with a huge reunion: Jin and Sun! However I don't think this had the intended emotional impact. These two haven't seen each other since the end of season 4, but really we've seen them together a whole lot since then. It never really felt like they were apart all that long- from a viewer standpoint. Magically, Sun can speak English again. This was lame. And made the whole asphyxia thing pointless in the first place. "Looks like someone got their voice back." Poor Lapidus. He just got the worst line in LOST history. Sawyer planned on seeking refuge with Widmore, and then turning on him to steal his sub. Looks like Chuck got the drop on him first, because the next thing we know, our castaways are face down in the sand, with Zoe pointing guns at their heads. Why that two-timing son of a...
    Our cute Tina Fey lookalike gets the order, and they fire missiles back at Smokey, who now have washed-ashore Jack. "You're with me now."
    Oh snap.
  • Who to trust, Whitmore, or Smokey?

    The biggest draw for me in this episode is what is going to happen now that Jack and Smokey finally meet up? Well… nothing other then a few little facts about Smokey like he can only take the form of dead people. Blah blah blah. I thought may be a few important questions would be answered, but no, no such luck.

    Jack on the other hand seems all lost and confused now that he isn't the one giving orders or leading the group in fact he's done a totally 180. Before he was all about leaving the island but now he wants to stay while Locke, (Smokey now) can't wait to get of it.

    On the alt-verse there seems to be all sorts of drama with shootings, and hit and runs as everybody that was on the island is starting to bump into each other again. I personally think that the drama should have been just contained within the island and the having the alternate reality is just a waste of time but now that it exists, I want a plausible explanation to its existence.

    Jin and Sun finally meet again but under some crappy circumstances. Whitmore wants Desmond back and Smokey is having none of it, and has Sayeed kill him. Question is, did he? Overall, not a bad episode, it's got the taste of the Lost I used to enjoy. I hope the writers pick up pace now and start giving up more answers.
  • Lots of stuff going on this time on the island and in sideways world. Entertaining, zippy episode.

    No centrism, everyone's in play as both stories move ahead to, to? Well it's looking pretty interesting now. Sawyer has some great lines "pilot who looks likes he's from a Burt Reynold's movie", (LOL - Deliverance? Smokey and the Bandit? allusion anyone?). An earlier plot hole in the LAX episode re: Sawyer and Kate in the elevator was neatly filled. Jack bides his time and makes his move, and hey, couldn't the guy be a little nicer to his half-sister in both timelines? The incoming artillery was great, another bunch of redshirts are written off. That cove on the main island with the sailboat sure looked the same as the cove they landed on Hydra Island! And Desmond, great questions to the "dark side" Sayid. So a lot of chuckles, suspense and neat plotting, things look like they are the upswing as we get into the late innings.
  • Now this is the show I am talking about!

    Jack doesn't buy MIB's sales pitch, which isn't surprising as he still believes the original Locke's remarks about there being a purpose for them on the island and that MIB wanting to leave is not a good thing for them to be getting ready to do. James gets conned for a change by Widmore and we do not see Sayid kill Desmond so one can only imagine being that Sayid took so long to catch up to MIB's army that he helped Desmond out of the well. But that is pure speculation on my behalf. So where the heck are those homing rockets coming from, I have no clue but it won't do any good because MIB is like ....invulnerable to bullets and blades so your going to have to come up with something else there Widmore. It's him! It's him! Sun recognizes Locke in the stretcher so there is something else to talk about on the forums fellas! Desmond continues his stalking of candidates and whatnot so thats just more relation to the way Jacob acted right there. So lets look at the setup of things now. You got MIB and Jack together, Sawyer and the rest being held at gunpoint, Richard, Ben and Miles going after grenades and other explosives and then Widmore and his men so I can safely say who in the heck knows not only where everyone is at, but who is going after who! Hence this episode is creating the avalanche that we the viewers are wanting. Fast paced, eventful episodes that fly by so fast the cliffhangers are landing critical blows every time! Til next week Losties!
  • the last recruit

    Well, ask and you shall receive. After I complained about the flashbacks growing trite over the past few weeks, we get an episode that did not focus primarily on them. The battle lines are finally being drawn on Lost and we are being taken back almost to times when the show was better (with the Ben and Widmore rivalry and the Losties vs. Others.) This show has always been about two sides, not necessarily good vs. evil, but two parties disagreeing with each other. For most of the first season Locke and Jack butted heads.

    The show looks like it finally has some direction and as a fan that is all we can ask for. Not a lot of answers here tonight, but still a pretty strong episode.
  • Great episode

    Lost is just great.. It is getting better and better and when I felt in last season that I might stop watching it, then now, when the time comes, I am nailed to screen, so eager to see that.

    This episode was great. I mean, all those sidestories coming together.. The way there is connection and it was nice to see everyone back together on island too. Some really interesting turns. I mean.. Jack wanting to stay. That sounds just wrong but.. they have all changed. Look at Sayid. I am still quite sure he did not killed him and that Desmond comes to play.. he is just way too mysterious and looks too important to finish in a well.

    Also the whole Claire thing.. not bad.. not bad at all. And ending.. some happy moment but majority of the time: surprise.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Refreshing heavy format, strong installment, captivating and intense story

    If you're sometimes bored by the usual featured character episodes then you should definitely dig this installment. Indeed even if Lost's format allows the characters to grow on us I can't help missing some of them when they're not featured enough. But the stories are so captivating that it's more a pro than a con. However The Last Recruit proved that unifying all arcs wasn't a challenge the mind behind the show couldn't handle. From the direction to the writing it was one of the strongest episode. First as expected Jack and Black Locke's encounter was mesmerizing. Second Sawyer's plan developed further and it brought some tension to the story. Third many surprising events made it even more intense. I can't wait for an other Sundown, or Sunrise ! To sum things I really hope the upcoming episodes will have the same heavy format because I don't see the point of focusing on characters anymore. Making their arcs collide makes sense and should definitely lead to some dark sparkles and puzzling moments. Which side of the moon would you choose ?
  • Jack, the Black Smoke monster was your father.

    Sun & Jin collide on the same Hospital Locke is being brought to, as John whispers his whole life to Dr. Linus the audience can't help but wonder what went wrong, especially when you consider he's the man the Black Smoke monster has become. In another flashsideway, destiny manifest itself as Claire is tricked by Desmond to contact her brother through the family lawyer, Ilana Verdansky, who provides a safe enviroment for them to met only, this time, without the aid of Richard Alpert.

    However, the most poignant reunion it's Sun and Jin's, both at the island, after three years apart separated by time and espace, and in the Hospita, where father-to-be proudly informs that Ji Yeon will be born, right on schedule, after mother and child survived the surgery. Another touching moment is Sayid's tearful goodbye to Nadia before Miles and Sawyer make the arrest for the shooting in which Sun was hurt.

    On their way out to Hydra island, Locke's camp is attacked and, with the last recruit he sought for by his side, "Locke" and Jack prepare to end the journey they began together the day the Black Smoke monster took Christian's form in order to guide "his son" to the caves.
  • Now not many mysteries are left to get solved. But whatever mysteries have left those the big ones.

    When sun meets Jin she suddenly started talking in English.
    Flocke said he had nothing to with it. Then suddenly? This lame i feel.
    Could be because of in the same OT sun recovers well from a gun injury. And he meets Jin too. She forgot English when she was shot in OT.

    Great to see Lock and Jack together again. Now Jack has sympathy for lock since he was brought back. Though he know he is not lock but because lock had said they all have to come back & island needs the, jack does not want to go. Jack is not with flock but he is with lock i feel.

    People are getting separated again. Lock and jack together. Sawyer team at gunpoint.
    Richard, Ben & Miles are on their way to get the explosive. Wonder what will happen when these three guys come back ? which team they will join? Richard is a very very important character He will be back with some interesting stuff.

    Now not many mysteries are left to get solved. But whatever mysteries have left those the big ones.
    -Everything about MIB. Why he is here, how he is here ? whats his name & what the real face ?
    - And same about Jacob.
    - a little boy, why he appears every time and why MIB cant do anything to him. Why Desmond & Sawyer saw him but Richard not ?
  • The old gang, back together again

    While generally just as transitional as the previous episode, which suffered from a disappointing resolution to a long-standing mystery, the nature of the transition was more than enough to keep things interesting. Several character arcs are coming to a satisfying conclusion, and while it's not hard to see how the body count could start rising quickly, this is shaping up as one of the best finales in recent memory.

    The writers still have a lot to cover, of course, starting with the relationship between "Lost Prime" and "Lost X". This is a topic that keeps coming up, but that's because it's key to the season arc, and thus key to the resolution of the series. The explanation has to make sense within the context of the entire conflict since the pilot.

    And that comes down to the classical struggle between light and dark, order and chaos, destiny and free will, science and faith. The writers have been playing with these themes since the moment Locke explained the meaning of the backgammon stones to Walt. The question is: how does "Lost X" fit into the picture?

    One interesting aspect of "Lost X", particularly after Desmond began acting to show the passengers of Oceanic 815 their alternate lives in "Lost Prime", has been the appearance of the numbers. Previously, the numbers themselves weren't notable in the slightest. But now, as the familiar survivors come closer and closer together and their lives converge, the numbers are appearing more and more.

    Considering that "Lost X" appeared to be a timeline in which Jacob's influence was absent, it seems a bit unusual for the numbers to appear. But the numbers could be seen as an expression of the effect of Jacob's imposition of order on chaos. If "Lost X" is somehow related to the version of reality that Jacob's rival continues to dangle in front of the Candidates, and it is a version of reality without Jacob's intervention, then it makes sense for this sudden imposition of notions of destiny to be reflected in the numbers, just as happened throughout the "Lost Prime" timeline.

    There are plenty of assumptions at play in this scenario, but it's interesting to note that it fits very well into the predestination/free will conflict. It's been said before: "Lost Prime" is rife with manipulation and imposition of order in the form of "destiny", and the characters have suffered tremendously as a result. In "Lost X", however, they have been free to make good or bad choices, and the results have largely been more positive.

    Yet at the same time, it must be noted that ascribing order and destiny to Jacob and chaos and free will to Jacob's rival is a complex matter. Jacob is wrapped up in the notion of finding someone who will make the right choice, but who is defining the conditions of "right" and "wrong"? Similarly, while Jacob's rival champions the lack of meaning behind the island and the need to escape to freedom, he is also using half-truths to succeed within a set of arcane rules and thus using the same tactics as Jacob.

    None of this is particularly new observation, which is actually a good sign. The story is progressing along familiar and well-established lines. No doubt there will be twists and turns, but the overarching philosophical battles remain intact. Which is why it is so powerful to see a character like Jack approach the end of his long character arc.

    It would be easy to assume that Jack, as a "man of science", was the one championing order since the beginning. But in fact, it depends on how one defines order vs. chaos. From one perspective, the introduction of a power capable of trumping the laws of time and space must be chaotic, since it defies the rational order of the universe. Yet in the context of the story, faith in destiny is the imposition of order on the familiar chaos of free will and choice.

    Jack was never comfortable with the idea that there was a higher power at play, that decisions and choices would come out of something other than a rational consideration of self-interest. The idea that the island might hold some actual power over his life was terrifying, and he struggled against it until the Oceanic Six experiences broke him. And now he has come to believe that there must be a reason behind it all.

    This is why Jacob's tactics are so ironic. Jacob's imposition of order and subversion of free will is very similar to Jack's original perspective. How many times did Jack essentially subvert the will of the other survivors, much to their chagrin? In fact, this is a huge argument in favor of Jack taking up Jacob's mantle. If it's going to require someone to begin a new cycle of selecting a new Candidate, then who better than someone who understands both sides of the coin? (The answer is Kate, who for other reasons would make a perfect Candidate, as noted in previous reviews.)

    For better or worse, Jack is the logical Candidate. He has been at the center of the show since the very beginning, and he and Locke have represented the two polar opposites for all that time. Jacob seemed very interested in pushing Jack towards a particular path in "Lighthouse". (And for that matter, Jack and Jacob are pretty damn similar names!) And wouldn't it be fitting for the show to end with Jack and Locke, sitting on the beach, just as Jacob and his rival were at the beginning of "The Incident".

    One would think that Claire and Jacob's rival had both eliminated Jack as a potential Candidate for Jacob, according to the rule that allowing Jacob's rival to speak first upon meeting indicates allegiance. Of course, that doesn't necessarily matter. It could be something that Jacob's rival says to prevent his "recruits" from considering other alternatives. After all, if Jacob's rival pushes free will and the lack of a destiny, that implies choice, and one choice is to follow Jacob.

    On the other hand, if it does eliminate the Candidates, that really only leaves Hurley as the last choice. (Unless Kate also spoke to Jacob's rival first; that's not necessarily clear.) It still doesn't quite feel right, though. If the endgame is, in fact, the replacement of Jacob and the re-imprisonment of Jacob's rival, then some combination of Jack, Kate, and Hurley rings true.

    It seems logical, in light of this episode, that Sayid would sacrifice himself out of a desire for redemption. He knows that it's possible to deceive Jacob's rival now, because he certainly didn't kill Desmond. Richard and Ben both appear primed for sacrifice as well. Jin, Sun, Claire, and Sawyer would all choose to leave, if they survive, for the sake of their children (Sawyer is the least likely, however, and could die to save Kate). Despite all the shifts and changes, the triumvirate of Jack, Kate, and Hurley remains the most viable.

    Which, as always, leaves Desmond as the wild card. Though Jacob's rival did speak to Desmond first, Jacob did seem to be counting on Desmond's arrival on the island (as seen in "Lighthouse"). And Desmond's ability to perceive, on some level, both "Lost Prime" and "Lost X" makes him vital to the resolution of that situation. But it's clear at this point that Desmond's role is not related to an electromagnetic anomaly within the well, so it has to be something bigger.

    It all appears to come down to the nature of Jacob and his rival. The three things that are really necessary from a storytelling perspective are fairly obvious. The writers need to explain where Jacob and his rival come from, why they are on the island, and what these "rules" are. And those three elements need to make sense within the context of the entire run of the series. This can't be like the "whispers" explanation, where it really only glosses over the mystery. It has to bring the entire series into focus.

    So far, the writers have only really missed the mark on one of the ongoing mysteries, and that was actually something that probably would have been best to leave unexplained. There are tons of other minor and major revelations that have fit the story perfectly. That's something to keep in mind as the last few episodes unfold.

    Overall, this episode was a nice bounce back from the flaws of the previous installment. While there were some revelations here and there to satisfy the desire for resolution, most of the fun came from the parallel convergences taking place in the two timelines. Another solid entry for the final season.
  • A good episode that leaves you wanting more...

    Another excellent addition to the season. Not the greatest episode plenty of stuff happens. It starts with some minor answers like why was Jack's dad alive in White Rabbit, yet I can think of an episode where both MIB and Jack's dad appear so I think we will see Christian Shepherd again soon. We also see Jack and Claire reunite which was cool but I was dissapointed to see Jack would abandon her again now knowing that they are related, it just didn't seem like Jack would do something like this. Eventually Claire goes with the others but Jack leaves and heads back to the island, Jack is obviously going to be the replacement for Jacob, Jack has been totally different character over the last couple of seasons he is more like John Locke, I'm loving this characters storyline Mathew Fox is doing a great job this season.

    The flash sideways were good this episode everything is coming together each week I just wish they would hurry up and conclude the sideways plot. The episode was exciting but fustrating at the same time, at the begining we get the feeling that things are going to finally kick off, but after forty minutes nothing has happened and just when it does happen the episode ends, we have to wait two weeks for a new episode, I wish it hurrys up.
  • Good, but not great.

    I'd class this episode as good but not great. It tied up a loose end and confirmed that since the MIB takes the form of dead people, it was he who was the manifest of Christian (I'd still like to know why people have seen Walt though).

    So, it wasn't a classic episode but instead it felt like the type that the writers would usually put in around this distance into a season. One that begins the set up to the finale. One that normally splits up the team (even though it's only Jack who's separated this time).

    The only anti-climax in this episode was that I expected Jack to remember being on the island (like Hurley did) when he started to operate on Locke. He'd just found out about his sister, and the characters seem more like to remember when they are in a heightened emotional state.

    I thought the flash sideways was important in that it's obviously bringing people together now. People have dismissed the flash sideways, but I've never thought that them as a waste. The writers are obviously telling us about the character's 'other' lives for a reason and that it's important. As if this is how their lives will be once the island is finished with them.

    Can't wait for the next episode - I think it's about to kick off!
  • A solid episode ending too quickly!

    This episode was a wonderful episode, having the falshforwards (or whatever they are) deal with all the main LOST characters, not only one. However, the way this episode ended, it felt like it was going into a commercial break or changing scenes. It didn't feel like this episode ended because it ended right in the midst of the battle. I can say, nevertheless, that the scene for the final few episodes has been set up tremendously. Sawyer and his group are attempting to escape from the island via the submarine. Jack has gone back to Locke, and although he seems like he's on Locke's side, from the way his conversation went with Sawyer, I think Jack will be doing all he can to prevent people leaving the island. So, we have Sawyer and his group and Locke trying to leave the island, but Sawyer has betrayed Locke. And then we have Jack who thinks he still needs to do "something" on the island for some sort of purpose before anybody can be rid of the island. It will be interesting to see who comes up on top.
  • A wonderful episode that seemed like a small turning point in this season's story.

    A wonderful episode that seemed like a small turning point in this season's story. This episode didn't focus on any particular character, and was mostly about reunions: Jack and Locke (well sort of), Jack and Claire, Sun and Jin, etc. Finally everyone is back together again (almost). It feels like now we have all the reunions out of the way we can move on to the finale.
    Some of the best scenes were between Jack and 'Locke', although very little actually happened they were tense moments. Jack has come to accept his destiny and his 'leap of faith' off the boat (where did that boat come from by the way?) symbolised that, although he had already shown this change in earlier episodes, particularly the episode 'Dr Linus'. Anyway, I think he made the right decision in going back to Locke.
    Another great moment was the look on Claire's face as she saw her friends run off into the jungle without her. Then later at the boat I thought it was touch and go whether Claire might actually shoot Kate. In the end I think she realised who her friends actually are and that 'Locke' had been lying to her all along. Of course, I could be wrong and she may betray them later, but I don't think so.
    As for the alternate timeline, everyone seems to be reconnecting nicely. Desmond is facilitating the process, but I think some invisible force is drawing them to each other anyway. Supposedly something important will happen when they are all together.
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