Season 6 Episode 13

The Last Recruit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • "It's nice to have everyone back together again"

    The MIB nailed it, of course. Yes, it was good to have most of the main cast in the same place ( can't remember when it last happened, was it the cockpit scene in the season 4 opener ? ) . Actually, even in the flash-sideways, almost everyone was there, and someone - of course, the ever perceptive Sawyer - at last realized how odd it was that some people keep bumping onto each other ( whereas the "original" losties, in most cases, never realized they had already crossed paths before the crash, by the way ! ) . This allowed for some interesting face-to-face scenes ( Jack/"Locke", Jack/Claire - twice, Jack/ Sawyer ... and above all Desmond / Sayid; if Desmond's lines are his very last, which I don't think, what a way to go ! ). And of course, it was one of the high points of the episode to FINALLY have Sun and Jin back together ( just a shame the flash-sideways brought them back as a couple first, it lessens the impact of the scene, if just by a little ) . BUT my complain is, to have all these scenes, the characters seem to be shuffled like a pack of cards. We're going to talk with Locke ! No ! We run from his camp ! I'm coming with you ! No ! I'm staying with Locke ! Perhaps ( probably ) everything will make sense eventually, and the episode will benefit from DVD back-to-back watching, but right now, if I didn't know for a fact that the writers know what they're doing ... well, I could seriously doubt it. To conclude on a positive note, I'd like to pay homage to the ambiguity and the irony of the ending. Jack feels something's wrong about the Candidates leaving the island, is aware that the MIB is up to no good ... and runs to him. Sawyer doesn't trust the MIB a bit ... and does everything to leave the island, which is exactly what the MIB wants. Right now, I can't really tell which one is right, and which one is wrong, and so close to the end, that's a nice trick from the writers.