Season 6 Episode 13

The Last Recruit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • Jack finally accepts his destiny on the Island in another strong episode that sets up the pieces for the final arc of the series.

    WOW. That was an excellent piece of storytelling for so many reasons. It finally resolved the question of what Jack saw back from the pilot and in true Lost fashion cleverly and seamlessly linked the storylines of the characters on the Island and in the alternate reality in what was a fast moving, creative treat for the senses.

    For me this episode was all about Jack finally embracing his destiny and start to take up John Lockes mantle as the Island's protector. This season has been leading to this moment, and it was expertly done. Their first meeting was so ironic because both of them were sitting, yet again, on opposite sides, except this time Jack was the Man of Faith with his new found belief that his destiny is with the Island, and Locke was the Man of Science, trying to persuade him to leave. It was a complete role reversal, one which has been building all season, and I loved every minute of it.

    The end scene with Jack looking back at the Island on the boat was truly special. It was totally epic. With Sawyer trying to convince him to leave, Jack says that "it doesn't feel right leaving the Island, that it didn't feel right leaving the last time. That they were all brought here to do something special". And then Jack says what we've all been thinking for so long..."that if Locke...that thing (!!) wants them to leave, maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay". Cue the eerie Lost music...

    Then in true Sawyer fashion he tells Jack to get off his boat. But Jack still needs to tell him something important. "James this is a mistake, and I know there's a part of you that feels that. The Island isn't done with us yet". Those famous old words aye? Jack, you have changed!! Sawyer then responds to this Jack/Locke speak by saying that he is through with the Island (remember he hasn't actually left) and that "if you want to take a leap of faith Jack then take it." The whole scene was absolutely outstanding. It really seemed as though Jack needed this final push from Sawyer to finally make up his mind. Jack really has become the man John Locke wanted him to be.

    Jack, having finally made up his mind, turns to his friend and says "I'm sorry that I got Juilet killed", accepting his guilt and finally letting go of the mistakes that have dogged him for so long. He then jumps off and into the sea, as if being cleansed of those sins, and makes his long swim back to the Island. And when he reaches the beach the MIB is there waiting for him. They exchange a few words before they are bombed by Widmores people. Wait a second, they have guided missles? Of course they do!! Locke rescues Jack from the explosions, in a scene remisisant of the initial plane crash, and tells him not to worry, everythings going to be ok now because "You're with me now". O really...?!?

    Cue end title and music.

    This season can only get better. I'm going to miss you Lost.