Season 5 Episode 2

The Lie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Island

At the beach, the survivors gather wood in order to start a fire. While Rose and Bernard bicker over the best way to do so, Neil "Frogurt" approaches and tells them that they have bigger issues right now. Sawyer and Juliet discuss the Zodiac raft still being with them at this point in time. Juliet mentions that whatever they had with them when they moved is "along for the ride."

Daniel returns to the beach, and is confronted by Sawyer and Juliet. Daniel lies about what he was doing in the jungle, telling Sawyer that he left his pack behind and had to find it. Juliet says that they should take the raft and head to a shipping lane, which Daniel immediately disagrees with, saying he needs to calculate a new bearing, and in order to do that, he needs to determine "where they are, in time" (he also unpacks an unspecified golden device while explaining this). Miles declares that he's going to find something for people to eat, while Juliet looks on sceptically.

At night, Bernard is still attempting to get a fire going, while the other survivors wait impatiently, especially Neil. Charlotte says she has a headache still and states that she forgot her mother's maiden name earlier, a fact that Daniel doesn't seem to find odd. Charlotte asks if he knows what's happening to her. Before he can answer, Miles strolls out the jungle with a dead boar, saying he found it. Neil begins to insult the survivors about their current predicament, complaining that, among other things, they can't even start a fire, and is suddenly hit in the chest with a flaming arrow. Suddenly, the camp is set upon by a rain of fiery arrows from an unseen enemy later revealed to be The Hostiles. The survivors begin to run for the trees, with both Miles and Sawyer narrowly escaping. As they escape, several other survivors are shot down.

Later on, Sawyer and Juliet trek through the jungle to meet up with those who survived the attack. They hide as they see three figures walk by in front of them, figures they don't recognize. As they debate their identity, they are grabbed by a group of three men, and one of them (identified as Jones on his shirt) forcefully asks "What are you doing on our island?!," demanding to know how many of them there are, and how they got there.

Despite Sawyer's attempts to reason with him and provide the information he wants, Jones orders one of the other men (labeled Mattingly) to cut Juliet's hand off, while she is held down by the third man (Cunningham). Suddenly, stones fly through the air, knocking Jones and Mattingly over, and Juliet grabs one of their guns. Just as Mattingly gets up with a knife and is about to attack Sawyer, another knife flies through the air, killing him.

As they hold the other two men at gunpoint, Locke reveals himself, pulls his weapon out of the dead man's chest, and greets Sawyer and Juliet.


January 3rd, 2005 (Flashback)
On the Searcher, the Oceanic Six, Penny, Desmond, and Frank discuss what to tell the world when they return to the mainland. Hurley tells Jack that their lie will be found out, while Sayid worries that it is risky, and a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Jack remains adamant that they must lie, and asks if they are all okay with it. Reluctantly, everyone agrees except Hurley, who believes that people will listen if they all tell the truth. Jack tells Hurley that lying will protect the people left on the island from Charles Widmore.

Penny tells Hurley that calling her father off is an impossibility, and Jack says that no one will believe Hurley anyway. Hurley argues that if others verify his story, people will believe it, and looks to Sayid for support. Sayid agrees with Jack that they have no other choice, much to Hurley's dismay.

Hurley tells Sayid that he will remember the decision and that when Sayid needs his help one day, he will not get it.

Hurley drives an unconscious Sayid somewhere safe after the events at the safe-house. He attracts the attention of a police vehicle by hitting a trash can on the curb and he anxiously pulls over. As the police officer approaches the window, Hurley opens it and realizes it is Ana Lucia. She scolds him for pulling over and driving like a maniac. She asks Hurley what he would have done had she been a real cop, especially because there are pictures of Hurley covered in blood with a gun in his hand.

She instructs him to get some more clothes and then to take Sayid to someone he trusts. She advises him to stay away from cops and not get arrested. She turns to leave, but pauses and nonchalantly says, "Oh, yeah, Libby says 'Hi.'" Hurley looks behind and realizes there is no sign of Ana Lucia, or a police car. Hurley starts the engine, and drives off.

Later on, Hurley attempts to revive Sayid on his own, but to no avail. He takes some cash off Sayid and walks into a gas station where he buys some new clothes for himself. The girl at the cash register says she recognizes him, and Hurley sees a report on the TV screen behind her about him and the murdered people that Sayid killed at Santa Rosa and the safe-house. Hurley says that she's got him mixed up with someone else, but she claims that he's the guy who won the lottery and crashed in that plane. Hurley leaves quickly and drives off.

As Hurley pulls out of the gas station, Kate pulls in. Not knowing what to do, she contemplates phoning Jack, but thinks better of it. Her phone begins to ring however, and she answers it to a person we cannot hear. She expresses relief that the person is in LA, and they agree on a place to meet. When Aaron asks where they are going, Kate responds "to see a friend."

Kate takes Aaron to a penthouse of a large hotel where they meet Sun. Sun shows Kate pictures of Ji-Yeon and states that she'd like Aaron and Ji-Yeon to play together. Kate tells Sun about the lawyers who came to visit her asking about testing her and her "son." Sun tells Kate that they weren't interested in exposing their lie, they just wanted Aaron. Sun tells Kate that she needs to do what she must to take care of Aaron, and that she didn't rescue Jin from the freighter like she said she would. Kate apologizes, but Sun says she doesn't blame her for what she did. She asks Kate how Jack is.

In a hotel room, Ben is seen taking something out of a vent space, and placing it in his bag without Jack noticing. He tells Jack that he flushed his pills down the toilet, to which Jack responds that he was going to do the same thing. Ben tells Jack to go home and pack anything that he wants "in this life," because he won't ever be coming back. "Good," Jack replies. Ben says he's going to keep Locke's body safe. Jack asks Ben why he needs to keep Locke's body "safe" if he's dead. Ben doesn't answer the question, but tells Jack he will pick him up in 6 hours.

Later on, Ben arrives at a butchers' and begins talking to a woman named Jill. She knows who he is, and that he has Locke's coffin in his van. Ben asks her if Gabriel and Jeffrey had "checked in yet," which Jill confirms. She comments that everything is moving "right on schedule." Ben tells Jill to keep Locke's body safe, or everything they're about to do won't matter at all.

David is at his mansion, watching an episode of Exposé, when Hurley arrives carrying Sayid on his back. David claims that Sayid is barely breathing. Hurley tells him what happened, but David believes he's lying to him. An LAPD detective arrives at the mansion, and David tells him that he hasn't seen Hurley. Hurley doesn't give much away when questioned by his father, but tells him they can't go to a hospital, and Hurley says he has an idea. Hurley notes that the police are staking out the mansion, and David asks his son if he is, in fact, crazy. Hurley tells him he has a good reason to lie. Carmen Reyes returns home, and tells Hurley that Sayid is not breathing. As Carmen asks Hurley what is going on, David leaves the house in his car, nervously waving at the police as he drives past. Hurley tells his mother all about the island, the whole truth and breaks down. She comforts him and says she doesn't understand it, but she believes him. David meets up with Jack and asks if he can trust him. David shows Jack that he has Sayid in the back of his jeep. Jack wants to know who is with Hurley at the mansion, and takes Sayid to the St. Sebastian Hospital. David tells Jack to stay away from Hurley. At the hospital, Jack rings Ben and tells him that Sayid has shown up. Ben looks worried about this.

Jack treats Sayid, who awakens and attacks Jack. When he realizes who it is, he calms down and expresses anxiety about where Hurley is and who is with him.

Back at the mansion, Ben scares Hurley by appearing at his house. Hurley doesn't trust Ben, but Ben attempts to persuade him to come with him, saying that he'll take Hurley to Sayid and Jack. He tells him that he can help him, and get him back to the island where he won't have to lie anymore, where it'll all be over. Hurley thinks about it for a moment, remembers Sayid's admonition never to do what he is told by Linus, then mutters "Never dude," and runs out the front door to surrender to the police outside, confessing that "I've killed 3 people. I've killed 4 people. However many it was, I killed 'em." Telling them to get him away from the house, Hurley looks back to where Ben stands watching, and smiles.

Later, a hooded figure is seen in a strange room with computers and a chalk board on which she is adding an equation to others already on the board. A large pendulum can be seen in the foreground, tracing with a chalk on a large map. The map features several sets of intersecting lines in the Pacific Ocean and at least one set in the Atlantic Ocean east of Florida. The figure appears to be working out the co-ordinates of the island using a computer very similar (but not identical) to the ones found in the Pearl and the Swan.

There appears to be a DHARMA logo of an unknown station on the monitor, as well as on a number of DHARMA binders on either side. The screen flashes "Event Window Determined" and the figure ponders the pendulum.

The figure goes up some stairs into a room where we see Ben lighting some candles in what appears to be a church. Ben is told he only has 70 hours to complete his work, to which he says he needs more. The figure is revealed to be Ms. Hawking. She states that if Ben can't get all of the Oceanic 6 members back in 70 hours, then "God help us all."