Season 5 Episode 7

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on ABC

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  • Terry O'Quinn might get some Emmy consideration for that emotional segment before his attempted suicide.

    It was a stellar scene. Now let me be clear- in the "man of science vs. man of faith" debate (my favorite of all the themes on this show) I am strongly in Jack's corner. That's just the way my mind works, and I like to find the scientific or practical explaination for everything. but there's no denying some of the ammunition John has backing him up. Destiny is a funny thing.

    In the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, we see the work Locke was put to after returning to the real world; the task of bringing everyone back to the island- which proved more difficult than he would imagine. It's interesting that Whidmore, Ben and Locke all want everyone to retun to the island, yet all for different reasons. unfortunately, it seems Locke might only be a pawn in Linus and charle's deadly war. This show is always great about playing who's good and who's bad.

    Locke's scenes with each of the 06 (Sun is replaced with Walt here) are interesting and welcome. (Sayid turing "extreme home makeover" on us was a bit funny to me.) We learned the fate of his only love, Hellen, and the annoyingly and unecessaryly cryptic Matthew Abbadon finally bit the dust! I should say that the Jeremy Bentham alias was handled much too lightly, considering how important it was everyone call him that in the S3 finale.

    Save for the confusing resurection business with the new plane crash survivors, this was a well-crafted episode. I was thinking to myself the ep could have been even more exciting if we didn't already know how Locke died- this would have given us the chance for a bit of a guessing game (The car crash, Hurley believes it happened when he broke his leg, etc.) But the pay off was john with that noose, in a scene more out of desperation and despair than destiny. (Jack why were you so mean to him?)

    But I'm a little confused: Why would Ben go to the trouble of saving John from killing himself, only to kill him himself minutes later, and make it look like John killed himself? I'm sure they will explain that redundancy in a future episode. They better...
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