Season 5 Episode 7

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very powerful episode.

    I was disappointed with Lost's episode last week. It was boring and seems like the writers were sleep deprived when they wrote it. This week everything changed. The love of my life, lost has lit my fiery passion towards it again. This episode was everything I expected and more. The storyline revolves around how Locke got off the island,his attempts to bring the oceanic six back,how he died and him coming back to life after coming back to the island. Many would think death then life and then death is very difficult thing to pull off without a mess of storylines but Lost did positively well. We see Locke being approached by Widmore after having his leg treated in Tunisia. Then we see Locke attempt to get Kate,Sayid and Hurley on the team but unfortunately he was unsuxcessul and Locke also visits Walt. Everything up to the point after he sees Walt was intersting. Some of our questions were answered. The intensity levels were starting to grow and everything was buliding up to the final fifteen minutes. The fifteen minutes in whih Locke finds out the love of his life Helen passed away due to an anurisme in her brain. After Locke finding out about the tragedy, his driver or " reach your destination helper " got shot. Locke escapes in Abbadon's car resulting in an shocking and exciting car crash. What I thought was that was the way he died but I should have known better. Lost always has a surprise in store. Locke ends up in a hospital which " Incidently " is where Jack works. Locke tries to get Jack on board but fails again. In a very intense and suspenseful, adreneline level rasing scene, Locke tries to kill himself but is stopped by Ben who then in a heart stopping moment ends up killing Locke. Everything in this episode was perfect ! Everything ! I am usually very mean when it comes to critisizing Lost because of it's very complex storylines which tend to " jump the shark " every now and then, but this episode was mind blowingly terrific. The acting ? Terry was magnificent. The first time I like Locke's character. The writing ? Brilliant ! Will I be watching next week ? Ofcource !!! Ten out of ten :D