Season 5 Episode 7

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on ABC

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  • The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham: Review

    After last weeks episode I expected and hoped for this episode to be as good as the last and you know what it was. This episode was a great emotional episode with loads of character and story development. We learn about what John Locke did after he left the island how he persuaded people to go back to the island and of course how he died. This was a much darker episode than where used to we saw a emotional Locke attempt to hang himself, this was a very well performed scene Terry O Quinn did a great job but he is then interrupted before he goes through with it by Ben knocking on his door. Michael Emerson was also great in this scene his character Ben showed a softer and more caring side as he persuades John to get down and not got through with it but then he totally kills him in a quick turn of events. I loved what Ben said to Locke " I will really miss you John, I really will" this in my opinion was the best scene and and the best acted scene in the whole series of Lost it was superb.

    Other great things in this episode was John meeting with Widmore and his conversations with Mathew Abbadon. It was great to learn more about Abbadon before he was shockingly killed. I also like The scene with Walt it's always great to see Walt and the scene with Kate where Locke opened up about his relationship with Helen (Who is now dead, a lot of characters died here). I really enjoyed the part with Jack there was some great acting here and it was great to see those two characters in there first proper scene of this season a good old Jack and John arguement.

    I loved this episode it is one of my favorites of the show its up there with "The Man Behind The Curtain" and "The Shape Of Things To Come"

    10 out of 10.
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