Season 5 Episode 7

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on ABC

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  • Great acting, too many "loose ends"

    I am catching up in hopes to watch Season 6 on tv so am a little late in reviewing.

    As many of the other reviewers have said - this had some great acting but the logic is growing very thin for me (and I'm great at suspending disbelief).

    Two bad things:

    1) People keep wondering why Ben talks Locke off the ledge only to kill him. Ben kills Locke immediately after Locke reveals the name of Daniel's mother. That's all he was looking for - a way to get back to the island that is now jumping through time.

    2) Daniel's mother said something that really baffled me. "Why do you think that no one was able to find you?" implying that they had been jumping through time the whole time they were on the island. That doesn't make much sense. She helped Whitmore get there and both the Dharma and the Others have been traipsing back and forth to the island for decades. So there has to be some other explanation NOT that it's been moving through time. Also, if it were moving through time when they were on the island, wouldn't their stuff appear and disappear as it's doing now? I can only conjecture that it's so hard to get to get back NOW because it's stuttering through time and the proper bearings have been lost.

    3) And the whole recreate the scene as best you can. Really? Why? Any real reason for that? Ben wasn't there before nor were all the other passengers. They weren't in 1st class before. I could go on. And then the 6 go to some other point in time while all the rest who weren't the Oceanic 6 go to the present. Huh?
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