Season 5 Episode 4

The Little Prince

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Island

1 November 2004

Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel are at the Mesa. Dan manages to revive Charlotte, and Locke suggests that they travel to the Orchid in order to try and stop the time flashes. Locke tells Sawyer he needs to get the Oceanic 6 to come back. "Don't you want her to come back, James?" he asks Sawyer.

In order to save time, he suggests heading to the beach camp and using the zodiac. After dark, while traveling through the jungle, the group sees a beam of light emanating from the ground some distance ahead. Recognizing it as the light which emanated from the Hatch the night Boone died, Locke leads the group through a different route, circling and avoiding the light. A short while later, they hear a woman crying. Going to investigate by himself with the M1 rifle, Sawyer sees Kate assisting Claire while she gives birth to Aaron. Overwhelmed by the experience, Sawyer is unable to get the courage to confront past-time-Kate, and the moment is gone when the group shifts through time once more.

2005 or later

Finding themselves in daylight once more, the group makes their way to the beach. Miles now appears to be suffering nosebleeds. He asks Daniel about it, and Daniel says it's related to how much time you spend on the Island. This confuses Miles, who points out that the survivors (who have not shown any symptoms to this point) had been on the Island for months before the freighter arrived. Daniel asks Miles if he is sure that he has never been to the island before. On the beach they find that the camp exists at that moment, but seems disheveled, with a number of the structures in disrepair and all the supplies either stolen or consumed.

With no one nor the Zodiac in sight, the group wonders where everyone has gone. Noticing a pair of wooden outrigger canoes, they speculate that the other survivors may have fled from attackers. Inside one of the canoes, Sawyer finds a water bottle with a label for Ajira Airways, which Juliet recognizes as an international airline based in India. They take one of the outriggers and begin paddling towards the Orchid. After a short while, they notice that unknown people are pursuing them in the other outrigger. As the other canoe gains on them, the people in it begin to shoot. After trying to escape for a while, the group has Juliet returning fire with a rifle, apparently hitting one of the pursuers. Before the pursuers can get any closer, there is another time flash. Sawyer exclaims, "Thank you, Lord!" And the group reappears in the midst of a torrential storm. "I take that back!"

18 November 1988

The survivors successfully come to shore at nightfall, and Sawyer and Juliet continue their conversation about Sawyer seeing Kate in the jungle. Sawyer says that he was close enough to speak to Kate, and Juliet asks why he didn't. Sawyer dejectedly states that, "what's done is done." The conversation ends when Sawyer indicates to Juliet that her nose is bleeding. Charlotte then alerts the group to debris from a ship on the beach, noting that it appears to have wrecked recently. Locke identifies a canister with the word "bésixdouze" on it.
Around the same time, a group of French-speaking men and women are in an emergency raft weathering a storm. In the distance they see a man floating on a piece of debris. They paddle over to the man and pull him into the raft, revealing him to be Jin.

By morning, the French group has reached the beach, where they offer Jin water. The team is attempting to locate the source of a transmission, wondering if the Island is inhabited. One of the men tries to question Jin about where he came from and how long he was in the water, and is frustrated by his vague answers. One of the women, visibly pregnant, asks Jin his name, and then introduces herself as Danielle Rousseau, leaving Jin looking confused.


2 January 2005 (Flashback)

A few days after being rescued, Kate and Jack share a private moment on the Searcher. Their discussion revolves around what to do with Aaron. Kate expresses that she wants to take care of him because, after losing so many people on the Island, she cannot bear to see any misfortune befall upon Aaron. Jack explains that he is going to try to convince everyone else to lie about the Island the next day, but needs Kate to back him up. He asks if Kate will be with him, to which she answers that she has always been with him.


After borrowing a black suit from Sun, Kate leaves Aaron with her at the hotel. As soon as Kate leaves, Sun receives a package from an unknown source. The package consists of a surveillance report, a box of chocolates with a hidden gun inside, and photos of Jack and Ben in front of the Hoffs-Drawlar funeral home.

Kate meets with Dan Norton at his law office, volunteering she will provide her blood and Aaron's if Dan will tell her who his client is. He says that she is in no position to bargain and that she will lose custody.

Meanwhile, Jack is reviving Sayid at the hospital. Sayid wants to leave, but Jack says he's been unconscious for over 42 hours with a strong dose of horse tranquillizers. The Chief of Clinical Services on the medical staff calls Jack out of the room and berates him, reminding him that he's been suspended for substance abuse and the hospital is responsible.

A nurse comes to give Sayid medication, but Sayid recognizes this as an ambush and moves from the hospital bed just as the nurse attempts to shoot him with a dart gun. After disabling the gunman and choking him, he demands to know who sent him. The man gestures to an address in his pocket. Sayid then shoots him twice with the dart gun.

Jack's phone rings - Hurley, who is at the county jail in an orange jumpsuit, seems very happy. Jack says Sayid is okay. Hurley says to tell Sayid he followed his advice (In "Because You Left", Sayid cautioned Hurley to do the exact opposite of whatever Linus requested of him.).

Ben arrives. As they return to Sayid, Sayid glares at Ben and they get the piece of paper from the attacker's pocket. It has an address that Jack recognizes as Kate's. Jack calls her and persuades her to tell him where she is. He goes to meet her.

Kate and Jack follow Dan Norton from his offices to a motel near LAX. Concluding that Norton's mysterious client must be there, they watch as he goes to a room. When the door opens they see Carole Littleton inside. Concluding that Ms Littleton intends to gain custody of Aaron, Kate attempts to flee, but Jack convinces her to allow him to talk to Ms Littleton. When he does so he discovers that Littleton has no knowledge of Aaron's existence, let alone his parentage, and was in town to settle a lawsuit against Oceanic Airlines. Upon learning this, Jack and Kate go to rendezvous with Ben, unbeknownst to Kate that Norton is actually Ben's lawyer as well.

Ben and Sayid meet Dan Norton in the police garage where Dan informs Ben that the charges will be dropped against Hurley and that he should be out by the next morning. When Sayid asks who Dan is, Ben says he is his lawyer.

Jack, Kate, Ben and Sayid meet up, but when Kate sees Ben she looks very disturbed. Jack then tells her Ben's with him and that Ben's here to help them and everyone they left behind. Kate then accuses Ben of trying to take Aaron, Jack dismisses it, but Ben quickly says Kate's right and apologizes to Jack. Kate then asks Ben why he doesn't just leave her and her son alone, Ben responds to that with 'Because he's not your son, Kate'. It is then revealed Sun is observing them from a car with Aaron sleeping in the back and her surveillance photos in the passenger seat. She then gets her gun and steps out.
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