Season 5 Episode 4

The Little Prince

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • This episode can be boring, mainly because it focus on Kate and even the Island scenes was pure filler with little future hints. Overall, this episode is transitional.

    Plot Details/Objective -» The writers decided to give Kate other opportunity to be the main focus, but also decided to make this episode transitional and save the best material for the next episode.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Only liked the nice surprises, more than That is asking too much.


    Presentation -» (6/10). Nothing special.

    Complication Phase -» (6/10). This time was about a trek with some emotional value for Locke and Sawyer. Kate is the main focus and her problem almost interesting.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (6/10). I don´t understand lost writers. You already know that she is Danielle, so what is the point. At least, we will see what really happened to her. At least, most of the Oceanic Six are reunited.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (6/10). If you skip this episode, you will lose almost nothing.

    Dialogues -» (6/10). That type of dialogues that was there to buy more time.

    Action /Adventure -» (6/10). A emotional adventure which wasn´t very interesting. Sayid action it is always nice to see.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Only if you care for Kate you will be amazed. Locke and Sawyer emotional scenes, well, didn´t care either.

    Suspense/Tension -» (6/10). Don't´ expect anything from other world.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (6/10). This time the hints doesn't exist. You curiosity can be overshadow by the boring scenes.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Nothing spectacular, was nice to see Danielle young version and that one old character is alive.

    This episode can be boring, mainly because it focus on Kate and even the Island scenes was pure filler with little future hints. Overall, this episode is transitional.
  • A castaway fate revealed, and a familiar face returns

    The title of the episode refers to one of the most beloved books in literature, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the story where the Little Prince arrived from outer space, ends up stranded in the Sahara Desert with a pilot who has crashed there, the adventures that brought them both there, and the story of the child's fate-- until death and beyond. Though it's not spelled out this way (the writers are too smart for that) it's obvious that in this context the Little Prince is Aaron, a little boy with bright blond hair who was borne in a foreign place, and who Kate now loves with every fiber of her being. To paraphrase the novel, he has 'tamed' her. As we see in the first flashback, Kate formed a bond with Aaron not long after rescue, and while she might have been compensating for everyone they left behind (particularly Sawyer), she is willing to do just about anything to protect her child.

    This means, of course, that it's going to take a hell of a lot more than Jack's good wishes to get Kate back to the island. The attorney that came after Kate in the opener is central to the story. Kate tries to ask to meet with her client, but the attorney tells her he ahs a court order to compel her to give a blood sample. Anybody whose watched enough Law & Order over the years knows that this ludicrous given the way the legal system is maintained. They'd be in pre-trail hell for years, not instantly. But when it is reveal that the lawyer works for Ben, well, everything makes a lot more sense. Ben knows all of the secrets that Kate's been hiding, and knows which buttons to push to get a reaction. How he figured doing this would somehow make Kate pliable coming back to the island is something the show never bother to explain, but Aaron will be the reason she goes back.

    She may not be back on the island, but Kate's still affecting people there. After the first flash, Charlotte is still unconscious, and tense as the situation is, it leads the two remaining survivors of Flight 815 (well, we don't know what's happened to Bernard & Rose, but they're not here) to talk about the next move. Locke has reasoned out that perhaps the best way to stop this is to go back to where this mess started --- the Orchid. Locke also tells him that he thinks he has to bring all the survivors back to the island, particularly Kate.
    Sawyer is convinced Kate is dead, but the real effect of this doesn't occur until we realize where we've flashed back to --- around the time of 'Do No Harm', just while Claire was giving birth to Aaron. When he sees the woman he fell in love with helping Claire, the pain on Sawyer's face is unimaginable. And it causes him to open up for the first time on the show--- and to Juliet, of all people. But he's convinced what's done is done, and that he needs to find another reason to go on. Ironically, that reason is staring him right in the face.

    Of course, if the flashes keep happening, that may not be very likely. Charlotte has been showing the most serious signs of deterioration, but there are two more flashes in this episode, and at the end of them, Miles and Juliet are also getting nosebleeds. What's unclear is how these flashes are affecting them this way. Daniel surmises that it may have something to do with the length of time spent on the island, and since it was theorized that Charlotte was born there in the Season 4 finale, that makes a certain amount of sense. Ditto for Juliet--- she's been here over three years. But why Miles, who's only been here for a couple of weeks. Could there have been yet another reason why he was selected for this mission in the first place?

    The second flash seems to take some time in the future, and having seen Season 6, it's pretty clear when in the future it's been. But the next flash we get we know where we are very soon--- the smarter of us may have picked up on it the moment we heard the people speaking French. It's November 1988, and Danielle Rousseau and her team have just crashed on the island. If you were distracted from that by the lack of subtitles, there's probably a much better reason for that --- you were squealing in delight to see Jin pulled on board the raft. He survived the explosive by getting on the wreckage , and has apparently been time skipping with the survivors. Which once again begs the question--- how big was the radius of the island? The freighter was a long way from it in Season 4. Then again, it caught Daniel, so maybe it's got a big tent.

    Back on the mainland, Ben is in the middle of weaving his web, and the Oceanic 6 doesn't trust him. Sayid has just regained consciousness when once he's forced to fight off yet another attacker. It's still not clear who he works for, but he has Kate's address in his pocket. Jack goes after Kate, naturally, and they learn that the attorney is also working for Claire's mother, which makes her a blind alley. In addition, he's also responsible for getting Hurley out of jail (how'd this guy end up on Ben's Rolodex any way?). Sayid and Kate travel to the marina to meet with Ben, but they have no interest in returning. Sun is there, but definitely not for the same purpose. She's been paying for surveillance on Jack, and that has led her to Ben, who she has every intention of shooting right between the eyes. (I know, Jin's alive. Still would've been a good idea.)

    This episode seems more of one drawing people together rather than any particular focus. By now, there were some fans of the show who rather openly disliked Kate by now. I'm still not sure why, as Evangeline Lilly continued to give superb work. Particularly in this episode, we know that even though Kate may not be his birth mother, like Claire, she would do anything to protect Aaron. Her agony is just as real. It's also haunting to watch Yunjin Kim in this episode. The sweet woman we saw on the island seems to be gone, and in her place is a ruthless, manipulative woman with a killer instinct. I really hate to say this, but she is her father's daughter. And Josh Holloway continues to demonstrate his enormous range, as we see James come face to face with his greatest loss.

    'The Little Prince' is an episode about getting the character where they need to be, and despite some big time revelations, seems a little like filler. But we are going somewhere. Now that Jin's alive, will he ever see his wife and daughter? On this show, reunions are often messy, and in their case, a lot will come between them
  • amazing episode

    The Little Prince was yet another great episode of LOST. It was good for a lot of reasons such as Jack and Kate are finally back together and helping one another. Also, we learned that the person that is trying to have aaron taken away from kate is Ben. Although Hurley has a very small part, it is still extremely comical to see him not only in a jail jumpsuit but also extremely happy to be in prison. On the island the adventure through time continues and we get to see the soft side of Sawyer once again when he sees Kate in the jungle helping Claire through labor. LOST has stayed creative and is showing no signs of slowing down or letting off the pedal!
  • The first 3 episodes were nothing! Lost really is JUST Begining with this episode...!! :)

    This episode was completely mind blowing and what I would like to call the real start of the 5th season. The 3 previous episodes are nothing compared to this.
    Loved every minute of it. Breath-taking, exciting and a shocking episode!!!
    I just knew that it had to be Ben, I just knew it. Everybody knew so thats why they wanted to confuse us with the lawyer going to Clair's Mother.
    Ben is smart, Very.. smart! He always WILL gets his way. lol, gotta love him. :)

    Besides this whole Kate/Aaron plot, the island parts were the best. The time travels were much more exciting than the previous time travels in the past 3 episodes. We have Jin back. Woo-hoo and Ben knows it. Now that is a totally the biggest question of this episode. How the hell does he know? He JUST got saved. Thats Lost fot you..

    And a young Danielle. Love, love it! I hope she comes back. I miss and her I loved her.

    Cant wait for next week!
  • A great mix of time-traveling Island storylines and O6 storylines.

    I'll have to admit that I am far from being an O6 fan. I love those characters themselves (except for Sun), but some of the O6 storylines have been a bit wacky. Even though, I have enjoyed much more than I would have thought this episode. The off-Island parts were very well done, probably my favorite after-the-Island storyline yet, that is, with the exception of Ben's scenes in season 4. And the Island storyline, while they were less important than in 'Jughead', have been more than satisfying. The shows seems to be setting a rhythm for what the Island has yet to offer us. And, of course, how awesome was it to see Jin show up, and to meet young Rousseau? Rousseau who, I was surprised of it, does not look like as crazy as what we've seen of before, or should I say, after. Very would be the answer. I am watching this season of the show with very high expectations, and every episode has lived up to them for now. So should you watch it? Absolutely.
  • Jin is alive and found in the water by danielle. Kate jack sayid ben and sun meet.

    Wow what a great episode. Season five is starting to pick up. Lost is like a puzzle and the pieces are slowly but surely coming together. I did not expect to see Claire's mother again. Is Ben using Aaron to blackmail Kate? Jin is back! I really thought he was dead, and we finally get to see more of Danielle Rousseau! I can't wait t see how and when the oceanic six get back to the Island. I also think Sawyer and Juliet are going to have a love connection. These episodes keep leaving me wanting more. Lost is one of the best shows on tv.
  • It doesnt get more suspenseful, epic, or more beautiful than this folks!

    I have no clue how this show is going to end but man...talk about an episode that is leading us all toward something amazing.

    First off, they did well with keeping everyone satisfied with the progress of the story. Charlotte is okay but still in danger and now Miles and Juliette are affected by the crazy time travel business. There's chaos back in civilization as someone is after Aaron. This episode had the best on-island scenes ever!!! Sawyer seeing the season one flashback of Kate delivering Aaron. Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking! Of all the old scenes they could have brought certain characters back in time to! And what else can I say? I'm speechless. Not only do we get something beautiful as a season one flashback witnessed by a major character but we also get the suspense of those people on the canoe attacking Sawyer and Juliet's group. Add a little OMG Jin is alive! and combine it with Jin encountering Rousseau's team upon arrival on the island in 1988. There you go folks...it's Lost at it's awesomness!!!
  • This is the first episode this season that I really liked. The team on the island moves forward, the O6 are coming together, and my adjustment to the time traveling stuff is getting smoother.

    First, let me say My So-Called Life is my favorite TV show of all time. So to see Tom Irwin (Angela's dad) now working on LOST (my current second favorite show of all time) back in "Because You Left" and now here in a substantially larger role, is a real delight. Here, he is Ben's lawyer (is there any one-liner Michael Emerson can't know out of the park?) and is working diligently to take Aaron away from Kate.

    But not before were were thrown a curve ball. It looked as if Mr. Dan Norton's client was actually Claire's mom (!), as discovered by Jack and Kate when they tailed him back to her motel. This would have been a welcome surprise, but it turns out she was only getting a settlement from the crash, and still believes Claire to be dead. I admit, even though I was a fan of the Jack/Kate relationship over Kate/Sawyer, I'm growing a little tired of the two of them not being able to trust each other. And speaking of Sawyer, seeing him so sad about the loss of Kate was pretty moving. I've never seen Sawyer like this, and honestly, now I really hope he finds his way back to her. Josh Halloway's character has developed so much, the scoundrel with a heart. He and the other Left Behind-ers were on the move to the Orchid station, where Locke thinks he might be able to get off the Island, like Ben did, get the 06 back, and undo this whole mess. But Ben is gone because he moved the Island, which must be the only course John is thinking of. But lest we forget, he said that doing this is both dangerous and unpredictable, so what happened to him may not happen to Locke.

    I loved both the on and off-Island events this week, but surprisingly, I favored the on-island team (consisting of only 2 original cast members and all newbies), I liked seeing Juliet, Faraday and the rest all working together, and Sawyer's lines as they flashed out of the firefight and into a rain storm were fantastic!

    Finally there was the big reveal at the end of the episode, a 2 for one deal, if you will. Jin is alive, and he's been found by the French expedition team (including a young noticeably hotter and pregnant, Rousseau!) This is the backstory I've been waiting for since "Live Together, Die Alone" the S1 finale! Unfortunately the reveal was tainted a bit thanks to some butthole spoilers on the internet. This is the exact reason I never go on message boards or blogs or anything to discuss this show. All in all, great episode, though. Looking forward to the O6 showdown next week!
  • A pleasant surprise.

    "The Little Prince" is essentially the best "example" episode of season 5 so far. This episode felt by far the most balanced of all so far. The island and O6 stuff was equally great, the pacing was fantastic, the reveals were placed nicely, and were very satisfying.

    I have to say that this is probably my favorite episode so far of the season, and wow, what a surprise, it was a Kate epi!

    No other Kate episode came this close. So I'm impressed.

    I just loved the atmosphere. Jack, Sayid and Ben co operating was, in a way, a relief, considering how depressing the entire O6 story was only a few episodes ago.

    The time jumps in the episodes were pivotal too. I'm still interested in knowing who Juliet shot - would be rather ironic if it was the O6 itself, hence the Ajira Airways bottle...
  • Wow that was yet another overwhelming dose of Lost served to us!!

    This season has definately picked up from the momentum of the previous episodes, yet this episode is building more and more momentum for the episodes to come. Guys n gals we have 13 more to go!!!!! how much more can we take. First of all there was some mysteries revealed and questions answered in this installment (with a few raised as usual lol) like whats Sun really upto, what're Bens ultimate intentions (we know hes getting everyone back but what then??) and i wonder what happened to Danielles crew when the others found em (that was a nice ending with her back but Locke:"anyone speak french" kinda gave it away right there :). On the island sooo much happened, i have this theory that charlotte was born on the island and when miles got the nosebleeds immediately i was like what about dr.chang?? he had a son , could it not be him ??? :) , with Juliette i think its because she was on the island at the same time that she was there (LOL as ridiculous as that sounds its true) Faraday, Sawyer "Thank you God" hahah , Sayid, kate, JIN!!!! omg this was yet another classic. My appetite for Lost's craziness has been catered to for sure so far, but i have a feeling i'm gonna be stufffffed by the time this is all done, cant wait till next week!!!
  • Nose bleeding and other revelations:)

    After watching this episode... something made me think. Maybe... the nose bleeding appears according to the arrival of anyone on the island. Thus, Charlotte having arrived to the island before anyone else, then Miles, and last Juliet (which we know has been on the island for 3 and a little years). Daniel is not affected because of his long exposure to radiations (rewatch The Constant).
    Furthermore, in the first episode, when we saw Daniel working for the Dharma, most of us thought that we has undercover to find more about their and the island's movement through time(the island also moves through time, because i think that the way that Ben and O6 will get back on the island is when the island moves to present time... thus allowing them to go to it, and that`s why only 70 hours left until the island moves to present), but i think that that happened in the past, not in present.
    Oh, and the whispers that they've been hearing in the jungle up until now are actually the voices of those who travel now through time. And from what we've seen up until now no one interacted with his self or any survivor of the plain's crash from other time(i want to say, that u can't interact with yourself of someone from your past which defines your future) and that's why they only hear whispers and they don't see anything... waiting for comments upon my theories:) enjoy LOST
  • An Aaron-centric episode.

    Let me just start of by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. I found the entire episode very exciting, and very revealing. All of the storylines in this episode were really great. I'm so glad that Charlotte is still alive since I think she's such a great character. I really hope that they solve this whole nosebleed crisis with Charlotte and now the other characters. I don't want any of them to die. I'm really anxious to learn more about Miles since it now seems like he might have been on the island before.I thought that Sawyer was great in this episode. He was also pretty funny at times too, especially when he was in the row boat with everyone else and they had another flash. Josh Holloway's acting in this episode was amazing. This episode also had some great reveals too. I can't believe that Ben was the person who was trying to get Aaron from Kate. I totally didn't see that coming. I'm so glad that Jin is still alive, and I can't believe that it was a young Danielle Rousseau who rescued him. That was an awesome ending for this episode. I can't wait to see what happens with Rousseau, and I really want to know more about her past. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • Some old familiar faces

    I most say the time traveling gives one really great advantage - we manage to see all those old familiar faces we have missed so long again.. To have Claire, even for a second, was great.. reminds old good times of season 1.. And the twist of bringing Jin back. That I did not expected and he ending up in the same time on the island where Rousseau is. What a twist.

    Anyway - so, it feels like most of the exciting things did went on in the island but there was a fair portion of time focused outside of island but to be honest, it was little tricky - they seemed not to get much done but it was great to have Jack and Kate together working on their problems again. And the end.. little weird but I think it will get even more weirder.
  • SPOILER ALERT!= Ajira Water Bottles, "I saw Kate!", Jin, Rousseau and more!

    Ok well personaly I loved last night episode it wasnt that revealing as Jughead and it had more of the O6 which is ok to me. I dont hate the LA storyline but I do am obsessed with the island line.

    OK everytime the group timetravel we get some info on what time is it?... but what time was when they found their tents, and AJIRA AIRWAYS bottles? O.O it seems its the future to me!!! Im really want to know more about that, and who are the people shooting? Maybe the O6 or the others? who knows?

    Jin is ALIVE!!! wow i kinda knew he was alive but what i got from last time is that he was all this time unconcious timetraveling right? so we will know more about Rousseau and the sickness that killed them and how Ben took her daughter! I must say that the best momments of Last night episodes were in the island when they saw the light in the sky and Lockes face was priceless! And Sawyer and Kate seen was powerful too. I knew that sooner or later everyone will start bleeding so we are ALL in great danger. Ohh Miles... I want to know more about him and Charlotte too!! Dan & Locke are the perfect hero team lol!

    Questions soon to be answered: How they are going to get back? and Locke how will he go to LA? Cant wait for next episode
  • A very, very good episode of Lost with a mixture of questions and answers that manages to continue keeping up the quick pace of Season 5.

    Normally I am thoroughly annoyed by Kate-centric episodes of Lost, but this one didn't focus on Kate too much, and I found her character not that annoying. Let's start with the outside world:

    I'm liking the flashbacks at the beginning of episodes. They are for simple holes that are left between the time the O6 got off the island and where they are in their lives now. I think this is a great way to fill in these smaller holes, which I certainly don't think require full episodes of flashbacks to be told. We find Kate and Jack on the boat, and get the full story of how Kate came to take Aaron as her son. A simple reveal, but definitely necessary and well done.

    Kate and Jack reuniting in this episode was wonderful, and it's good to see them working together. Evangeline Lilly did a great job, and I normally find her acting to be redundant and annoying, but she managed to be persistent tonight, while still being vulnerable. It's interesting to see the writers acknowledge on the show their tendency to tell stories through coincidence. Carole Littleton was a nice reminder that Claire is still a presence somewhere in the jungle on the island, even if she had little purpose to the plot.

    Sayid and Ben are interesting, and it's nice to see their relationship panning out. I'm hoping that a future Sayid-centric episode this season will fully explain why Sayid came not to trust Ben. Hurley's cameo from jail was hilarious, and good to see Jorge Garcia not completely ignored.

    Sun is wonderful as a stronger character, and I can't wait for her to be reunited with Jin.

    On the island, the stories are back to multiple flashes this week, and it's absolutely great! First flash to when our survivors are in the jungle (the night of Boone's death) was a wonderful re-visit to a past point on the show, and is another reminder to Claire's relevance to the show.

    The flash to the future sometime was much-needed, since the island cannot only travel backward in time. It'll be interesting to see where the rest of the castaways went in the zodiac, which could be difficult to tell since Rose and Bernard are the only identifiable characters with them. I wonder who came in the canoes...? I got the weird feeling it could be someone we already know...

    Another flash to Rousseau's science team landing, which was a great example of storytelling and a wonderful way to explain her expedition. Jin's being alive was a HUGE reveal, but I'm nervous as to why Rousseau didn't recognize him 16 years in the future. I hope the explanation isn't just that she's insane in the future.

    Josh Holloway was great in this episode, and I'm hoping for a full Sawyer-centric episode SOON, since we haven't had one since season 3. He truly cares about Kate, and the love triangle isn't annoying as it has been in the past since they are not all three together. I'm also hoping for more Elizabeth Mitchell later this season. Miles has been on the island before...? Interesting

    I'm a little worried Henry Ian Cusick might get the shaft again this season, and I'm hoping to see more of Desmond in future episodes.

    Very solid episode, with lots of character development and a good balance of questions and answers. Exactly what has made Lost so great this season!
  • Great episode bringing back so many characters I never thought I would see again.

    Great episode bringing back so many characters I never thought I would see again. Jin, Danielle, Claire all head he list of dead characters that were resurrected in the way that only Lost can - and get away with it. Charlotte too did not die at the end of the last episode. This was an exciting episode with lots of twists, turns, revelations and more questions. Sawyer and Locke were great. I loved the off-island scenes too, centred around Kate. Ben's machinations were also great in his quest to get them all back to the island. Season 5 has been excellent so far.
  • Great!

    Another revealing episode! This season just keeps getting better and better! We learn a lot this episode, which is pretty character driven (only one gun fight, hey if there are no flaming arrows it hardly even counts as a fight anymore). So, the off island cast is getting together quite nicely. However, Ben is still a point of contention (unsurprisingly). On the island things still suck. Locke and Sawyer are playing nice for now (we will see how long that lasts). Juliet and Sawyer seem to have made friends, which is good. Juliet's calm is probably good for Sawyer. For someone who says he doesn't care about people, he worries a lot. We also learn that nose bleeds and other adverse time travel effects strike those with the most island time first . . . so why is Miles next? Is Mile's Pierre Chang's son? We will have to wait and see. Best of all Jin is back! Yes!
  • More zapping thru time on the Island, oh oh, bloody noses don't look good. On the mainland the gang of 6 +1 comes closer.

    Now this episode scores low for some dumb writing. Trying to extend the mystery the writers go overboard with the characters cryptic non-conversations. People don't talk to each other like this, it is afternoon soap-opera style writing. When person A axes person B "what is going on?" person B will most likely give a reasonable answer, especially when there is no harm in saying so. So goes Jack and Kate and Juliet and Daniel and Juliet and Sawyer, and so on. Paddling a boat is a faster way to "get around the horn" ? Maybe faster cutting across a bay but cutting across a horn of land by land is quicker than by water. Slightly interesting time jump going into a time in their own recent past (only 2 months ago since the hatch 1?? that couldn't be right). And I guess I forgot or missed where/when Claire gave birth, I thought Jack was involved? Meeting themselves in a time jump may be next but the whole zapping schtick has to end soon, can't do a whole season of it. Ben the puppet master is at it again, Hurley seems to be the only one on the right track. We need better next time!
  • OK WOW!

    This is becoming overwhelming!

    Off the island everything is coming together PLUS we get our usual share of surprises - but in the end we are scared of what Sun will do to Ben.

    On the island, unbelievable... The hatch? Sawyer seeing Kate and Aaron's labor? Who where the people in the second boat? What's with the bleeding? And on top of all these of course Jin and young Rousseau...

    BTW I still don't get the (ok just couple) of bad critics... (but I won't elaborate on that)

    Anyway, this mixture of confusion and clearness is unique in Lost and going stronger and stronger with each episode. Some people love season 1 (ok nothing can compare with season 1 because everything was new back then), some love season 4 (like one of the tough critics in here)... but I feel I am becoming a season 5 fan.

    In the end you know what "scares" me more? If this whole building... this whole skyscraper that Lost builds, is to be broken with the last episodes (of season 6 - ain't it?).
  • Kate finds out who is after Aaron.

    The Little Prince was a great episode in my opinion. It was very revealing. And this season, they have a change of pace. Instead of each episode focusing on one major story and each episode has a lot of things going on, so it keeps you really interested. In this episode Sayid is attacked in the hospital and Jack finds Kate's address in his pocket. So, he calls Kate thinking that she is in danger, then she tells him that someone is after Aaron. Jack meets Kate somewhere and they follow the lawyer to Claire's mom's house. They think she is trying to take Aaron away. Jack confronts her and finds out that she knows nothing about Aaron. Come to find out it is Ben that was trying to get Aaron taken away which would make Kate go back to the Island. And Sun wow. She is very, very... i don't know how to describe it, very revengous. Then we see the people back on the island in the past when Danielle's science team crashed on the island they find Jin and we find out its Danielle which wasn't shocking. Jin is alive or is he? Great Episode.
  • A well balanced episode that had great stuff on and off the island.

    This week's episode seemed to focus mostly on Kate, or at least to the extent that season 5's episodes haven't really been centric-specific. This allowed us to find out who was behind the order for the DNA test, but not until after a cool mislead. The possibility of it being Claire's mum who was behind it was a bit too obvious in a way, so I never thought it was her. However it was still a clever way to get her into the show and we got a nice scene between her and Jack. All of Kate's scenes were entertaining and successfully brought across how she genuinely loves Aaron as her own son.

    Elsewhere off the island the best moment had to go to Sayid, when he awesomely took out the guy who tried to tranq him. It was one of those borderline cheesy moments, as it was unlikely Sayid could've escaped the guy's field of view in that tiny room, but it all worked great. We also got confirmation that Ben can get Hurley out easily, Sun sent a gun and pretty much all of the Oceanic Six together at the end giving a good impression that things will be moving forward quickly.

    While the Oceanic Six's story off the island is good, the real show is on the island and once again it didn't disappoint. After the shock ending last week, Charlotte seems to come round pretty quickly and didn't seem too badly injured. I was always under the impression that seizures were pretty dangerous, but I guess having her able to still walk around was more beneficial here. Daniel giving a bit more explanation on here condition was very welcome too; while it was obvious what was causing it getting some more information on it was good. Also seeing Miles and Juliet begin to show symptoms implies that they'll have to sort out the time travelling stuff before too long. It also confirmed that Miles had been on the island before, making the theory that he's the Dharma video guy's son more likely.

    Then there were the two awesomest characters on the show: Locke and Sawyer. Locke's decision to head to the Orchid gives a good focus for the group, which is far better than if they were just waiting for something else to happen to them. Initially this caused Locke to see a familiar light in the jungle. As a long time Lost fan it was obvious what was causing it, as was who was screaming. Seeing Kate deliver Claire's baby again was a scene that technically shouldn't have worked. It was mostly stock footage with no new dialogue, and yet that made for one of the best scenes on the show. As it was so long ago, way back in season 1, it still had the emotional impact that it did originally, but the addition of Sawyer seeing it all happen was a huge tear-jerker. We all know he loves Kate, but little scenes like this are always great to confirm it.

    After that we're finally introduced to the Ajira airways company (in a small way) that have been prevalent throughout the season 5 advertising campaign. While it's clearly set up for now it's still good to see even small things coming together. Obviously it raised more questions as to who left the bottles, the boat and trashed the camp. It's most likely we did see them, when they attacked the castaways from their own boat, but we still don't know who they are. Still it led to one of the funniest Lost lines. Sawyer's "Thank you Lord" as the sky lit up followed by "I take it back" when they were dumped in a storm was spot on for the character and hilarious!

    After that we still had time for a couple more surprises, firstly with the discovery of supplies with French labels which made it obvious who we were going to see next. Although it didn't make it any less awesome, and led to an even greater moment. I genuinely could not think who was floating in the water, so when the body was turned over and Jin's beautiful face was revealed I almost didn't believe it! Finally, confirmation that Jin is alive and well! Fantastic! We even got a little scene between him and the French group to finish the episode, which despite being heavily expositional managed to hit on some great character moments, mainly Jin's basic understanding of English, which was awesome! The only slight downside occurred to me after watching the episode; that is that Jin being swept up with the island disappearing doesn't really make sense. The helicopter was between the Freighter and the island when it vanished, and there's no way the current would've sent Jin closer than it. Therefore if Jin was swept up, the helicopter should have been too. While there are probably some petty arguments you could come up with to explain why Jin went and the folk on the chopper didn't it's clearly a little bit of sloppy writing on the show's part. Still, as only one of the few times there've been slight plot holes I'll forgive it, especially when it gave such a superb ending as it did here!
  • So... were you all braced for the gushing?

    So... were you all braced for the gushing? Prepared for the tortured looks of longing between those two tired old love birds, Kate and Jack? And did the inclusion of a love-lorn Sawyer, pitifully watching Kate deliver Claire's baby and having some sort of reflective, melancholic mope catch you unawares? If it did, you are a naive young pup: Lost will always weave the dreaded triangle into its narrative if it's focusing on Ms Austen... you should know that by now. No amount of geographical or chronological distance between the two players could hope to stop that! More fool you, devoted viewer. Mind, quite why Juliet insisted on probing so intrusively into James' feelings after he confessed what he saw to her remains another matter. What is it with the Others and their obsession with psychology? Jesus Christ, buy them all some couches and get them to set up a business together, would ya?

    To be fair to 'The Little Prince', the triangle elements actually aren't half bad. We are spared many particularly mawkish moments as the 'tortured romance' is dressed up in the intricacies of the plot. Things go at a pleasingly fast rate: we start the episode with the Six spread around LA, Kate running from an unknown 'threat' and end it with virtually everyone together, the identity of the lawyer's 'client' revealed and Sun brandishing a bloody gun. In a car with a toddler present, for Christ's sake! Of course, she's never going to kill Ben but this development has me sufficiently intrigued to want to see how it plays out. It looks rather like Ms Quon will be 'put in her place' somewhat, however, when she ultimately discovers that Jin is still very much alive. This is not unexpected but it is slightly frustrating: actually killing him would have been a decidedly bold move and given significant weighty depth to developments in Sun's character. As it is, it rubbishes the changes that have occurred to her personality and just has us all waiting for the reconciliation, which could also be the moment that the emotive 'reset' button is pressed and everything returns, depressingly, to normality. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Actually, I'm rather pleased that Jin is still alive as he's a great character, Daniel Dae Kim is a fantastic actor and he and Yunjin Kim have great chemistry together. Of all the couples on the show, it's these two that I want the happy ending for.

    Anyway, so Jin. He's in the hands of Rousseau and her gang of merry French men. See, told ya this time travel malarkey would give us the perfect opportunity to see the history of the Island. Hopefully, we'll witness her party's contraction of 'the sickness' (radiation poisoning from the hydrogen bomb, anyone? Is it at the Black Rock?), the attacks by the Others and maybe even the recording of the radio tower distress signal. Who knows, perhaps the show will even afford us a few Danielle-based flashbacks? We can but hope. The reveal at episode's end that this is young Mira Furlan (she looks nothing like her, by the way) was rather telegraphed - any avid Lost viewer will have put two and two together when they first saw wreckage of a boat and heard French voices - but we'll let the show off this once for the simple reason that we've been waiting for the details of this story for years. Actually, I have to let the episode off a second time for the predictable nature of the reveal of Ben as the man wanting to acquire Aaron: it was, after all, nicely disguised slightly with the inclusion of Claire's mother. So yeah, you're forgiven. Just don't go making the remainder of your season this easy to foretell, will ya?

    Of the remaining titbits, the onset of bloody nose syndrome is quite an interesting touch as it appears to be proportional to the length of time spent on the Island, with Charlotte, Miles and finally Juliet being the first in line (Miles an Island veteran? Marvin Candle's baby?) So it isn't simply affecting the archaeologist... all right, makes far more sense now. And how about the apparent foray into the future? If the camp was back and the Islanders have no memory of the surrounding events (those boats, the new bunch of hostiles), this must surely mean that their position in the timeline has shifted ahead of where they last left it in the present. But who are these new intruders, what do they want and where is everyone else? I need my Rose and Bernard fix, for crying out loud. In the main, this is another intriguing episode that keeps the plot going at a steady pace, introduces a few nice mysteries to ponder and begins to open a number of previously sealed narrative doors for our collective enjoyment. A little predictable at times and not quite as much of a roller-coaster ride as previous weeks, perhaps, but very strong all the same.
  • Just AWEOSME !!

    an awesome epoisde !! really i just loved it ! and saywer is being more and more AWESOME ! Kate and Jack where awesome toagther ! BEN ( HELLO .... ) alawyas begin with these words ! and become more and more GREAT with his " You will not knew anything " face . Jin was really the big suprise ! , and Sin what the hell she's is ganna do ! this season is gettin better and better evrey epoisde ! i recemned you all to see this season because it is really goin to GOOD ! . . .
  • Frenchwoman can actually speak French properly shock!

    Generally good episode, actually developing the story rather than messing about and dragging things out. I was most amused by Danielle's appearance as her younger self, the best bit being that she can actually speak French properly and has a genuine French accent in English! Not to mention being gorgeous. I guess in later life she had gotten so crazy that she couldn't even remember how to speak her native language any more? Either that or the producers of the show realized they sell it to Quebec and to Europe and that a Frenchwoman should sound more French and less Minbari...
  • Just an average transitional episode, with a disappointing lack of attention towards the title character's mystery.

    Certainly Kate's been criticized a lot, as her character has been used more as a piece in the love triangle than as one that could function outside of that dynamic. This is mainly fault of the writers, but an effort has been made to give her something more substantial to do as Aaron's guardian/mother off island. As the lie was meant to protect those left behind from Widmore's clutches, it made that purpose all the more strong. Unfortunately not much is done with the "raised by another" prophesy or Aaron's importance in the story here and that leaves something to be desired.

    Of the Oceanic Six adults, Kate has had the best outcome coming back. Aside from the occasional "you're not his real mother", she got off a rap that would've assured her life in prison and is wealthy thanks to the Oceanic settlement. Why would she want to head back to the island, especially as one of the terms of her verdict is staying put? The answer of course ties to Aaron, making it no surprise that Ben is the one trying to take him away.

    The primary issue of Kate raising Aaron is that it defies the warning the psychic gave Claire before she boarded 815, which happened to drop her off in the one place where she couldn't give him up (at least not for a while). According to him, Aaron can't be happy without Claire as his mother, and she's MIA. Sadly, nothing is followed up upon with the results of another raising Aaron, which may be something they're holding onto for the final season.

    On top of the DNA drama, Ben is also likely behind the man in Sayid's hospital room. Sometime between the flash forwards of "The Economist" and last season's finale, Sayid turned on Ben and now Ben has to use something else to get him to go along, in this case the constant threat of violence and abduction to show he'll never be safe off island. The note in the man's pocket containing Kate's address is another ploy, as part of Sayid's mission killing people for Ben was to keep the Oceanic Six safe.

    Back on the island the big problem is that the threat of displacement is growing. Charlotte survived her breakdown last episode, but was unconscious for a while. Although it's wrong, Locke's assumption about getting the Oceanic Six back makes sense: the jumps started right after they left, so from his perspective they would stop after they returned. He doesn't even think it has anything to do with Ben turning the wheel, but his limited knowledge brings him to The Orchid because it is the only thing they have that can get someone off the island.

    The jump from the last episode takes them to November 1 according to Lostpedia, the first time any of them have been in proximity to their past selves. In this case it is Locke avoiding himself pounding on the hatch door the night Desmond almost killed himself. While he claims he appreciates the pain he felt that night as what got him to that point, the writers returning to this moment reminds us that despite his journey, Locke still has a lot of insecurity.

    Through the time jumps, the love triangle is still a major piece of the episode. Besides Jack and Kate on the mission to find out who is out to take Aaron, there is the moment where Sawyer witnesses Kate deliver Aaron. Using Aaron to tie them together is pretty clever. I'm not as interested in the Jater/Skater stuff as Desmond & Penny or Sun & Jin, but Josh Holloway really sold it here: Sawyer is in love with Kate, and that is motivating him to go with Locke's plan to return those who left to the island.

    Then the Island Six are transported somewhere in the future, as indicated by the deserted camp. The only clues are two outriggers and a water jug with a logo for Ajira Airlines, a product seen in an alternate reality game, stuck on. As the castaways use one of the outriggers to paddle to the Orchid, they suddenly find themselves under fire by an unknown group using the other outrigger. Juliet, in a shot that professional marksmen probably couldn't make, hits one of them, but they can only knock a few holes in Sawyer's paddle before being flashed away. Who they are is up for a lot of debate. It could be anyone, including some of them from the future.

    The importance of The Orchid station grows as Miles and Juliet begin to show symptoms of displacement. Daniel theorizes that the duration of your "exposure" ie, time on the island determines when you'll begin to be symptomatic of whatever Charlotte's been suffering from. With Miles and Juliet now showing symptoms, it can be assumed that both Miles and Charlotte have been on the island for more than three years.

    The Oceanic Six story may shed light on the Freighties' purpose on the island. Miles, Daniel and Charlotte may be unaware participants of an Oceanic Six type return mission. These first episodes this season and last season's finale have dropped plenty of hints that the Freighties' are connected to the island. Maybe Widmore is returning these people in his attempt to return to the island and claim it as his.

    At last, this episode confirms that Jin survived the freighter explosion and was within "the radius" during each jump so far. With all the spoilers around, it's a wonder they were able to keep that under wraps. Sure we knew he'd be back, but there was no telling in what capacity, with dead people popping up in visions and as the smoke monster.

    As mentioned in an earlier review, Jin needed to be alive. The route Sun is heading, prepared to murder out of revenge, can only be corrected by having Jin back in her life. It really only mattered that she thought he was dead to motivate this change of character. Also him being alive is the only thing that'll make her want to go back to the island.

    The cliffhanger is a non-surprise. Who else would this crew be with everyone speaking French, a young pregnant woman and crewmen named Robert and Montand? That said, this is a good use of the island jumps to fill in blanks of the island's story. Although most of the broad strokes of Rousseau's story are known, the key mystery with the sickness her crew succumbed to is up for exploration.

    It was rumored that Rousseau was killed off because Mira Furlan didn't want to live in Hawaii, but they can use another actress because of the 16 year gap and overcome that obstacle in telling her story. Aside from being much younger, her face is much fuller than Furlan's. This is an obvious choice, as Rousseau from the first four seasons was worn from 16 years of solitude, and here she's young and kind, clueless to the horror she's about to experience.

    This episode was an average piece of transition, getting the characters to where they need to be for the next phase of the story. It's not terrible, but a lot more could've been done with the mystery of Aaron's purpose than just that Kate's under pressure to protect him (and did we even need that opening flashback?)
  • Pretty solid episode that revolves mainly around Kate and Arron, but there are other surprises and twists in the episode.

    Pretty solid episode that revolves mainly around Kate and Aaron, but there are other surprises and twists in the episode. The beginning of the episode is a memory of Kate's where her and Jack are talking on the boat just after their rescue. Kate is trying to convince Jack that they should claim that Aaron is her son. Jack on the other hand is trying to convince her to follow his lead and get everyone else rescued to lie about the people they left back in order to save them. After Kate's memory, she is in a hotel room with Sun Kwon who is going to babysit Aaron for her while she goes to see the lawyer trying to take Aaron away from her. As she is leaving, Sun gets a delivery with a log of events pictures of Jack and Ben as well as a gun.

    Back at the island and after the last time shift, Charlotte is passed out with a bloody nose from a seizure from the shift.

    Back to the real world, Kate is meeting with the lawyer trying to get the blood samples of her and Aaron. She requests to know who is asking for the samples but is denied.

    Back at the island, John Locke says they need to go back to the Orchid to fix the problem of the time shifts.

    Back to the real world, Sayid is waking up from the tranquilizer shots he took over 42 hours ago with Jack attending to him. Another doctor comes in the room for Jack and when they go out she is tearing him a new one for attending to Sayid with his medical license revoked. Someone then comes in the room to give Sayid meds but is actually there to harm him. Sayid is able to get the upper hand and puts a couple of tranquilizers in his attacker. He pull an address out the man's pocket with happens to be Kate's. Jack calls Kate to let her know that she may be in trouble.

    Back at the island, Locke, Sawyer and the other three are on their way to the Orchid and come across a beam of light coming up from the ground. Locke says to steer clear of it. They continue on their way and hear screaming and Sawyer goes to check it out. He sees Kate delivering Claire's baby and knows that they are only a couple of months away from the time they should be. Time shifts again and Kate is gone.

    Back in the real world, Kate is waiting to follow the lawyer and Jack shows up. They start talking and Kate tells Jack that someone is trying to take Aaron away from her. The lawyer starts to leave and they start following him.

    Back at the island, Locke and Sawyer share that they both new when they were before the last time shift. Miles tells Daniel Faraday that he has had a nose bleed. They then find their way to the beach and finds the camp has been destroyed. They find a couple of large canoes and wonder when the owners will be back. They take one and start rowing to the other side of the island. Soon they find they are being shot at and the owners of the canoes are following them. Time shifts again and they are rowing in a large storm.

    Back to the real world, Kate and Jack follow the lawyer to a hotel and they find out the lawyers client is Claire's mother. Jack goes to talk to her and she knows nothing of Aaron. Jack explains that the client of the lawyer trying to take Aaron is someone else. Meanwhile Sayid and Ben park in a parking garage and the same lawyer that is after Kate is Ben's lawyer. He is telling Ben that Hugo's charges should be dropped.

    Back on the island, they find their way back to the beach. Sawyer and Juliet are talking and Sawyer tells her that he saw Kate. Juliet's nose starts bleeding. Charlotte calls them over and they find the wreckage of a boat with writing in French. The scene changes to people on a life boat in a storm speaking French. Then spot a man on something floating and pull him into their life boat and it is Jin Kwon.

    Back to the real world, Jack and Kate pull up at a marina. Ben and Sayid pull up a short time later. Jack tries to explain to Kate that Ben is trying to help them and the ones they left behind, that they all need to be together again. Kate realizes the Ben is the one trying to get Aaron. Sun Kwon is watching all that is going on while Aaron is sleeping in the back seat. She gets the gun she was given earlier and gets out of the car.

    Back to the island, Jin is waking up the next morning with the French people. One of the young French women starts talking to him in English which he understands. She introduces herself as Danielle Russo and he looks at her in fear and amazement. The show ends. A lot happened in this episode and the plot was furthered with time shift destinations and all that happened in the real world 3 years later.
  • Kate stresses about her custody over Aaron, while the survivors on the island flash to a familiar time.

    The first Kate episode in a while which has been thoroughly entertaining and the first beginning to a season which has been this consistent. The islands flashes in this episode were very hectic, the scene where Sawyer encountered Claire and Kate was very emotional and also very relevant to the plot this episode, and flashing to the future was a very intense too. Lost has made nosebleeds terrifying, and I guess things aren't looking good for Miles and Juliet now, but things are looking even worse to be Charlotte. After being "fine" for the duration of an entire episode, are the writers gonna kill her off to shock us? If so, I can't say I'm surprised, but I will be pretty disappointed as I really don't want another Libby-like Lost death on our hands. They still haven't worked her story out yet, post-death, so why add another character to their list of backstories to answer. Off island stuff was slower paced and mainly transitional to set up the next episode, which I'm hoping will be great. Kate and Jack were much more bearable than previous episodes, and the final scene (Sun about to get out of the car, holding a gun, while Jin washes up on the island with Rousseau) was truly awesome. That parallel was really brilliantly shot. A great episode, and an amazing start to the season. Oh, and it was amazing to see Jin in one piece and Rousseau hauling him into her lifeboat. (Hate to say I told you so, but I KNEW he was alive)
  • Rev.

    I loved the Oceanic 6 scenes. I was happy to find out who was trying to take Aaron, it cameat a shock to me that it would be Ben, although I think he isn't showing no threat because all he wants is to do is take the kid back, still I thought it would have been Sun or Widmore or someone else. Oceanic 6 parts where by far the strong points of the episodes, Sayid kicked as again. I found the On Island parts to be a bit messed up pretty confusing, so far the writers have done a great job with the storytelling of the island stuff but this episode in my opinoin the storytelling was moving way too fast and it made it slightley messed up and confusing.

    9 out of 10.
  • Jin returns, we meet young Rousseau and about three people want Ben dead. Just another episode of Lost.

    The Little Prince was a definate surprise. After Jughead I hadn't expected much from this episode, especially after it turned out it was a Kate episode, but I was pleasantly surprised and found myself enjoying it more than the first three episodes put together.
    The scenes on the island were hilarious and revealing at the same time. I am beginning to love the scenes between Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Dan, Miles and Charlotte, there's an odd chemistry there which makes it seem like they are trying to find answers instead of trying to find peace. The creepiest part of the episode came when they returned to the beech and found everything ruined and Vincent's collar abandoned. Who were those strange people who arrived on the island? What did they do with the remaining survivors and what time were we in? Off the island the pace was also pretty fast. It seems that the writer's are not wasting much time in rounding everyone up in order to keep the season going and they seem to be doing it in a more realistic way than I imagined. I wasn't really surprised when I found out Ben was the one who hired Norton although I thought there might have been a twist and it would have been Sun. But maybe that was a long shot. It was also nice to see more of Jack and Kate this episode. They are after all the main characters and they haven't featured very heavily in the first three episodes, so I guess that's why this episode felt more like an old Lost classic. I just which we had seen Desmond and Penny arriving in LA. The best thing about this episode however is what they are doing with Sun and Jin. Usually Sun and Jin are not the most interesting of characters but they're certainly causing more intrigue than most at the minute. Sun is going hardcore and trying to kill the unkillable Ben, whilst Jin is with Rousseau, something I never saw coming even if I did think he was alive. I just hope we find out how Montand lost his arm, it would be cool if it was Jin's fault. Well next week sees a Sun and Jin episode with the return of two intriguing characters...Hawking and Christian!!! Roll on next week.
  • Kate looks into who is looking into her and Aaron. Ben confronts some of the Oceanic Six. On the island Sawyer and Locke revisit the past. Nosebleeds become more frequent.

    This episode opened on Penny's boat when Jack and Kate discuss what to do about baby Aaron, Kate said she would keep him, which convinced Jack that lying would be necessary to keep them safe. Three years later, Hurley is in jail, Jack is a substance abuser, Kate and Aaron are on the run, people are shooting at Sayid, and Sun is packing heat, so are they really any safer? While on the island the six survivors are trying to understand what is happening to Charlotte, and if Dan knows more about it then he leads on. Locke believes that they must get back to the Orchid station so that he can stop the flashes. As the Island Six make their way back to camp they stumble across a familiar sight, well for John and Sawyer, the light from the hatch, meaning that they have been transported back to 41 days after arriving on the island. Perhaps the most touching moment of the night was when Sawyer watched on as Kate was there to help Claire in Aaron's delivery. Upon arriving at the camp Sawyer realizes the beer is all gone, and Miles admits to Dan that he is also suffering from nosebleeds, leading both to question Miles's time on the island. The raft that was left from the freighter is now gone, and there are two polynesian style canoes left on the island, one containing a water bottle from they mysterious Ajira Airlines. The survivors having no other choice steal a canoe and travel to the Orchid station. As they paddle out to sea they are fired upon from the other canoe now filled with unknown assailants, yet another time warp takes them to a stormy night where they are presumably safe. Now for the big shock, upon landing on shore they locate some wreckage, some French wreckage. What was the biggest reveal of the episode was that as a life raft filled with French people made its way toward the island they encountered a man floating on a piece of wreckage. Who is the mysterious man, it is none other than Jin-Soo Kwon, whose status has been up in the air since last May. What was more revealing was that these French survivors were none other than a pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her team of scientists circa 1988. Back in late 2007 Jack and Kate were tailing lawyer Dan Norton, and found that he was meeting with Carole Littleton, and so they are led to believe that she is his mysterious client who wants to take Aaron away from Kate. Yet upon further investigation Jack realized that Carole knows nothing of her grandson and was simply in the States for her settlement check from Oceanic Airlines. When the Oceanic Six began to get back together, Ben revealed that Norton is his lawyer and going after Aaron was just a scare tactic, and that Norton would have Hurley out in the morning. Sun arrived at the marina with Aaron and her gun in tow ready to kill the man who she blames for Jin's death, Ben.

    What was great about this episode was that it's underlying focus was on Aaron which makes me believe that he is more important to the overall mythology that is LOST than I originally thought. Overall this episode seemed like a the start of what is in store for the characters both on and off the island, and there are now so many questions.
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