Season 2 Episode 13

The Long Con

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • The Long Con

    Despite ineffective yet necessary flashbacks, this episode displays Sawyer's true colors once again and provides an eventful hour of television, albeit doesn't play into the plot development.
  • Sawyer takes Jack down a notch or two

    Jack may not have wanted the responsibility of "leader" at first.

    But after assuming it, he gradually crossed the line and arrogated to himself a tad too much discretionary power.

    Sawyer may not be any more moral than Jack, but he is less self-righteous and succeeds in taking Jack down a notch or two.
  • Awesome.

    When Sun is attacked, tension builds between Jack, Locke, Kate, and Ana Lucia regarding the guns. It is revealed that Sawyer and Charlie had conned them all for Sawyer to gain control of the guns and Charlie to get revenge on Locke. In flashbacks, Sawyer reluctantly cons a woman he develops feelings for. I love the start with John and Jack I just love the way they are. I love the scene with Sawyer and Charlie h e is so funny and then the Sawyer and Jack scene straight after it. I love Sawyer's back story and then he brings his back story onto the island - awesome! I love it when Kate is reading to Sawyer. Oh and Sun being dragged away was awesome. The Sawyer and John scene is brilliant aswell, and then Sawyer comes out the jungle with the guns - amazing!
  • clever

    This was a very cleverly written episode. It shows how smart and clever Sawyer can actually be.

    The episode starts with Jack going through Sawyers tent taking his stuff. Sawyer gets mad and asks what he's doing and Jack says Sawyer stole the stuff. Sawyer looked so mad I thought he was going to beat the crap out of Jack. But he holds it in. Then the "long-con" starts.

    Sun almost gets kidnapped in the jungle but Sawyer and Kate come to her rescue. Everyone is thinking it could be the others or it could be one of them. Sawyer plays the whole thing smoothly. He gets everyone's minds thinking. And then there are problems. Kate thinks it was Ana-Lucia because she wanted the guns and Jin wants a gun because of what happened to Sun. Jack says ok and they make their way down to the hatch to get a gun. But Sawyer gets there first to warn Locke that Jack's just going to be handing out guns. Sawyer basically talks Locke into hiding them.

    At the end they're all on the beach at night. Jack confronts Locke and they start verbally fighting. Then there's gunshots and Sawyer walks out. Jack asks Locke, "you gave him the guns" and Locke replies, "no?" and then one of the greatest lines ever.

    Sawyer: That's right, Jack. He's as stupid as you are. You were so busy worrying about each other you never even saw me coming, did you?

    and then...

    Sawyer: There's a new sheriff in town boys! Ya'll best get used to it.

    That proves to me that Sawyer is the baddest and smartest person on the island. In his FlashBack a women wants to learn how to long-con. Sawyer says yes, but actually long-cons her and gets all her money.
  • James Smart

    Generalmente no disfruto cantidades con los flashbacks de los personajes pero esta es una de las pocas excepciones. James nos deja ver su lado maligno, su verdadera cara, lo inteligente que es quien pensamos un malechor y nada más. Y bienvenido sea, disfruté mucho de su historia analogada (sic) con el complot que él y Charlie (ideado por Sawyer, obviamente) llevan a cabo abducting Sun y todo lo demás. Divertido ver como Kate y John caen en sus redes y como nadie siquiera se atreve a sospechar de nuestro acaparador de episodio. Brindo por el escritor de este capítulo y le pido repita este tipo de flashbacks.
  • A Movie Style Episode!!!! One of my FAvourites!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    Like other characters flashbacks, the prodution staff decided to bring another flashback sequel, this time for Sawyer and how he cons people. Is what he knows to do best, right?

    So the base idea, brillant by the way, is that when you present how he con people, the writers could con you either. That is exactly the mentality for this epiosde, and that works great.

    This is very well executed, even Charlie bad participation in the last episode gains it is meaning in this episode.

    The flashbacks provide a brillant long con, but what is unexpected is what he did on the Island, also very well done and written.

    My Point of View:

    What I liked in this episode, is how complex and at the same time simple this was written. YOu may think something now, and then you change you midset and then you change it again. For both: flashbacks and the event in the Island.

    How the writers play you is brillant.

    This type of turning point is brillant and allows the episode be special and unforgettable.

    At least, for me.

    Overall, one of the best episodes for this season, that has a simple story, that is more complex that it seems, and you will played until the end. Very good.
  • Definite improvement, but not one as long as you'd think

    By now, we've realized that every character on the island has a past that they're trying to get away from. Whether they came from the front end or the tail section, these people desperately want to leave their past behind. There is on exception to this rule--- Sawyer. Even stranded on a island thousand of miles away, he still thinks that he has to be this bad, despicable human being just like the one who conned his mother and ended up killing her and his father. From the moment he landed on the island, he has been doing his best to maintain hat reprehensible attitude, even though there is a good person there, buried deep within. (He'll even get to a point where he wants to find, though it's going to take a lot more trauma then this.)

    Sawyer is very good at reading people, though not nearly as well as he thinks he can. He can recognize it in fellow pariah-- his comment to Charlie about being the most hated is almost identical to one he said to Boone when he tried to take the water supply nearly two months ago, and he knows how to play on that. He also recognizes when people care about him, and if he didn't know that Kate was sweet on him before, he knew about it when he was recuperating. He takes what information he has been reading off other people--- Jack, Locke, Ana Lucia, and files it away. But more important then all of this is how people see him. For several weeks he was viewed as a contemptible scoundrel, until he took the raft off the island to get rescued. When he came back, people started looking at him differently--- not just Kate, but the others like Hurley and Michael. And this is anathema to him, because he still thinks that he's trying to make sure that he is the real Sawyer, and that he is regarded with nothing but contempt. Some might argue that his actions in this episode are part of his true nature shining through, I think that Kate is far closer to the mark when she confronts him in the en, and tells him: "This is about making people hate you!" The expression on his face speaks volumes.

    What he does is bad enough. When Sun is attacked, apparently by the others, Sawyer uses his relationship with Kate to make it seem that spot that her holes in the story. He watches Jack and Ana's behavior to make it seem like this an attempt to begin recruiting for this army that they're creating. Then he goes to Locke, whose alliance with Jack about storing the guns is tenuous, and Sawyer knows won't take much to dissolve. A little maneuvering, and suddenly Sawyer is control of the weapons. The way he's played off so many of the others is bound to make him hated, but the speech that he gives immediately following seals the deal. Sawyer has no interest in being" the new sheriff"; that's too heroic. And later episodes will show that he ahs no problem just giving the guns away when needed. This is all about him being the con man who "never did a decent thing in his life"

    The back story that appears involves a 'long con' that he was doing with a woman named Cassidy, and this has more resonance to it, not only because of what he does, but to who. There was fan speculation by some sites that Cassidy might be a con artist herself, and given the way that she acts around Sawyer a lot of the time, there is evidence of this. However, unlike many of the characters in these flashbacks, we will see her a couple of more times, and it does seem that some of her actions were genuine. Sawyer says otherwise, and he lies to her so many times in hard to tell, but it's clear he felt something for this woman. This was not just a con; it was evidence of what a bad person he is, and we see that in the last little segment of his flashback. (Nor was she the only person we've seen before; when he's having a meeting in a restaurant, the waitress who takes his order is Diane, Kate's mother. Her hairstyle's and this is a different diner than before, so maybe this is probably before Kate killed her husband.)

    This is also the first episode that we see Sayid in awhile, and it's clear that he still in the mourning for Shannon (which does make sense, it's only been a week since her death) Hurley tries to bring him out of his shroud by giving him the shortwave radio that we saw Bernard and the other tailies use in 'The Other 48 Days". This does pique him a little because by episode's ends, he's worked on the radio and now it's picking up another transmission--- and I recognized the music. It was Glenn Miller, the jazz composer who died in the 40's--- when his plane crashed in the Pacific. Now it's possible that they picked this up from a radio station somewhere out in ocean, but given what we later learn about the island, is it possible that the signal is live, but coming from another time. We know that there's a power source somewhere in the island it is possible that's where it was intercepted from? Or am I crazy?

    The radio is symbol of a lack of communication between the survivors. Locke, Jack and Sawyer encountered the Others together, but rather than work together to form a proper army, Jack went to Ana and talked with her, Locke started fiddling around with the combination (and it didn't help matters when he learned about Charlie's possible relapse) and Sawyer found a way to outmaneuver them both to make a power play of his own. They have the makings of what could be a real force here, but instead, they're all moving in different directions. It's no wonder that the Others have been able to run roughshod over them; they're so messed up in their own stuff, they can't find a way to work together. Despite that long ago admonishment from Jack, it does seem like were coming up on 'every man for himself' here.

    This episode is a shocking one not only because of Sawyer's attitude, but because what we learn about Charlie near the end. Despite what he tells Sawyer, it's obvious that he's back on the drugs again--- hoods on, after all. Though this is a very well done episode, it's not quite as good as some of the earlier ones this seasons, or the one's that have involved Sawyer. There is a major disconnect between the survivors still here, and it's going to take an outside force to bring it. That force is going to show very soon. Till then, it seems a little like marking time.
    My score:8.2
  • All I can say is: what happened to my show?

    This has got to rank with my least favourite episodes ever. Unlike most people, I don't watch this show only for the mysteries and plot twists. I watch it because I care about the characters and their relationships. But after these last two episodes, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm watching the wrong show.

    I can understand the writers needing to brew some "trouble in paradise." Charlie and Claire's relationship was moving a bit fast. But honestly, making Charlie some sociopathic vigilante is going a bit too far. What was up with him attacking an innocent bystander just to get even with Locke? Even what Sawyer did in this episode paled compared to Charlie's brutal attack. Charlie having drug problems is one thing, but this was just over the top.

    Hopefully, next week will be an improvement, but for right now: two thumbs way down.
  • We have all the weapons in one place, in the armoury, Locke gives him the new combination and suggests that he locks the medicines in there too. Sawyer returns from a swim, finding Charlie setting up camp, he takes the opportunity to make fun.

    Sawyer returns from a swim, finding Charlie setting up camp, he takes the opportunity to make fun, until Charlie points out that shouldn't he be concentrating on his own stuff, Jack was going through and looking for the pills.

    We see Sawyer on a long con, where is he is trying out his usual style of con, but she doesn't fall for it, she explains it to him and therefore he knows he is caught, so he bails out, but she wants to know what he does, what he really does and wants him to show her how to con people.

    Kate on the island pays Sawyer a visit, bringing with her a magazine from the hatch. As he lost his glasses on the raft, Sawyer asks her to read it to him. Then he tells her about Jack and Ana's army, she obviously didnt know either, which didnt help in a trust issue. Hurley leaves Sayid a radio, even though he says.

    Ana and Jack are talking, she's happy that Jack was able to get the combination for the armoury, but disappointed that they could not get anyone to join their army. Sun gets a bag thrown over her head as the rain starts to come down, Kate and Sawyer go into the jungle and find her unconscious, Kate goes to get Jack as Sawyer carries her to the beach. Jack needs to check her out, they find out that her hands were tied. Ana wants to look around the area where Sun was taken and found, with guns.

    Sawyer and Kate go to look through the jungle area, Sawyer points out some serious questions that gets Kate thinking, he implants the notion of getting members into her army. He has flashbacks to his first teaching lesson of selling rubbish necklaces to some prep boys at a gas station, with the lady stepping into buy some, then the boys doing some buying too. So she knows about the opportunity side of it.

    Kate queries Jack about Ana-Lucia, then Jack starts to ask Ana some questions when she mentions that a few more people have joined up for the army. Claire comes to get Jack as Sun has awoken, Jack questions her, Jin wants to know too then demands a gun from Jack. Sawyer says to Kate about it looking like a posse time, she sees Ana's look and says to Sawyer that she is after the guns, that he should warn Locke and she'll warn Jack.

    Sawyer warns Locke, Locke sees the warning and says that changing the combination will only slow them down a little, he ropes Sawyer into pushing the buttons whilst he goes and takes and hides the guns in the jungle.

    Meanwhile, back in flashback mode, Sawyer meets Gordy regarding the con, he admits he has got it all covered, but Gordy can see that he's fallen for her and tells him that if he does't go through with it then they would both end up badly. He explains this all to her, puts all the money in a bag, gives her a bag and then he goes off to the car, then back to get the real money. Confused, i was until i realised it was all part of the long con.

    Jack arrives at the bunker to get the weapons, but finds them all gone and Sawyer sitting on the computer, Sawyer gives him his meds back and says to Jack, i think these belong to you. Even though Jack is furious with him, wanting to punch his lights out, he knows he has to find Locke first. Which he does on the beach, but he doesnt get to get the guns back.

    Sawyer fires off a couple of rounds from one of the AK's, all goes quiet, as he tells them all that he doesn't want all his stuff back that was stolen whilst he was on the raft, but if anyone wants or needs a gun, then he is the man to come to, as there is a new sheriff in town.

    It finishes off with Charlie talking to Sawyer in the dark in the jungle, talking how nobody is ever to find out what he did to Sun, or how he followed Locke to where he was hiding the weapons.
  • The camp heirarchy is shaken providing us with a fresh view of the series. Exactly what Season 2 needed!

    If "Orientation" was Season 2's game-changer, in regards to Lost's complex mythology, then "The Long Con" was the game changer of the series' character development.
    I find it hard to label any episode as "Exactly why I watch the series" as my certainty of this changes. I suppose the episodes I would label as that would be those that perfectly meld strong character development and drama with the mythology of the show and some great action sequences or effects to big reveals. There have been many episodes so far that qualify in that category, some of which admittently are better than others. These include the "Exodus" 2-parter that closed Season 1, "Deus Ex Machina", "All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues", "Walkabout" and "Pilot Part 2".
    There have only been three episodes so far that have successfully melded these elements together: "Man of Science, Man of Faith", "Orientation" and "The 23rd Psalm".
    The majority of the episodes have have a more narrow focus on pure character development, which is all very well, providing it is interesting, thought provoking or dramatic, exciting, tense entertainment. This is what Season 2 has sadly been lacking up to now. The characters had seemingly got stuck in a rut, whining or fighting over the same issues and generally not taking the situation on the island seriously enough. We were beginning to get used to where each of the characters stood for and we could easily label them, according to their status. Locke is the mystic, philosopher and spiritual guide, Jack is the de facto physical, practical and overly-rational leader. Sayid is the torturer but tortured tribal warrior. And so on...
    This episode shakes the foundations of those roots in 42 minutes!
    As the episode began it struck how consistent things were, following Jack's initial determination to wage some kind of armed combat against the "Others". I thought "Fire + Water" was a dull, unecessary and poorly placed episode in the season's structure. However, despite my general feelings of the episode as a whole not changing - it was still lacklustre by Lost's standards - its necessity in the grand scheme of things was justified by the end of this episode. And what an end!
    The episode kind of reminded me of the great film "The Prestige", which is about magic tricks. The writers of this film constructed the film's narrative to play out like one grand magic trick as well, dragging the audience along with it, until the big reveal at the end.
    This was similar to "The Long Con". The episode was about cons and how a con (a long con, in this instance) is played out, and we see this in flashbacks. But the writers craftily weave a narrative which also cons the audience by the end. Who could have guessed [SPOILER WARNING!] that Charlie was one of the masterminds behind the con?! I kept wondering whether it was all Sawyer's plan or whether some of it was Charlie's idea? You'd have to say logically that it was all Sawyer's idea. Certainly the whole con was of Sawyer's mind but Charlie might have been the one who had the idea to con and set things in motion. It is quite hard to say but whatever the case Charlie was just as much a part of the con as Sawyer and if word breaks out that Charlie attacked Sun, things won't be looking very peachy!
    One thing I would agree with alot of reviewers is that I don't understand why the writers want to make Charlie so dark and nasty. When we first met him he was just a friendly, comical guy, who just happened to have a drug problem, that wasn't self-inflicted. The only other flaw was that he did have a bit of an ego. But there were no early signs that Charlie could be capable of such cruel intent. Does this mean then that Sawyer and Charlie will form their own group or will they just work together in the cover of darkness?
    One thing is for certain Sawyer has finally come forward as a potential leader of sorts in the camp and this doesn't bode well with the clashing ideals of Jack and Locke, who probably both thought that they were running the show. Think again boys!
    Another point I liked about the episode were Ana-Lucia's comments to Jack about the attitude of the Fusies. Her observations are right on the money and echo my own frustrations. The group aren't scared enough and that they feel safe. Hence the reason why Jack and Kate have time to spare to play Golf and Hurley and Charlie listening to records. But Jack's new determination to face the island rather than turn his back on it may rest this once and for all.
    As strictly character-based episodes go this was one of the best of the series and certainly the best of this season. A compelling start to the second half of the season!
  • Sawyers play for the guns turned this into a very great episode

    Sawyers play for the guns turned this into a very great episode.

    Another enjoyable week has Sawyer playing with everyones heads for the guns. It all began with Sun getting kidnapped by Charlie and he himself helping Sawyer to grab the guns. A con magician never reveals his secrets. I knew all along, Ana-Lucia did not have anything to do with the kidnapping. It's just the writers way of making us as an audience think that. It created suspense. Why would the survivors of flight 815 start beating on each other?

    It was a very good episode with the action, suspense and entertainment involved. It was all about revenge and getting the hands on the guns. Trusting each other is now seemingly impossible. So yeah, I liked it. The flashbacks of conning was one of the most interesting flashbacks from anyone. I felt sorry for Cassidy. This episode was about who you trust, who trusts you and can they all agree or will more trouble go wrong in the future?

    Great episode.
  • A Sawyer-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode. This is definitely my favorite of all the Sawyer-centric episodes that they've had so far for the series a whole. Although, Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show, so Sawyer-centric episodes are always on the list of Lost episodes that I count as my favorites, so I'm a little bias. I always love learning more about Sawyer's past, and I thought that this episode added so much depth to his character. Josh Holloway plays the role of Sawyer so well, and he's a big part of why I love Lost so much. I also liked Ana Lucia's involvement in this episode. As a whole, I thought that this episode was very interesting. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted episode, well made episode of Lost from everyone who was involved in the making of it, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my season two DVD set of Lost.
  • Sawyer: That's right, Jack. [Locke's] as stupid as you are. You were so busy worrying about each other you never even saw me coming, did you?

    When Sun is attacked, tension builds between Jack, Locke, Kate, Jin and Ana Lucia regarding guns, as an amused Sawyer watches. Sawyer remembers the "long con" he pulls off on an unsuspecting victim. This episode ways really cleverly plotted and had mnany great Lost moments in it.
    I enjoyed seeing Sawyer con everyone and see him making a big speach about him being the new boss this was a great moment.
    The Long Con was another one of my favourite episodes of Lost's second season and the episode started a great second half of the season. Sawyer was great in the episode and it brought back good old season one Saawyer to the show.
  • There's a new sheriff in town…

    To edit my earlier review, I saw the ending coming a mile away. Who didn't? The title of the episode is The Long Con. And it was prety obvious when Sawyer was explaing what a Long Con was. Also nothing really happened...With that said the rest of the episode is my personal favorite of Lost. I just love the way that this was plotted and how Sawyer played Locke off of Jack, Jack off of Locke, Ana Lucia off of the Others, Charlie off of Locke, and Kate off of Ana Lucia. However I have to say that I was caught off guard by the Charlie twist. As an added bonus, the Sawyer episode is not so bad. And who can honestly say there was nothing more chilling then Sawyer's speech? Overall one of my personal favorites.
  • Deep character episode.

    Sawyer episodes are much like Kate episodes, but whereas Kate episodes are failures for the most, Sawyer episodes succeed. What do I mean. Well both characters have episodes that are not connected to the island storyline closely. This is no expectation.

    The Long Con is basically seeing Sawyer at what he does best: conning people. He cons Locke and Jack with the help of Charlie, and it all makes sense. Sawyer wants Jack to suffer for many reasons, and Charlie wants Locke to suffer, for an obvious reason(last episode...)

    This is actually the first time Sawyer pulls off a con on the island, so heck yeah. It was exciting! Master at work.

    But to me, the flashback was even better. Truly shocking, and it's just so... movie like. They could've made a 90 minute long movie about it, because it was THAT good. In the end, this episode didn't do much with the overall island mythology, but it managed to shake up the characters. Now that Sawyer has all the guns things should get interesting. But still, we're past the middle portion of season 2, and we still seem to get heavily character centered episodes which do nothing to progress the plot, so I can't with a good heart rate it any higher.
  • Sawyer's past

    Sawyer has flashbacks of when he fell in love with a woman that he was conning.

    When Sun is kidnapped while tending her garden and then found by Sawyer and Kate, people begin to wonder if "the Others" are back. Sawyer and Kate suspect Ana-Lucia. Ana is recruiting people to join the army. Hurley gives Sayid the radio used by Bernard, to cheer him up. Hurley and Sayid find a radio wave, but it is just music. Locke and Jack agree to lock up the guns and medicine. Sawyer ends up conning everybody and now he has all the guns. It turns out that Charlie helped him to get back at Locke.

    This episode was really good! Sawyer conning everybody was pretty clever! I enjoyed the flashbacks. I think that Sawyer or Charlie did that to Sun. This episode gets a 9.0 from me!
  • Sawyer's con

    Not much happened in this episode. They just went more in detail about Sawyer's past and how he tried to con this one woman, but his plan failed, at first. She found out how he cons people and wanted Sawyer to show her how it's done. Together they started a Bonnie and Clyde. We later find out that Sawyer actually had feelings for this girl, but had to con her to save her life. His partner was going to killer her. My favorite part of the episode was at the end when sawyer cons both Jack and Locke and takes all the weapons... that was smooth.
  • Well thought out!

    This episode was very well thought out. It goes to show just how good of a con man Sawyer is. He's pretty smart. I have no idea how he thinks up cons like this. The writers did a great job of planning it out. I liked when Sawyer gave his "There's a new sheriff in town" speech. I love that. And I never expected the ending. I had no idea that Charlie was in on the con. I was pretty shocked to learn that he had abducted Sun. This episode is a very fine example of just how great the writers are.
  • Sawyer episode!

    El Jacko and Ana Lu Lu try and form an army. Sun gets grabbed and attacked while working on her garden. Jin and Jack want to get guns and go after the others for revenge. Sawyer tells Kate that he thinks maybe Ana-Lucia attacked Sun to convice everybody to join the army. Sawyer goes to Locke and tells him that Jack is coming to take all the guns and attack the others. Locke hearing this, goes and hides the guns. He tells Sawyer to stay in the hatch and push the button. Jack comes to the hatch and sees that the guns are missing and runs to go find Locke. Locke says he made a mistake teaching Michael how to shoot a gun and that if he is dead it is blood on his hands. So he isn't going to make the same mistake again. Jack and Locke begin to argue when all of a sudden we hear shots being fired!

    It is Sawyer who comes out of the jungle with a weapon. Locke is wondering how he got it considering he lefted him in the hatch. Sawyer took the guns because when he went on the raft to get everybody rescued Jack took all of his stuff in his stash. He says that after the raft took sail everybody decided that they were going to have Locke and Jack tell them what to do. "There's a new sheriff in town, y'all best get used to it!" At the end of the episode we see Charlie meet up with Sawyer in the jungle. We find out that they were in on the con together. Charlie followed Locke when he hid the guns and he also grabbed Sun. Great episode!


    During Sawyer's Flashback we see him trying to con another lady named Susan. He pretends he is late for another meeting and grabs his suitcase when all the money falls out. Susan is smart and says that she knows he was trying to con her into giving him money. She looks at the money and sees that it isn't even real. Susan says that he is wasting his time because she didn't take anything from her husband in the divorce. Susan tells Sawyer that she wants to see what he does, how he cons people. They con together for a while until she wants to do a long con. Sawyer says that if she wants to do a long con, they are going to need money. Susan reveals that she lied about not taking anything from her husband and that she really has $600,000.

    In the next scene, Sawyer is talking to his boss. His boss asks Sawyer if he tricked Susan. If he got her to offer the 600 grand. We find out that Sawyer actually fell for her and that he doesn't want to con her. His boss says that if he doesn't get him the money he owes him that he will kill Sawyer and Susan. Sawyer tells Susan that she was the long con the entire time and she gets really mad but still loves him. He tells her to leave and take the money or else his boss is going to come kill them both. Susan runs and we find out that Sawyer gave her the fake money and not the real bag. Sawyer loved her so much that he gave her up to save her life. I loved this episode and Sawyer is my favorite flashback character.
  • This is a great episode which was plotted brilliant.

    When Sun is attacked, tension builds between Jack, Locke, Kate, Jin and Ana Lucia regarding guns, as an amused Sawyer watches. Sawyer remembers the "long con" he pulls off on an unsuspecting victim. This episode ways really cleverly plotted and had mnany great Lost moments in it.
    I enjoyed seeing Sawyer con everyone and see him making a big speach about him being the new boss this was a great moment.
    The Long Con was another one of my favourite epsodes of Losts second season and began a great second half of the season which had many brilliant episodes upon its last twelve episodes.
  • "You run, I con. A tiger don't change her stripes."

    Coming on the heels of the worst Lost episode to that point (not the worst ever, I'm sorry to report), there was a lot riding on this one. In terms of character development, this episode excelled, and did a terrific job. In terms of overall story quality, it flunked miserably.

    This is not a very popular opinion. While this episode doesn't garner a lot of critical accolades, it's usually regarded as one of the better episodes of Season 2. I don't have the whole season ranked in my head, so maybe it is, but there are a number of egregious errors that I feel are hard to overlook. I'll start with the good, however. Sawyer is just excellent in this episode. The character on the island and in the flashbacks is so great, I actually don't mind Kate's scenes in this episode. He just balances her out so nicely. There's great parallelism between the flashbacks and the island story, the best example of how to do that so far. In the flashbacks, Sawyer is torn when he falls in love with one of his marks. He has to con her, to pay back one of his colleagues (I always get this image of a bunch of con men going into an office building and sitting in cubicles, waiting for a file containing a mark to be thrown their way when I see that scene between Sawyer and Gordy, where it sounds like two guys at the office sniping at each other about something that happened that day in the cafeteria). It's very believable, and Josh Holloway is an absolute wonder in them. The later scenes are played with a lot of heart, and despite what he says to Charlie at the end of the episode, it's hard to say he's not a good person at heart. You can really tell how horrible he feels when he goes back into the house to take the money, and he puts the picture facedown rather than look at the woman who he so unwillingly betrayed.

    The story on the island, while it has its faults, is good on the surface. The long con that Sawyer uses on pretty much everybody is incredibly complex, yet also brilliantly simple. It's complex because it hinges on so many individual people's decisions and reactions, but it's exactly what Sawyer needs to happen. Find a way to get attention focused on the guns, and then take them in the middle of the chaos. The speech at the beach is excellent, and once again it's brilliantly played by Josh Holloway. The character just reeks of confidence and arrogance, and he does so again in the scene with Kate. She seems genuinely hurt by how Sawyer used her, and Sawyer simply brushes off all her concerns and sadness. He doesn't seem to care, yet it's kind of clear that he does. He wants people to hate him-if he's shunned by all of the people on the island, then the real Sawyer will be shunned by all of the people on the island.

    As I mentioned earlier, Kate is tolerable in this episode-in fact, she's downright fine. The scenes at the beginning of the episode that could have gone terribly bad are actually alright, and I attribute that entirely to Josh Holloway, especially him laughing at the "10 Ways to tell if he's a Sensitive Man" article. It's also followed by the pretty hilarious moment where he insinuates that Locke is trying to get Claire to fall in love with him. The good thing about Kate's character, though, is that she's not running between the two guys in this episode. She's not blowing up houses, don't get me wrong, but she comes back to a middle ground between the two. She's not a middle school kid, but she also isn't a convict, if you understand me. The way she sincerely appeals to Jack without any mushy-gushy crap is pretty good.

    The humor of the episode is another good thing-Sawyer has a number of great lines, like the Donkey Kong moment at the computer, and when he says Locke went to the store for a pack of smokes. There's also the relatively light Hurley-Sayid subplot, if you can call two scenes a subplot. "Lime in the coconut" had me laughing, and I like seeing Sayid help Hurley out at the end of the episode. As upset as he is about Shannon, he still can't turn down an electrical device. The subtle dig at the fans that think that time travel is going on, evidenced by Hurley's "Or time," is also something I like.

    Other character moments that occur in the episode: Ana-Lucia and Jack's relationship is deepened. It's brilliant of Sawyer to blame the attack on Ana and the "army," and it also allows for a moment where Jack has to kind of make a choice between Kate and Ana. He chooses Kate, too. Instead of trusting his new friend, he questions her about where she was. Jack also butts heads with Locke, in another pretty cool scene, just before Sawyer's announcement. Locke's response to this latest breach of his trust will be interesting to see. Charlie, who had been taken under Locke's wing, has moved on to Eko, and Locke has found out that he's gotten his hands on more heroin. After losing Charlie, he also loses the guns to Sawyer. In a way, no one was played more than Locke, which is exactly what Charlie wanted. In a pretty dark turn of events, we find out that while Sawyer actually came up with the plan, it was Charlie who was the real villain of the scheme. He wanted to humiliate Locke, thus getting some revenge. However, I just find this a little too dark for Charlie. He's certainly not a saint, and he is the type of person who would hold a grudge, but I just can't see him putting Sun's life in danger and messing with the entire camp like he does. A small plot to get revenge on Locke? Yes, that would work. However, such a grand scheme, with so much left to chance, all to get back at one person? It's pretty hard for me to buy, especially since Charlie is probably the last person anybody would suspect of orchestrating it. Therefore, Locke wouldn't really get the knife in the back that Charlie wanted him to.

    I've kind of gotten into the bad part of the story, which is pretty simply stated: It makes no sense. While the plot is great for character development, and not just for Sawyer, it still is completely bogus when you think about it. First of all, why does Sawyer want the guns? There are a lot of reasons given in the episode, but none of them really work-Sawyer's angry about Locke and Jack taking over, and ransacking his stuff. Yeah, and Sawyer's been following their orders on bended knee for the entire series, while also respecting other people's property. Right. Kate also speculates that he just wants to be hated. That's a good one, but Sawyer going to all that trouble just for people to hate him a little bit more would be pretty ridiculous, when he could simply trip Claire while she's carrying the baby or punch Rose in the face. There's also the fact that he was helping Charlie. When has Sawyer ever been helpful? Yeah, he went on the raft, but other than that, he hasn't done anything for anybody. Going to all this trouble, taking the blame and the hate, all for one person? Yeah, and I'm the Pope (I'm not). There's also the problem of Sawyer's fanatical devotion to the guns. This one's a little harder to realize, but Sawyer saying he'll die before he gives up the guns is going way too far. He's doing this to help Charlie-he's never expressed any interest in the guns before this. Therefore, to go so far as to say that he'll die for them is pretty over the top. Then again, he did have bamboo shoots stuck under his fingernails for no reason, so maybe he's just intense. Now, I've tried to avoid giving spoilers for upcoming episodes in my reviews, seeing as how I'm writing them having seen the first three seasons of the show, but I'm going to give a little bit now, so read at your own risk (if you haven't seen anything after this episode). Nothing ever comes of this plotline. Nothing. The only thing that is consistent is that Sawyer has the guns. He never does anything with them, the camp treats him pretty much the same, Kate treats him pretty much the same, and he never exercises any of his newfound "sheriff power." Now, obviously everything done on the show can't be critically important to the next episode, but the main plot should at least serve some purpose, instead of being an excuse for a flashback (two episodes in a row, now).

    Overall, the episode is not bad, but not good either. There a lot of good character moments, and Sawyer is really examined in a way that characters haven't really been examined before. On the other hand, the story is so weak that even Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons" would be able to rip it in half. If you watch the episode purely for entertainment, though, and don't really analyze it, it holds up alright. So, I guess it's not all bad.
  • Sawyer capitalizes on vulnerability

    Short and sweet, this is one of the best Lost episodes. The prior episode to this was a bit of a let down and draggon on, but this installment more than made up for it. We got to see how the rivalry between John and Jack is actually detrimental to the survivors, as if they had teamed up and comprimised, they wouldn't be in more of a mess. Every society needs a leader, with John and Jack providing those roles respectively. The only thing is, is that when two leaders clash, everything will come crashing down, as proven by Sawyer in this well-written, cleverly plotted episode. Charlie capturing Sun and pretending to kidnap her showed how much Charlie's character is going through, his prior torment to the plane crash really kicks in. Kate's questioning of Ana Lucia could be a sign of jealousy, and further advances the sub love plots cleverly inserted into the show. One of the best written flashbacks for one of the best characters on the show, resulting in one of the best episodes of the series.
  • great episode

    Sun gets harmed by someone covering his face. The survivors gather to deal with what they think might be the others messing with them. Jack and Locke debate about where to keep the guns. This episode is a Sawyer flashback episode, we get to see his life as a con artist, he was so good with what he was doing. It's a really good episode, it's so well directed, the actors played out their roles really well. It's so intriguing, a drama show can't get any better than this. I really enjoyed this episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Review

    The attack on Sun was the highlight of the episode and I dont believe that it was one of the others that did the crime either. The others seem to want to be left alone with the people that they all ready have and I dont think they have ever come just to hurt someone. Someone on the island did it and I hope we find out who it was soon enough. The flashbacks in this episode were good, with Sawyer hitting to flashback scene again showing more of his con artist past. It seems that this was the big con (Long Con) that every con artist dreams of and at the end of the episode it looks like he gets away with it. The confrontation between Locke and Jack got heavier this episode as well, which I assumed would be the big recurring role of Season 2. The power struggule has come out to a dead tie, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  • A Classic in the Series!

    This episode is probably my favorite so far. Not so much because of some amazing development or twist in the plot, but the episode was extremely well written I thought, and the duality of the events on the Island and in Sawyer's past exemplified everything that I find entertaining in LOST. To this point we had received very little information on Sawyers past, which admittedly added to his mystique, but this episode was perhaps the best example of character development that I can point to. If a non-watcher of the series happened to stumble upon this episode, they would surely be hooked!

    I gave it a 9.6.
  • Decent character-driven episode.

    I can see why this episode is loved so much. Not only because it\'s Sawyer centric - everybody\'s famous conman, but because it\'s really season 1-ish. The episode focuses on characters, and only on them.

    In this episode we see no mystery. Which is the main reason the episode didn\'t get a better rating from me. It seems to me that Sawyer episodes never get the mystery tone in it. The episode revolves around Sun\'s kidnap attempt - and at the end, it turns out the kidnapper was Charlie, and the whole thing was staged... by Sawyer. Why? Because Jack took his medicine back to the hatch. So Sawyer takes revenge.

    But not only he fools everyone, but he also steals the guns from everyone tricking Jack and Locke.

    Interesting. Up until the last minute the episode holds your attention. In the flashback part, we learn that even if Sawyer has love interest in someone, \'job\' comes first. He double-cons his lover. Again, very interesting. Sawyer\'s character started to get nicer, but this episode, within 42 minutes, simply put him down, lower than he ever was. Same goes with Charlie - he doesn\'t take drugs, but he\'s definitely changing his attitude.

    Overally a very well directed episode, but I\'m missing mysteries.
  • "I'm like this close to the high score on Donkey Kong"

    The Long Con is the best episode of season 2! Its filled with not only suspense, but also humor! Sawyer is great in this episode! I was so shocked to find out that that what had happened was all part of his "plan". This episode was brilliantly written! I LOVED it! My favorite scene: Jack: What are you doing here? Sawyer: One second. I'm like this close to the high score on Donkey Kong. [Sawyer types in the numbers] Sawyer: Now, what can I do you for? Jack: Where's Locke? Sawyer: I don't know. I think he said something about going to the store for a pack of smokes. Sawyer: Uh oh. Looks like we got ourselves a theft. Who's gonna call the cops? Jack: Where are they? Sawyer: Don't look at me. I was just pushing the button.
  • Ashamed and also happy to admit that i didnt see it comin!

    Quite enjoyed this episode as you get a really great character in Sawyer being utilised fantastically well in a well paced script. Although I love the show, and enjoy the slow reveal of the storyline, others find the twin storylines of island and flashback in every show somewhat jarring and therefore the main storyline a bit slow. Its not an easy show to pick up if you havent watched from the start.

    This episode is great because both the flashback and island storyline hold the attention so well. Plus its fun watching Sawyer being let off the leash properly since early in season 1. Brings back some real tension amongst the group and the acting was pretty good too.

    After a bit of a mid-season 2 lull this episode kicks off the impending end of season frenzy.
  • Movie-style episode.

    This episode could be watched alone, like, you know, you never watched lost before, you watch The Long Con, and you'll still catch what's going on, thus, this episode is really movie-style'd.

    Sawyer's past is uncovered... well, not fully, I guess, but a good piece. Another job - another con - another girl.. but this time, our fav conman actually has feelings toweards his job.

    On the island, Sawyer prepares a con, because of Jack, who took Sawyer's stash. This leads to huge twists and oh-so intense scenes. I love the ending too, no cliffhanger, but very powerful. Overally, this was one good piece, especially after the last episode's HUGE disappointment.
  • A tiger don't change its stripes.

    This is one of the best episodes of season 2, truly one of my favourite lost episodes of all time. I loved Sawyer's flashback, which you can probably tell (if you read any of my other reviews) I'm not a huge fan of anyone's flashback's and yet Sawyer fails to disappoint.

    I love this episode for its action and amazing story line. There was no way I would have figured out Charlie did it, not even if you gave me a year. This episode had all the features; an attack, an others problem, suspicion between each other, violance between each other, a good flashback, and of course a con.

    With no futher detail I will tell you that this is my eigth favourite LOST episode ever, and my second favourite season 2 episdoe (Live Togethr, Die Alone is my all time favourite episode).

    Sawyer: There's a new sherrif in town, yall better get use to it.

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