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The Lost Survival Guide

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2006 on ABC

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    It was what you would expect out of a random special. It just highlights all the hot points of Lost, basically recapping getting us ready for the next batch of episodes. I dont think there was anything in the special that blew my mind away, but I didnt go into the show expecting to be blown anyway.

    The theory that anyone can watch this show, even a casual viewer, is something that I do agree with. I think that anyone can pick up this show just to watch the drama aspects of it. All in all a good special, on to the episodes now.
  • Was funny at parts, but basically, it was... pointless. Note. Lost Survival Guide doesn't equal with the Lost recap aired on september 27. Lost Survival Guide was narrated by EW crew and Lost creators, and was 30minutes long.

    Okay, this was meant to... kinda.. summarize S1 and S2, reveal some things with the commentary of people behind Lost. Am I right? I hope so.

    Now, that didnt work out.

    They kept repeating the same things EVERYBODY knows. How hard it was to set up the pilot episode, how exciting was the plane crash, how mysterious past everybody has. Oh, not everybody, only a few people. Not only the programme didnt tell basically anything from season 2, but they also forgot about the characters. Jimmy Kimmel thing was useless. I cant believe they forgot about the hatch completetly.

    Although the ending was funny.
  • Whos alive whos dead well this episode did not answer any of those questions... why you ask because it was a recap episode :) it was a great recap however my heart was crushed when a new narrator arrived (Henry Gale's Voice) oh well the show will go on!!

    I really enjoyed this episode however I did not like the narrators voice (Henry Gale) I think that it will confuse people when they watch the show because they will be like does he know everything about both sides? Which he probably does but that is besides the point. Any way it was a good recap and it will be an amazing season premiere!

    I wonder how its going to go …. I am actually prayin that Eko and Locke are still alive, but who I really hope is alive it Desmond because he is by far the best character in this show… Any way about the recap episode…I really hope it helped some people who are “lost” but I would like the old narrator back!!@#!@#
  • It was alright

    Sure there was a lot of ethusiasm in all the people on the show and I love Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's humor, but I just found that no matter how you do it, if you try to sum up lost in a half an hour it won't turn out that great.

    I thought the Jimmy Kimel thing was kind of pointless and not needed. Also if they are trying to prepare you for season 3 I found that they didn't mention enough of season 2, it was mostly about the plane crash and who the characters are, in which they didn't even cover all of them.

    Like I said, it is impossible to sum up the first two season of Lost in half an hour and still make it good.
  • A special episode that gives as the buzz for the up coming third season

    It's more a TV show, with interviews with the executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, some guys from Entretainment Weekly and ABC late time host Jimmy Kimmel.
    There are some realy interesting topics: the couples, the kisses, the numbers : 4 8 15 16 23 42, how they get food, the others. The most important thing we find from the producers is that they, just like us, haven't got any ideea of what the hell is happening on that island. They also say that new charachters will be joining the lot, (manly to have sex, said Damon Lindelof). So we have all the thumbs up for the 3rd season.