Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • Great episode!Didn't watch one like this in a looong time

    Very good episode! I really like the flashbacks about Ben it was time to know a little more about his story.We find out that he become the person he is now because of the hate he accumulated for so many years against his father among other things.We also find out how he became an Other and kill all members of the Dharma iniciative and the part Richard plays in his life. We find out why Jack was protecting Juliette so much. And poor John but he had it coming ,he was going all over bossing around, it was obvious that Ben wasn't going to allow this.We don't know if he is dead or what but it looks like it ,because there is not much storyline left for him. I certainly don't want to but we will just have to wait. What about Jacob?Is he real?Is he another one of Ben's inventions?I think that an invisible man is too much for the show ,we have our hands full already with the monster and the shadow. Can't wait for Greatest Hits!!
  • Best episode so far... You cannot miss this if you are a Lost fan

    So, this episode was the long awaited introduction of Jacob and the history of Ben Linus. In a nutshell, Locke forces Ben to take him to Jacob and is, as usual, annoying. We also discover the history of the Dharma.

    We learn a lot this episode, Jacob we find, is this strange person that is invisible to most people and can only be heard or seen by "special" ones. This is great, we have been waiting for ages and we finally see who Jacob is and it was definitely not disappointing. If you looked carefully and Sky+/Tivo'd it you could see an old man in the shadows when he pushed Ben away and then a strange eye that seemed to be struggling. What's interesting is he asks for help: maybe he isn't hugely powerful?? Ben has an evil side and is a great character development for us viewers.

    The ending is fantastic for people that don't like Locke but unfortunately I fear he isn't dead. I've made no attempt at hiding I don't like him. Ben's history is really good.

    We also discover Ben has a soft side and was attached to a young girl called Annie (great name) early on. We didn't discover what happened to her (hint, she will be reappearing) or why the Eyeliner Guy doesn't age. Maybe next time.
  • Was this the best episode ever?

    Never has an episode of Lost ever has me falling asleep thinking about it, waking up thinking about it and then spending most of my day thinking about it.
    There were so many things that made the epsiode great.
    *First Jacob who I didn't nortice the first time but when I slowed it down as tehy told me to do on he website I did a girly little "ahh" noise as I saw him. And the voice saying "help me".
    *I also comppletely didn't recognise Richard in his "younger" form which wasn't much younger and just a little hairyer.
    *I'm glad that the Tricia Tanaka storyline of teh car has finally been given some relevance.
    *I was really shocked at the ending of Locke being shot and then when he said to Locke "what did he say" and Locke said "help me". I really hope that Locke isn't dead. Generally on tv shows if there is any doubt that a person is maybe dead or not, generally it is not, and hopefully "the island" might save him. But then again, Paolo & Nikki, Shannon. Oh and that reminds me, while were on the subject on death...
    *I was glad that Patchys resurection was explained, even if it was crap. I don't see why people like him so much, i don't see anything great about him, lets hope he's on eof the "five" which I'll talk about later.
    *Ben's mum, that was quite sad and more proof that all of these people like Dave, Jacks Dad, Yemi & Kate's horse aren't there by accident.
    *The opening sequence. I wish that I hadn't known that it was Ben's flashback week because otherwise I wouldn't have guessed what it was. However when they fell out of the forest and into Portland and we realized that Ben had lied about where he was born that was really good.
    *Sun hearing the tape of Juliet talking about her. That was good to see the camps reaction.

    I honestly cant stop thinking about this and so I've got to put it somewhere in my favpiurite episode list. I'm going to make one and then add it in.

    1.Flashes Before Your Eyes
    2.Deus Ex Machines
    4.Two For The Road
    5.Live Together Die Alone
    6.The Other 48 Days
    10.Catch 22
    11.Maternity Leave

    Wow, you would not believe how long that took me
    So that's
    Series 1: 4
    Series 2: 5
    Series 3: 3
    I thought i prefured series 1, oh well, i suppose Pilot would be 13.
    So I recon this episode would go

    1.Flashes Before Your Eyes 3
    2.Deus Ex Machines 1
    3.**The Man Behind The Curtain** 3
    4.Dave 2
    5.Two For The Road 2
    6.Live Together Die Alone 2
    7.The Other 48 Days 2
    8.Exodus 1
    9.Expose 2
    10.Numbers 1
    11.Catch 22 3
    12.Maternity Leave 2
    13.Walkabout 1
    14.Pilot 1

    That episode was brilliant and one of the best ever.

    So the "five". Five people are going to die, we already have 1.Anthony Cooper
    So could it be 2.Locke
    I hope it's not. I recon if Locke dies it will be in the "final showdown". His character does seem to have run it's course as his flashbacks have answered just about every question.
    I'm sure that the producers promised something big with Rose & Bernard this series, i could be wrong but I'm going to say
    3. & 4. Rose & Bernard
    And number 5. hmmm. I think Charlie is too obvious. Maybe Naomi, even though I like her.

    Anyway two episodes left. Who will live who will die, actually i haven't considered any others dieing? hmmm
    Will Penny find Des or will naomi's radio not work.
    Will Juliet betray Jack or stick by him?
    Will I shut up now... alright

    Brilliant epsiode!
  • Simply Amazing.

    This episode in one word, ROCKED!

    We finally get to learn a bit more about Ben and his life on the island. Not only that but the mysterious Jacob is revealed, but who the hell is he. Invisible and unable to be heard by bassicly everyone? Then we hear him say help me? Then we finally end with one of the cliffhangers that makes LOST great as Locke takes one to chest. After seeing this episode I got so exited for the next one Greatest Hits and then the finale. It had a rough start but after episode 10 LOST found it's way again.
  • ben-centric!

    I've been waiting for a Ben centric episode since his first appearance in season two, and finally we get one! This episode reveals a lot about the island's history. From the Dharma initiative, the island's original inhabitants, "The Purge", and the mysterious Jacob. We learn about Ben's upbringing, how he came to the island, and his role in "The Purge". Another thing we find out is that the van that Hurley found back in the "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" episode is the same van that Ben killed his father, Roger, in. Also, Ben's mother, Emily, died shortly after giving birth to him.
  • Ben, the man who ended the Dharma Initiative.

    Wanna know why in my opinion this episode isn't perfect or doesn't rise to be the best in the series so far? Because we see Jacob. I mean, we could be left arguing between ourselves if Ben is crazy or not, groups of discussion would be formed and more and more we would be be left hopeless with the doubt. But they showed him and even Locke saw him, but he probably was too afraid to admit it... Anyway, without the ambiguity in the storyline, the episode still gets to be great but it loses several points in my opinion.

    The flashbacks of Ben's arrival on the Island were excelent, to the gut and very important in terms of character development. Seriously, the man was responsible for the "Purge" all by himself. Of course, the flashbacks left us with new questions, as "why Richard doesn't get old?" or "where the hostiles did come from if they weren't related to the Dharma Initiative?". All together, Ben obviously was elected by Richard as a special person since he got to see his dead mother and probably was thought to be in communion with the Island the same way most of the Others think Locke is.

    Back to real time events, we get only two scenes in the beach camp. Naomi is revealed to everybody and Juliet is brought to the stake. But wait, Jack says he knew everything and was deciding what to do to the best of everyone. And not only that. The scene comes to its climax as Jack states there's a lot of catching up to be made. (Read: "wait for next chapter.")

    In Othercamp, Locke arrives bringing awe to everyone and leaving Ben very afraid of the consequences this will bring to his leadership. Ben promises to take him to Jacob, but Mikhail arrives telling everyone of Naomi. And as Locke fights with Mikhail, Ben realises he's in political disadvantage with his own people. Not to lose face even more, Ben is forced to take Locke to Jacob, but wait! There's no one there, or there is? Hehe!

    To leave things "even" between them, Ben takes Locke to the ditch where the Dharma Initiative people were buried and shoots him there, saying he's doing so because Locke was able to hear Jacob. If Locke will live, I bet only in the season finale we'll discover, though.

    All in all, excelent episode as I said before. Major twists, revelations and questions popping up almost every second. Who or what is Jacob? And why his house is circled by a powder track? Protecting from outside or something that hinders him from geting out? And why he asks Locke for help?

    Man, my brain is cooking with questions and theories!

    STAY TUNED! Impossible to do otherwise to me!
  • WOW

    Wow, this episode has to be in my top 5 episodes of lost. It had absolutly everything: mysteries answered, new mysteries, very scary scenes (bens mom by the window freaked me out and the whole thing in Jacobs house with locke, ben and apparently Jacob terrified me. The who atmosphere of this episode was brilliant, nicely intertwined scenes with current day "others", young ben flashbacks and the survivors on the beach. Excellent interplay with locke and ben and maybe an end of a character. I really hope not, Locke is my favorite character in lost, and i hope he doesnt go. Everything is building for a brilliant finale.
  • Happy Birthday Ben

    The name of the episode must be "Happy Birthday Ben": )Wowww, everybody hates but nobody can kill him. I really want to know what is Ben's secret. I dont know this Jacob thing (I dont know what is it and I dont like to read the spoilers because of that if someone know something dont tell me please) give us the answers. And Locke? My poor Locke stay gravelly there and wait his death? I dont think so. I think "the Island" will help him, like before. But then my why question come again. Why Locke? Why not to Charlie??? And I think such of this question make our heads confused again and again
  • Many things are clearer now.

    After this episode Ben lost all his “evilness” in my eyes. He was shown like a very mysterious and powerful person till now. He seemed to be the right leader of “the Other’s”. But after revealing his past we see him as angry and unhappy man who is very much afraid to lose his position in the small society of “Other’s”. He has nobody in his life who loves him (that’s clear for me!) and only one thing what makes him to feel his life is worth something – is being accepted as a leader in this community. The life on the island is so important for him that he even is lying about where he was born. He always says: I was born on this island! That means – I’m special, nobody else is like me, I have all rights to be a leader! I don’t know what about Jacob, is he real or not, but I wasn’t surprised if it would be a great mystification of Ben. Nobody else can see either speak to Jacob, only him, Ben. But now the same (really mysterious!) person – Richard who introduced Ben to “Other’s” community and I think he was who let Ben stay a leader now is changing his mind. He starts to protect John Lock for this position. I think he won’t let Lock to die. We will see his reasons in the future. Richard (and maybe we will see more similar characters in future episodes) seems to me the real “man behind the curtain”. He not only lives very long time and not only has a lot in common with this island but he is involved in “our” world too. And maybe there are a lot “islanders” who are living, working, gathering information and controlling life in the world? I don’t have an idea are “the islanders” humans, aliens or some kind of robots but I’m pretty sure that they are very important and we will see more about them in future seasons. Anyway, if I’m wrong the show is great! I only hope to receive all answers 
  • Add another Lostie to the death pool

    "The Man Behind the Curtain" is obviously referring to the man we've all gotten to know enough to hate and love, Benjamin Linus. This is it folks, we finally got a Ben-centric episode, telling us the story of his life before the island, and on the island. This episode answers a whole lot of questions and will be greatly appreciated by all Lost fanatics out there.

    The Flashback:

    One thing we all thought we knew about our favorite other was that he was born on the island. In his flashback, we figure out that he was never born on the island, but was brought there. Ben's mother was apparently only 7 months pregnant when she conceived Ben. Ben's parents went hiking and that's when little Ben decided, "Get me out of here!" Ben's mother died, but her final words we're, "Name him, Benjamin." Little did she know that right then and there, she just gave birth to a television villain! The man who helped Ben's parents was one of the leaders of the DHARMA initiative. Ben's father landed a job with the DHARMA initiative and was brought to the island.

    On the island, the members of the DHARMA initiative have been running tests, and remember Ben's dad? Well, he hoped to be a scientist, but his jumpsuit said "Workman," can't argue with that can you? He didn't take it too well though, ever since he found out he couldn't work as a scientist and had to clean up after the DHARMA people, he has never been happy. Ben on the other hand has been going to school and had a little crush on a girl named, Annie. Yup, our little villain was struck by cupid way before he was struck with that spinal tumor. Anyway, so he had to live with his miserable dad who downed, I'm guessing, half a dozen beers every single day. During one of Ben's birthdays, he totally forgot about it. He was reminded when he saw the gift that Annie gave Ben, and I love this line so much that I will share it with you! He told Ben, "It's kinda' hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mother." Yup, someone just won best dad of the year award! Ben was obviously upset and ran into the jungle. When he was near the fence, you know the fence where Mikhail supposedly died in? He didn't past the fence, but he did see someone on the other side. It was mommy dearest! I've heard of extravagant birthday presents, but that was extravagant to a whole new level! It's kinda' like when Jack saw his father, and when Eko saw his brother. Anyway, that's the end of Ben's childhood.

    The fun doesn't end there though; this second paragraph will be the cherry on the sundae! During the second half of the flashbacks, we see Ben as a teenager. Again, the setting is on the island, and it is his birthday again. His dad continues downing beers, and he reminds his father that it is his birthday. His dad shows what little sympathy he has to offer and tells Ben, that after he runs some errands they can go to a cliff side together. And that's where the next part of the flashback took us. Ben and his father had the whole conversation. Ben's father said he'd try to remember Ben's birthday the next year as much as he could. Ben asked his father if he really blamed Ben for his mother's death. Oh yeah, there was this part where Ben put on this funny mask and then well... he killed one of the DHARMA people! And that was the end of the civilization of the DHARMA people. I also forgot to mention that Ben made a deal with the hostiles, now more popularly known as the others. He killed his whole civilization, so that he could join the others. Anyone would be satisfied with the amount of answers they gave out right there.

    The Island:

    Locke follows the trail the others left behind and brought back his father's body. He made a couple of demands, but one of his first demands was to know who the leader was. Ben then told him it was a man named Jacob. This guy seemed really scary the way everyone reacted to him. Anyway, so Locke and Ben go on a little camping trip to go visit Jacob. Locke gets furious when he suspects Ben is making a whole joke out of the situation, and then the house where Jacob supposedly lives goes crazy. Locke and Ben then go back to the camp, but take another route. Ben shows Locke a hole full of the bodies that Ben killed in his flashback, yup, a whole pit of DHARMA people corpse. I won’t fail to mention that one of them is shot and falls into the whole. I'll leave that mystery to you.

    Kate tells Sawyer about Naomi, and Sawyer decides to tell the whole camp about her. Sawyer also doesn't forget to mention the tape Locke gave him from the previous episode. Juliet and Jack come back and Juliet tells Sawyer to flip the tape and press play. We then hear Ben sharing his plans about kidnapping Sun. Jack then announces that Juliet has told him about this, but wasn't sure what to do yet. And they end they end the island with Jack saying that they need some catching up to do. Well that was obviously strange. Juliet's situation is very intriguing; you really can't tell which side she's on.
  • I'm dying to see that finale!

    He can't be dead, can he? Seriously, if they kill off John Locke, that's not possible! What's Lost without or favorite ex-cripple? I really hope he's not dead. That would be a bad ending to an interesting storyline.
    John was just uncovering more and more of the Others' secrets. Take the meeting with Jacob. What the heck was that all about? Does he exist and if yes, then what's the mystery? Why can't he be seen? Why does he need saviour? I don't get it. Even though we're getting more answers with every episode, I end up being more confused and.. well... pretty much LOST :)

    Also, we find out that Juliet told Jack the truth. When she said it wasn't time to tell anyone in the previous episode I didn't think that she was referring to that. But it's nice to see that she's not evil after all.

    What's with Ben's flashbacks? Weren't they really the creepiest we've ever seen? Gosh, he killed everyone... and how come that guy still looks like 20 years ago? WOW, I'm dying to find out their secret. And I keep asking myself how Ben became sort of their leader when he wasn't even one of the original inhabitants of the island? And what's with them anyway? How did they land on that island? Why did they kill all the Dharma members? Crazy guys...
  • A Few More Answer To Add To The Book.

    Excellent Episode! Finally We Got To Meet The Infamous Jacob! Although It Was Only a Glimpse Of a Shadowed Outline, We Got To Learn His Personality. He Turned Evil On Locke & Ben Because Locke Turned On His Torch (Flashlight)! Hopefully We Get More Answer On Him Soon. And Locke Was Stupid Enough To Get Himself Put In That Pitt. And Yes I Am Keeping My Fingers Crossed For "Jacob" To Help Him. Back To The Original Beach Now And Jack Is Starting To Come Back Into His Usual Ways, Although He Does Have Some Anger Towards The Rest Of The Losties Not Trusting Him. Who Could Blame Him Though? Hopefully Mor Answers Next Episode! Great Episode, I Loved It! 10 Out Of 10!
  • In this episode, Locke convinces ben to show him where Jacbo is, and Ben takes him to what appears to be an empty house, but then Locke hears a voice, and ben kills locke because of it. Back at the camp, Juliet's secret is revealed.

    A great episode, but we didn't find out as much as i thought we would.

    I'm sure i'm not the only person hating Ben right now, but i don't think that locke is going to die. Remember how fast the island healed him when they crashed and his legs healed? a bullet wound should be nothing. But still, the encounter with Jacob was pretty weird. If you watch that scene in slow motion you can see a person in the chair. It's really awesome.

    Overall, it was a very good episode. I can't wait until next week.


    I hope Ben dies. I hate him now lol
  • same problem...its gotta stop

    the only reason each episode aint getting a 10 lately is because there aint enough character interaction...this is the 3rd time ive repeated this but im going to say it again, each episode must include everyone and they have to have lines...you cant just have charlie and claire walk past in a scene and think well weve included them for this episode at least once, lets forget about that and move on. the only focus in each episode is the people involved in the story, and thats why the finale will have the quality of a season 1 and 2 episode, because everyone has to be included in the finale. anyways to the episode itself. flashbacks were the best part of this episode i think, and provided us with quite a few answers. there was a brilliantly set up part aswel, one of the best examples of why this show was great came when we see ben kill his dad and then return to otherville, to find all the dharma people dead, then seeing all the hostiles calmly walk out, that has to be one of the best scenes in lost ive seen. now at first i didnt like the jacob revelation, but ive come to realise why shouldnt i...i didnt complain when i heard what i thought and still do think are ghosts in season one, now that ive seen one why shouldnt i accept it...and the big cliffhanger, i hope its addressed next episode because it was a big shock...
  • Bens a liar, murderer, loner and maybe he's even keeping Losts most mysterious name as a prisoner. And John Locke....you better get out that pit!?!

    A brilliant episode focusing upon Ben and mainly his childhood on the island. Micheal Emerson excells once again as the main 'other, however Lockes return with Cooper in a bag which leads to the entrance of Jacob.

    I have to say, i was expecting a big reveal of Jacob, which didnt exactly happen, but boy, oh boy, the scene in Jacobs hut was one spooky scene.

    Lockes focus is where all fans like him, on his quest for answers, and i hope that Jacobs words dont signal the end of the great John Locke, as without him then it may take the full six seasons to discover anything.
    But i'm confident theres more from good ol' John than a grave just yet.

    Elsewhere, Jack contines to frustrate with the fact he never tells anyone anything, yet Sawyers return from 'The Brig', means that i'm sure we'll find out his involvement in Juliets plans next week. Keep it up Lost, an excellent episode. And Richard Alpert, dont seem to be getting that much older, but im sure thats a story for another day on 'Lost Island.'
  • Amazing!!! wow what an episode

    so much in one episode it explains a lot about Ben and his past history and how he got on the island. Jack proves he is still capable of being the leader and he gains part of the trust he lost when he spent a week with the others at there camp.

    We also learn about the hostiles that were there before the others and how Ben played a huge part in elimanating one side this could be imporatnt in the showdown between the others and the crash survivors.
    Major shock at the end when one of the major survivors is killed
  • The Leader revealed.

    It seems ten is my new favorite number. I could not help but give this episode the highest score, it is certainly one of the best Lost episodes. Locke is by far my favorite character, so I may be a bit biased. The dramatic end I will not even speak of, it is so horrid.
    Powerful and powerless, scary and afraid, invisible and seen; the infamous Jacob is revealed. This was a creepy scene, which only Ben could pull off. It leaves so many questions about the Others and their Leader. I wish that John had simply thrown Ben out the door and talked to Jacob himself, but what can you do. The surprise of the episode was Richard. This was a much better introduction of a character than Nikki and Paulo. Truly out of the blue. I’m so intrigued by him now, more so than the mysterious Jacob. His back-story has to be amazing, not to mention how he got from the hostile to the man who recruited Juliet.
    Through a young Ben, we finally watch the purge, lead it seems, by Richard. Glad as I am to get some insight into Dharma, the Hostiles and the purge, it feels as though there are more questions now than ever. Could it truly be that Ben was able to manipulate so many events on the island? What is his hold on Jacob? Where did Richard and the Hostiles come from? All the unanswered questions have me hyped for the finale.
  • Five steps about this episode that make U think forward about Lost.

    1) Ben told John (The Brig) about the Others think he is "Special". For this, John had to kill his own father.
    2) Ben push John but he just can´t kill. Ben enjoy that because he´s supposed to be the "Special" and he really kill his father.
    3) John, for Ben´s surprise, came back with his father´s body.
    4) Ben want to test John to see if he can see/hear anything from Jacob because only a "Special" could do.
    5) John hear Jacob and that made Ben angry about it because he might loosing his power in front the Others and try to Kill John to see if Jacob will help him (like, maybe, he helped Ben sometimes).
  • Episode was like a little fly firstly we thought catch it amazed thinking to catch it and when we make a sudden move our hands are empty but fly is still wandering around our hand...

    Episode was like a little fly firstly we thought catch it amazed thinking to catch it and when we make a sudden move our hands are empty but fly is still wandering around our hand. And this episode mysteries are like these fly. Like all masterpiece Lost episodes it begins with the "What the heck is going on expression" and then it suprise us. And it gives us some mystery during episode and solve them in it such as unseen Jacob is it real or Ben fools us. And the best part of the episode is the end it solves episodes own mysteries and make such a big shock us.No doubt that It was a masterpiece of lost
  • Locke takes Ben to meet the mysterious Jacob, while we learn of Ben's true past

    Finally we learn just how much of a liar Ben is - he was not born on the island, but was taken there by his father. Oh and he too has daddy issues, just like everyone else it seems.

    After Saywer killed Anthony Cooper, Locke follows the Others' trail and demands that Ben take him to see Jacob, which results in one of the strangest Lost scenes ever.
    Back at the camp, we find out that Jack may know more than hes letting on, as he is confronted by the rest of the camp.

    All in all, it seems that Lost is steamboating towards a spectacular season finale, and i can't wait!
  • Is it possible that...

    that annie (young ben's friend)is Rousseau? only at the end of the episode Ben says something like "i was one of who realised that dharma were in the wrong" to locke, and we do know that ben is Alex's dad and Rousseau is her mom! also Rousseau talked about the purge before and explained they all went crazy so she killed them 16 years ago? or were there 2 purges?

    The other weird thing is Kate tells her husband to be (Nathon Fillion) that her name is Annie (maybe its just a popular name?!?)

    Finally did anyone notice that the dharma people are taking the medicine in ben's flashback at the beggining? weird because thats what desmond and claire have took in past episodes but nobody else (charlie might have because he said he tested it when he gave it to claire)
  • Plot: Locke shows the others whose boss, and forces Ben to take him to meet the mysterious Jacob. Ben is really weird, and the island is still mysterious. Nobody seems surprised. For TV reviews www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Locke shows the others whose boss, and forces Ben to take him to meet the mysterious Jacob. Ben is really weird, and the island is still mysterious. Nobody seems surprised.

    This is another great installment for the season. The writers of 24 could learn a thing or two hear about keeping things interesting for more than the first four episodes! We get to learn a lot about Ben’s past and the organizational structure of the others. Of course, in true lost fashion, with one answer, come a million new questions that we can only hope will eventually be resolved.

    The flashbacks focus on Ben’s childhood. Ben was not born on the island, and he has been misleading people for some reason. Ironically, Ben was born in Portland, which is where Juliet was recruited. Being a demon spawn, Ben’s mother does not survive the birth. Ben’s father never forgives him for inadvertently causing the death of his wife. This baby/mother complex may shed some light on Ben’s current obsession with fertility studies on the island. The crazy one’s always have mother issues!

    Ben and his dad are recruited to work for the Dharma initiative and move to the island. The Dharma folks are interested in studying the natural wonders of the island, but for some reason find themselves at war with the “hostiles” or natives. When was the last time you saw a white dude born in the Southern Pacific? While the reasons for the conflict remain unexplained, we can easily determine which side is cooler. The natives have mysterious powers and don’t age, the Dharma initiative is a bunch of hippy scientists. I don’t know about you, but can someone please hand me a gas mask, I know where my loyalties lie. It would appear that Ben was placed in charge of the others because he can see dead people or some equally useless power. Have people learned nothing from “Ghost Whisper”? Dead people are constantly asking you to do crap for them. It gets old pretty damn quick. Ben isn’t the only special guy on the island. The others are interested in making Locke there new leader. He passes their “kill your father” test which is becoming the standard on most job applications these days, and demands some answers. Ben begrudgingly agrees to take Locke to see the real leader, a man named Jacob. While it may have appeared that Ben had gone crazy, there really is a Jacob. Sensing that his leadership is under attack and that Locke’s powers may rival his own waning skills; Ben shoots him and dumps him in a mass grave. What is this Serbia? Hmm perhaps it’s too soon for genocide humor. Parting Thought: If you strike me down, I will only grow stronger! www.lifereviewed.com
  • Cant believe i have 2 wait another week...

    A great installment again!
    The whole Dharma/Hostiles backstory is excellent, and im sure Season 4 will be be based on the island and its powers in connection with its original inhabitants "the hostiles".

    Things really are getting interesting...

    *Is John Locke dead (lets hope not)...but Ben did say he was taking Locke back another way, maybe the way where anyone who dies behind it lives as an immortal?

    *What happened to Annie? (im sure this question will continue to float around until resolved)

    *Is their a connection between Vincent and the photo in Jacobs pad?

    *Is Ben just totally stir crazy!!!???

    *How did Sawyer get the tape?
  • The day Ben killed his father.

    As Naomi shares her secrets with Sayid, Ben shares his secrets with us through a flashback of yet another bad father, this time his own. It’s hard to express how blunt this “bad parent” trend seems to run on Lost, however, in this case it’s actually comprehendible for handyman Roger to resent his employers so much that he actually raises a son to destroy them. Problem is: his employers are the very Dharma Initiative.

    Being a father himself most of Ben’s actions are nowhere near as comprehendible; he does seem to consider Locke as a kindred which is why he provides him with the weapon to destroy his father - much like Ben did with his own back when he came to age – and feels very disappointed when Locke fails to complete such a simple task as his baptism of fire and yet we wonder: Does he expect Alex to do that herself? Has he been rising her knowing that one day she might? Does he fear that day or actually looks forward to it as the next step for his daughter to reach a level of ‘enlightement’ and ‘control’ he appears to believe the murder of her grandfather gave to him?

    It’s such a contradiction for a father as concerned as Ben is to exploit such a tragedy as Rousseau’s in order for him to raise the child that may actually take his life but that’s exactly where this show is heading: an inevitable point where the child takes the life of the father in order to take his/her rightful place in the world.
  • For everybody how didnt see it.After Ben is kicked in the wall for a second you can see Jacob.hes an old man with a beard.If you want to see it ust check the net.

    For everybody how didnt see it.After Ben is kicked in the wall for a second you can see Jacob.hes an old man with a beard.If you want to see it ust check the net.
    Im sure that Lost as a exact translation in myhtology and history(especially of greece).Desmun and Penelope,Odyseus and Penelope,the smoke monster- Cerberus,Jacob- hades,the island- the gateway to hell.The hostiles- the keepers of hell. Plus im beginning to like this season again.Theres much Mysttery.I especially liked the last shocker,Locke is dead.Dont get me wrong oi like Locke but a shocker is allways good.I now am posing many questions about masquara man.he was young in bens flashback.How the hell didnt he age a bit.
  • did you notice!!!!!!! the car that harly found before 10 episodes with the body was ben's car and his daddy's body

    did you notice!!!!!!! the car that harly found before 10 episodes with the body was ben's car and his daddy's body and then sawyer drank all the beer baaaaaaaa very very disscusting - why do we hate to write 100 words-and what if i have only 20 words to say??- we havt to tell them to limit the review to only 50 words.... well thats what i had to say...and now im just trying to pass the 100 word so i can finnaly post this messege ok only 10 words to go seven six five four three two one
  • Dharma/Ben-centric episode!An EXCELLENT episode!

    OMG!This was one of the best episodes of lost ever! It is brilliant! I can describe this episode as creepy and scary!It was so interesting and had lots of amazing moments!
    Ben's flashback was incredible!How could his dead mother appear??Was she the black-smoke?I really can't understand!
    Also how Richard appeard older than Ben??! In his flashback we see that Ben killed his father in the blue dharma van that Hurley found in the jungle on the episode "Tricia tanaca is dead".The skeleton in the van was Ben's father, Roger! Also we learn that Ben betrayed Dharma people, and the other group of people who were on the island killed all the Dharma members ..!
    One of the best moments/scenes of this episode (and gennerally on lost) was when John and Ben visited Jacob....!OMG!What was that???Jacob is a spirit/ghost??!It was a shocking moment when he appeard for a second in his chair..!!!Oh, and he was so angry..!
    At the end of this brilliant episode something unforeseen happened...!Ben shot Lock and throwed him in the Dharma grave!Perhaps Locke is dead!Unbelievable!
    Rate it with 10/10 !!!!!!!!Come on!This episode deserves higher score!It is unfair!
  • ?

    this is exactly the reason why i watch lost!!!
    another great episode, actually this might be my new favourite, but haven´t really decided yet...
    anyways, exciting to see the island 30-40 years ago, i hope we see more of it fx. the time ben spend with the others before he became their "leader". i would also like to see more of him, when he was "undercover"...
    it was also kind of fun too see who roger actually was...
    the dramatic ending just showed how great an episode this was... of course locke survives, but what is he going to do to ben now?
  • Never, ever, in a million years would I imagine a show would kill off such a one of a kind, PIVOTAL piece of the game, mysterious and knowledgable character such as Locke... but low and behold, the writers have shocked us again.

    And if that's not enough, they gave us a screen shot of Jacob! At first I was suspicious--was Ben just dragging him out to an empty house to meet his other invisible split personality? Was it just another trick to get Locke more invested in Ben's MO?--but no! Holy mother, I know for a fact that whatever revelation is to come in the season finale regarding Jacob (we know there will be, common!) -- it's going to creep creep creeeeep me out like I'd never believed it could. Then when I do get what just happend, wala! Goosbumps x4,815,162,342.
  • Jacob!!!!!!

    Awesome episode!!! The best of this whole season and this whole series!!! Ben flashbacks were awesome!!! The best in the world!!! I want more Ben centric episodes!!!!! I so want to know what happened to Annie. Oh my god!!! Richard is older than Ben!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Richard doesn't even look that old!!! Now we had a great understanding of the Others and the Dharma which were there after them. Thats so sad they kept forgetting Ben's birthday! Well not really but barely anyone celebrates it. Ben was so funny when he was talking to Jacob or what we think is Jacob and Locke gets so annoyed!! I hope Locke doesn't die and I don't think he will.
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