Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • With so many answers come many more questions...

    I have one word: WOW! I can't even begin to describe how amazing this episode was! There were so many answers, and those answers caused more questions! I love it! The ending was so shocking. Ben's past was very interesting. Who would've known that he was Dharma? I really started to like Ben in this episode, but then at the end, it all changed. After I saw him allow all of those innocent people to die, and he killed his father, I went right back to hating him. Then to top it off, he "Kills" Locke! I really hope that Locke isn't dead. I hope we find out before next season. Everything about this episode was absolutely perfect!!! The Jacob scene was awesome!! I really thought Ben was insane for a minute! WOW, season 3 just keeps getting better and better!
  • Answers About Jacob and the Island, but what about Rousseau?

    This was a great episode. As Locke is one of my personal favorite characters, I was definitely saddened when he was apparently left for dead in a pit of rotting corpses. However, I don't think he will die....somebody is going to amble along and help him. The writers have invested far too much in Locke to kill him off now. The help he receives doesn't necessarily have to be magical either....there are many people on the island who can help him...

    My main question is not about what the Losties and Juliet are doing on the beach, or what the Others are going to do with Ben when he comes back without Locke. My main question is where in the heck is Rousseau??? We saw her pick up a box of unstable dynamite in "The Brig," but what is she going to do with it? We didn't see her in this episode at all. She now knows how to get to through the Other's fence and she knows that her daughter is definitely still alive and well. She has got to be plotting some type of revenge on Ben and the Others for taking her daughter and forcing her to live in the jungle for over a decade. She is the wild card in the entire series......I wonder if the Others are even aware of her existence? They are so paranoid about the Losties.....why would they have let her survive so long?

    Anyway, I hope the writers can follow up this with a few more good episodes before the end of the season.
  • A very good episode.

    A very good episode, but my problem is that there's even more mistery and even less answers. I'm a little angry with Jack, too, it's his fault that people in the camp don't trust him, Jack should have trusted them and tell them everything, he should have known that the truth would eventually be revealed. That would have been the wise thing to do, but this way it was more exciting. The writers do that a lot, my problem is when they use too many unwise, illogical decisions to make the story interesting. That invisible man, wow, that was something, can't wait to find out more about him. How do you think Locke would resurrect? We know now that Mikhail didn't resurrect, but he didn't die in the first place, but now I guess anything is possible.
  • Easily the best episode of Lost this season prehaps even ever.

    I was totally blown away by this Lost episode. It was almost perfect, everything about it was intresting. So finally we learn more about the Dharma Initative and what they were doing on the island. We also get to see you Ben in the flashbacks and it is revealed that he never was born on the island. I really was shocked when it was revealed that Ben killed his father and all of Dharma because he met Richard in the jungle. I think one of the strange things was that Richard has not aged since Ben was a boy he still looks the same. So Ben killed everyone, what a shocker. Then we finally get to met Jacob, well we sortt of do. Ben takes Locke to a cabin and begins to talk to a chair, Ben reveals that Jacob is stilling on the chair but Locke laughs it off. He thinks that Ben is either playing him or he really is crasy. But then why does a voice say help me? And also Jacob is visable if you slow down the scene.

    So after this Ben takes Locke to the Dharma death pit and shots him in the chest and tells him that he hopes that Jacob can save him. And thats it. But we do also find out that Juliet told Jack what Ben was making her do. The tape recording is played and it is revealed that the others are coming to the camp in two days time. To take all the pregnant women. This was a fantastic episode. I still can't get my head around most of it. So is Jacob a ghost? or something that only chosen people can see? I really don't know. But this episode ends with a major cliffhanger, is Locke alive? I dunno if he will die but if he has to then let it be. I hope the next episode lives upto this episodes high quality.
  • The best. Revealing, pivotal, a game changer and a shocking conclusion. Really sets things up for the finale. Review Contains Spoilers.

    What an episode, Ben is a total liar! and this is the first time we have really been shown this. "I was born on this Island" he keeps saying, no he wasn't!

    This episode also takes the "Sci-Fi" elements of Lost to the next level!
    1) Richard - He has not aged since ben was a child! Is he immortal because of the Island's healing powers? "You do remember Birthdays dont you Richard?" Ben said to him, clearly a connection to his "long life"

    2) Jacob - He is invisible? No! For a split second you can see him in the episode. I have several theories about Jacob, one of them is that he is the smoke monster itself and the death's on the Island keep him alive, he then manifests himself into the form of the people which are killed. I froze the frame and brightened it when you see Jacob... it looks a lot like Jack's father to me!

    The things revealed about Dharma were great, but the highlight was the shocking ending... John Locke shot by Ben in the stomach... will he survive? I think he will, but he won't be the same John Locke again.
  • Finally! a ben centric episode. Very smart move by the writers , if this doesnt get back some of the ratings I dont know what will.

    Like the summary says the fact that this was a ben-centric was great. It shows us the entire conflict between the dharma initiative and the locals/hostiles. I loved the transformation from the young, innocent and vulnerable kid to the manipulative jerk he has become now, only because of an abusing father. I also love how the setting for this movie was very horror movie-ish when ben leaves the safety of the dharma initiative to hunt for his dead mother. Also the fact that the van that Hurley found with roger in it ties back to Ben's flashback was great. On the beach, it was great to have an episode that included nearly all major characters. This hasn't happened until the last few episodes and its nostalgic of the first season that we all fell in love with. I however thought the entire juliet plotline didn't recieve as much screen time as it should have. Hopefully the writers get to it during the next episode and we come to know just how she is going to wiggle her way out of this situation.

    Locke seems to be the star in this episode and honestly it was the first episode after deus ex machina where I actually liked him. I thought his treatment of Mikhail was perfect and the fact that he made his presence felt in the others camp was great. Ben really needed that kick on his backside that he recieved from locke. His death in this episode definitely came as a surprise, didnt think the writers had the guts to kill of a character like Locke. Hopefully he remains dead and doesnt come back to life because of his "magical" healing powers otherwise that would have been a lame plot point.

    All in all a good setup for the final and very reminiscent of the first season where the survivors couldn't decide how to stop the others from coming. A little more about this "jacob" in the finale will also be an interesting touch and hopefully we will understand how a young Ben who is considerably younger than Richard manage to become leader.
  • Answers revealed; raising even more questions. Plus more Daddy issues!

    We find out how Ben came to the Island as a child and how he was the one who helped the hostiles living outside the Dharma areas overthrow Dharmas crew. But who were the hostiles (now the Others)? Where they fired Dharma workers that rebelled and purged (killed) the Dharma scientists? Or were they people who crashed there as did Flight 815? And who exactly is running the show? Only recently (LOST time) an airdrop arrived from somewhere beyond the Island? Are the people sending the supplies just doing so as part of some old contract? Is Dharma simply unaware of what happened on the Island? At least we know what happened to the original Dharma crew and how Ben became the leader of the Others. Is Locke really going to die from Bens gut shot? Or will Jacob come to the rescue? And what up with Jacob? Is he some kind of invisible man? Some sort of chameleon? Is he some sort of monster stolen from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet"? It seems like there is a recurring theme guys with Daddy issues and now they are killing them off left and right. Im waiting for Sigmund Freud to show up... And we find out the guy in the van Hurley found was Ben dad, whom he gassed without a 2nd thought leaving his body to rot in the jungle.

    Is Juliet really on the side of the Losties? Or is she playing with them like toys? Next week, we find out! As Ben and his crew raids the camp looking for Pregnant women. Overall it was one of the top episodes of Season 3.
  • Jacob IS a reality :)

    This was truly one of the most kick ass episodes this season- I really didn't imagine that they would get rid of Locke. To be honest I didn't know how to react to it :o I was disappointed but thats what makes this show the most kick ass ever :0) The tables just turn turn turn. I'll speculate believe that Richard and the other OTHERS will most probably play key roles in the next season of lost just as the others did this season :). AND JACOB...

    Jacob is definitely no figment :) Freeze frame your version of the episode at about 31:54 where "Jacob" throws Ben back into a wall...The camera pans right for a split second revealing what looks to be an old man with long hair...behold...JACOB :P
  • Ben...the man you love to hate or hate to love.

    So I began to feel sorry for Ben, his painful childhood, which even started at his birth, his upbringing...everything, until he shot Locke. Now I see him as a jealous little man, but do I ever still love his character. As I said the man you hate to love or love to hate. I loved knowing that 'Roger - Work Man', was none other than the Roger from the previous van with beers episode. Quite enlightening. And its interesting to see that Ben really killed all the first 'Others', for a revengeful childhood. Now another question, who is Jacob? Another puzzle started. Also, Jack should have said something to someone about his plan, aren't they suppose to be his friends? I would feel betrayed if he did that to me.
  • We finally get some answers about the connection between the Others and DHARMA!

    So it turns out that the Others aren't connected with Dharma, but were in fact the reason the project came to an end. Ben's flashback is interesting too, although I think it would have made an excellent season finale to show his flashback then. It didn't really tie into the episode here.

    I found the encounter with Jacob to be exciting if not completely unusual. One step forward, two steps back.

    And Locke gets shot. There is no telling what will become of this. Whatever it is though, I hope the writers can make it interesting and believeable.
  • JOHN LOCKE DIES!!! YAY!!!! *and I really hope he stays dead*

    First of all, when I started watching the episode I though it was good - not great, just good. We found out some stuff about the DHARMA Initiative, Ben and his relationship (or the lack of it) with his father. We finally saw what the whole purge thing was about. I actually though we were gonna SEE Jacob but I guess that was not Lost style. The whispers were so scary; I wish I knew what they were all about.
    Jack’s been pissing the hell out of me lately for keeping secrets with Juliet so I’m glad he’s finally decided to share some of them with the rest of our survivors. But now to the main part, the only reason I gave this episode a score of 10: The moment I saw Ben shooting John Locke I considered the episode awesome, superb, the best one EVER. That's mainly because I hate John Locke and I've been wanting him to get killed off for ages. He's treacherous, unreliable and basically just annoying. I really hope he stays dead.
  • Answers! Sweet, glorious answers!

    Holy crap! I think more questions have been answered in this single episode than in the rest of the series combined! Amazingly, this happens while a relatively small amount of new questions have been asked. Anyway, it turns out Corpesy McBeerVan, aka Roger, is actually Ben's dad, and he ended up corpesy because of Ben, who also betrayed the Dharma initiative to the Others. Ben admits to Locke that he's been lying about being born on the island. But he hasn't been lying about being the only one who can talk to Jacob. Anyway, at least Jacob is real...ish. Anyway, Ben shoots Locke!!! But he can't die! Right? Right!!??
  • damn!

    this was a very good episode if you're a locke fan... at least up until the ending. the jacob and ben's mum scenes were a little spooky, but it just throws more questions into the air. the only real mysteries answered are those surrounding the dharma initiative and to be honest you can kind of figure them out for yourself. a good story and great flashbacks, but it does leave you asking more questions than you had when you sat down to watch the episode. i thought locke kicking the crap out of mikhail was great, but the ending really threw me. it's obvious that lockes special, jacob even asked for his help so if they kill him off i will honest to god stop watching the show. things look set for a massive battle between the losties and the others so the last two episodes of the season should be pretty kickass. i think ben's gonna regret what he did, he looked a little spooked when locke told him what jacob had said to him. lets hope the writers know where they're going with this because they've really set the stage now and if they screw up it's gonna be royally.
  • Not that it was bad... its just the ending... left serious pain in my chest... I felt literally sick, I won't spoil it in the summary though.

    Wow... was this episode revealing, little Benry Potter has the flashback this week... and it is very important.
    Ben was born in Portland, and his dad was Roger Workman (a.k.a. Uncle Rico) We find out that Ben betrayed the Dharma people, and joined the hostiles!

    And Richard, is a lot older than Ben, or so it would seem.

    Locke seems to be the new leader of the others, and Ben is loosing his grip... and he agrees to take Locke to Jacob, which turns out to be just a chair... hmm... I would have loved if Jacob was just Ben's imaginary friend, but it looks like he is real, and he spoke to Locke!

    Ben is great in this episode, and this episode is quite telling, as Stan Lee would say.

    But the real shocker is when Ben shoots Locke in the chest!!!!
    I was so surprised... it hurt inside.

    A good episode overall, I just hope Locke doesn't die on me!
    Can't wait till next episode.
  • Jacob?

    That pretty much sums up this episode. Theories are going to be flying around after the alarming meeting of Locke and Jacob. The moment you see him, the ash, Locke hearing him and the whole "is he really there?" thing. Not to mention an unexpected end which would have been far more talked about if not for Jacob. I doubt the end will have any long term consequences for Locke, he's still got so much to offer the show being the most "special" on the island and all. The series fianle is coming up, and with the last couple of episdoes it really has been set up to be possibly the best of the three.
  • At last, a very! good episode.

    Let me tell you a little story:
    I stopped watching lost after episode #7, I decided that this season is nothing but a huge filler. A week ago a friend of mind decided to tell me what happened in this season so far and he said the Hurley lose a foot! Yeah, he said that they had to cut his foot. So, I had to see it. I watched each and every episode and guess what, Hurley's foot is safe and sound. But! my disbelieve in this season changed, I really enjoyed the last few episodes especially this one, episode #20. I know that the scene where Ben talks to an empty chair is ridicules (I think that he himself almost started laughing), but damn, it was a good episode. At last some we see some interesting and significant stuff happening. I have to admit, I am looking forward the next episode.
  • Help me!

    Wow... that was one hell of an episode. We finally learn about Dharma and what happened to them. We learn about Ben's life and how he came to the island and his life within Dharma. We meet the mysterious Jacob, and overall lots of mysterious questions are put on us with some very revealing answers. Its going to be an exciting season finale I can see! I hope we get to see Jacob before the season ends, yet I highly doubt it. Back at the beach it looks like things are getting interesting and it seems we will be informed on that next episode. Great episode, this season is crazy.
  • Ben and Locke. The ultimate showdown. Jacob. The ultimate experience in spine-tingling suspense. Juliet is out in the open now. The ending of a lifetime. Nuff' said.

    There is no way I can praise this episode enough. Locke is my favorite character and has always been. That ending was the BEST ending I have ever seen in my life. No show gets me like Lost does. The scene with Jacob was absolutely one of the creepiest and most awesome scenes EVER. There was nothing boring in this episode either. A New Character flashback (Ben) Updates on the Island (Jacob, Naomi, Juliet, Jack) I felt like I ate a meal that had so much, I am now obese from it. The setup is there. The ultimate battle is coming. And I can't wait.
  • I'm speechless. Lost is the best.

    Lost this season was amazing. Probably the best season... up until this point.

    Because this episode made it damn sure that THIS IS the BEST season.

    I can't even express my opinion properly, I'm THAT shocked.

    This was the most mysterious episode of Lost ever - beating all the finales, all the single episodes - even if put together.

    Ben's backstory is far from finished, but damn... man, that's one CREEPY story there! Not to mention the island plot. Jacob? What the...? Locke..? Shot? Richard? Purge?

    I have to cut this review short, because I'm THAT amazed.

    Lost is the best show ever, nothing can change that anymore. Thank you actors, writers, directors, producers, everyone.
  • HELP ME !

    OMFG...this did not just happen. Ok this episode was the best of season three definitely...maybe one of the best episodes ever and I mean EVER. Locke wants Ben to take him to Jacob, the famous HIM but John can't see him when they finally arrive and when John accuses Ben that he is insane John turns around and then the voice just says HELP ME.
    Through the series of flashback we see how Ben is born and how his mother died while giving birth to him. How did he came to the island and how did he cooperated with the hostiles...the others and destoryed or better say betrayed DHARMA initiative.
    An amazing and absolutely fabulous episode. One of the best episodes ever.
  • HOLY ****!

    The ending, I was so not expecting it. I knew that Ben would try to pull a fast one on Locke, but I was waiting for Ben to be killed in the episode. I never expected Locke to actually be bested by Ben, again. And the revealing flashback, and the big setup for the season finale. Its definetly the best that Lost has ever been. I think that Last Night's episode might go down as the best episode in Lost history, if not the best, at least on the top list. Whoever said that Lost has jumped the shark needs to seriously have their head examined. I really feel for those who quit on Lost, cause they really do not know what they are missing. Man, two extremely excellent episodes right after each other, Lost has really improved. Only 2 eps. left this season, and I have a feeling that they are going to be legendary.
  • Lost is finally lifting.

    To all those who gave last week's episode above a 9, I TOLD YOU SO! This week's episode was a whole level better than last week's and does not deserve to be categorized with last week's episode. This week's episode finally began to give us some important answers, while still being able to ask some important questions. Ben was with DHARMA. Ben is Roger's son. Jacob is seemingly an invisble man, but he DOES exist. What happens to Locke? Seriously, What is up with Ben? What happened to Annie? I gave this episode a score lower than it deserved because I expect the next two to produce levels not known to man, yet.
  • Setting up the big finale

    In one of my earlier reviews I had commented that Lost needed a miracle to end this season on a high.I guess they got one.Or may be it wasn't a miracle after all, it was just the writers holding up things until the right moment.Anyway just like every other reviewer of this episode I lover every single second of this episode.This probably was the most revealing episode ever.However as with lost , every single answer gives rise to more questions and it was no different here . Who is jacob? Was that the black rock? Why did they show the gun powder? What exactly does juliet have in mind ? what is jack up to? Why doesn't richard age? how did ben become the leader of the natives? why hasn't any of the natives met jacob?is locke really dead?

    However the fact that lost is gonna go on till 2010 means that the writers will take their own sweet time to reveal the answers.But considering that it's finale time in 2 weeks , I am pretty sure lost writers have something pivotal lined up for the next 3 episodes. After all the last couple of episodes of lost last season made sure I continued watching the show this season.Though I wouldn't be needing any such stimulant this time I am pretty sure the producers of lost won't be taking any chances .
  • Invisible men, patricide, and Eugene Tooms

    So Ben had a rough childhood...does that give him the right to kill off his father and a whole group of his, for lack of a better term, co-workers (including the man who once played Eugene Tooms on the X-Files)? I guess we'll have to wait and see. This is one of those eps that, for me, didn't really stand on its own, but I accept it because it's obviously made to help set up the big finale. It was nice to see some of Ben's backstory, but I am sure there is a lot more to come. Who are the Hostiles? Why did it take twenty or thirty some-odd years before they were ready to kill the Dharma workers? Why did it look like at least one of the Hostiles just never seems to age?

    Don't even get me started on the Invisible Jacob. WTF? I REALLY want to know how they're going to explain this one. And if they really do kill off John Locke now that he's grown his cohones back, I'll be very upset. That said, I can't wait to see Charlie's death next week? Is that bad?
  • The best episode of Season Three...

    Possibly the best of the entire series. I say this because this is perhaps the only episode that has shown all we need to know about a character in one episode. Why is Ben so evil? I believe its a result of his father's neglect and anger towards him. But that's beside the point. The highlight of the episode is definitely the end or the metting with Jacob himself. These are some of the most memorable moments of Lost, and I don't think anybody predicted that Ben only thougt Jacob existed. I wont give spoilers to the end, but I will say it has promoted Ben to "Best Character on Show."
  • Ben's story is brought to light...

    Through this season we thought Ben to be a real islander, but to find out he was not born onto this island, he was not an other...he was nothing but a normal boy who came to the island to start a new life, leading to killing everyone he was raised with. The others are still a secret to us, but brings us to light that there is more to the island then even Ben knows. Jacob? Who is Jacob, is he the ghost of all ghosts? Is it actually possible that everyone is dead on that island except the ones who came to the island. Is that possible? Will Locke come back? Is Locke dead? what's the rest, why would Jacob need help, why would Ben be upset at Locke for hearing him when he was the one who asked if Locke could see him? There are still more questions unanswered and unsolved....
  • Chilling episode!

    This has to be my favorite episode of the series! Well, right next to the Pilot. My goodness, the final moments had my heart racing. It just scared the pants off of me. It’s the scenes with Jacob’s meeting and the mass grave that makes this show truly great. What surprised me the most was that Ben may indeed be mad. Usually showing a character’s flashback makes the viewers feel more sympathy towards that character, but this episode’s flashback was the complete opposite. During the beginning of the flashbacks, we were feeling sorry for Ben. His father hated him, never remembering his birthday. The way he hated being on the island and the girl who befriended him. All that changed when he help the hostiles destroy the DHARMA initiative. If you hate a place, you don’t kill everyone who lives there, but that is what Ben did. Which reminds me, what happened to that girl Ben liked. Did she die too? Then when Ben shoots Locke just because he thinks he is smarter than Locke makes me feel that Ben is not going to survive next season. Also when Locke is beating up Mikhail and Ben is yelling for someone to stop him, yet no one helps him, just tells you that none of the Others won’t care if Ben dies. Although I wonder how Locke is going to survive a bullet to the gut. The beach scenes were good too. Sayid questioning Jack’s trust was awesome. Yet Jack is still defending Juliet and thinking of a way to fight against the Others. I believe that whatever plan Jack thinks of, will go wrong or someone might die cause of it. Overall, a classic episode. My only complaint though, is that another character has daddy issues.
  • Great Episode!

    Woohhh!!! People!, I can't believe it. This episode made me thing a lot of hypothesis about the new others (Tom, Juliet, etc) and the old others (Jacob, etc). The story is rewiered again. Maybe the old others are dead people and they crash or arrive on the old boat and hate the dharma initive because they was a good organization. Ahhh!!, a lot of things to think. Excellent Episode people, Excellent!
  • Not the best Lost episode ever, but certainly exciting, and definitely worthy of some respects.

    This episode seems to stand out among other episodes of Lost. Of course it had a lot of classic Lost traits -the flashbacks, the "daddy issues", unpredictability, and plenty of mystery- but it seemed to have an entirely unique feel to it.

    For example, our little introduction to Jacob. I'll admit when Ben walks into the cabin and starts talking to an empty chair, I can't help but think, 'Oh man, this is gonna be a bad imitation of "The Emperor's New Clothes"*, and Locke's either going to play along because he wants to be "special" or Ben is going to tell Locke that he ISN'T special 'cause he can't see Jacob.'

    I'm glad that, apparently, at least on some level Jacob isn't nonexistant.

    It took a more morbid turn when the Dharma camp was terminated (including Ben's daddy) but we already knew that Ben was one creepy dude, and that the "hostiles" are...well, "hostile", so...not all that shocking.

    It may have just been me, but I WAS shocked when Ben shot Locke. Maybe I just wasn't speculating on what was gonna happen -I prefer not to assume much with Lost- but it did throw me.

    Of course we all know that Locke can't die, or at least that he won't, because Terry O'Quinn is casted for the next several episodes.

    Overall, a very good episode. I sort of liked Little Ben (Haha...Gentle Ben comes to mind xD) before he became all...you know...murderer.
    And I do wonder what happened to Annie. *"The Emperor's New Clothes" is that old story where the Emperor hires some guys to make his clothes, and they claim to use thread that can only be seen by honest folks, so everybody plays along because nobody wants to be seen as a liar, although in reality the guys are just scamming everyone.
  • The Jacob revelation, much like any other major revelation on this show, does NOT disappoint!!!

    I thought it was an amazing episode. The "who is Jacob" (partial) revelation brought back memories of how I reacted to "what's in the hatch?", "what did Kate do?", "what is the monster?", and "how did Locke end up in a wheelchair?" - and that is by being nothing like what you'd ever suspect, but being nonetheless awesome. Those were all moments that could become anticlimactic but yet again, the show didn't disappoint.

    Jacob looks like Alvar Hanso.

    Oh, and no way Locke dies. No way. I don't want to even semi-believe it. He's too important a character to the show, and if Locke ever does die before the series is out, Damon and Carlton would give him a much better send-off than that. He deserves a much better send-off.
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