Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • I over all good episode.

    Well, who knew that Ben had an imaginary friend? I almost pied my pants laughing when Ben was talking to "Jacob". It was so halarious to see him talking to the empty chair! I'm not sure what to think, is it maybe only people who trully believe in Jacobs power that can see him? Or maybe only people who have been on the island for a long time? Or then theres the possibilty that Ben is just plain old lieing and there really isn't any Jacob. But I'm highly doughting that. Why would Ben have shot Locke in the last scene if he had made the voice himself? Or maybe he really wants John dead. The Others reaction when Locke said that he and Ben were going to go see Jacob was just priceless. Probably one of the first times we've scene them all go quiet at the same time. And we got to see Patchy again! :D I was so mad at Locke when he just came right up to him and beep the pulp out of him. Poor Mikhail. As for the end, I have to say that I was acctually happy that Ben shot Locke. I really hope theylet him die, I can't stand him!

    As for the flashbacks, I thought they were great! Ben was so cute as a kid! And him and his little friend Annie were so cute togther! It was so sad though that his Dad blamed him for his mother dieing, that was just not right. I'm guessing that it was smokey that Ben was seeing when he saw his mother, but how would smokey get into his room? Any thoughts on that guys?

    Back on the beach.... :D I was so happy with Jack! I could have lept into the TV and hugged him! I know that probably about 99% of people here are probably thinking the exact opposite, but me being a total Other Lover, I was so happy that Jack stood be Juliet and didn't go cold on her. As for whether she really told him the day that she and Sun went to the Staff, I'm a bit skeptical about that, I think he knows more then he is letting on.

    So thats it, next week is Greatest Hits and I can't wait! :)
  • I can't believe it!!

    I’m in disbelief. I’m in shock. I’m…speechless. They killed John Locke!!!! Our beloved, lying, scheming, Man of Faith! I almost want to say, “how dare they!” But I’ll try to refrain from doing that, the reason being, I do have faith in TPTB. And to be fair, we were warned. And I could feel it in my bones that a big death was on its way. I mean, they can’t just keep killing off side characters that come in halfway through the series (Boone and Shannon being the exceptions).

    We asked for answers, and boy, did we get them. Seeing Ben as a child was very interesting, to say the least. I even felt sorry for the poor guy! The daddy issues on this show never seem to stop. The entire setup DHARMA had (the school, applying for jobs) was strange. Civilized, but strange. We Finally learned about the infamous “purge”, and it was headed by the one and only Ben. When they showed Ben killing his father (Roger Work Man!) I immediately thought of Ben trying to make Locke kill his father. Did Ben do that so he wouldn’t feel guilty, so he wouldn’t feel like he was the only one committing such an atrocity? Who knows, but that’s what came to mind.

    And what in the fricking world is with Jacob?! I felt like I was watching a ghost movie. Knowing Ben, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was a setup to scare Locke and lure him to his death. But with Ben being so extremely difficult to read, for all we know he seriously was seeing someone in that chair. I couldn’t tell if the “help me” guy was Ben or another guy in the shadows (although that’s what it looked like). Either way, it feels like the supernatural is visiting Lost for a while.

    That last scene was perfectly set up. The pit was creeeepy! As soon as Ben said “I was smarter than you” I knew Locke was a goner. But my jaw still dropped to the floor when the bullet went through him. I think somewhere in the corners of my brain there’s the fleeting hope that Locke will pull a Mikhail and ‘come back alive’, but we were promised at least 5 deaths. Unfortunately, I think that’s a promise the writers are going to keep.

    Well, my heart rate has slowed down, but now the aftermath beings. What to expect, I have no idea anymore. All I know is that Lost isn’t playing any games. It’s all business from hereon out. RIP John Locke.

    **Edit: Ok, maybe Locke isn’t dead. But whatever, this is my initial reaction. We’ll have to wait and see! :P
  • It was like watching a horror movie!!!! An awesome horror movie!

    What an awesome episode, yet still more questions than answers. I seriously felt scared (now that my roommate is gone and I had to watch alone) most of the episode. Even the best thriller couldn't compare to it.
    We learned hell lot of stuff. The Dharma, Ben, Juliet, Jacobs and Ben again...
    I can shamelessly say that I didn't predict ANY of it happening (how could I?!). And if this episode doesn't get the rating it deserves I'll...(this is the part when I realize I'm powerless :D ) kick some ass.
    For those who can go to sleep good night, because I certainly can't now that John is (possibly) dead, and Ben is part of the initiative! There is one more thing to say: **HELP ME!!!**
  • Ben reluctantly opens up to Locke about the island and it's history. Sawyer and Sayid inform everyone about Naomi as well as the truth behind Juliet. However Jack may have already beaten them to the punch.

    A very excellent episode that continues the recent trend of great episodes. Locke drags Coopers body back to the Others and demands Ben start talking. Mikhail returns and informs them about Naomim at the 815ers camp and how she arrived here. He also questions why Ben is answering to Locke until Locke physically silences him while the Others watch. Ben agrees to take Locke to see Jacob. Back at the 815ers camp Sawyer and Sayid inform everyone about Naomi. They also play the tape of Juliet reporting back to Ben exposing her as a mole. However Juliet informs them to flip it over and play the other side which is Ben's intructions to Juliet and laying out his plan for the invasion of their camp. Jack tells them he didn't tell them cause he didn't know what to do yet. He says they all have some catching up to do. This was interesting as each side clearly didn't trust the other for their own reasons. Meanwhile we got some interesting insights into the island's history through Ben's flashbacks. We see he wasn't really born on the island, his father Roger (from Hurley's episode involving the van) was brought there and was a janitor who used the van in his job. We see how Ben snuck off into the jungle and met one of the hostiles and planted the seeds for later in life when the purge occured to rid the island of the Dharma Initiative and for the island's original inhabitors to reclaim what is theirs. Ben even gases his own father as part of this purge. Ben and Locke arrive at Jacob's only it would appear that Ben is an insane fraud who is talking to an empty chair Locke doesn't buy it and turns to leave when everything shakes and he hears a voice utter "help me". Ben tries to ask Locke what Jacob said to him but Locke brushes it off. Ben confesses that he has lied and brings Locke to a giant whole where the Dharma people are buried and in probably one of the most shocking and out of nowhere endings Ben tells Locke he was one of the smart people who made sure he didn't end up in that whole and when he finishes saying he's smarter than Locke he shoots him. A very thrilling episode with an ending that left me breathles.
  • Absolutely blindsided me.

    I have been looking forward to this episode for a very long time. This episode provided many twists and turns for the first 40 minutes or so, and then the episode totally blindsided me. I’m trying to not go into a panic attack as I write this. But for this show to go on (supposedly) without Locke anymore is something I was not prepared to grasp. Rumors abound about how the end of this season was going to produce a rather large body count, but not in a million years would I have suspected Locke being a character killed off. Quick note: I think I’m having a stroke – can’t breathe, double vision, my pulse must be 200 beats per minute. It still hasn’t set in. And I do not know when I will be able to fully accept what I saw. Now, possibly John can pull a ‘Mikhael’ and somehow return, but with the way he died, I just don’t think that can be a possibility, although I must admit that if any show can make ‘the impossible’ possible, this is it.

    What an episode. I thought the flashbacks were excellent; the revelations about the very eerie and ghost-like Jacob and other mysteries of the island were surreal. The on-island scenes were magnificent. Michael Emerson is truly one of the best character actors of the past decade. I cannot believe how convincing he is as ‘Ben.’ What a tremendous asset to the show. Rest in Peace, John Locke, if this was your swan song. This show, this fan base, and especially this particular fan, will miss you dearly.

    Well, I’m going to grab a bottle and get ‘Desmoned’ tonight (my new code word for getting knee-walking drunk). I cannot wait to hear other people’s opinion on this episode.
  • Review

    I will continue on with the madness that is a 9.9 rating with 80 votes cast for this episode thus far. Many said Lost is back with Flashes Before Your Eyes and a lot more said it was back after The Man From Tallahasse. I believe everyone can say Lost is back (to me it never really went away, but Im encompassed in the mystery like never before now). Bens flashback was really good, I liked the younger version of Ben and seeing the transformation from "good person" to what he is now, which we learn is not a good person. I thought the episode was written very well from beginning to end. Even the "slow" parts of the episode were very informative and overall brillant as far as character devolopment goes. The scene with Jacob was down right intense and weird and that is what I believe brought the mystery back into the show for me. In Season 1 it was the whispers in the jungle, Walt being captured, and the mystery of the hatch. In season 2 it was the tail section survivors, the hatch, and the reveal of the others. This season I havent felt the mystery, I havent felt the intensity that I used to feel in previous seasons. Locke being shot at the end of the episode and Locke and Bens interaction with Jacob simply brought that all back, that feeling of "....what did I just witness." This is without doubt the greatest episode of season 3 and I seriously think the greatest episode in Lost history.
  • Extremely revealing!

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! What was that? This whole episode was psychotic (and I mean that in a nice way). I hoped that it would answer some questions. Jacob-Ben all along! Ben is actually psychotic (no duh! there) & just thinks he sees Jacob! The Dharma Initiatives were killed by Ben & the Others (or Hostiles)! Ben actually killing his own father! The man in the van that Hurly found is actually his father!

    And THE biggest shock of the them all...

    John Locke's death!

    Never in a trillion years did I see that coming. I knew that 5 people were going to die by the end of the season, thanks to an interview done with the creators. So that's two down (I count Locke's father as one of them). I wonder who's next? Charlie it seems like. But who are the two will be? I hope none of the Survivors. I hope Ben &/or Juliet will be killed off.

    As I said before...

    7 days is WAAAAAY to long to wait for another episode.
  • I'm In Shock!

    Let me start this review by saying that i am completely and unbelievably in disbelief. What a complete shocker. The Ending is Crazy. One of the best lost episodes yet. I haven't lost faith in this show. Only two more episodes to go. I believe the producers when they say the season finale is going to be crazy because this episode alone blew my mind completely out of this galaxy. There were no flaws in this episode, its an absolute must watch. 10 out of five stars. LONG LIVE LOST!

    Can't Wait to see if Charlie Lives Or Dies... I Hope He Lives....
  • All I can say is - holy crap!!!!

    This episode just blew me away! I couldn't tear my eyes away from the tv because I was afraid to miss even the slightest bit of information. Okay, so I really never considered that Ben just might be part of the Dharma initiative. Don't ask me why...now it seems obvious. The insight into his childhood/youth was very interesting indeed. So the survivors of the crash are not the only ones who 'see dead people' on the island after all. I knew that John Locke was rolling the dice and pushing his luck by trying to gain some kind of power or dominance over Ben. The visit to Jacob was completely creepy - I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't stop at the same time! At first I thought Ben really was officially crazy, but I think Jacob must be some kind of 'real' entity - Just more questions than answers about that one. I really am sad about John Locke, though. He was a pretty cool guy, and I always thought that he might die doing something heroic or at least on his own terms. Now he's down in the creepy pit. I wonder if any of the survivors will ever find him?? I'd love to know why Ben was just 'accepted' by the so-called hostiles...why not kill Ben like the rest of the Dharma initiative? And now Ben seems to be the 'leader' of the original hostiles? What?! Things are soon going to come to a head on the show - this whole purge business will be interesting to see how that plays out. Another reviewer noted something about 5 deaths - now that JOhn is toast, I'm wondering just who will be next!! I hope the season finale answers at least a few questions because I don't think I can make it all summer. I just hope Jack is right in his assessment of Juliet and she doesn't come back to bite them. I still don't trust her. But wow, my mind is still reeling from that episode tonight. What a stunner!
  • And just like that, we get what is probably the best episode of this season... "Wow!" That's the only word left on anyone's mind...

    Ben has always been that character that you wish you knew more about. Luckily, when this episode came around, our wishes were finally granted. With the childhood of Ben delved upon and the problems he had as well as the mysteries of Jacob and the Purge revealed, you get a sense that LOST may be starting to become one mystery that you never saw coming.

    I think this episode really relies on its beautiful balance of the flashback and the on-island story. Both have equal importance and both get equal camera-time and script. Lucky for us, both are just as impressive. With Ben finally showing us who he truly is, the manipulative and evil booger we thought he was, but worse, we still feel for his character after the guilt his father gives him and the way he is detached seem to ruin his psychological state.

    Ben is a character I hope we see much, much more of. His flashback contained a lot of information, but it left a huge gap in what occurred when he first met Richard Alpert (who has seemed to not age somehow). His childhood friend, Abby, is also a character we meet through his flashback, along with Roger Linus, Ben's father. Both characters have contrasting feelings towards Ben as Roger shows his painful fatherhood responsibilities after blaming Ben for the death of his wife during child labor and as Abby shows care for him, remembering his birthday and showing it through her own gifts. Then, the reveal that the Dharma Initiative was brought down by Ben and the Hostiles during the purge is just something remarkable in a sense (especially with that whole Ben theme music).

    Also, the idea of Jacob in the episode becomes more relevant and more mysterious when we learn that Jacob is some sort of soul or invisible man. Unfortunately, when Locke can't hear or see Jacob, he gets frustrated at Ben, leading him to his own shocking shooting before the corpses of the Dharma Initiative. Of course, we all hope (and have a feeling) that Locke will make it out of this, but from the looks of things, who knows? This sort of Two for the Road ending just gives the episode its own merits as an episode that has a little bit of everything. There's mystery, emotions, character development, reveals, and of course, questions. Sometimes, we may be a bit fearful for the questions, but for me, I find them all the better. Yes, The Man Behind the Curtain is a LOST classic that we'll love and cherish for times to come. With the shocking ending and many revealing areas of Ben and Dharma given, you can't do anything but simply enjoy the episode. The only thing I have against it is the possibility that this just may be the end for the greatest character of all time, John Locke.
  • Holy mother of God... that was a great episode.

    Flashbacks- These were very cool. We finally find out about the Purge. The acting by young Ben was exceptional, seeing as how he hardly ever spoke. That takes good acting to pull off. Other things: Richard Alpert ages very well. Apollo bars make a re-appearance as does Marvin Candle, which made me very happy.

    Beach storyline (Minor story)- This part was ok. The Losties find out about Juliet & Jack. It looks like Jack might be on the Losties side again, though. --

    Locke & Ben storyline (Major story)- This part was incredible. The part with "Jacob" was very creepy and weird. That gun shot was so shocking. I think Locke will survive, though. ---

    Conclusion- This episode might have just landed itself in my top 5. I don't give out 10's too leniently, but this episode totally deserves it. Incredible episode.

    Locke: What WAS that?
    Ben: That... was Jacob.
  • Wow. This one was a real stunner

    More revealing information about the island, including how Ben ended up there in the first place. We also learn what the purge was, and I was surprised to see that Ben planned the death of all his people and teamed up with the hostiles on the other side of the island to get it done. He's one freaking psycho.

    Other revealing information would include how the Dharma Initiative was created in the first place. There were no insights on what exactly they were doing, but it appears it had something to do with experimentation. Hence, the shots that were being given out to the people by nurses.

    This was one crazy wild ride this week. It's revealing, intensely shocking, and completely thrilling. However the shocks continued to come in the form of a big death involving one of the major characters. I was completely blind-sided by this, and I still find myself not believing it. Then again Mickhail(sp) managed to be brought back from the dead, so maybe the writers will do this again. Will have to see, and for those who haven't seen it yet, I won't reveal the big death.

    This episode also revealed Juliette's secret to the castaways in the form of the tape recorder given to Sawyer by Locke. It seems that Juliette is on the side of the castaways, but with her I'm never sure.

    The secret of Jacob was also a stunner, and I do believe that what Locke heard as he walked out the door of the cabin was not really Ben as he thinks, but some ghost or entity of some kind. Heck, maybe Ben has special powers and made the whole thing happen mentally. With Lost, you can never be too sure what is going on.

    Overall the best episode of the season so far, and one of the most thrilling in the entire series. I don't know if there were small goofs or not, but I will still give "The Man Behind the Curtain" a top ranking. It was really that good.
  • I saw him,Jacob, but who is he?

    I think ,after going back and pausing it, its Locke with long hair . This is a very great episode with some great directing acting and pacing.not to mention Uncle Rico as bens peice o crap father ' roger work man' oh how everything comes together so nicely . "the fence protects us from the wild life on this island"
    " what kinda wild life?"

    I love this stuff and will be a loyal fan to the end ,even if jack dies in the season finale . my money was on ben but now im thinking my friend is right ... jack will bite the bullet.

    Wow. This episode ROCKED. For the first time, we finally find out who bugg-eyed benry really is. He's the quiet one! He's the silent disturbed school shooter! Holy crap!
    And he is smart. Too smart.
    So we find out his dad blames him for killing his mom, which he didn't (really), and that screws him up enough that he betrays the ENTIRE community he was raised with along with their mortal eneies, the hostiles.
    Then to top it off, Juliet's secret is blown, plus another arrives, cueing a soon-to-come standoff for the end of the season. But more importantly...
    Ben kills Locke. That sucks. And propels this episode to classic status.
    Sure, he might live, but so might Paulo and Nikki, so I doubt it.
    And his death is so pitiful! If he was going to die, you would want it to be heroically, or symbollically, or at least crazily, but you're forced to watch him get shot in cold blood and bleed to death in a pit full of skeletons. It's both heart and gut wrentching. You were my favorite character Locke, and you brought us quite a show these three seasons. Rest in peace.
    Now we wait for the showdown, and Charlie's supposed death...
  • A Ben centered episode and we are introduced to Jacob.

    A few loose ends become whole, whereas others get more unraveled.

    We find out that Roger, the body in the VW, that Hurley had discovered several episodes back, is Ben's father. Many years ago, Roger Linus took a job as a caretaker on the island. During the day he would do his grunt work and in the evenings he drank Dharma beer while blaming his son for his wife's death during childbirth.

    We see Dharma as it was before the 'Hostiles' over ran the compound killing those who belonged to the organization. From appearances it seemed that it was a Utopian society but for some reason not given, they could not get along with their neighbors, whom they called "The Hostiles".

    The character of Jacob has been mentioned in several episodes. In this installment we are taken to Jacob's 'home' with Ben and John. Yet we don't see Jacob and neither does Locke. Yet John hears his voice, "Help me." Help with what? I think it has to do with finding balance on the island. I think that Jacob is the 'weird black monster' that takes other people's form. That would explain a few things. But then, what is Jacob?

    John Locke inasmuch as he seems to loose his trust in people, continues to make blind judgments. When Alex gave him the gun before he left with Ben, right there Locke should had been on his guard instead of expecting 'something'. It was becoming obvious that eventually there would be a power struggle between John and Ben. And Ben being the sociopath, takes the initiative. This was one lesson apparently John has to learn the hard way. I don't think they will let him die - at least not yet. The island has plans for him - it isn't through with John Locke.

    As for the group on the beach, we wonder about Juliette. Perhaps she should explain why she goes along with Ben and at the same time has her own agenda. It is apparent she is found of Jack and that she really wants to leave as does the rest of the group.

    We never quite understand why the Others decided to play hostile when Flight 815 crashed. Did they fear their rouse would be discovered about killing off the Dharma Group? There are a horde of other questions and hopefully the next installment will answer a few of them. Yet no doubt it will present a few more.
  • OMG that just happened!

    Wow, wow, and wow. That episode tonight of Lost was one of the best episodes of Lost in along time. I don't know what to say about it. Everything is slowly starting to boil down to the season finale. We have now learned what there is to learn about Ben in this episode about him and some of the stuff was pretty revealing about him. At the main camp, it's going to be interesting to see what happens now with Jack and Juliet. It seems to me no one is going to trust Jack anymore, or if they are they are going to keep a close watch on him. Whatever happens there is going to explode. I for one don't think Locke is dead. The island has always, always watched out for Locke mostly because Locke believes in the island. I am starting to think Lost is about belief. Whatever you believe in will be tested and if you pass the test you will be rewarded. Time and time again Locke has been tested and tested, and each time he has passed. I think the island will somehow help him out. I don't know if we will see him in the next episode but I would bank on it that we will see him in the season finale in some way shape or form.
  • An awesome episode.

    I told myself, right after it ended that this episode made season 3 better than season 2! Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) is soo good, where did this guy come from! This one was a top notch thriller, as we finally see where the others truly stand. I love how they explained how the dharma initiative was ended which foreshadows how the 2 groups on the island will battle it out. It will be interesting to see how locke manages to be saved and become well enough to go head to head against jack... maybe they will ally at the last minute to fend off the others? Its gunna be good!
  • Locke and Ben's Excellent Adventure. There's Russians, turncoats, young Ben, and a Haunted House. Ripping good fun for everyone.

    This is really the only episode I've been waiting for this season. I'm glad they finally revealed Ben's origin since if I had to see one more minorly revealing fact about one of the "survivors," I think I may have finally had my breaking point with the show. Although, if it is ultimately revealed that Jacob is the ghost of the captain of the Black Rock, I may give up anyways. Being a writer myself, I have a few theories of what's going to be coming up so I hope you don't mind indulging me for a minute:

    1.) Juliette is still a turncoat despite her hatred of Ben. Ben was completely unphased when he saw the line of gunpowder on the way to Jacob's. Despite the loss of the sub, she still sees him as her way home.

    2.) At the climax of the coming war between the Others and the "survivors," Locke will make a miraculous return to kill Ben, although Locke is possessed by Jacob. Ben and Locke share a connection to the island, and ultimately to Jacob, and since Ben is keeping Jacob's spirit captive somehow, Locke is chosen as the new keeper of the island.

    3.) The Cerberus will play a prominent role in season 4 since Locke will now be able to control it. Going on my Jacob/Black Rock theory, the Cerberus will be the vengeful spirits of the slaves from the ship which are still in fear of the captain.

    4.) At the end of season 5, Bob Newhart wakes up and it was all a dream.

    That is all. Play on, Playahs.
  • The Jacob revelation, much like any other major revelation on this show, does NOT disappoint!!!

    I thought it was an amazing episode. The "who is Jacob" (partial) revelation brought back memories of how I reacted to "what's in the hatch?", "what did Kate do?", "what is the monster?", and "how did Locke end up in a wheelchair?" - and that is by being nothing like what you'd ever suspect, but being nonetheless awesome. Those were all moments that could become anticlimactic but yet again, the show didn't disappoint.

    Jacob looks like Alvar Hanso.

    Oh, and no way Locke dies. No way. I don't want to even semi-believe it. He's too important a character to the show, and if Locke ever does die before the series is out, Damon and Carlton would give him a much better send-off than that. He deserves a much better send-off.
  • Not the best Lost episode ever, but certainly exciting, and definitely worthy of some respects.

    This episode seems to stand out among other episodes of Lost. Of course it had a lot of classic Lost traits -the flashbacks, the "daddy issues", unpredictability, and plenty of mystery- but it seemed to have an entirely unique feel to it.

    For example, our little introduction to Jacob. I'll admit when Ben walks into the cabin and starts talking to an empty chair, I can't help but think, 'Oh man, this is gonna be a bad imitation of "The Emperor's New Clothes"*, and Locke's either going to play along because he wants to be "special" or Ben is going to tell Locke that he ISN'T special 'cause he can't see Jacob.'

    I'm glad that, apparently, at least on some level Jacob isn't nonexistant.

    It took a more morbid turn when the Dharma camp was terminated (including Ben's daddy) but we already knew that Ben was one creepy dude, and that the "hostiles" are...well, "hostile", so...not all that shocking.

    It may have just been me, but I WAS shocked when Ben shot Locke. Maybe I just wasn't speculating on what was gonna happen -I prefer not to assume much with Lost- but it did throw me.

    Of course we all know that Locke can't die, or at least that he won't, because Terry O'Quinn is casted for the next several episodes.

    Overall, a very good episode. I sort of liked Little Ben (Haha...Gentle Ben comes to mind xD) before he became all...you know...murderer.
    And I do wonder what happened to Annie. *"The Emperor's New Clothes" is that old story where the Emperor hires some guys to make his clothes, and they claim to use thread that can only be seen by honest folks, so everybody plays along because nobody wants to be seen as a liar, although in reality the guys are just scamming everyone.
  • Great Episode!

    Woohhh!!! People!, I can't believe it. This episode made me thing a lot of hypothesis about the new others (Tom, Juliet, etc) and the old others (Jacob, etc). The story is rewiered again. Maybe the old others are dead people and they crash or arrive on the old boat and hate the dharma initive because they was a good organization. Ahhh!!, a lot of things to think. Excellent Episode people, Excellent!
  • Chilling episode!

    This has to be my favorite episode of the series! Well, right next to the Pilot. My goodness, the final moments had my heart racing. It just scared the pants off of me. It’s the scenes with Jacob’s meeting and the mass grave that makes this show truly great. What surprised me the most was that Ben may indeed be mad. Usually showing a character’s flashback makes the viewers feel more sympathy towards that character, but this episode’s flashback was the complete opposite. During the beginning of the flashbacks, we were feeling sorry for Ben. His father hated him, never remembering his birthday. The way he hated being on the island and the girl who befriended him. All that changed when he help the hostiles destroy the DHARMA initiative. If you hate a place, you don’t kill everyone who lives there, but that is what Ben did. Which reminds me, what happened to that girl Ben liked. Did she die too? Then when Ben shoots Locke just because he thinks he is smarter than Locke makes me feel that Ben is not going to survive next season. Also when Locke is beating up Mikhail and Ben is yelling for someone to stop him, yet no one helps him, just tells you that none of the Others won’t care if Ben dies. Although I wonder how Locke is going to survive a bullet to the gut. The beach scenes were good too. Sayid questioning Jack’s trust was awesome. Yet Jack is still defending Juliet and thinking of a way to fight against the Others. I believe that whatever plan Jack thinks of, will go wrong or someone might die cause of it. Overall, a classic episode. My only complaint though, is that another character has daddy issues.
  • Ben's story is brought to light...

    Through this season we thought Ben to be a real islander, but to find out he was not born onto this island, he was not an other...he was nothing but a normal boy who came to the island to start a new life, leading to killing everyone he was raised with. The others are still a secret to us, but brings us to light that there is more to the island then even Ben knows. Jacob? Who is Jacob, is he the ghost of all ghosts? Is it actually possible that everyone is dead on that island except the ones who came to the island. Is that possible? Will Locke come back? Is Locke dead? what's the rest, why would Jacob need help, why would Ben be upset at Locke for hearing him when he was the one who asked if Locke could see him? There are still more questions unanswered and unsolved....
  • The best episode of Season Three...

    Possibly the best of the entire series. I say this because this is perhaps the only episode that has shown all we need to know about a character in one episode. Why is Ben so evil? I believe its a result of his father's neglect and anger towards him. But that's beside the point. The highlight of the episode is definitely the end or the metting with Jacob himself. These are some of the most memorable moments of Lost, and I don't think anybody predicted that Ben only thougt Jacob existed. I wont give spoilers to the end, but I will say it has promoted Ben to "Best Character on Show."
  • Invisible men, patricide, and Eugene Tooms

    So Ben had a rough childhood...does that give him the right to kill off his father and a whole group of his, for lack of a better term, co-workers (including the man who once played Eugene Tooms on the X-Files)? I guess we'll have to wait and see. This is one of those eps that, for me, didn't really stand on its own, but I accept it because it's obviously made to help set up the big finale. It was nice to see some of Ben's backstory, but I am sure there is a lot more to come. Who are the Hostiles? Why did it take twenty or thirty some-odd years before they were ready to kill the Dharma workers? Why did it look like at least one of the Hostiles just never seems to age?

    Don't even get me started on the Invisible Jacob. WTF? I REALLY want to know how they're going to explain this one. And if they really do kill off John Locke now that he's grown his cohones back, I'll be very upset. That said, I can't wait to see Charlie's death next week? Is that bad?
  • Setting up the big finale

    In one of my earlier reviews I had commented that Lost needed a miracle to end this season on a high.I guess they got one.Or may be it wasn't a miracle after all, it was just the writers holding up things until the right moment.Anyway just like every other reviewer of this episode I lover every single second of this episode.This probably was the most revealing episode ever.However as with lost , every single answer gives rise to more questions and it was no different here . Who is jacob? Was that the black rock? Why did they show the gun powder? What exactly does juliet have in mind ? what is jack up to? Why doesn't richard age? how did ben become the leader of the natives? why hasn't any of the natives met jacob?is locke really dead?

    However the fact that lost is gonna go on till 2010 means that the writers will take their own sweet time to reveal the answers.But considering that it's finale time in 2 weeks , I am pretty sure lost writers have something pivotal lined up for the next 3 episodes. After all the last couple of episodes of lost last season made sure I continued watching the show this season.Though I wouldn't be needing any such stimulant this time I am pretty sure the producers of lost won't be taking any chances .
  • Lost is finally lifting.

    To all those who gave last week's episode above a 9, I TOLD YOU SO! This week's episode was a whole level better than last week's and does not deserve to be categorized with last week's episode. This week's episode finally began to give us some important answers, while still being able to ask some important questions. Ben was with DHARMA. Ben is Roger's son. Jacob is seemingly an invisble man, but he DOES exist. What happens to Locke? Seriously, What is up with Ben? What happened to Annie? I gave this episode a score lower than it deserved because I expect the next two to produce levels not known to man, yet.
  • HOLY ****!

    The ending, I was so not expecting it. I knew that Ben would try to pull a fast one on Locke, but I was waiting for Ben to be killed in the episode. I never expected Locke to actually be bested by Ben, again. And the revealing flashback, and the big setup for the season finale. Its definetly the best that Lost has ever been. I think that Last Night's episode might go down as the best episode in Lost history, if not the best, at least on the top list. Whoever said that Lost has jumped the shark needs to seriously have their head examined. I really feel for those who quit on Lost, cause they really do not know what they are missing. Man, two extremely excellent episodes right after each other, Lost has really improved. Only 2 eps. left this season, and I have a feeling that they are going to be legendary.
  • HELP ME !

    OMFG...this did not just happen. Ok this episode was the best of season three definitely...maybe one of the best episodes ever and I mean EVER. Locke wants Ben to take him to Jacob, the famous HIM but John can't see him when they finally arrive and when John accuses Ben that he is insane John turns around and then the voice just says HELP ME.
    Through the series of flashback we see how Ben is born and how his mother died while giving birth to him. How did he came to the island and how did he cooperated with the hostiles...the others and destoryed or better say betrayed DHARMA initiative.
    An amazing and absolutely fabulous episode. One of the best episodes ever.
  • I'm speechless. Lost is the best.

    Lost this season was amazing. Probably the best season... up until this point.

    Because this episode made it damn sure that THIS IS the BEST season.

    I can't even express my opinion properly, I'm THAT shocked.

    This was the most mysterious episode of Lost ever - beating all the finales, all the single episodes - even if put together.

    Ben's backstory is far from finished, but damn... man, that's one CREEPY story there! Not to mention the island plot. Jacob? What the...? Locke..? Shot? Richard? Purge?

    I have to cut this review short, because I'm THAT amazed.

    Lost is the best show ever, nothing can change that anymore. Thank you actors, writers, directors, producers, everyone.
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