Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • not that great answers, and not a good direction.

    i dont know why everyone is happy with the answers, we did got allot of answers about ben, but what about the main questions that we have, who are the others? what are they doing/motives? we still know nothing at all about that. but i got use to it that we will know it only in the end.
    the episode was ok, but the invisible man was silly to my and really over the top, i guess im probably one of the few that still hopes for a rational (atlest for the most part) explanation to all of it, oh well.
  • same problem...its gotta stop

    the only reason each episode aint getting a 10 lately is because there aint enough character interaction...this is the 3rd time ive repeated this but im going to say it again, each episode must include everyone and they have to have lines...you cant just have charlie and claire walk past in a scene and think well weve included them for this episode at least once, lets forget about that and move on. the only focus in each episode is the people involved in the story, and thats why the finale will have the quality of a season 1 and 2 episode, because everyone has to be included in the finale. anyways to the episode itself. flashbacks were the best part of this episode i think, and provided us with quite a few answers. there was a brilliantly set up part aswel, one of the best examples of why this show was great came when we see ben kill his dad and then return to otherville, to find all the dharma people dead, then seeing all the hostiles calmly walk out, that has to be one of the best scenes in lost ive seen. now at first i didnt like the jacob revelation, but ive come to realise why shouldnt i...i didnt complain when i heard what i thought and still do think are ghosts in season one, now that ive seen one why shouldnt i accept it...and the big cliffhanger, i hope its addressed next episode because it was a big shock...
  • Moving further and further away from "logical" non sci-fiyish explanations

    This episode was descent, however, wha has certainly dissapointed me was that as of this episode, lost can not be explained without sci-fi stuff. The first two sesons pushed the limits of logical explanations, but still coul dbe explained without using science fiction. Now, it is all gone. The never-aging Richard, the invisible Jacob. I am certain that for some people this episode was a turning point in the direction to stop watching the show, just like the Flashes Before Your Eyes episode. Overall, if you are open to science fiction explanations of Lost events and mysteries, it is a great episode, but if you hoped for some normal stuff, this is the end.
  • I over all good episode.

    Well, who knew that Ben had an imaginary friend? I almost pied my pants laughing when Ben was talking to "Jacob". It was so halarious to see him talking to the empty chair! I'm not sure what to think, is it maybe only people who trully believe in Jacobs power that can see him? Or maybe only people who have been on the island for a long time? Or then theres the possibilty that Ben is just plain old lieing and there really isn't any Jacob. But I'm highly doughting that. Why would Ben have shot Locke in the last scene if he had made the voice himself? Or maybe he really wants John dead. The Others reaction when Locke said that he and Ben were going to go see Jacob was just priceless. Probably one of the first times we've scene them all go quiet at the same time. And we got to see Patchy again! :D I was so mad at Locke when he just came right up to him and beep the pulp out of him. Poor Mikhail. As for the end, I have to say that I was acctually happy that Ben shot Locke. I really hope theylet him die, I can't stand him!

    As for the flashbacks, I thought they were great! Ben was so cute as a kid! And him and his little friend Annie were so cute togther! It was so sad though that his Dad blamed him for his mother dieing, that was just not right. I'm guessing that it was smokey that Ben was seeing when he saw his mother, but how would smokey get into his room? Any thoughts on that guys?

    Back on the beach.... :D I was so happy with Jack! I could have lept into the TV and hugged him! I know that probably about 99% of people here are probably thinking the exact opposite, but me being a total Other Lover, I was so happy that Jack stood be Juliet and didn't go cold on her. As for whether she really told him the day that she and Sun went to the Staff, I'm a bit skeptical about that, I think he knows more then he is letting on.

    So thats it, next week is Greatest Hits and I can't wait! :)
  • JOHN LOCKE DIES!!! YAY!!!! *and I really hope he stays dead*

    First of all, when I started watching the episode I though it was good - not great, just good. We found out some stuff about the DHARMA Initiative, Ben and his relationship (or the lack of it) with his father. We finally saw what the whole purge thing was about. I actually though we were gonna SEE Jacob but I guess that was not Lost style. The whispers were so scary; I wish I knew what they were all about.
    Jack’s been pissing the hell out of me lately for keeping secrets with Juliet so I’m glad he’s finally decided to share some of them with the rest of our survivors. But now to the main part, the only reason I gave this episode a score of 10: The moment I saw Ben shooting John Locke I considered the episode awesome, superb, the best one EVER. That's mainly because I hate John Locke and I've been wanting him to get killed off for ages. He's treacherous, unreliable and basically just annoying. I really hope he stays dead.
  • A very good episode.

    A very good episode, but my problem is that there's even more mistery and even less answers. I'm a little angry with Jack, too, it's his fault that people in the camp don't trust him, Jack should have trusted them and tell them everything, he should have known that the truth would eventually be revealed. That would have been the wise thing to do, but this way it was more exciting. The writers do that a lot, my problem is when they use too many unwise, illogical decisions to make the story interesting. That invisible man, wow, that was something, can't wait to find out more about him. How do you think Locke would resurrect? We know now that Mikhail didn't resurrect, but he didn't die in the first place, but now I guess anything is possible.
  • In this episode, Locke convinces ben to show him where Jacbo is, and Ben takes him to what appears to be an empty house, but then Locke hears a voice, and ben kills locke because of it. Back at the camp, Juliet's secret is revealed.

    A great episode, but we didn't find out as much as i thought we would.

    I'm sure i'm not the only person hating Ben right now, but i don't think that locke is going to die. Remember how fast the island healed him when they crashed and his legs healed? a bullet wound should be nothing. But still, the encounter with Jacob was pretty weird. If you watch that scene in slow motion you can see a person in the chair. It's really awesome.

    Overall, it was a very good episode. I can't wait until next week.


    I hope Ben dies. I hate him now lol
  • Questions answered, more posed

    This was a very revealing episode. No one can complain about this one not furthering the plot or not answering questions.

    Seeing Ben's flashbacks was just incredible. Finally, we know the difference between Dharma and "The Others" aka "The Hostiles".

    The Others are responsible for the whispers, move without leaving tracks or makign sounds, and are apparently natives.

    Also, judging by Richard, they seem not to age. Some crazy stuff. Good to see how Dharma was purged. But how do Ben and co. get money etc? Still using Dharma funds? And how did Ben get higher in heirarchy than Richard?Hard to say. The scene with Locke, Ben, and "Jacob", was one of the craziest I've ever seen on TV. We go from thinking Ben is just some sort of mentally ill liar, to wondering WTF is going. What is Jacob? Why can Ben see/hear him allegedly? And, almost most importantly, why does he need help?

    As Locke has seemingly met his demise, the Losties are regrouped and ready for a battle. Should bode some wild things to come.
  • Extremely revealing!

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! What was that? This whole episode was psychotic (and I mean that in a nice way). I hoped that it would answer some questions. Jacob-Ben all along! Ben is actually psychotic (no duh! there) & just thinks he sees Jacob! The Dharma Initiatives were killed by Ben & the Others (or Hostiles)! Ben actually killing his own father! The man in the van that Hurly found is actually his father!

    And THE biggest shock of the them all...

    John Locke's death!

    Never in a trillion years did I see that coming. I knew that 5 people were going to die by the end of the season, thanks to an interview done with the creators. So that's two down (I count Locke's father as one of them). I wonder who's next? Charlie it seems like. But who are the two will be? I hope none of the Survivors. I hope Ben &/or Juliet will be killed off.

    As I said before...

    7 days is WAAAAAY to long to wait for another episode.
  • Ben is exposed. Or is he? Jacob is discovered. Or is he? Locke is back. For how long?

    As much as I liked to find out about the Dharma stuff and Ben's background, there was a lot of things that made me feel like they were writing on the fly. I love Locke and I hate how he is always falling for everything, despite how astute he seems. I am getting annoyed by how unaware Locke, Kate and Sawyer are. Only Sayid looks to have any clue. Further, I loved it when I thought Ben was just nuts, but then they could not be happy with the psychological angle. The writers had to add another element (i.e. an invisible man). Don't forget the un-aging man. As I have said before, why do you need monsters, invisible men and esp? You have a hidden island with all kinds of mysterious elements due to the Dharma people, with all kinds of angles between the survivors personalities, dangerous "others" and personal struggles from the past. It seems to be overkill and not "contained fantasy." I know most will disagree, but I would have loved for Jacob to be all in Ben's head. I am expecting Locke to survive. It is bad enough Eko was killed off so quickly and without furthering the story.
  • John Locke gets told about Jacob, the tue leader of the Others and people in the camp want to hear what Juliet and Jack have to say.

    An 'Informative' episode. I liked the flashback of Ben's youth and the parallels with John Locke. Both have a bad relationship with their father but whereas Ben actually kills his father (perhaps why he chose this task for John), John had to get Sawyer to do the dirty deed for him.
    Does this mean anything, does it signify that John is 'better' than Ben?

    I felt the revelation about Jacob was slightly disappointing and had expected a bit more. The revelation about how the Dharma Initiative ended and the Others gained the upper hand, on the other hand, was intruiging.

    Juliet and Jack don't appear to be guilty, as much as I dislike the Juliet character, and I've said it before, I do feel that she is sincere in some ways, especially when it comes to pregnant women. She did not have to tell Sawyer to play the other side of the tape, yet she did. But does this mean she can be fully trusted??
  • Two sides

    In one of the very first episodes of lost, lock is sitting on the beach, when asked about backgammon he explains to Walt "two sides, one dark one light".

    Both Ben and Locke seem to have some sort of connection with the island, both are seen as inadequate, unwanted by there fathers and ultimately both fathers die,as ben explained, leaving everything behind, typical of faith wither it be religion or faith in once self, sacrifice.

    There seems to be a slight difference, in that, Ben has the ability to kill his father, and inadvertently it seems, kill everyone around him with gas in a nazi fashion, the line "this is were I come from" and a hole in the ground with dead people seemed very hell like, reminiscent of genocide in rwanda.

    Locke on the other hand, in a previous flashback, says he forgives his father (later to change it seems) it seems his world, in comparison to bens in which everyone around him is destroyed is the other side of the cion, locke's life is destroyed, , but seems unable to physically kill his father with what seems almost ghandi like. (but hey he still dies)

    The scene in which Ben is telling Locke to let go, taunting him to kill him, seems very reminiscent of darth vader and Luke Skywalker in return of the jedi.

    Or, that of Lucifer temping Jesus. "Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, but failed. Satan will tempt us, but we can overcome him", Vocabulary: Tempt: to deceive or lure someone into doing wrong

    Locke seems more violent now, I hope he doesn't become a bad guy and remains like Locke from the first season.

    When Locke was refering to two sides, is this what he ment?
    I doubt this is the end for Locke, and would hope not, to me, he is the content, the stuff that little 13 year old girls with crush's on Sawyer or Jack hate, but people who watch for content, like, one of the best telivision characters in years, when Both Ben and Locke intertwine in an episode, lost is elavated ten fold.

    Excellent episode, closes doors, and opens many more, a prime example of a reason to continue watching lost.
  • We finally get some answers about the connection between the Others and DHARMA!

    So it turns out that the Others aren't connected with Dharma, but were in fact the reason the project came to an end. Ben's flashback is interesting too, although I think it would have made an excellent season finale to show his flashback then. It didn't really tie into the episode here.

    I found the encounter with Jacob to be exciting if not completely unusual. One step forward, two steps back.

    And Locke gets shot. There is no telling what will become of this. Whatever it is though, I hope the writers can make it interesting and believeable.
  • Ben reluctantly opens up to Locke about the island and it's history. Sawyer and Sayid inform everyone about Naomi as well as the truth behind Juliet. However Jack may have already beaten them to the punch.

    A very excellent episode that continues the recent trend of great episodes. Locke drags Coopers body back to the Others and demands Ben start talking. Mikhail returns and informs them about Naomim at the 815ers camp and how she arrived here. He also questions why Ben is answering to Locke until Locke physically silences him while the Others watch. Ben agrees to take Locke to see Jacob. Back at the 815ers camp Sawyer and Sayid inform everyone about Naomi. They also play the tape of Juliet reporting back to Ben exposing her as a mole. However Juliet informs them to flip it over and play the other side which is Ben's intructions to Juliet and laying out his plan for the invasion of their camp. Jack tells them he didn't tell them cause he didn't know what to do yet. He says they all have some catching up to do. This was interesting as each side clearly didn't trust the other for their own reasons. Meanwhile we got some interesting insights into the island's history through Ben's flashbacks. We see he wasn't really born on the island, his father Roger (from Hurley's episode involving the van) was brought there and was a janitor who used the van in his job. We see how Ben snuck off into the jungle and met one of the hostiles and planted the seeds for later in life when the purge occured to rid the island of the Dharma Initiative and for the island's original inhabitors to reclaim what is theirs. Ben even gases his own father as part of this purge. Ben and Locke arrive at Jacob's only it would appear that Ben is an insane fraud who is talking to an empty chair Locke doesn't buy it and turns to leave when everything shakes and he hears a voice utter "help me". Ben tries to ask Locke what Jacob said to him but Locke brushes it off. Ben confesses that he has lied and brings Locke to a giant whole where the Dharma people are buried and in probably one of the most shocking and out of nowhere endings Ben tells Locke he was one of the smart people who made sure he didn't end up in that whole and when he finishes saying he's smarter than Locke he shoots him. A very thrilling episode with an ending that left me breathles.
  • Is this what you want? so be it.

    The man behind the curtain is a true example of what LOST is all about, and i might add how happy I am, because the show that I once thought was becoming boring proved me wrong again. In this episode we see another side of John Locke, and what side hum? Got past all his secrets now we see him as a strong, persuasive, violent and powerfull character. Since last episode we´ve been seeing him like this, when he manipulated Sawyer to kill his father.. and now the fact that he got Ben into his will to know more about the island secrets and "meeting" Jacob by placing him (Ben) in a delicated position if front of all the others.. well I must say, way to go John. About punching Mikail.. Baby, why the hostility?? ^^
    What is/Who is Jacob?? Ben´s imaginary friend? Someone that only special people can see? What is it with him and flash lights? Well, I´m just too curious to know more about him, and i don´t think that the producers will turn us down when they reveal it.. even if he is a product of Ben´s imagination. I think it´s clear now that we´ve seen his flashback: Ben HAS pshycological issues. I certanly want to know what happened in the conversation he had with Richard. And how his mother showed up like that. Fun fact? Even after he got rid of his father, his birthday isn´t a big deal.. for no one, even his "daughter". Now, let´s ride to the beach. Not a surprise: Jack HAS a Plan! I knew it! \o/ He wouldn´t betray his island fellows like that, he wouldm´t do it AT ALL. Sayid, what a shame.. i´m disliking him more and more now. Questions:

    Where is Ben´s sweetheart now?? Am I the only one who thinks Locke won´t die?? Oo Since the island has this cure power, and John is some kind of special boy there, i don´t think so.

    How dead people appears there? Or is it some optical illusion? PS: It´s a FACT, Richard uses eyeliner for many years now. Go figure... Ps:
    My first review, please be nice. I don´t know if i´ll do it ever again.
    Btw, english is NOT my mother language so be pacient with the mistakes.
  • Jacob?

    That pretty much sums up this episode. Theories are going to be flying around after the alarming meeting of Locke and Jacob. The moment you see him, the ash, Locke hearing him and the whole "is he really there?" thing. Not to mention an unexpected end which would have been far more talked about if not for Jacob. I doubt the end will have any long term consequences for Locke, he's still got so much to offer the show being the most "special" on the island and all. The series fianle is coming up, and with the last couple of episdoes it really has been set up to be possibly the best of the three.
  • Revised!!!

    Objective - » Lost maybe 60% completed right now. Mysteries started in Season 1 and 2 with the flashbacks were all revealed, if not, we are at 95% in terms of flashbacks. The mysteries about the others is in 50% at most, since in this Episode is time to Know Jacob, or at least, what Ben want to Show Locke. The mysteries in the Island like the Black Smoke monster or the Rules in the Island are in 30% maybe. The writers trying to tie this all and it seems that the next season things will be more revealing. Was time to put Ben as the Main Character and share his past with the Audience. The two setups already done in the last episodes, pay off in terms of Ben, since the events in the beach need more time to grow.

    Flashbacks -» The beginning, I really don´t Know why was this necessary, maybe to tell this story better, but it seems to be about doing a strong presentation, resulting to alert the audience that Ben will have his flashback in this episode. The moment that Ben was Born, the complication Phase was already done. So we see some scenes during his Childhood, a clever and convenient move by the writers, to allow the secrets that Ben Know, to remain in his pockets. So this only allow us to see what we already Know. Not that I don´t appreciate this move since there a lot of confirmations/information's: Ben was saved by his dead mother (which we already had an idea what could this be and the meaning), Ben didn´t born in the Island, The other or hostiles were there before DI. The climax of his drama was when his father had a nice talk with him, demonstrating that he thinks that Ben is guilt for his mother dead. This lead to a stunning revelation about Richard. The ending only show what Ben is capable off and show too what happened with the Dharma Initiative.

    Locke/Ben Event on The Island -» The beginning was strong, because Locke completed is mission, was time to Know the truth that he and us want to Know. Since the Complication phase was already set, was time to complicate things a little. What Locke did to Mikhail was nice. All the way we have Locke and Ben interaction, nothing that make this a top level interaction, but was not bad also. The climax, the moment of true was really strange, because Jacob is everything that you could not expect. The ending is shocking. The only thing really very well done is the fact that are people that actually thought that Jacob was there and there are people that thought that Ben is playing with Locke, but didn´t like the fact that Locke supposed ears Jacob.

    Sub Plot in The Beach -» The set of the complication phase was already done in the last two episodes, so this was more about trusting Juliet and initiate another complication. With the tape, Juliet has a lot to explain or not.


    1 - Plot Holes: Gold. Didn´t Notice.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Bronze. Only if you are a super fan if you didn´t notice how slow this episode tried to be. Not bad, since the revelation can be mind blowing and can make you think that this was worth watching.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Gold. Jacob and Richard, well, really surprising. The twist about Juliet was nice. The end is shocking for many and many fans out there.

    4 - Action: Wasn´t necessary.

    5 - Funny: None.

    6 - Drama: Bronze. One Scene in Ben´s Flashbacks.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Bronze. Maybe when you want to see Jacob.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Gold. You want to see Jacob? Want to Know what will happen to Juliet? Curious about Ben Flashbacks?

    When I originally written this review, I thought that the episode didn´t deserve more than 8. Now that I saw all season 3 episodes again, and compared with other Lost season 3 episodes, I have no doubt that this episode was crucial, the information that Ben´s Flashbacks delivered was that type of only a 9 episode can deliver. Where Ben was born? The others really were there before the DI? Why Ben put a difficult Test like that to Locke (killing his own father)? How the Dharma Initiative leave the Island or what happened to them? And both Richard and Ben´s mother appearance deliver another intriguing questions. So, I think that a episode sometimes have one, two or 3 scenes that make the episode worth watching. This 1-5 scenes, is what we will remember and there is no doubt that this episode at least deserve a 9 because of the surprises and information's inside it?

    Reflection -» There are things confirmed. The Others, Hostiles named by the Dharma Initiative, really were there before Dharma. Other thing is Richard apparent Immortality, this may explain why is impatient about Ben obsession with fatality, since immortal don´t want more population, mainly because they can bring more people.

    Ben obsession is now explained, thought the circumstances of how he born and his relationship with his father. Which can explain why he tell Locke to kill his own father, so then Locke could be prepared and follow his footsteps. Ben saw his dead mother in the Island and that make him special?
  • Ben, the man who ended the Dharma Initiative.

    Wanna know why in my opinion this episode isn't perfect or doesn't rise to be the best in the series so far? Because we see Jacob. I mean, we could be left arguing between ourselves if Ben is crazy or not, groups of discussion would be formed and more and more we would be be left hopeless with the doubt. But they showed him and even Locke saw him, but he probably was too afraid to admit it... Anyway, without the ambiguity in the storyline, the episode still gets to be great but it loses several points in my opinion.

    The flashbacks of Ben's arrival on the Island were excelent, to the gut and very important in terms of character development. Seriously, the man was responsible for the "Purge" all by himself. Of course, the flashbacks left us with new questions, as "why Richard doesn't get old?" or "where the hostiles did come from if they weren't related to the Dharma Initiative?". All together, Ben obviously was elected by Richard as a special person since he got to see his dead mother and probably was thought to be in communion with the Island the same way most of the Others think Locke is.

    Back to real time events, we get only two scenes in the beach camp. Naomi is revealed to everybody and Juliet is brought to the stake. But wait, Jack says he knew everything and was deciding what to do to the best of everyone. And not only that. The scene comes to its climax as Jack states there's a lot of catching up to be made. (Read: "wait for next chapter.")

    In Othercamp, Locke arrives bringing awe to everyone and leaving Ben very afraid of the consequences this will bring to his leadership. Ben promises to take him to Jacob, but Mikhail arrives telling everyone of Naomi. And as Locke fights with Mikhail, Ben realises he's in political disadvantage with his own people. Not to lose face even more, Ben is forced to take Locke to Jacob, but wait! There's no one there, or there is? Hehe!

    To leave things "even" between them, Ben takes Locke to the ditch where the Dharma Initiative people were buried and shoots him there, saying he's doing so because Locke was able to hear Jacob. If Locke will live, I bet only in the season finale we'll discover, though.

    All in all, excelent episode as I said before. Major twists, revelations and questions popping up almost every second. Who or what is Jacob? And why his house is circled by a powder track? Protecting from outside or something that hinders him from geting out? And why he asks Locke for help?

    Man, my brain is cooking with questions and theories!

    STAY TUNED! Impossible to do otherwise to me!
  • Happy Birthday Ben

    The name of the episode must be "Happy Birthday Ben": )Wowww, everybody hates but nobody can kill him. I really want to know what is Ben's secret. I dont know this Jacob thing (I dont know what is it and I dont like to read the spoilers because of that if someone know something dont tell me please) give us the answers. And Locke? My poor Locke stay gravelly there and wait his death? I dont think so. I think "the Island" will help him, like before. But then my why question come again. Why Locke? Why not to Charlie??? And I think such of this question make our heads confused again and again
  • Many things are clearer now.

    After this episode Ben lost all his “evilness” in my eyes. He was shown like a very mysterious and powerful person till now. He seemed to be the right leader of “the Other’s”. But after revealing his past we see him as angry and unhappy man who is very much afraid to lose his position in the small society of “Other’s”. He has nobody in his life who loves him (that’s clear for me!) and only one thing what makes him to feel his life is worth something – is being accepted as a leader in this community. The life on the island is so important for him that he even is lying about where he was born. He always says: I was born on this island! That means – I’m special, nobody else is like me, I have all rights to be a leader! I don’t know what about Jacob, is he real or not, but I wasn’t surprised if it would be a great mystification of Ben. Nobody else can see either speak to Jacob, only him, Ben. But now the same (really mysterious!) person – Richard who introduced Ben to “Other’s” community and I think he was who let Ben stay a leader now is changing his mind. He starts to protect John Lock for this position. I think he won’t let Lock to die. We will see his reasons in the future. Richard (and maybe we will see more similar characters in future episodes) seems to me the real “man behind the curtain”. He not only lives very long time and not only has a lot in common with this island but he is involved in “our” world too. And maybe there are a lot “islanders” who are living, working, gathering information and controlling life in the world? I don’t have an idea are “the islanders” humans, aliens or some kind of robots but I’m pretty sure that they are very important and we will see more about them in future seasons. Anyway, if I’m wrong the show is great! I only hope to receive all answers 
  • Add another Lostie to the death pool

    "The Man Behind the Curtain" is obviously referring to the man we've all gotten to know enough to hate and love, Benjamin Linus. This is it folks, we finally got a Ben-centric episode, telling us the story of his life before the island, and on the island. This episode answers a whole lot of questions and will be greatly appreciated by all Lost fanatics out there.

    The Flashback:

    One thing we all thought we knew about our favorite other was that he was born on the island. In his flashback, we figure out that he was never born on the island, but was brought there. Ben's mother was apparently only 7 months pregnant when she conceived Ben. Ben's parents went hiking and that's when little Ben decided, "Get me out of here!" Ben's mother died, but her final words we're, "Name him, Benjamin." Little did she know that right then and there, she just gave birth to a television villain! The man who helped Ben's parents was one of the leaders of the DHARMA initiative. Ben's father landed a job with the DHARMA initiative and was brought to the island.

    On the island, the members of the DHARMA initiative have been running tests, and remember Ben's dad? Well, he hoped to be a scientist, but his jumpsuit said "Workman," can't argue with that can you? He didn't take it too well though, ever since he found out he couldn't work as a scientist and had to clean up after the DHARMA people, he has never been happy. Ben on the other hand has been going to school and had a little crush on a girl named, Annie. Yup, our little villain was struck by cupid way before he was struck with that spinal tumor. Anyway, so he had to live with his miserable dad who downed, I'm guessing, half a dozen beers every single day. During one of Ben's birthdays, he totally forgot about it. He was reminded when he saw the gift that Annie gave Ben, and I love this line so much that I will share it with you! He told Ben, "It's kinda' hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mother." Yup, someone just won best dad of the year award! Ben was obviously upset and ran into the jungle. When he was near the fence, you know the fence where Mikhail supposedly died in? He didn't past the fence, but he did see someone on the other side. It was mommy dearest! I've heard of extravagant birthday presents, but that was extravagant to a whole new level! It's kinda' like when Jack saw his father, and when Eko saw his brother. Anyway, that's the end of Ben's childhood.

    The fun doesn't end there though; this second paragraph will be the cherry on the sundae! During the second half of the flashbacks, we see Ben as a teenager. Again, the setting is on the island, and it is his birthday again. His dad continues downing beers, and he reminds his father that it is his birthday. His dad shows what little sympathy he has to offer and tells Ben, that after he runs some errands they can go to a cliff side together. And that's where the next part of the flashback took us. Ben and his father had the whole conversation. Ben's father said he'd try to remember Ben's birthday the next year as much as he could. Ben asked his father if he really blamed Ben for his mother's death. Oh yeah, there was this part where Ben put on this funny mask and then well... he killed one of the DHARMA people! And that was the end of the civilization of the DHARMA people. I also forgot to mention that Ben made a deal with the hostiles, now more popularly known as the others. He killed his whole civilization, so that he could join the others. Anyone would be satisfied with the amount of answers they gave out right there.

    The Island:

    Locke follows the trail the others left behind and brought back his father's body. He made a couple of demands, but one of his first demands was to know who the leader was. Ben then told him it was a man named Jacob. This guy seemed really scary the way everyone reacted to him. Anyway, so Locke and Ben go on a little camping trip to go visit Jacob. Locke gets furious when he suspects Ben is making a whole joke out of the situation, and then the house where Jacob supposedly lives goes crazy. Locke and Ben then go back to the camp, but take another route. Ben shows Locke a hole full of the bodies that Ben killed in his flashback, yup, a whole pit of DHARMA people corpse. I won’t fail to mention that one of them is shot and falls into the whole. I'll leave that mystery to you.

    Kate tells Sawyer about Naomi, and Sawyer decides to tell the whole camp about her. Sawyer also doesn't forget to mention the tape Locke gave him from the previous episode. Juliet and Jack come back and Juliet tells Sawyer to flip the tape and press play. We then hear Ben sharing his plans about kidnapping Sun. Jack then announces that Juliet has told him about this, but wasn't sure what to do yet. And they end they end the island with Jack saying that they need some catching up to do. Well that was obviously strange. Juliet's situation is very intriguing; you really can't tell which side she's on.
  • Ben unwillingly divulges information about the island. Not really. But we do learn he had a bad dad.

    According to the summary for this episode, “Ben unwillingly divulges information to Locke about the island, taking him on a journey to various locations including strange monuments and the mysterious Jacob.” Well, very little information was divulged although Ben’s flashbacks were interesting. I don’t recall them visiting any strange monuments unless you count the mass grave at the end a "monument". What we did learn is there is some entity named Jacob who is invisible to some people. Evidently, he can also selectively choose who hears him talk.

    We now know Ben wasn’t actually born on the island. Maybe spiritually born but certainly not physically born. I don’t think Locke is going to die. A gunshot wound to the stomach takes a long time to die from. Anyone who has seen Reservoir Dogs knows that. I’m guessing the island will heal him faster than the bullet can kill him although I do think we’ve seen the last of him this season. He probably won’t show up again until well into next season where he’ll show up unexpectedly and completely mess something up.
  • What the heck? Some key revelations, and some more interesting directions taken.

    Ben's character gets flushed out quite a bit, with some really revealing history. First you are sad because his dad is horrible. Then you are happy that he has a good girl friend. Then horrified as he helps the others kill off everyone and reboot the camp, putting him in a key position. Yowzers! Didn't see that one coming!

    Locke is in over his head, and what the heck happened in the building? Is Ben crazy? Was there some sort of weird ghost? Then Locke gets shot, but he better not die because he is such a crazy fun character to watch. As for everyone else, some revelations that are leading up to a major confronation between the others and the survivors. Where in the world is this series headed? I don't know, but I love the intrigue, and I love the strangeness. Unfortunately, my wife isn't on the same page as myself.
  • This was one of the best episodes in recent times! I always enjoy any night when either Ben or John are featured and this one had both!

    It was good to finally see what Ben was like as a child. I was riveted to my seat, trying to see how he would deal with the loss of his mother and the hostility of his father.

    Interestingly, there was a bit of trivia...his father said he was usually like a "chatty Cathy" and, on the morning of the purge, he was quiet. I remember Chatty Cathy as being a very famous and favorite doll during my own childhood. I wonder if any of the younger generation caught that?

    Getting back to the episode, you just had this foreboding feeling all night that something "bad" was about to happen to John...but I didn't expect him to end up shot in a ditch!
  • Answers About Jacob and the Island, but what about Rousseau?

    This was a great episode. As Locke is one of my personal favorite characters, I was definitely saddened when he was apparently left for dead in a pit of rotting corpses. However, I don't think he will die....somebody is going to amble along and help him. The writers have invested far too much in Locke to kill him off now. The help he receives doesn't necessarily have to be magical either....there are many people on the island who can help him...

    My main question is not about what the Losties and Juliet are doing on the beach, or what the Others are going to do with Ben when he comes back without Locke. My main question is where in the heck is Rousseau??? We saw her pick up a box of unstable dynamite in "The Brig," but what is she going to do with it? We didn't see her in this episode at all. She now knows how to get to through the Other's fence and she knows that her daughter is definitely still alive and well. She has got to be plotting some type of revenge on Ben and the Others for taking her daughter and forcing her to live in the jungle for over a decade. She is the wild card in the entire series......I wonder if the Others are even aware of her existence? They are so paranoid about the Losties.....why would they have let her survive so long?

    Anyway, I hope the writers can follow up this with a few more good episodes before the end of the season.
  • Finally! a ben centric episode. Very smart move by the writers , if this doesnt get back some of the ratings I dont know what will.

    Like the summary says the fact that this was a ben-centric was great. It shows us the entire conflict between the dharma initiative and the locals/hostiles. I loved the transformation from the young, innocent and vulnerable kid to the manipulative jerk he has become now, only because of an abusing father. I also love how the setting for this movie was very horror movie-ish when ben leaves the safety of the dharma initiative to hunt for his dead mother. Also the fact that the van that Hurley found with roger in it ties back to Ben's flashback was great. On the beach, it was great to have an episode that included nearly all major characters. This hasn't happened until the last few episodes and its nostalgic of the first season that we all fell in love with. I however thought the entire juliet plotline didn't recieve as much screen time as it should have. Hopefully the writers get to it during the next episode and we come to know just how she is going to wiggle her way out of this situation.

    Locke seems to be the star in this episode and honestly it was the first episode after deus ex machina where I actually liked him. I thought his treatment of Mikhail was perfect and the fact that he made his presence felt in the others camp was great. Ben really needed that kick on his backside that he recieved from locke. His death in this episode definitely came as a surprise, didnt think the writers had the guts to kill of a character like Locke. Hopefully he remains dead and doesnt come back to life because of his "magical" healing powers otherwise that would have been a lame plot point.

    All in all a good setup for the final and very reminiscent of the first season where the survivors couldn't decide how to stop the others from coming. A little more about this "jacob" in the finale will also be an interesting touch and hopefully we will understand how a young Ben who is considerably younger than Richard manage to become leader.
  • Answers revealed; raising even more questions. Plus more Daddy issues!

    We find out how Ben came to the Island as a child and how he was the one who helped the hostiles living outside the Dharma areas overthrow Dharmas crew. But who were the hostiles (now the Others)? Where they fired Dharma workers that rebelled and purged (killed) the Dharma scientists? Or were they people who crashed there as did Flight 815? And who exactly is running the show? Only recently (LOST time) an airdrop arrived from somewhere beyond the Island? Are the people sending the supplies just doing so as part of some old contract? Is Dharma simply unaware of what happened on the Island? At least we know what happened to the original Dharma crew and how Ben became the leader of the Others. Is Locke really going to die from Bens gut shot? Or will Jacob come to the rescue? And what up with Jacob? Is he some kind of invisible man? Some sort of chameleon? Is he some sort of monster stolen from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet"? It seems like there is a recurring theme guys with Daddy issues and now they are killing them off left and right. Im waiting for Sigmund Freud to show up... And we find out the guy in the van Hurley found was Ben dad, whom he gassed without a 2nd thought leaving his body to rot in the jungle.

    Is Juliet really on the side of the Losties? Or is she playing with them like toys? Next week, we find out! As Ben and his crew raids the camp looking for Pregnant women. Overall it was one of the top episodes of Season 3.
  • Ben...the man you love to hate or hate to love.

    So I began to feel sorry for Ben, his painful childhood, which even started at his birth, his upbringing...everything, until he shot Locke. Now I see him as a jealous little man, but do I ever still love his character. As I said the man you hate to love or love to hate. I loved knowing that 'Roger - Work Man', was none other than the Roger from the previous van with beers episode. Quite enlightening. And its interesting to see that Ben really killed all the first 'Others', for a revengeful childhood. Now another question, who is Jacob? Another puzzle started. Also, Jack should have said something to someone about his plan, aren't they suppose to be his friends? I would feel betrayed if he did that to me.
  • damn!

    this was a very good episode if you're a locke fan... at least up until the ending. the jacob and ben's mum scenes were a little spooky, but it just throws more questions into the air. the only real mysteries answered are those surrounding the dharma initiative and to be honest you can kind of figure them out for yourself. a good story and great flashbacks, but it does leave you asking more questions than you had when you sat down to watch the episode. i thought locke kicking the crap out of mikhail was great, but the ending really threw me. it's obvious that lockes special, jacob even asked for his help so if they kill him off i will honest to god stop watching the show. things look set for a massive battle between the losties and the others so the last two episodes of the season should be pretty kickass. i think ben's gonna regret what he did, he looked a little spooked when locke told him what jacob had said to him. lets hope the writers know where they're going with this because they've really set the stage now and if they screw up it's gonna be royally.
  • Season's best? No, but awsome anyway. This was like the creators saying: "You don't know s*it."

    Sorry about the english...

    I have a problem with hype. And the hype sorrounding this episode was really huge. Everytime that happens I usually get desapointed. This time was no different. I don't know if it is the expectacion or what. After the first watch this looked a great episode to me, but not all that. Good thing I watched for a second time. Despite the fact that I still think that episodes like "The Brig", "Flashes..." and "Enter 77" are more satisfying, "The Man..." is defenetly on my top 5 this season.

    And I would never write anything about this one without watching for a second time. It was so much information, answers and (as usual) even more questions that it just takes time for you to process everything, or at least try to. Maybe that was the problem after my first watch: when you think you starting to understand at least a little bit of what the hell is going on in that island, comes an episode like this just to mess everything up again. Good thing Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof seem to know what they're doing. That's the impression I got in the second time around, that even with all the new and unexpected information they have total control of what they're doing.

    I believe this is one of the most complex episodes the series ever had. In the flashbacks we had fragments of Ben's life, revealing since details like who was "Roger the Workman" we saw in TTID and Ben's birth till revelations like what was the "purge" (at least a small part of it). We also find out that Mikahil was lying when he said that he "was the last living member of the Dharma Iniciative". And most important, finally we had information about the relation between Dharma and the Others. I aways believed that the others were like "ex-Dharma people", so that's was just one of many questions that arrived with the revelationn that the others(or part of them, we can't tell if there is more Dharma people among with the others besides Ben and Mikahil) are in fact "natives". How many questions arrives this information alone?

    In the present the most important thing was, of course, Jacob. The cabin sequence is better than most of the horror films I saw this year. Who, or what is him (it)? That was a really scary s*it, and another one of the greatest scenes this series had so far. For the first time I can say that Ben gave me the creeps. More than Jacob acctualy. And the final scene just showed how Locke was right when he said that it was Ben, not Jacob "The Man Behind the Curtain".

    Good thing I didn't write about this after the first watching. This is one of those that gets better and better every time you watch. Maybe after see it 1 or 2 more times it becames my favourite of the season. At least until "Through the Looking Glass".
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