Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • that was so good!

    who ever has decided to quit "lost" must be utterly mad. right now it's providing some of the best episodes ever and "the man behind the curtain" is one of them. finding out about ben's past was really moving in some parts. i felt very sorry for him for most of his flashback but when the betrayal was revealed what ever few sympathy had been left for him vanished completely. sure, he didn't have a nice childhood and youth but that's not too much of a good reason to turn into a ruthless killer (i actually was still quite surprised about it, i hadn't expected him to be a murderer after all). i can check off the question about what has happened to the people from dharma from my absolutelymustknowlist now (there actually was an answer given for once). i'm really looking forward to find out more about the "hostiles", where they came from and why (judging from richard's appearance) they don't seem to age. the absolut stunner was the trip to jacob though. this was so very creepy and i still don't know what it is i've seen. which brings me to the very end of this episode ... omg, i didn't see that coming! even though i don't like locke too much, i don't think he's dead, that would be too much of an inglorious ending i wouldn't even wish for him.

    what happened back at the beach was quite interesting as well. juliet seems to have switched sides for good but jack doesn't seem to have realized that his fellow "losties" don't need him to decide for them and he felt like a foreign body more than ever.