Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • Yes! The long-touted Ben flashback has arrived! And he had a LOVE INTEREST? Seems quite out of character for him. Also, who's Roger Workman (it's work MAN, not workman!), and has Benny really lived on the island all his life? Not to mention JACOB!

    Ben and Jack's daddies will go on a zombie binge-drink in Season 7. They're both alcoholic jerks - who's to say it won't happen? Yes, Ben murdered his own father in cold blood. We got to see some of the purge (I'm not sure if that was the entire purge, because I imagined more gore. But LOST is a family show, so eh....), and how the Others ended up getting those comfy houses of theirs. And how could I leave JACOB out of the picture?! We finally found out what he looked like (or didn't look like)! It was freaky when Locke brought the flashlight in and he went beserk, but his voice was deep and guttural. Ben was talking to the chair like a psycho, and my mom and I were laughing at him insanely for about three minutes. But I was just watching 318 One of Us on my PSP and Ben mentioned something about Jacob authorizing him to cure Juliet's sister Rachel from her cancer. If Ben's never heard him... how could he give him the green light? I don't think he could've wrote it down... he's invisible! But will Locke really die? He was thrown in the corpse pit from the purge (irony alert), which was a 2-3 foot deep trench with a gunshot wound on his side. Slim odds. "You heard him? What did he say?" "...help... me..." "I'm not going to ask you again! Tell me or I shoot--" "No, no! H...he said.... help... me....!" Funny stuff. Well, I guess I get my answer in an hour, since LOST is coming on here soon. But MAN is Ben cold! I thought he was just devious, but he's more than that... well, until 321 Greatest Hits!