Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • After watching this episode, who can honestly say Lost isn't the best show on TV?

    WOW, what more can I even say besides the fact that this episode totally kicked a$$!!! In fact, this episode was so good it might've just made the 3rd season my favorite season, replacing Season 1. These last few episodes have just been killer: One of Us, Catch-22, The Brig, and now this!! Well, let's just get a couple things straight:

    1. Damon and Carlton DO keep their promises. Does anyone even remember the mini-season now?

    2. Let us laugh in the face of all those losers who didn't have the faith to continue with LOST. Man, are they missing out!!

    Ben Flashbacks!- This episode was great in delivering an awesome Ben-flashback while at the same time wrapping up the history of the DHARMA Intitiative. Sure, there's still a lot of inovation for new stories dealing with the "Purge" and Dharma's reign on the island, but could they really have summarized the DHARMA story any better? I think we now, for the most part, understand exactly how the DI lived on the island. Now all we need to learn is what the hell they we're doing exactly.

    Jacob? Is that You?- We also got a glimpse at what appeared to be an empty chair. No wait, that's not an empty chair! That's er...Jacob? Unless you were lucky enough to catch the milisecond glimpse of Jacob, you're probably deep into your own theories by now about what exactly IS Jacob. And that's great. LOST has always been about encouraging fan-theories and conspiracies. I'm so glad that we've gotten out of Fall 2006 because you know if they had shown this back then, it would have been no theories and all complaints. Once again, isn't it great that this show has come back to its former glory?

    Locke and Ben- Locke and Ben have always had an interesting chemistry and this episode was no different. The best part was, I think that Locke proved himself to the Others as being a person who might just be more of a leader than Ben. I think that Ben noticing this and the fact that even Jacob acknowledged Locke, led him to the conclusion that Locke very well might someday challenge Ben's rule over the Others. So realizing this, Ben does the unthinkable, and well...I don't have to say it.

    Let's just put it this way..

    When Locke gets back up, he's gonna have a little bug to squash.
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