Season 3 Episode 20

The Man Behind the Curtain

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • This is a very revealing episode as it tells us all about the Dharma group on the island, about some information regarding the hostiles and then back into reality where Locke forces Ben's hand and gets to go and see Jacob.

    The episode starts off with a couple, Roger and Emily in a wooded area, she is in the throws of giving birth, she then has a baby boy, but then starts to have problems. Roger carries her through to the road, where they are able to flag down a couple in a car, Emily tells Roger to name him Benji and then dies.

    We then go to present day, to the other's camp where they are all shocked to see Locke arriving, carrying his fathers' body on his back, as told that would be the only way for him to get back into the group. Soon afterwards, Mikhael comes running into the camp calling for Ben and telling him about Naomi and her appearance and how they must get her from that camp immediately, then Locke uses the audience to say that they are going to see Jacob and that will have to wait, when Mikhael insists, then Locke beats him with his fists, nobody moves at all to help when Ben tells him to stop or ask others to intervene.

    Then we see in a series of flashbacks regarding Ben's arrival and settling into the island. We see his father reaction to be informed that he is a workman when he was promised more, then we see Ben have a childhood friend Annie, then him running through to the sonic fence after having a vision of his mother, then him actually at a later time, deactivating the fence and going into the jungle, looking for his mother but finding Richard and being told to be patient.

    Back on the beach, we have Sawyer playing the tape for Sayid, they go and visit Juliets shelter but are told by Kate that she's not there and she doesn't know where they are and she begins to defend Jack, Sayid walks away and tells him to play her the tape. Then we see it being later, nightime and all on the beach are introdcued to Naomi and they all hear the tape. Just then Jack and Juliet arrive, Juliet plays her ace and says she told Jack that and he should turn the tape over and play that, which he does and hears Ben's plan to take Sun, which Jack says he knew about but was still thinking on it.

    Ben and Locke take their journey to see Jacob, we see them going through the jungle, across a circle of some kind of crushed material, then onto the house, where Locke is told to put the torch away as he and Jacob are technophobes, Ben announces them and then lights the lantern and goes in, followed by Locke, Ben starts talking to n empty chair, Locke after a little while calls him a con, even crazy as there is no one there, he takes out a torch and there is some sort of paranormal experience in the room, a figure is seen very briefly in the chair facing Ben, before Locke leaves, shortly followed by Ben.

    We have a flashback to an older Ben now, also with a Dharma jumpsuit, Ben and workman stencilled on it, we see them load up the vw and are told that its Ben's birthday again, that perhaps they can have a beer on the way back from Pearl station. When they do stop, Ben puts on his gasmask, pops a cannister in the car and watches his dad die, then we see him arrive at the barracks and we see all Dharma people laying dead, others appear, the hostiles as they were called and Richard is one of them, still the same age as the younger Ben remembers.

    Locke notices they are taking a different route back, he comments on it and is told he has one more thing he needs to show him, he shows him the unfilled in grave where all the Dharma people's skeletons are, saying that he had to make a choice, one side had to go and he choose the right side, then he shoot Locke in the stomach, he falls into the hole/grave and is asked what Jacob told him, "Help me" Locke says, Ben says he hopes that Jacob can help him now, and he leaves Locke for Dead.