Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the cave, Charlie is playing his guitar and seems to be suffering from withdrawal. Locke asks him to come on a walk with him so he can get some fresh air. Meanwhile, Kate catches Jack looking at her mug shot. He says that he came back for his stuff and asks her to come with him to the cave. She tells him "no" again, so Jack heads off as Sawyer arrives at Jack's old tent to move in.
In the jungle, Charlie gets separated from Locke. When Charlie calls for him, he hears animal sounds. As he runs, he flashes back to himself in a confessional box. As he talks to the priest, he decides to quit his band. As he is about to depart, he sees Liam, a fellow band member, who tells him that they got signed to a record deal. As the flashback ends, Charlie is being chased by a wild boar. When he gets trapped with no place to run, the boar gets trapped in a net by Locke, who was using Charlie as bait. Angry, Charlie demands that Locke give him his drugs back. Locke tells him that if he asks for the drugs three times, then he'll give them to him. When Charlie asks why he just doesn't destroy the
drugs, Locke replies that if he did do that, then Charlie would have no choice.
On the beach, Sayid, Kate, and Boone get ready to go into the jungle to try to triangulate the French woman's message. However, the power cells are dry, so they all have to be in position before they can turn each antenna on. Sayid gives them fireworks to signal each other. Before they can do that, they must first get a battery for the transceiver. Kate visits Sawyer, who has been hoarding all kinds of stuff since they first arrived. After some talking, he hands over a laptop battery.
When Jack and Hurley arrive at the cave with suitcases, Charlie tries to help and accidentally causes the medicines to spill out. As he puts them back in, he searches for any drugs that he can take. However, Jack tells him that he doesn't need any help. During another flashback, Charlie agrees to the record deal, but only if things won't get too out of hand.
In the cave, Jin is cleaning his injured hand, which still has the handcuff on it. When Sun comes over to look at it, Jin tells her to cover herself up because what she is wearing is "indecent". For once, however, she stands up for herself and refuses because it's too hot. When Hurley tells Charlie that Jack wants him to find another place for his guitar because it's getting in the way, Charlie gets mad at Jack and follows him into another part of the cave. Charlie starts yelling at him for treating him like a child and disrespecting him. His loud yells cause the cave to collapse in. Charlie makes it out, but Jack is trapped inside. As Charlie runs to the beach to get help, Sayid and Kate are walking through the jungle. Sayid tells her that they shouldn't have survived the place crash with nothing but a few scrapes, but she disagrees, saying that they're just lucky. When Charlie arrives at the beach, the others go with him to help. Boone tells Shannon that when Kate and Sayid signal, she needs to signal them and then activate the antenna. Charlie looks for Kate, but Sawyer tells him that she already left with Sayid. Before Charlie can go after her, Sawyer tells him that he knows which way she went and that he can handle it. Charlie flashes back to a performance. When the chorus comes up, which is Charlie's part, Liam continues singing. When Charlie confronts him backstage, he says that he got caught up in the moment and that it won't happen again. He then watches as Liam pulls out drugs and goes into a room with a woman.
The others get to the cave and Michael, who has experience in construction, leads the rescue. Sawyer catches up with Sayid and Kate, but when she gets an attitude about him following them, he decides not to tell her and says he came to help. Charlie goes to Locke, who is skinning the boar, and he asks him for the drugs. Locke tells him about a moth and its struggle to emerge from its cocoon. If he helps the moth by freeing it, the moth will die due to being too weak, but if it struggles and frees itself, it will be strong. Locke then says that if he asks again for the drugs, he will give them to him.
When the rescue team manages to make a hole, they can hear that Jack is still alive. Meanwhile, Sayid finds a suitable spot for the second antenna and sends Sawyer up a tree to install it. Sayid then leaves Kate with Sawyer and heads on to install the final antenna. Back in the cave, they decide that since Jack can't move, they'll have to send someone in to free him; Charlie volunteers. As Kate and Sawyer wait for Sayid's signal, Sawyer lets slip about what happened to Jack, causing Kate to run off to the cave.
As Charlie crawls into the hole, he flashes back to catching Liam drunk in the dressing room with a group of girls. Charlie tells him that he's walking away from the band, but Liam tells him that he's useless if he's not in the band. After Liam storms off, Charlie finds his stash of drugs. As Charlie crawls further in, the hole collapses and seals him inside. Charlie finds Jack, who has dislocated his shoulder, and helps him relocate it. Charlie has a flashback to visiting Liam in Sydney, who is no longer in the band and has started a family. Charlie offers him the chance to restart the band in California, but Liam doesn't want to. When Liam realizes that Charlie is still using drugs, he offers him to stay at their house and get professional help. Charlie gets angry and then leaves to catch a plane.
The flashback ends as Jack reveals that he knows about Charlie's problem and asks why he never asked for help. Charlie tells him that he didn't because he thought that he was useless, but Jack tells him that he's not. Charlie then sees a moth and follows it. He sees light and digs out of the cave.
Meanwhile, Sayid, Shannon, and Sawyer all signal to each other and then activate each antenna. Sayid begins to track the signal, but is knocked unconscious from behind. That night, Kate makes Jack a sling for his shoulder and Walt asks Michael if they can stay in the caves. Also, Charlie asks Locke for the drugs for a third time. Keeping his word, Locke reluctantly hands them over, but Charlie tosses the drugs into the fire. As Locke tells him that he's proud of him, Charlie sees a moth, free of its cocoon, fly away.