Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • Charlie

    Charlie's somewhat sad history is revealed in a dull fashion that still exceeds the on-island plot, partnered with low production value and over-prominent symbolism.
  • 107

    More substantial development coming from Lost this week, and we got great development to say the least. I've always been intrigued by the Charlie character and I couldn't wait for the Charlie-centric episode this season, I was quite satisfied with it overall.

    We got fantastic interactions between Locke & Charlie, and Locke is easily becoming my favorite character with all of his wisdom and help he gives to the others. This episode also showed how much Kate cares for Jack, and some possible romantic involvement between Kate & Sawyer, a very interesting triangle if you ask me.

    I loved how everyone played a part in shooting the rockets in order to get a signal. The cliffhanger was pretty intense with Sayid getting knocked out, but by who? Interested to see what happens in the next installment. Great episode.
  • Awesome.

    Charlie is suffering from withdrawal and asks Locke for his heroin, and Locke says that he will return the drugs the third time Charlie asks. Charlie later asks Locke for his heroin for the third time and Locke gives it back but Charlie destroys it. Flashbacks show Charlie and his brother Liam leading their band DriveSHAFT and, eventually, Liam gets Charlie hooked on heroin. Years later, Charlie visits Liam's house in Australia and wants him to rejoin DriveSHAFT for their comeback tour but a clean Liam refuses. My favourite character episode - Charlie - I love his storyl - best one by far! I love the scenes with the transceiver. I also love the caves and what happens in the caves this episode - brilliant story. I love the way Jack helps Cahrlie and of course Locke helps too.
  • Lame Salvation

    The seventh episode is all about (not) being rescued. Charlie rescues Jack from a collapsing cave and later on heroically rescues himself from drugs. Kate rescues herself from losing her beloved doc, but fails to rescue the audience from her annoying presence. Meanwhile, no one is to be found to rescue Sayid from being hit in the head with a bat. By a stranger. Just on time when he seemed able to detect the origin of the French transmission. Oh, well. -

    OK now, this has to be one of my least favourite episodes of Lost of all time. In fact, Season 3's "Stranger in a Strange Land" is the only one that outmatches this one in dreadfulness. It is a pity actually that this one is so bad because Charlie is a really likable character (at least in Season 1). His flashbacks aren't awful, but kinda unintresting. But the really annoyning stuff happens on the Island. Jack is trapped into a cave and everyone hatsen to rescue him, like he's the President or something. Meanwhile, Charlie's silly storyline involving drugs and salvation continiues, with his final "heroic" act of throwing his heroin stash into the fire consisting a MASSIVE clichi. But more irritating than Jack and Charlie together, is Kate, whose extreme eagerness to save her beloved doc from the brick of death is not only unjustified, hysterical and pointless but also extremely annoyning as well. Plain bad writing. On the bright side, Sayid gets knocked out. Don't get me wrong, I really like Sayid, but I liked that scene because it was the only truly exciting thing that happened in this episode.
  • This episode bloody rocked...

    Another hugely character based episode, this time it's Charlie's turn, we see him struggle with his drug adiction and we see why he became an addict. The episode has good flashbacks that develop the character, we like him more after seeing this and hate his brother Liam. There was plenty going on in the episode to keep me on the edge of my seat like the cave in, Charlie's struggle and the attempt to get the signal. The cave in is at first a bit over the top but I forget that it would be nearly impossible to dig a tunnel of that length in an hour because its worth it, seeing Charlie save them Jack was great and he redeems himself and prooves that he can do something useful on the island. I always find it funny when Sayid is counting on Boone and Kate when it in fact is Shannon and Sawyer the two most likely people to help out on the island who successfully get the signal working shame it was all for nothing when Sayid is unexpectfully knocked out, who done it? Well it takes a while to find out.
  • Charlie Moment.

    Charlie is not a very strong character and his drama is not very interesting. It is difficult to create a great episodes or something special involving problems with drugs.

    Not for the writers of Lost. There are some disney moments, however, the flashbacks give the necessary information about charlie, not only about his life, but also about is low self - esteem. That is his main problem. That drugs seems a way to resolve that.

    One more time, Locke is helping someone, like he did before.

    The events the inland, about jack, could be a filler, however, it was very important, for charlie development. The Final Scene was beautiful.

    It is interesting how the writers add more and more mystery, in a long list of mysteries. The interaction between kate and sawyer was interesting, and should prepare us for the next episode were sawyer will be focused.
  • A critical metamorphosis for one of the chaeacrers

    Since the series began, Charlie has been flitting about somewhat aimlessly, trying to talk to people, hoping to be recognized for the rock god he thinks he is, while slowly going through an enforced detox. Throughout the episode, he looks haggard, with the hood of his shirt making him look like some scraggly hermit, isolated from the rest of the world. There is some appropriateness to this, because, as we see in the first (very amusing) flashback, Charlie was a religious man before he became a rock star. Now we get a sense about what Charlie's life was like, pre-crash. Drive Shaft was founded by him and his older brother. The front man had no talent, got into fights and did a lot of drinking, whoring, and snorting, while the bass player, stayed in the background, tried to hold the band together, and looked after his brother. Unfortunately, in the process, he became addicted to heroin. Worse, his brother got clean, started a family, and was able to let go of the music. Charlie wasn't, and his brother was not able to understand or even sympathize with his fate. Charlie came to Sydney hoping to get the band back together, claiming that his brother owed him. Liam's offers to help his brother out seem half-hearted, perhaps because he doesn't want to get that close to the flame that nearly burned him alive.
    Now, on the island, Charlie's moral crisis is mirrored by a more immediate one. Charlie is still trying to help, probably more to distract himself than anything else, but all he does is get in the way. This leads to him causing a rockslide that traps and pins Jack. Simultaneously, Charlie is begging Locke to give him his stash back. In a very biblical way, Locke tells Charlie that he will return the drugs if he asks for it three times (shades of St. Peter) The second time he asks for it, Locke shows him a cocoon and using the (somewhat labored) metaphor of a moth emerging from it to tell him what he needs to do. This leads to Charlie eventually crawling his way inside an opening in order o rescue Jack. And it is seeing another moth that enables him to save both Jack and himself, bringing him closer to redemption. What Locke's neglects to mention that moths are attracted to flame, and, as we see in the flashback, Charlie has a self-destructive streak in him.
    There's quite a bit going on beside this. As was clear in the last episode, the castaways are divided into those who go to the caves, and those who stay on the beach. Joining Jack, Locke and Charlie are Hurley, Sun and Jin. Remaining on the beach are Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Walt and Michael, Shannon and Boone, and Claire. (Again, we see very little of her in this episode) Because of the need for water, there will be a lot of traffic, and there will some fluctuation in the episodes to come. Sayed, with the assistance of Kate and Boone, has not given up the hope of rescue. He is now trying to track the Frenchwoman's signal back to its power source, with the use of the transceiver, newly constructed antenna, and bottle rockets. (MacGyver, eat your heart out.) This process is aided and hindered by the ever slimy Sawyer. Sawyer by now has become a scavenger-packrat, controlling all of the supplies he harvested from the fuselage a few days ago. When Syed needs the battery from a laptop computer, Kate has to go to him to get it, and he seems to enjoy making everyone squirm. A triangle is beginning to form between him, Kate and Jack, and because he knows he's always going to be low man on that totem pole, he loves to screw with their heads. This is clear, when Sawyer goes after Kate intending to tell her about what has happened to Jack, but her scorn causes him to hold back. He only tells her when it is at its greatest level of inconvenience for everybody. When the rockets are fired, and the antenna starts to work, someone knocks Syed unconscious, the automatic assumption is that he did it. Considering where he was in relation to Syed, this seems very unlikely, but we think it regardless. However, we're going to learn soon that there are an even greater number of suspects than we'd think.
    Furthermore, even though Jack and Kate have a pretty tense scene in the episode's beside, the minute Sawyer tells her what's befallen Jack, she starts tearing ass back to help him. She does the same at the cave in, even though there's a good chance that she's making it worse for him
    Some of the other characters are starting to come more into focus. Locke is now taking a position as the island disciple. He knows what will happen when he withholds the drug, and he does so anyway, knowing the frenzied state. Furthermore, while everybody on the beach seems to head over to the caves to help get Jack out, Locke shows no interest in leaving the boar he is curing. Why? Does he somehow know that this is the island testing Charlie? Then, why doesn't he show up at anytime to either offer assistance or see how Charlie's doing? Maybe this is another example of his faith.
    Michael now does the first really constructive thing other than watch Walt since he got here, in lending his assistance in construction to find safe passage into the hole, as well as organizing a system to get Jack out. This skill will become critical to the castaways as Season 1 progresses.
    The other characters are very vaguely shaded. Boone seems to be back to trying to help out without helping. He intends to help Kate and Syed, but when he learns of the cave in, he runs off, giving instructions to Shannon (who doesn't seem anymore reliable than she does when they crashes a week ago) to finish his project. He doesn't help a great deal when it comes to freeing Jack. Ultimately, Boone seems rudderless, looking for someone to lead him. His sister doesn't seem much for trustworthy, only half-listening to Boone's instruction, and not exactly being alert when the rockets go up. (Frankly, I'm amazed the thing came off at all. Sun and Jin are trying to settle in, but he still seems to controlling, and far too worked up about how his wife is dressed.
    Though 'The Moth' is an interesting episode, it doesn't reach the same high standards that have been set by the previous six episodes The writers seemed to make Charlie's character a bit weaker than some of the others, especially in the early going. Dominic Monaghan is a fine actor, but Charlie always seems like he's having trouble fitting into his skin. This episode is also less about the mysteries, and more about simple survival, which is compelling but is somewhat less than what we've come to expect. However, bigger and better stories are about to come.
    My score:7.5
  • No puedo

    Desde acá arriba la vista es hermosa: los árboles, las casas bajas, las calles diminutas, allá lejos el río. Lo que daría por hacer lo mismo que ese insignificante pajarito que va hacia quién sabe dónde: volar.
    Y recorrer el mundo con mis pequeñas alas, observando la vida pasar desde una altura inalcanzable.
    Pero no...
    No vine a este mundo a volar. No me escapé a la terraza para batir mis alas ad eternum. Estoy acá porque no te puedo dejar. Porque soy tu esclavo y nadie se entera si lo hago acá. Fósforos, encenderte, vos en mis labios, por siempre, hasta que la muerte nos separe.
  • The BEST Episode Of The Entire Show!

    Can I say this episode takes the cake! This happens to be my favorite episode of all. I hasve watched every single episode dozens of times bu I keep coming back to this one. It's intense it makes me want to cry and to laugh. I know that sounded rather corny but it's true. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like can relate to Charlie. Not on the drug part. But Charlie just wants to be heard. He wants someone to recognize that he isn't just another survivor, that he is someone worth taking the time to look at. He's one of those people who wants someone to know he can do stuff too. He can battle drugs, he can do something right, he can save Jack from a cave-in. He just wants to prove that he has a reason to be one of the main characters before this he was just funny, old Charlie but this episode we really get to know him. We get to know that there is a darker side to Charlie, that there is more under the mask of happiness. That Charlie is really hurting and that he needs help from someone stronger than him like Locke to give him a hand through the trouble. TO help him up during his battle. To be a true friend.
  • Very Moving.

    This was a Charlie centric episode. I thought that it was very moving. It shows Charlie's struggle with withdrawl from his heroin. It shows that one can be strong enough to overcome his weaknesses. I think that Locke made really good comparisons with the boar and the moth. And we can all pretty much say that Charlie is "the moth".

    This episode also shows a somewhat good bond between Charlie and Locke. Though Charlie was mad with Locke for most of the episode, in the end Charlie knew what Locke was actually helping him rather than torturing. I also like how Charlie, being the "useless" one, rescues the "hero" Jack in the cave-in.
  • "You all Everybody!" Charlie picks up his guitar and strums out the first musical Lost episode.

    As with the previous episode, The Moth is more about character development than island plot development. I like the character of Charlie, probably because out of all the characters introduced in Season 1 I relate to him the most, as a musician and as a personality. If I was stranded on Lost island with these guys I would also befriend Claire, as does happen. Because I relate to Charlie, I found his flashbacks entertaining.
    The island stuff is adventurous, with the cave collapsing on Jack and Charlie going to save him. Many found the Moth metaphor overdone, and while I felt that past Locke's discovery of the Moth to Charlie, we didn't need to be spoonfed with it more, it was the only logical way that Charlie could find a way out of the cave.
    Sayid continues to try and find the transmission source, so he can broadcast a message himself, but someone, unknown at this time, knocks him unconscious and destroys the equipment. It is not until The Greater Good later this season that we know it was Locke.
    Finally, Lost addresses the fact that the survivors survive the plane crash with barely a few scratches. Sayid brings this up. It is a big question and one which connects to why they are on the island, something that is addressed at the end of the season.
    As for the music, the hit song, You all everybody, is catchy, despite its monotony. It is basically the same lyric over and over again. I guess the writers knew that we wouldn't be hearing a full song performed and so only needed a few lines.
    The Driveshaft performance seen, looks quite authentic. Liam, particularly, looks the ideal lead singer, with his Liam Gallagher like swagger. The intention was to create an Oasis-type band. And that is what comes across.
    Not the most thrilling episode of Season 1, but as a purely character-based episode, it is one of the better ones.
  • This episode was exciting and very suspenseful all the way through!

    This episode would definitely have to be one of my favorites!
    On the previous episode Charlie handed his drug stash to Locke and received his guitar for doing so but now he wanted his drugs back and Locke told him that he'd let him ask for them 3 times then he'd give them to him. Also on this episode Sayid, Boone and Kate were going to triangulate the French woman's broadcast where he almost found rescue but then he was hit on the head by a stick and knocked unconscious! Damn it! Who did it and Why???
    The flashbacks about Charlie were awesome and how he had to avoid temptations with his brother and then he started using Drugs, it was sad but interesting! Half way through the episode Charlie yelled at Jack and then Jack got trapped in a cave-in. When Sawyer tried to tell Kate about what had happened she didn't want to hear anything from him because she was angry but eventually she found out. At the end they finally rescued him and then Charlie asked Locke for his drugs for the third time so Locke gave them to him and then he flicked it into the fire! Great choice he made!
    Overall a wonderful episode that I'll never forget!
  • A Charlie-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and the main reason that I liked this episode so much is because Charlie is one my most favorite characters on the show. Since I like the character Charlie so much, it was great to have an episode that focused mostly on him and explored his back story. I really liked getting to see what his life was like before everyone was stranded on the island. I really think that Dominic Monaghan plays the role of Charlie so well, and I thought that he gave a really powerful performance in this episode. This episode also made me a big fan of Sawyer. I think that he's such a fascinating character, and I think that Josh Holloway plays him so well. All things considered, I thought that this was a great episode, and I can't wait to continue watching my Lost: season one DVDs.
  • Absolute Perfection!

    This has to be by far the best episode of lost to date, hence why i gave it a perfect ten. Mainly because it is simply faultless and has everything you could ever want from an episode. I'm starting to really like Charlie and along with Jack he has to be one of my favourite characters. There is just something so likable about him he manages to mix homour and sadness with being a genuine down to earth man, and is portrayed very well by the actor. Like the other characters i feel that now i have seen his back story i understand more what type of person he is. His struggle with drugs is really gripping and makes you feel genuine concern for him. It is obvious he was dragged into a world he didn't want to be in, and got into drugs by accident. When first you think he's some kind of punk rocker junkey, he turns out to be a very normal and genuine guy, one thing Lost teaches you is to never judge a book by its cover. Locke tries to help him overcome his addiction and the comparison to the moth is very well thought up and beautifully shot. Just the way the whole episode is written is just perfection and for once nearly every character is included in the one episode although there is still a main character that is focused on throughout. The other scenario of course is Jack being trapped in the cave, again Charlie comes into this when he rescues him. It also makes you feel sorry for Charlie as he himslef feels useless, and everyone treats him like a child and the episode is all about his journey and triumph over the drugs and also over his self confidence and beleif in himself. There is a clear love story between Kate and Jack and i look forward to seeing this develop. They too had some sweet moments towards the climax. Of course to add to all this there is a great cliffhanger as Sayid gets knocked out by a mysterious force towards the end. I also can't wait for Boones backstory as he seems an obvios villan and a character to hate but i don't want to judge him as i have done previous characters like Charlie for example. Overall it is a truelly thrilling episode which is extremly well written and filmed and the climax is just perfection. I'm deffinatly well into Lost now and i have to say i'm impressed, if fututure episodes are as good as this, although it will be hard to top it, then it will undiniably be the best show ever made!
  • An episode focused on Charlie.

    A really good episode dealing with Charlie. In this episode, the flashbacks don't really tell us too much that we don't already know. We know that Charlie was a rock star, and we know that he is addicted to drugs. However, it does show how he got into those drugs, which is really interesting to see.

    We also get to see him on the island, trying to figure out his role, and trying to deal with his withdrawls. This was also a really nice addition to the episode, and added a lot to his character.

    Also, we get even more moments with John Locke trying to help Charlie with his drug addiction. These moments were great, and added a lot to both Charlie and Locke.
  • The reason lost is so great - character development.

    This is simply one of the best episodes of Lost. The episode focuses on Charlie and his struggle to break his heroine habit after the crash. You may often hear that Charlie's character is unlikeable and one dimensional. However, "The Moth" dispels those mischaracterizations. We get a glimpse into how Charlie became a rock star, the temptations he faced as he entered the life style and his attempts to turn away from the darker aspects of stardom, specifically drugs. The episode unapologetically shows that Charlie became a lowlife drug user on the verge of becoming a has-been one hit wonder. But, we find out that his fall was hastened by his attempts to help his selfish brother. His episode gives depth and meaning to Charlie's character. Most importantly, the Moth encapsulates Lost's major themes of redemption and hope. If you haven't seen it yet, get the DVD or iTunes episode.
  • Charlie: You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god!

    Charlie is suffering from withdrawal and asks Locke for his heroin and Locke says that he will return the drugs the third time Charlie asks. Charlie later asks Locke for his heroin for the third time and Locke gives it back but Charlie tosses it into the fire. Flashbacks show Charlie and his brother Liam leading their band DriveSHAFT and eventually, Liam gets Charlie hooked on heroin. Years later, Charlie visits Liam's house in Australia and wants him to rejoin DriveSHAFT for their comeback tour but a clean Liam refuses. Most of us adored the character Charlie Pace and in my opinion he was a his peak in early season one, the episode was awesome, really enjoy it every tme I watch it. 9.4 out of 10.
  • Excellent character piece.

    In my last review I said that truly good Lost episodes are episodes where the focus is on both character development and mythology. But, I also said there are expectations. Well, this is one.

    "The Moth" once again doesn't have any mythology in it, "just" character development. But it's simply astonishing.

    Charlie's character worked as a good sidekick, much like Hurley, but this episode the writers proved everyone can be more.. so much more. His drug problem was always interesting, but seemed incredibly cliché. Well, the writers are geniouses! Because this was everything but cliché.

    I loved the flashbacks. It just showed how much of a mess he was... along with his brother. But it also showed he's a good and caring man. On the island, he tried to help, but eventually failed, until he got trapped in a cave with Jack. The only thing that's preventing me from giving this a 10 is that I thought the whole cave setting was really fake, and Charlie's sudden rescue was a Disney-moment. But apart from this, this really was a perfect episode.

    I LOVED the Charlie/Locke duo. Locke is a father-figure for Charlie, exactly what Charlie needs. Someone who he can rely on.

    The ending... incredible. One of the most powerful endings ever. With Charlie realizing there's a way out. Amazing. One of the best performances by Dominic Monaghan to date.
  • Charlie and his past

    Charlie has been one of my favorite characters from the beginning of the season. I thought his personality was very funny. Aside from his drug addiction he was / is still one of my favorite characters. I personally liked the fact that Locke is helping Charlie with his problem. I really wasn't into the flashbacks of Charlie and his band but it laid the foundation of his past and how he got caught up in the whole drug problem thing. I thought e cliffhanger at the end was awesome when Sayid gets knocked out. I was definitely curios to find out what happened next.
  • Charlie makes a decision.

    Charlie makes a run for it when he is being chased by a boar. It turns out that it was all Locke's plan to catch the boar. Jack and the others are settling in at the cave, they tell Charlie that he isn't needed. Feeling hurt, he asks Locke for his drugs back. Locke tells him that after 3 attempts, he will give the drugs back. Sayid organizes a plan to catch the frequency of the transceiver. Kate and Boone are also part of the plan. Jack and Charlie are arguing in the cave and suddenly, it collapses. Charlie escapes, but Jack is stuck. Charlie goes to Locke and asks for the drugs a second time. The others start digging for Jack. Charlie goes to the beach to tell the others. He tells Sawyer to tell Kate about it. Charlie goes back and the others have made a hole. They can hear Jack, but can't get to him. Charlie offers to go. Sawyer catches up with Kate and Sayid. As Sawyer is about to tell her about Jack, she gives him attitude. He decides not to yet. Boone asks Shannon to put off the rocket and turn the radio on. Sayid leaves Kate and Sawyer to do the second rocket. Charlie gets to Jack, but the cave collapses again, closing the hole. The time comes for Sayid's plan to go into action. All goes as planned until someone knocks Sayid out. Charlie gets Jack out of the cave. He asks Locke for his drugs one last time, Locke gives it to him. Charlie throws it into the fire.

    This was a great episode! I've noticed that the show was sort of lost its mysteriousness as they are trying to give the characters' backgrounds. Although, I love knowing more about the characters, I'd rather have that mystery back. I love the ending and Charlie making the right choice with the drugs. The flashbacks were okay too! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Charlie rocks!

    I loved this episode. It was the first time we really get to see Charlie's past. This episode contains my favorite Charlie flashbacks. (Well, besides the ones in Greatest Hits.) I really liked learning about Charlie's life. I think this was the episode that really made me a Charlie fan. (And I still am, even if he's dead.) I liked how Charlie volunteered to go save Jack. That was really touching. And I loved when he asked Locke for his drugs the third time. Then he threw them into the fire. And then we see the moth fly off. I also liked the ending when Sayid got knocked out while trying to send out a signal. That was awesome!
  • Charlie was a singer...interesting....

    This episode follows Charlie and has flashbacks of Charlie's life before the crash. Apparently, he was a bug singer and he's a druggie. Locke helps Charlie stop the habbit while Jack gets trapped in a cave in. The survivors work hard to make a tunnel to get Jack out and then Charlie goes in the tunnel to rescue him. In the end, of course, they both get out alive. Overall, the drug addict story was interesting. Locke got a little annoying, but it was still interesting to see that he knew that Charlie was a drug addict. I didn't really like the preaching Jack did about the caves...boring. Overall, a pretty good episode just because of the character development of Charlie.
  • Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

    What would we do without the druggie/ex-rocker on Lost? I honestly think it would be much more bland. The same goes for Locke, as he is equally important in this episode. Charlie overcame his drugs, rescued jack, and was boar bait for locke! I'd say thats a lot for one episode!

    The great thing about Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) is that you really have no idea what decision he is going with. He is obviously way conflicted with his brother and drugs added to that. Even though this episode just moves the survivor's community story slowly, I still think it was enjoyable for seeing Charlie and how he got into drugs. Since just rewatching it I already have the song stuck in my head...

    "You all everybody! You all everybody!"
  • "You all everybody"

    this episode of lost sees charlie struggle to with his herion addiction after he gave locke his stash in the previous episode.
    Charlie asks for it back but locke tells him he would give the herion to him after he ascks three times.charlie takes it out on jack in the caves but the caves cave in and trap jack inside.
    meanwhile sayid, kate and boone try to triangulate the French transmission but after charlie tells the rest of the survivours whats happened to jack boone and kate go to the caves.sawyer and shannon take over there jobs and succefully
    triangulate signal but the plan is ruined after sayid is knocked out and the equipment is wrecked by someone.
    charlie goes through a tunnel built by the survivours to rescue jack and he does thanks to a moth that leads him and jack out of the cave.charlie gets his herion back after asking three times but he throws it in a fire.
    I think this episode is a good episode and has great character development for charlie and is a fine example of Lost.
  • "You never looked out for me!"

    Charlie’s words define his past, and who he is as a person. He feels that he has spent his life looking out for other people, but he never received anything in return. That attitude hasn’t changed on the island. When Jack turns Charlie away, he takes it personally and ultimately traps Jack in a cave-in.

    The cave-in itself has always been a point of frustration for me. I always thought that a show as good as Lost is above clichéd plotlines that force a character to do something and grow. The fact that there just happens to be a cave-in, and the person trapped just happens to be the hero, and the hole that is dug just happens to be wide enough to only let Charlie through is just way too convenient in my opinion. The journey that Charlie’s character goes on is important, and I think Dominic Monaghan pulls it off fantastically, but I’ve always thought that how it occurs was just a little bit hokey.

    The symbolism of the moth also gets a bit overdone by the end of the episode. I think Terry O’Quinn gives one of his few bad performances when he tells Charlie about the moth in the cocoon (not as bad as Sayid the weatherman or Jack the caves spokesman, but still bad). His use of adjectives is too unrealistic for a person to say in ordinary speech. The lines look fine on paper, but are a nightmare when they’re put on film. Anyway, the moth was fine when Locke pointed out how it resembles Charlie, and having that bug as the thing that rescues Jack and Charlie was tolerable, but the shot of the moth fluttering around by the fire was too much. We get it, the moth represents Charlie!

    The flashbacks are good, though. They definitely do a good job of not only introducing us to Charlie as he truly is, but developing his character quite a bit, as well. Liam’s manipulation of his brother is terrible, and worse still is what eventually happens to Charlie as a result of it. Fame goes to Liam’s head (a terrific performance by Neil Hopkins), as well as drugs, and he ultimately pushes Charlie to the same thing that has destroyed him. The last flashback is also very telling about the family. Liam is able to overcome his addiction and treat Drive Shaft as something that he did while he was young and irresponsible, but Charlie has been stuck in the same rut that he’s been in since that first fix. The island allows him his spot of redemption, as it has for everyone else.

    The theme of choices is very prevalent in this episode, and it’s natural that Locke is the person that tells Charlie this. Struggle hardens a creature, so it can make smarter choices in the future. While Locke could easily help Charlie and just throw the heroin in the fire, he doesn’t, and forces Charlie to make that choice on his own. The only problem with Charlie’s story and the flashbacks is that they all basically wrap up in this episode. The little mysteries that have appeared in all the other flashbacks are nonexistent here, and when characters start getting double flashbacks, we’ll see how important those mysteries are.

    The subplot of this episode, just as it was last time, is much more important to the ongoing island action. Sayid, Kate, and Boone are attempting to triangulate the Frenchwoman’s transmission, again. Boone dashes off to the caves, leaving Shannon in charge, and it’s nice to see that she completes her task perfectly for once. The real juice of this jaunt into the jungle, though, is in the furthering of the relationship between Sawyer and Kate. It’s clear that Kate is totally taken by Jack, yet there is a strange bond between her and Sawyer in all their scenes. Just as the previous episode featured Charlie losing his drugs, this episode spends a fair amount of time probing who Sawyer really is, once again telling the audience who the spotlight will be on next week. The scenes between the two are fun to watch, not only for the litany of nicknames Sawyer spouts off (Muhammad, Saint Jack, etc.), but for the fact that we see Sawyer visibly seize up every time Kate hits close to home. When she says that she pities him, he immediately pops the battery out of the computer, and gives it to her, sending the oh-so-clear message that it’s time to leave. He jerks it out of her hand at first, though, just to try and gain back some power in that situation. When they’re together in the jungle and Kate’s once again getting to the meat of Sawyer’s character, he shifts the conversation and tells Kate that Jack is trapped in the cave-in, knowing she’ll dash off and he won’t have to go further in his past. The Kate-Sawyer interaction in this episode is the best up to this point.

    The end of this story also provides an intriguing mystery, when Sayid is knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant. It’s clearly not one of the survivors-by finding the source of the transmission, they can send out their own, so no one would sabotage that chance. Or would they?

    The Moth, like House of the Rising Sun, is not a bad episode. There’s some really funny moments, most involving Hurley and Sawyer, and it contains the introduction of Scott and Steve, who not only have similar names (and initials: Scott Jackson and Steve Jenkins-both SJ), but also look incredibly like each other. There are problems with the story though, which really can’t be missed. However, they’re not glaring problems, and they don’t diminish the quality of the episode too much.
  • Awesome episode..........

    This episode really rocked! It was the first we properly see Of Charlie.
    It starts off and we see Charlie at the cave playing his guitar, while suffering from withdrawel.
    Locke asks him to come for a walk.
    Meanwhile Kate catches Jack looking at her mugshot, he asks her to come live in the caves.
    She tells him no, once again. He moves off, and Sawyer comes in with his stuff to move into Jack's old tent.
    In the jungle, Charlie loses Locke and hears animal sounds.He runs away and has a flashback.We see him confess some things in onfession.
    He tells the preist he must leave Driveshaft because it causes him to do bad things.
    He go's out to find his brother Liam, who tells him they have just gotten a recording deal for their band.
    Back in the jungle, Charlie is running from a boar, and suddenly the boar is caught in a net by Locke.
    Charlie was his bait.Charlie is annoyed and demans for his drugs back.
    Locke tells him he will give Charlie the drugs when he ask for them 2 times.
    On the beach, Sayid, Kate and Boone get ready to try and triangulate the French Woman's signal.
    However the pwer is low, and so they are given fireworks to use when they are all in position.
    Kate visits Sawyer who hasbeen taking all kinds of stuff since the crash.
    He gives her a laptop battery. Jack and Hurley arrive at the caves with some suitcases, Charlie wants to help but Jack tells him It's okay.
    Charlie has another flashnback, we see him agree to the record deal only if his brother promises they quit when he says it.
    In the cave, Jin is cleaning his injurd hand and he tells Sun to cover herself up because she looks undescent.
    She stands up for herself and tells him no.When Hurley tells Charlie Jack wants his guitar out of the way Charlie gets mad and races into Jack.
    They are in a cave and Charlie starts to shout.This causes the cave to collapse in.Charlie makes it out but Jack is still trapped inside.
    charlie runs to the beach to get help. Sawyer tells him that he'll get Kate and sayid who were out in the jungle.
    Boone tells Shannon that when Kate and Sayid signal, she needs to signal them and then activate the antenna.
    Charlie has another flashback. We see Driveshaft performing and afterwards, Charlie gives out to Liam for singing the chorus.
    He then watches Liam as he pulls out a bag of heroin out of his pocket.
    Back at the cave, Michael tells everyone where to dig to get Jack out.Sawyer catches up with Kate and Sayid, but she gives him attitude so he decides not to tell her about Jack.
    Instead he makes up an excuse that he came to help out.Charlie go's to Locke and asks him for the drugs, Locke shows him a moth. and its struggle to emerge from its cocoon. If he helps the moth by freeing it, the moth will die due to being too weak, but if it struggles and frees itself, it will be strong.
    Charlie must only ask one more time and Locke will give him the drugs.When a rescue team manges to make a hole they decide to send someone in to get jack.
    Charlie bravely volunteers.As Kate and Sawyer wait for Sayid's signal, Sawyer lets it slip out about Jack. Kate is furious and runs to the caves.
    We see Charlie climbing through the hole and has a flashback.We see him give out to Liam.
    Charlie tells him that hes walking away from the band like he said he would.
    liam tells him the band is all he has and that Charlie's useless without it.
    Liam storms off and Charlie is left looking at the stash of Junk.
    Charlie climbs in further and finds Jack who's shopulder is dislocated.
    He pushes it back into place and has another flashback.He visits Liam in Sydney who is now clean.
    When Liam realizes that Charlie is still using drugs, he offers him to stay at their house and get professional help. Charlie gets angry and then leaves to catch a plane.
    We see back in the cave that Jack knows about Charlie's drug problems.Jack tells him he's not useless.
    He sees a moth and follows it, he see's a litt;le gap of light and starts to dig.
    They brake out of the cave.
    Meanwhile Sayid, Shannon and Sawyer signal to eachother and Sayid turns on the antena only to be knocked over the head.
    That night, Kate makes Jack a sling for his shoulder and Walt asks Michael if they can stay in the caves. Also, Charlie asks Locke for the drugs for a third time. Keeping his word, Locke reluctantly hands them over, but Charlie tosses the drugs into the fire. As Locke tells him that he's proud of him, Charlie sees a moth, free of its cocoon, fly away. j
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Review

    There were both things I enjoyed about this episode and the things I didnt. The part of this episode I felt was pretty weak was Charlies flashback story. I wasnt into his story like I have been into Lockes, Kates, Jacks, and Sawyers up to this point. I thought Charlies background story was a little weak and I thought the writing could have been better for that part. On the other hand, I thought the scenes in present time on the beach were great. Charlie and Jack have a surprisingly good conversation when they are both trapped under the rock and I really think there on screen connection helped them grow as characters in this episode. Sayid getting hit over the head when he is trying to find the source for the transmission was interestng. We are unaware if it is one of the survivors or if there may be more to this island then what meets the eye. Charlies drug problem on the island was good in this episode, I just hope they dont overdue it in the episodes to come.
  • Awsome Episode, I think Charlie's Best Episode!

    The moth is the first of Charlie's FB episodes. In this Episode Charlie begins to get fed up with everyone treating him like he's useless. He pleads with Locke to give him his drugs back and lockes say he will let him ask 3 times and on the third he'll give them back. Meanwhile Sayid comes up with a plan to find the distress signal. Back at the caves charlie has an argument with jack and the cave collapses on them, charlie got out in time but jack did not as everybody rallies to save the doc charlie goes to locke and asks for the drugs for a second time. When he returns to the caves they have built a little tunnel and charlie volunteers to go in and just as he reaches the doc the cave collapses some more. Meanwhile Sayid goes through with his plan and it works and just as he approaches the signal he is hit in the back of the head by someone. Back in the collapsed cave charlie manages to find himself and jack a way out and is praised by his fellow losties. Later that night charlie asks locke for the third time and as disapointed as john was he stuck by his deal and gave charlie his drugs back, and then Charlie threw them in the fire! (In charlie's FB it shows him as a rock star with his bro but after much effort in trying to end the band his brither in fact get's him addicted.)
  • great episode

    After Locke discovers Charlie's drug habit from the last episode, he tries to help him out with some aggressive persuasion. We're not told why Locke is helping Charlie, but it's a mystery. The survivors of the Oceanic Flight are as mysterious as the island itself. This is a really great show. Jack gets buried inside the cave, everyone else do their best to dig him out. In this episode, we examine Charlie's downward spiral from an almost successful band rocker to a drug addict who happened to board on the fateful flight. It's an interesting journey to be explored. This is one good episode.
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