Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • The Charlie Episode

    I love how each episode focuses on a different character and what life was like for them before the crash. This was the "Charlie Episode".

    He's a very interesting character. I like how he was religious and not into the rockstar image until his brother got drugged out and basically introduced Charlie to drugs. Charlie is one of the best natured characters on the island. He is caring and funny. He just needs to kick that drug habit. I really liked how Locke was helping get over the drug withdrawals.

    The cave collapse was another great plot point. Jack has been saving everybody so its not surprising that he would need saving atleast once. Plus, Charlie was able to be a hero of sorts and showed courage when he crawled through the tunnel to get to Jack. It was nice how Jack gave Charlie all the credit for getting him out and how everyone mobbed Charlie. He was so happy and he deserves it.
  • The Moth makes the Cut

    I would have to say this is my favorite episode. In the beggining you see Charlie talking to Locke and Locke Explains to him how theres a moth that is struggling to get out but if he cuts it out it will be to weak to survive(Symbolism) . Of course compairing the moth to Charlie. When flashing back we see that poor Charlie never wanted to be part of the band and that his brother was the whole reason he went into the band in the first place. Threwout the episode Charlie manages to make a cave...cave in and save Jack at the same time. As we go into Charlies flashback we see the Charlies big brother was the whole reason he's addicted to heroin in the first place. Tell me the irony in that. In the end we see that Charlies brother was the one that actually got better more irony. This episodes use of irony and symbolism definatly give it a spot as my all time favorite lost episode.
  • Looks like Charlie's coo-coo for coke

    Another fantastic episode with one of the best character of the first season's (charlie) flashback. Throughout the first few episodes you know that charlie is a drug addict, but now it's finally revealed why. Also in this episode it seems Sayid's plan to find the source of the distress call is well underway.

    After giving Locke his drug stash for his guitar in the previous episode House of the Rising Sun, Charlie feels he cannot pull through without the drugs on the first day of detoxs, but with the help of Locke, Charlie fight it longer. This episode really reveals how Charlie feels he is nothing to the others, just a useless drug addict. This episode also reveals how Locke (next to Jack) is the most helpful, and wisest person then anyone on the island.

    This episode has an amazing plot and character development, almost everyone's personality is put to the test in this episode, ex. Kate and Sawyer, Michael's construction ability, Charlie's drug problem, Sayid's techinical ability, and Locke's wisdom. Definitly Charlie's best flashback so far.

    Charlie- I want my bloody drugs back

  • One of the best episodes of this series.

    Now out of the 14 characters of Lost, not to mention the many extras, their is one star that I think is the coolest. That character is Charlie. I love his back story. And I love the way Locke helps him out with his drug problem. This episode was great. I catch myself singing Driveshaft's hit song: "You all everybody"
  • This episode was exciting and very suspenseful all the way through!

    This episode would definitely have to be one of my favorites!
    On the previous episode Charlie handed his drug stash to Locke and received his guitar for doing so but now he wanted his drugs back and Locke told him that he'd let him ask for them 3 times then he'd give them to him. Also on this episode Sayid, Boone and Kate were going to triangulate the French woman's broadcast where he almost found rescue but then he was hit on the head by a stick and knocked unconscious! Damn it! Who did it and Why???
    The flashbacks about Charlie were awesome and how he had to avoid temptations with his brother and then he started using Drugs, it was sad but interesting! Half way through the episode Charlie yelled at Jack and then Jack got trapped in a cave-in. When Sawyer tried to tell Kate about what had happened she didn't want to hear anything from him because she was angry but eventually she found out. At the end they finally rescued him and then Charlie asked Locke for his drugs for the third time so Locke gave them to him and then he flicked it into the fire! Great choice he made!
    Overall a wonderful episode that I'll never forget!
  • One of My Top 2 for Season 1

    One of the strongest episodes in season one, The Moth had a solid sense of ensemble while not diluting the key storylines. Drug use and withdrawal have been done so many times, that it presents a particular challenge - how to make it fresh and compelling. Very good dialogue (which is often this series\' weak point), and particularly effective \"pairings\"; i.e., advancing the relationship between two characters. High marks for the writers on this one.
  • Strongest episode since Walkabout.

    The Moth is a really tricky episode for a few reasons. First of all, Charlie\'s drug addiction gets explained, and even though it\'s a bit funny to see Charlie all rock-star\'d out, this episode packs some serious punch.

    Locke\'s role in this show is pivotal up to this point. He hunts, he guides Jack on a spiritual Journey, and he helps Charlie now. This isn\'t nearly the end of his capability, but you begin to understand that there\'s something especially important about Locke at this point.

    The metaphors that the writers hook into the storyline keep things fresh, and the imagery used throughout the episode keep things even more poignant.

    Even though Charlie is a bit goofy, which actually becomes part of the fun of the show, this episode absolutely expresses of some extremely deep thoughts, and we learn a bit more about everyone along the way. Aside from Walkabout, my favorite episode thus far.
  • Really great episode! I enjoyed finding out more about Charlie.

    While Jack and Charlie are talking together in the caves there is a cave-in. Charlie somehow gets out before he is trapped. Many people come to help rescue Jack. When Sawyer finally tells Kate about the accident you can tell how much she cares about him because she rushes back to the caves to see how he is doing. Michael is of some use in this situation. He uses his past experience in construction to make sure they approach the situation correctly. They end up getting a hole but there is nobody who can fit in it. Charlie is the only one skinny enough to fit in the hole so goes in to rescue Jack. As he gets to were Jack is trapped there is another cave-in. They sit there and talk, this is when Jack says something about Charlie’s addiction. Charlie finds a hole were the two escaped from. I think that this was good for Charlie. It made him feel good about doing something productive for the wellbeing of the people on the island.

    While all of this was going on Sayid was trying to be productive as well. Sayid is trying to triangulate the French woman’s signal in hopes of finding its source. He had a really good plan too. Right as he is about to get the signal he is hit in the head by someone who we cannot see. Why would someone do this? I am sure that Sayid is going to blame Sawyer, but there is no way at least I do not believe so. I also thought that it was very interesting that the two other people that Sayid had gotten to help him carry out his plan ended up leaving their job up to other people who have not really done that much to help anyone but themselves (Shannon and Sawyer).

    I don’t normally like the flashbacks. I think that they take away from the excitement on the island, but I thought Charlie’s was good. He was on the path to a good life before his brother convinced him to go back to the rock and roll lifestyle. His brother was also the one to get him hooked on heroin. I am glad Locke is helping Charlie kick his habit. There at the end I thought that he going to go back to his bad habits but when he threw the drugs in the fire it made me really proud of him. Locke was right, he might as well get rid of them sooner rather than later. When he did run out it isn’t like he can get any more. All of the people on the island have something in common. They all had something that was bothering them before they got onto the island. Locke truly believes that he is there for a reason and that the island will tell him what to do. I can’t wait to find out what he gets into next.
  • Charlie's character is explored.

    This episode was good. It wasn't classic, but good. It was nice to see Charlie in the limelight again. His character is a rather likeable one.

    The flashbacks are okay, but only surprising only if you know nothing about musicians. What makes them entersting is they explain what makes Charlie tick. A lot of his behavior would be confusing without them, even though we know it's because of drug withdrawl. For instance when Charlie was shouting at Jack " You look out for me, Ilook out for you!" (or something like that) he was really reliving an argument with his brother. The brother, even when he got cleaned up seemed oblivious to the effect he had on Charlie's life.

    The Island story was good as well. The scenes with Locke and Charlie were good, and Saiyd trying to find the source of the transmission ended in a nice little mystery. What I like about the show is that the answers don't come right away. Who hit Saiyd? The answer comes much later and is surprising, at least at this point in the show.

    One complaint I have about this episode is the conclusion. I felt it was a little too easy and cliched to have Chrlie ready to get off drugs over one incident where he felt needed. I personally felt it was a little too wel, easy.

    Overall, however I liked this episode and felt like it was one that worked.

  • We discover Charlie´s past life and how he got into such addiction

    The whole episode was very good, specially Charlie´s conversation with Locke. Locke had already discovered in last episode Charlie´s addiction to heroin, and now he tries to make him think about the meaning of his actions. Last episode, Locke kept the heroin and now he admits that third time Charlie asks for the drugs ha will give it to him, but John is sure of Charlie´s strenght.

    Who was the one that hit Sayid when his plan was taking place? The more I think about it, the more i believe it was the French woman, but we still have to wait a couple of weeks to know that.

    Charlie´s flashback is more interesting than what I thought. We see the moment when Charlie starts to use drugs as a result of his brother´s opinions and actions. Liam, as he was called, was able to leave the drugs after some years, but Charlie was not able to such thing, and he hasn´t done it yet. Locke´s advice seem to have helped him to get over his problem, but drug addicts don´t leave their drugs that easily, so maybe we´ll see him again trying to find and use more heroin...
  • Charlie's backstory is predictable, but Dominic Monaghan's acting skills at least make it interesting to watch.

    I don't know about you, but as soon as I knew that Charlie was in a rock band and was on drugs, part of me knew that they were connected. And, indeed, pretty much every conclusion you can jump from that happens in Charlie's flashbacks, which concentrate on the development of his drug problem, and how it subsequently became the reason he boarded the plane in the first place.

    Early on, we meet Charlie's brother and bandmate Liam (who, also predictably, turns out to be the source of Charlie's drug problems). The two clearly want to become British rock gods, and set off to do so, but they make a cliche promise to each other: if either of them gets carried away, then the other will step in and stop the band to protect the other. ALSO predictably, this doesn't work.

    Meanwhile, on the island, Locke is still holding Charlie's heroin hostage, and we wants it back. Locke, in traditional "Sensei Locke" style, sets up a test for Charlie. He'll give Charlie his drugs if he asks three times. But, along the way, he's gonna make Charlie feel like hell every time he asks. Part of this idea seems brilliant, but the other part seems horribly cruel. Maybe on an island with no rehab center, this would work.

    For the first time since Walkabout, the flashbacks, though predictable, add to the island story. In The Moth, Charlie feels like everyone is treating him as though he's useless, and when he goes to yell at Jack about it, the cave they're in collapses on Jack, trapping him. Not So Useless Charlie takes more life lessons from Locke in order to sum up the courage to get in there and rescue him (since apparently everyone else is too tiny to get through the hole Michael, who we learn has a history in construction, has dug inside).

    This time, Locke's tactic is to explain to Charlie about, that's right, a moth. He says that moths are trapped in their cocoons for a reason - so they can grow strong enough to escape, and therefore, be strong enough to survive once they get out. This situation relates to Charlie because he believes Charlie will be stronger if he knowingly decides to stop using his drugs, even when he knows he can just ask for them back.

    In other island news, Sayid has finally finished his devices that he's been working on ever since Tabula Rasa to try and find the location of the French transmission. This allows for an interesting moment between Sawyer and Kate, who they are obviously pairing together because they work so well together (not neccesarily romantically, just as two characters that play off each other). Sawyer knows about Jack's cave in incident, and decides to refrain from telling Kate, even though he says he will. We don't really know why, but Sawyer's just liek that I guess.

    The story with Sayid's devices i8s without a doubt the most interesting of the episode simp0ly because its the only one that takes a step in any real direction on the island. The story with Locke, Jack's cave in and Charlie are important for Charlies future. CHarlie's flashback story is one predictability after another, bu Monaghan's performance makes it watchable. It may be predictable, but the acting and writing made it the perfect kind of predictable. ANd we're back to cliffhanger endings, with Sayid getting knowcked out by an unknown assailant before he can find the radio transmission.

    FINAL SCORE: 7.6
    SUMMARY: Predictable flashbacks, but some progress is made in several areas, and we get a good story that stands alone more than fitting into the grand Lost puzzle.
  • The BEST Episode Of The Entire Show!

    Can I say this episode takes the cake! This happens to be my favorite episode of all. I hasve watched every single episode dozens of times bu I keep coming back to this one. It's intense it makes me want to cry and to laugh. I know that sounded rather corny but it's true. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like can relate to Charlie. Not on the drug part. But Charlie just wants to be heard. He wants someone to recognize that he isn't just another survivor, that he is someone worth taking the time to look at. He's one of those people who wants someone to know he can do stuff too. He can battle drugs, he can do something right, he can save Jack from a cave-in. He just wants to prove that he has a reason to be one of the main characters before this he was just funny, old Charlie but this episode we really get to know him. We get to know that there is a darker side to Charlie, that there is more under the mask of happiness. That Charlie is really hurting and that he needs help from someone stronger than him like Locke to give him a hand through the trouble. TO help him up during his battle. To be a true friend.
  • A Charlie-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and the main reason that I liked this episode so much is because Charlie is one my most favorite characters on the show. Since I like the character Charlie so much, it was great to have an episode that focused mostly on him and explored his back story. I really liked getting to see what his life was like before everyone was stranded on the island. I really think that Dominic Monaghan plays the role of Charlie so well, and I thought that he gave a really powerful performance in this episode. This episode also made me a big fan of Sawyer. I think that he's such a fascinating character, and I think that Josh Holloway plays him so well. All things considered, I thought that this was a great episode, and I can't wait to continue watching my Lost: season one DVDs.
  • Absolute Perfection!

    This has to be by far the best episode of lost to date, hence why i gave it a perfect ten. Mainly because it is simply faultless and has everything you could ever want from an episode. I'm starting to really like Charlie and along with Jack he has to be one of my favourite characters. There is just something so likable about him he manages to mix homour and sadness with being a genuine down to earth man, and is portrayed very well by the actor. Like the other characters i feel that now i have seen his back story i understand more what type of person he is. His struggle with drugs is really gripping and makes you feel genuine concern for him. It is obvious he was dragged into a world he didn't want to be in, and got into drugs by accident. When first you think he's some kind of punk rocker junkey, he turns out to be a very normal and genuine guy, one thing Lost teaches you is to never judge a book by its cover. Locke tries to help him overcome his addiction and the comparison to the moth is very well thought up and beautifully shot. Just the way the whole episode is written is just perfection and for once nearly every character is included in the one episode although there is still a main character that is focused on throughout. The other scenario of course is Jack being trapped in the cave, again Charlie comes into this when he rescues him. It also makes you feel sorry for Charlie as he himslef feels useless, and everyone treats him like a child and the episode is all about his journey and triumph over the drugs and also over his self confidence and beleif in himself. There is a clear love story between Kate and Jack and i look forward to seeing this develop. They too had some sweet moments towards the climax. Of course to add to all this there is a great cliffhanger as Sayid gets knocked out by a mysterious force towards the end. I also can't wait for Boones backstory as he seems an obvios villan and a character to hate but i don't want to judge him as i have done previous characters like Charlie for example. Overall it is a truelly thrilling episode which is extremly well written and filmed and the climax is just perfection. I'm deffinatly well into Lost now and i have to say i'm impressed, if fututure episodes are as good as this, although it will be hard to top it, then it will undiniably be the best show ever made!
  • The reason lost is so great - character development.

    This is simply one of the best episodes of Lost. The episode focuses on Charlie and his struggle to break his heroine habit after the crash. You may often hear that Charlie's character is unlikeable and one dimensional. However, "The Moth" dispels those mischaracterizations. We get a glimpse into how Charlie became a rock star, the temptations he faced as he entered the life style and his attempts to turn away from the darker aspects of stardom, specifically drugs. The episode unapologetically shows that Charlie became a lowlife drug user on the verge of becoming a has-been one hit wonder. But, we find out that his fall was hastened by his attempts to help his selfish brother. His episode gives depth and meaning to Charlie's character. Most importantly, the Moth encapsulates Lost's major themes of redemption and hope. If you haven't seen it yet, get the DVD or iTunes episode.
  • Charlie makes a decision.

    Charlie makes a run for it when he is being chased by a boar. It turns out that it was all Locke's plan to catch the boar. Jack and the others are settling in at the cave, they tell Charlie that he isn't needed. Feeling hurt, he asks Locke for his drugs back. Locke tells him that after 3 attempts, he will give the drugs back. Sayid organizes a plan to catch the frequency of the transceiver. Kate and Boone are also part of the plan. Jack and Charlie are arguing in the cave and suddenly, it collapses. Charlie escapes, but Jack is stuck. Charlie goes to Locke and asks for the drugs a second time. The others start digging for Jack. Charlie goes to the beach to tell the others. He tells Sawyer to tell Kate about it. Charlie goes back and the others have made a hole. They can hear Jack, but can't get to him. Charlie offers to go. Sawyer catches up with Kate and Sayid. As Sawyer is about to tell her about Jack, she gives him attitude. He decides not to yet. Boone asks Shannon to put off the rocket and turn the radio on. Sayid leaves Kate and Sawyer to do the second rocket. Charlie gets to Jack, but the cave collapses again, closing the hole. The time comes for Sayid's plan to go into action. All goes as planned until someone knocks Sayid out. Charlie gets Jack out of the cave. He asks Locke for his drugs one last time, Locke gives it to him. Charlie throws it into the fire.

    This was a great episode! I've noticed that the show was sort of lost its mysteriousness as they are trying to give the characters' backgrounds. Although, I love knowing more about the characters, I'd rather have that mystery back. I love the ending and Charlie making the right choice with the drugs. The flashbacks were okay too! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Charlie feels like pople are are bossing him to much.Another great epsode!

    Well charlie wants his drugs back ... and i like it that locke is the one whos helping him and locke is very good at it lol =D ! And when jack gets stuck in the caves charlie runs to locke wanting his drugs back but weirdly some how locke knows what else charlie want and tells him about the moth in the cacoon.So when charlie goes rescues jack ... charlie see's the moth.I really thought locke was pychic a that moment but i know he int.I really did enjoy the episode.Charlie centric episode.Also the fabuous acting keeps getting beta n beta!
  • in this episode, charlie's heroine addiction becomes a problem, and locke (being the old wisdom filled man that he is) interveens. He takes charlies heroine in exchange for his guitar. Charlie battles with his addiction throughout the episode and finally

    I likes this episode because it shows the true charlie. a fragile, timid, unsure guy, who only wants to be needed, and feel like he is important. I also liked how locke interveened and completely stopped charlie of his habits. The metaphore that locke uses about the moth, and it's struggle to break free from the thick hide of the cacoon, really brought it home for charlie, where as, his struggle, the pain he was feeling with his heroine withdrawl, would all have a meaning in the end, and turn out to something good.
  • Awesome episode..........

    This episode really rocked! It was the first we properly see Of Charlie.
    It starts off and we see Charlie at the cave playing his guitar, while suffering from withdrawel.
    Locke asks him to come for a walk.
    Meanwhile Kate catches Jack looking at her mugshot, he asks her to come live in the caves.
    She tells him no, once again. He moves off, and Sawyer comes in with his stuff to move into Jack's old tent.
    In the jungle, Charlie loses Locke and hears animal sounds.He runs away and has a flashback.We see him confess some things in onfession.
    He tells the preist he must leave Driveshaft because it causes him to do bad things.
    He go's out to find his brother Liam, who tells him they have just gotten a recording deal for their band.
    Back in the jungle, Charlie is running from a boar, and suddenly the boar is caught in a net by Locke.
    Charlie was his bait.Charlie is annoyed and demans for his drugs back.
    Locke tells him he will give Charlie the drugs when he ask for them 2 times.
    On the beach, Sayid, Kate and Boone get ready to try and triangulate the French Woman's signal.
    However the pwer is low, and so they are given fireworks to use when they are all in position.
    Kate visits Sawyer who hasbeen taking all kinds of stuff since the crash.
    He gives her a laptop battery. Jack and Hurley arrive at the caves with some suitcases, Charlie wants to help but Jack tells him It's okay.
    Charlie has another flashnback, we see him agree to the record deal only if his brother promises they quit when he says it.
    In the cave, Jin is cleaning his injurd hand and he tells Sun to cover herself up because she looks undescent.
    She stands up for herself and tells him no.When Hurley tells Charlie Jack wants his guitar out of the way Charlie gets mad and races into Jack.
    They are in a cave and Charlie starts to shout.This causes the cave to collapse in.Charlie makes it out but Jack is still trapped inside.
    charlie runs to the beach to get help. Sawyer tells him that he'll get Kate and sayid who were out in the jungle.
    Boone tells Shannon that when Kate and Sayid signal, she needs to signal them and then activate the antenna.
    Charlie has another flashback. We see Driveshaft performing and afterwards, Charlie gives out to Liam for singing the chorus.
    He then watches Liam as he pulls out a bag of heroin out of his pocket.
    Back at the cave, Michael tells everyone where to dig to get Jack out.Sawyer catches up with Kate and Sayid, but she gives him attitude so he decides not to tell her about Jack.
    Instead he makes up an excuse that he came to help out.Charlie go's to Locke and asks him for the drugs, Locke shows him a moth. and its struggle to emerge from its cocoon. If he helps the moth by freeing it, the moth will die due to being too weak, but if it struggles and frees itself, it will be strong.
    Charlie must only ask one more time and Locke will give him the drugs.When a rescue team manges to make a hole they decide to send someone in to get jack.
    Charlie bravely volunteers.As Kate and Sawyer wait for Sayid's signal, Sawyer lets it slip out about Jack. Kate is furious and runs to the caves.
    We see Charlie climbing through the hole and has a flashback.We see him give out to Liam.
    Charlie tells him that hes walking away from the band like he said he would.
    liam tells him the band is all he has and that Charlie's useless without it.
    Liam storms off and Charlie is left looking at the stash of Junk.
    Charlie climbs in further and finds Jack who's shopulder is dislocated.
    He pushes it back into place and has another flashback.He visits Liam in Sydney who is now clean.
    When Liam realizes that Charlie is still using drugs, he offers him to stay at their house and get professional help. Charlie gets angry and then leaves to catch a plane.
    We see back in the cave that Jack knows about Charlie's drug problems.Jack tells him he's not useless.
    He sees a moth and follows it, he see's a litt;le gap of light and starts to dig.
    They brake out of the cave.
    Meanwhile Sayid, Shannon and Sawyer signal to eachother and Sayid turns on the antena only to be knocked over the head.
    That night, Kate makes Jack a sling for his shoulder and Walt asks Michael if they can stay in the caves. Also, Charlie asks Locke for the drugs for a third time. Keeping his word, Locke reluctantly hands them over, but Charlie tosses the drugs into the fire. As Locke tells him that he's proud of him, Charlie sees a moth, free of its cocoon, fly away. j
  • Very complex...

    Very touching...

    It\'s funny to see so soon how is development of the people on the island....
    I bet, when everyone was beggining watching the series, that Charlie would have problems leaving drugs....
    Besides, you can see the three time Locke challenge to Charlie, its something that easily can be reminded of the Bible... deny it 3 times Big J, but in this time for asking for his fix 3 times Locke would give his stuff back....
    Well that worked out to be one of my favorite episodes of all series...
    At least not with so many unsolved stuff at the end, diffrently fro other ones...

    Thanks everyone!
  • Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

    What would we do without the druggie/ex-rocker on Lost? I honestly think it would be much more bland. The same goes for Locke, as he is equally important in this episode. Charlie overcame his drugs, rescued jack, and was boar bait for locke! I'd say thats a lot for one episode!

    The great thing about Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) is that you really have no idea what decision he is going with. He is obviously way conflicted with his brother and drugs added to that. Even though this episode just moves the survivor's community story slowly, I still think it was enjoyable for seeing Charlie and how he got into drugs. Since just rewatching it I already have the song stuck in my head...

    "You all everybody! You all everybody!"
  • Very Moving.

    This was a Charlie centric episode. I thought that it was very moving. It shows Charlie's struggle with withdrawl from his heroin. It shows that one can be strong enough to overcome his weaknesses. I think that Locke made really good comparisons with the boar and the moth. And we can all pretty much say that Charlie is "the moth".

    This episode also shows a somewhat good bond between Charlie and Locke. Though Charlie was mad with Locke for most of the episode, in the end Charlie knew what Locke was actually helping him rather than torturing. I also like how Charlie, being the "useless" one, rescues the "hero" Jack in the cave-in.
  • Charlie rocks!

    I loved this episode. It was the first time we really get to see Charlie's past. This episode contains my favorite Charlie flashbacks. (Well, besides the ones in Greatest Hits.) I really liked learning about Charlie's life. I think this was the episode that really made me a Charlie fan. (And I still am, even if he's dead.) I liked how Charlie volunteered to go save Jack. That was really touching. And I loved when he asked Locke for his drugs the third time. Then he threw them into the fire. And then we see the moth fly off. I also liked the ending when Sayid got knocked out while trying to send out a signal. That was awesome!
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Awsome Episode, I think Charlie's Best Episode!

    The moth is the first of Charlie's FB episodes. In this Episode Charlie begins to get fed up with everyone treating him like he's useless. He pleads with Locke to give him his drugs back and lockes say he will let him ask 3 times and on the third he'll give them back. Meanwhile Sayid comes up with a plan to find the distress signal. Back at the caves charlie has an argument with jack and the cave collapses on them, charlie got out in time but jack did not as everybody rallies to save the doc charlie goes to locke and asks for the drugs for a second time. When he returns to the caves they have built a little tunnel and charlie volunteers to go in and just as he reaches the doc the cave collapses some more. Meanwhile Sayid goes through with his plan and it works and just as he approaches the signal he is hit in the back of the head by someone. Back in the collapsed cave charlie manages to find himself and jack a way out and is praised by his fellow losties. Later that night charlie asks locke for the third time and as disapointed as john was he stuck by his deal and gave charlie his drugs back, and then Charlie threw them in the fire! (In charlie's FB it shows him as a rock star with his bro but after much effort in trying to end the band his brither in fact get's him addicted.)
  • when charlie asks locke to give him his heroine back, locke gives charlie a choice. jack gets trapped in a cave in and michael helps people to save him.

    this episode was written brilliantly. i think charlies flashbacks were good and locke gave another amazing speech. he helped charlie by showing him a moth struggling to get out of its cocoon, and he said he could help it, but it wouldnt survive. my favourite part of this episode was lockes speech and the part where charlie saw the moth and got out the caves. also i liked the part where charlie got his drugs back but threw them in the fire. this was quite a tense episode and was very brilliant. another mystery came up when sayid was knocked out when he trying to find black rock.
  • Great example of why this show is so good.

    In this Charlie episode, many grand topics are touch upon, most importantly the struggle one makes to become independant. The metaphor from Locke about the Moth is a great fit on both Charlie's life, but the entire cast of characters on the show.

    As the caves become a home to more and more characters, they continue to accept the island as not temporary as the place a small round of golf. This expresses the needed for some down time, and the balance these characters are for each other. Each person has a role, and a little excitement and fun seems to be Hurly. This fits perfect within context since he seems to be the funny guy from the viewer's standpoint.
  • It was pretty good.

    in this episode, charlie's drugs addiction becomes wrost, and locke interveens. He takes charlies heroine in exchange for his guitar. Charlie battles with his addiction throughout the episode and is given 3 chances of asking for it back once he asked a 3rd time he got it back but burned it that was alsome. We also learn Charlie was a church man until his brother got the best of him.
  • Charlie conquers his demons.

    Poor Charlie goes through a lot of pain in this episode and in the end he manages to come out on top.

    Locke has his stash and he is losing it. He doesn't feel appreciated by the rest of the group and he yells at Jack just before a cave in that leaves Jack trapped.

    Charlie's first backstory is quite fascinating to watch. We find out that it was because of his brother Liam that he got hooked on heroin.

    Charlie who feels hes got nothing to live for goes in to save Jack and thanks to a moth he finds an unlikely exit.

    The key moment comes at the end when Charlie chucks his stash in the fire after Locke gives it to him.
  • Charlie: You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god!

    Charlie is suffering from withdrawal and asks Locke for his heroin and Locke says that he will return the drugs the third time Charlie asks. Charlie later asks Locke for his heroin for the third time and Locke gives it back but Charlie tosses it into the fire. Flashbacks show Charlie and his brother Liam leading their band DriveSHAFT and eventually, Liam gets Charlie hooked on heroin. Years later, Charlie visits Liam's house in Australia and wants him to rejoin DriveSHAFT for their comeback tour but a clean Liam refuses. Most of us adored the character Charlie Pace and in my opinion he was a his peak in early season one, the episode was awesome, really enjoy it every tme I watch it. 9.4 out of 10.
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