Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • Awesome episode..........

    This episode really rocked! It was the first we properly see Of Charlie.
    It starts off and we see Charlie at the cave playing his guitar, while suffering from withdrawel.
    Locke asks him to come for a walk.
    Meanwhile Kate catches Jack looking at her mugshot, he asks her to come live in the caves.
    She tells him no, once again. He moves off, and Sawyer comes in with his stuff to move into Jack's old tent.
    In the jungle, Charlie loses Locke and hears animal sounds.He runs away and has a flashback.We see him confess some things in onfession.
    He tells the preist he must leave Driveshaft because it causes him to do bad things.
    He go's out to find his brother Liam, who tells him they have just gotten a recording deal for their band.
    Back in the jungle, Charlie is running from a boar, and suddenly the boar is caught in a net by Locke.
    Charlie was his bait.Charlie is annoyed and demans for his drugs back.
    Locke tells him he will give Charlie the drugs when he ask for them 2 times.
    On the beach, Sayid, Kate and Boone get ready to try and triangulate the French Woman's signal.
    However the pwer is low, and so they are given fireworks to use when they are all in position.
    Kate visits Sawyer who hasbeen taking all kinds of stuff since the crash.
    He gives her a laptop battery. Jack and Hurley arrive at the caves with some suitcases, Charlie wants to help but Jack tells him It's okay.
    Charlie has another flashnback, we see him agree to the record deal only if his brother promises they quit when he says it.
    In the cave, Jin is cleaning his injurd hand and he tells Sun to cover herself up because she looks undescent.
    She stands up for herself and tells him no.When Hurley tells Charlie Jack wants his guitar out of the way Charlie gets mad and races into Jack.
    They are in a cave and Charlie starts to shout.This causes the cave to collapse in.Charlie makes it out but Jack is still trapped inside.
    charlie runs to the beach to get help. Sawyer tells him that he'll get Kate and sayid who were out in the jungle.
    Boone tells Shannon that when Kate and Sayid signal, she needs to signal them and then activate the antenna.
    Charlie has another flashback. We see Driveshaft performing and afterwards, Charlie gives out to Liam for singing the chorus.
    He then watches Liam as he pulls out a bag of heroin out of his pocket.
    Back at the cave, Michael tells everyone where to dig to get Jack out.Sawyer catches up with Kate and Sayid, but she gives him attitude so he decides not to tell her about Jack.
    Instead he makes up an excuse that he came to help out.Charlie go's to Locke and asks him for the drugs, Locke shows him a moth. and its struggle to emerge from its cocoon. If he helps the moth by freeing it, the moth will die due to being too weak, but if it struggles and frees itself, it will be strong.
    Charlie must only ask one more time and Locke will give him the drugs.When a rescue team manges to make a hole they decide to send someone in to get jack.
    Charlie bravely volunteers.As Kate and Sawyer wait for Sayid's signal, Sawyer lets it slip out about Jack. Kate is furious and runs to the caves.
    We see Charlie climbing through the hole and has a flashback.We see him give out to Liam.
    Charlie tells him that hes walking away from the band like he said he would.
    liam tells him the band is all he has and that Charlie's useless without it.
    Liam storms off and Charlie is left looking at the stash of Junk.
    Charlie climbs in further and finds Jack who's shopulder is dislocated.
    He pushes it back into place and has another flashback.He visits Liam in Sydney who is now clean.
    When Liam realizes that Charlie is still using drugs, he offers him to stay at their house and get professional help. Charlie gets angry and then leaves to catch a plane.
    We see back in the cave that Jack knows about Charlie's drug problems.Jack tells him he's not useless.
    He sees a moth and follows it, he see's a litt;le gap of light and starts to dig.
    They brake out of the cave.
    Meanwhile Sayid, Shannon and Sawyer signal to eachother and Sayid turns on the antena only to be knocked over the head.
    That night, Kate makes Jack a sling for his shoulder and Walt asks Michael if they can stay in the caves. Also, Charlie asks Locke for the drugs for a third time. Keeping his word, Locke reluctantly hands them over, but Charlie tosses the drugs into the fire. As Locke tells him that he's proud of him, Charlie sees a moth, free of its cocoon, fly away. j