Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • "You all Everybody!" Charlie picks up his guitar and strums out the first musical Lost episode.

    As with the previous episode, The Moth is more about character development than island plot development. I like the character of Charlie, probably because out of all the characters introduced in Season 1 I relate to him the most, as a musician and as a personality. If I was stranded on Lost island with these guys I would also befriend Claire, as does happen. Because I relate to Charlie, I found his flashbacks entertaining.
    The island stuff is adventurous, with the cave collapsing on Jack and Charlie going to save him. Many found the Moth metaphor overdone, and while I felt that past Locke's discovery of the Moth to Charlie, we didn't need to be spoonfed with it more, it was the only logical way that Charlie could find a way out of the cave.
    Sayid continues to try and find the transmission source, so he can broadcast a message himself, but someone, unknown at this time, knocks him unconscious and destroys the equipment. It is not until The Greater Good later this season that we know it was Locke.
    Finally, Lost addresses the fact that the survivors survive the plane crash with barely a few scratches. Sayid brings this up. It is a big question and one which connects to why they are on the island, something that is addressed at the end of the season.
    As for the music, the hit song, You all everybody, is catchy, despite its monotony. It is basically the same lyric over and over again. I guess the writers knew that we wouldn't be hearing a full song performed and so only needed a few lines.
    The Driveshaft performance seen, looks quite authentic. Liam, particularly, looks the ideal lead singer, with his Liam Gallagher like swagger. The intention was to create an Oasis-type band. And that is what comes across.
    Not the most thrilling episode of Season 1, but as a purely character-based episode, it is one of the better ones.