Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • Excellent character piece.

    In my last review I said that truly good Lost episodes are episodes where the focus is on both character development and mythology. But, I also said there are expectations. Well, this is one.

    "The Moth" once again doesn't have any mythology in it, "just" character development. But it's simply astonishing.

    Charlie's character worked as a good sidekick, much like Hurley, but this episode the writers proved everyone can be more.. so much more. His drug problem was always interesting, but seemed incredibly cliché. Well, the writers are geniouses! Because this was everything but cliché.

    I loved the flashbacks. It just showed how much of a mess he was... along with his brother. But it also showed he's a good and caring man. On the island, he tried to help, but eventually failed, until he got trapped in a cave with Jack. The only thing that's preventing me from giving this a 10 is that I thought the whole cave setting was really fake, and Charlie's sudden rescue was a Disney-moment. But apart from this, this really was a perfect episode.

    I LOVED the Charlie/Locke duo. Locke is a father-figure for Charlie, exactly what Charlie needs. Someone who he can rely on.

    The ending... incredible. One of the most powerful endings ever. With Charlie realizing there's a way out. Amazing. One of the best performances by Dominic Monaghan to date.