Season 1 Episode 7

The Moth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • Absolute Perfection!

    This has to be by far the best episode of lost to date, hence why i gave it a perfect ten. Mainly because it is simply faultless and has everything you could ever want from an episode. I'm starting to really like Charlie and along with Jack he has to be one of my favourite characters. There is just something so likable about him he manages to mix homour and sadness with being a genuine down to earth man, and is portrayed very well by the actor. Like the other characters i feel that now i have seen his back story i understand more what type of person he is. His struggle with drugs is really gripping and makes you feel genuine concern for him. It is obvious he was dragged into a world he didn't want to be in, and got into drugs by accident. When first you think he's some kind of punk rocker junkey, he turns out to be a very normal and genuine guy, one thing Lost teaches you is to never judge a book by its cover. Locke tries to help him overcome his addiction and the comparison to the moth is very well thought up and beautifully shot. Just the way the whole episode is written is just perfection and for once nearly every character is included in the one episode although there is still a main character that is focused on throughout. The other scenario of course is Jack being trapped in the cave, again Charlie comes into this when he rescues him. It also makes you feel sorry for Charlie as he himslef feels useless, and everyone treats him like a child and the episode is all about his journey and triumph over the drugs and also over his self confidence and beleif in himself. There is a clear love story between Kate and Jack and i look forward to seeing this develop. They too had some sweet moments towards the climax. Of course to add to all this there is a great cliffhanger as Sayid gets knocked out by a mysterious force towards the end. I also can't wait for Boones backstory as he seems an obvios villan and a character to hate but i don't want to judge him as i have done previous characters like Charlie for example. Overall it is a truelly thrilling episode which is extremly well written and filmed and the climax is just perfection. I'm deffinatly well into Lost now and i have to say i'm impressed, if fututure episodes are as good as this, although it will be hard to top it, then it will undiniably be the best show ever made!