Season 6 Episode 0

The New Man In Charge

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Unbelievable

    Dear Lost executive producers
    When you sell a show with, "questions will be answered," "explore the mysteries of the islad," and stuff, fans usually expect the questions to be answered. Swept up in your wake you constantly promised resolve. 6 years of it. And when the final came along, you answered nothing. And then you act surprised when fans get annoyed. Yes, I'm referring to a quote from this mini epilogue, there to tie up a few loose ends that they never got round to answering. In my honest opinion, this episode was pointless. They answered more questions here than in the ENTIRE 6TH SEASON. I'll repeat that again. The whole 6th season had less pay off than this episode. So why did I find it pointless? Easy. It was a little episode you put in the DVD that promised answers. Even now, after spending months moaning that fans did not appreciate the lackslure ending of Lost, you still find a way to sell the "we will provide answers" thing to get that little extra money. Unbelievably hypocritical, but I don't think you care. Its one quote that I think sums up how the writers view their fans. "I WANT ANSWERS!!" Not only are they poking fun at their loyal fans who have bought the DVD, they are showing just how obnoxious they are. I'm sorry, but I had to rant about this. I can't fathom how the two of you do not grasp how some people call your writing weak when you made stuff up as you went along and answered nothing.
    So why did I give this episode an 8.5? It was a fun, little episode that answered a few questions, mainly about Walt. Just when we thought you'd forgotten him. Ultimately, you have proven how you saw your fans. You duped them, then you turned on them when they didn't see you as the Gods you clearly thought you are. Shameful Lost writers. Shameful.