Season 2 Episode 7

The Other 48 Days

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on ABC

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  • The Tailies

    A fresh new beginning brings an intense foray into the lives of the Tailies and some truth behind the Others.
  • An episode done without new scenes by the cast we've come to know turns in one of the best hours of this fantastic show.

    Doing something that's virtually unheard of, the writers left all of last season's main cast, save Daniel Dae Kim, seen in some very brief new footage, at home, instead focusing on what the tail section survivors endured during the first 48 days following the crash of Oceanic 815. The result: one of the show's best episodes.
    Revealing that those in the tail section have been through much more horror than we people we came to know last year, we really come to see how large the presence of the "Others" on the island is, while also getting to see that even without the aid of guns, they are defeatable. And left to survive without the benefit of having a doctor, a trained soldier, or supplies from a wreckage, we get a sense of appreciation for the struggle and the will to live of the "tailies". From the paranoia of correctly suspecting that they have an Other in their midst, to believing Boone's fateful transmission to be a trick, we see just how emotionally wounded they are and how distrustful they've become as a result. Most of all, we really understand why Ana Lucia shot as hastily as she did.
    Both Sam Anderson, usually seen in minor authority-figure type roles, and Cynthia Watros, who's spent the past several years on "Titus" and "The Drew Carey Show", show themselves to have true dramatic acting in them and left me impressed.
    In the end we're left with both a great set-up and understanding of the 4 remaining tail section survivors heading towards their likely integration into the rest of the survivors, and something to look forward to seeing again on the season 2 DVDs.
  • The shocking story of the 'Tailes"(the people of the flight 815 plane in the tail section)


    We get to see the crash from another point of view, a poit of view from people who already wern't like their plane trip and we all know who those kinds of people are because we are sometimes those people, I'm talking of course about the people who sit at the tail secon of the plane, the worst setting area ever!

    Now their section of the plane doesn't landon the beach or in taked, it lands in the water close to shore but its deep enpught to sink it. Our Tailes friends must swim up from their sinking broken plane fragment and then swim afew long yards to reach the beach. It is not surprising that most of the surviors end up drowning before they can reach the beach, due to the lack of engery that they used up trying to get out of their fasen seat belt seats, swim upwards to escape reaching the bottom the the sea all of this while getting over the shock of being ripped apart from the rest of the plane and falling i don't know how feet while also dealing with jetlag and effects from turbulance.

    the surviors don't know what to do. half of them want to explore the jungle and look for food and suplies but that might take awhile es speaically since their are so few of them. The other half think it wise to light a signal fire and have someone standing at it at all time. The debate is setteled when a flightattended (the only surviving flight attended) informs them that the pilot lost contact so he doibled back over Fiji to get their headings right, so that means that rescue will be looking for them in the wrong location, all the more reason for a signal fire.

    As the day goes by the Others constintly attack them and kidnap almost half of them, forceing them to venture into the jungle abanding the singnal fire (their only means of rescue) and into a DARMHA outpost station which we saw as their camp a few episodes back.
    Ana Lucia and Mr. Echo show the most charecter develompent as the leaders of the tail surivors, while struggling with personal issues and past mistakes (like the other main charecters of Lost). Mr. Echo who is priest, which shocked me because i have never known a man ofGod to have the streghth tobeat up anyone on earth (If he was thepriest at my church I listen to his surmans and remeber them word for word like my life depended on it). Mr. Echo says a prayer to puthis fellow passangers who didn't make it to rest, then when the Others show up he kills one without breacking a sweet although he is clearly schock up about it and takes an oath of silence for the rest of the 48 days. I'm really interested in his back story.
    Ana Lucia, blames her self for everything and try's to make it right by helping everyone survie. She did a great job tricking the Other who suck into their camp and prtended to be one of them (Like Ethan Rom) I was so glad she killed him es speially when he was giving her that bull that those who were taken were the good onesand the rest of them were animal who kill mindlesssly (oh really, well mr hippocrit what do you call killing that Tailes guy just to cover your own tracks!).

    The last scenes are them finding Sawyer, Michael and Jin and makeing the treck to their camp and ending with the scen were Shannon is accidently shot.

    Now I was starting to like Shannon I don't like how the writters killed her off. but i do not blame the Tailes. I mean given that the Others like to move really fast in the dark jungle without making a sound, and given that they are capabe ofkidnaping someone or killing them in a blink of the eye, and given what happened in the last episode where their was definatly something following them and also given the fact that the Others are humans and when Ana Lucia saw Shannon (who shes never meet) appear out of no where, she assumed she was anOther and shoot her. Wouldn't you do the same in her position and if you've been throu what shes been thru these past 48 days, i would.

    This was a great episodes one of Lost best, and one where Flashbacks are acually needed.
    One thing i need to point out which has really been eatting at me. The front secionof the plane(First Class) crashes in the jungle completly in taked but everyone inside is dead. the middle section of the plane (middle class) crashes on the beach nearly destroyed with some surviors. the tail section of the plane (Lower class) crashes in the ocean and sinks and only a few survie. Now both survior camps deal with harsh survialissues, the Tail people really got the shart end of the stick here! The other surviors had airplane food to began withafter the crash, they also found a water hole convently close to camp, They also have a hunter who has the skill to hunt the wild boarin jungle plus he's got his own suitcase full of knives!And resectly they also found a DARMH station just like the Taile people did, only differece here is that theres is an underground hatch filled with all the food they need for mouths and their own water supple plus medical equitment!(and a button you have to press every 108 min or world dies or something)
    Not to metion their their Other imposter (Ethan Rom)didn't do anything to them except kidnap the pregnate girl, Claire, only to lose to the psyco french women, Daneil, then he threted them to give Claire back to him and kills one random red shirt to make his point, all which ment nothing because the survior's camp had five loaded guns and they corrnered him into a trap. (of which he is killed)
    Now Ikinda get thatthe reason Ethan and his people didn't attack them eariler was because their were too many of them in the camp, but still I just had metion this because it has really been bugging me that the Tail people went thru a much worse hell then our surviors (and i like those surviors) and no one in first class survied. Are writers trying to tell us that its ok being middle class, or that you should never book a flight seat in first class or Middle class?

    Just thought i point that out. great episode.

  • Awesome.

    The first 48 days after the plane crash are shown from the tail section survivors' point of view. Over the course of many nights, the Others infiltrate their camp and kidnap many of the survivors, forcing the remaining survivors to take refuge at a Dharma station. Wow - best episode so far this season I loved every minute of it, I love the tail end storyline. I love it when the others come and take the people at night so scary the way they don't make a sound. Mr Eko is my favourite tail end character he is too awesome. I like the way Goodwin was a 'other' but made out to be a survivor, I also love the scene when Ana Lucia kills him, she is also awesome. I love the part where Boone is on the radio and Bernard is trying to talk back to him - awesome the way they linked that up.
  • Full Flashback Episode!!!!!

    Since we don´t saw exactly what happened with the TailPlane characters, the producers decided to show us in this episode, since everyone want to see Sayid reaction, that was a smart move by the writers, to delay this situation.

    For the first time in Lost, the episode is a flashback episode, the entire episode cover what happened to them.

    The weak point of this episode is that you already know who is the villain or the "Others" and you know what happened.

    So, with no element of surprise and shocking value, the producers had to focus on details and emotional moments only. This was well done and since this episode is better than the previous episode and the fillers, a 8 is suitable.

    Overall, good details, dialogues and some emotional moments make this episode be worth watching.
  • Amazing

    I've always loved this episode i don't know why mabye because we see a different story.This episode is very informative. It's like watching lost from season 1 but from the tail section of the plane. I loved the plot of this episode. Sorry im not the best with words lol. The acting was great and my favourite part was when 12 were taken from the beach, being dragged along the sand, the screaming. I just found this episode so outstanding and impressive. I love the special effects like the plane crash i got a fright the first time i saw this episode when the part of the plane flew at the screen.

  • WoW!

    This is a very WoW-ing episode. I'm in shock right now! Anna Lucia's performance is mind-blowing.

    And this episode didn't have any flashbacks.
    That means pure original story of the present.

    I don't know what is going going to happen next, but I know LOST is going to be one of the best shows on TV.

    I hope they give Anna Lucia more episodes to play. She's so awesome and kick-ass.


    I Want LOST to BE on TV Forever! Cause it's the BEST show ever!

    In this episode, we get to see what the other's were doing in the other 48 days. How they survived and it's all their story.
  • A look at the crash from the other side of the island

    Talk about being left hanging, the writers chose to resolve the situation at abandoned, and instead do an entire episode that's a flashback--- what has been happening on the other side of the island over the same seven weeks. But don't knock it, ''The Other 48 Days' is one of the high points of the season

    The writers have but one episode to do what has taken thirty, yet they do a great job. This time, the character we focus on is Ana Lucia, who comes to in the ocean, and is never given a period to rest from that point on. Because the tail broke off in the ocean, this group of survivors have a whole different series of crises while pulling themselves together. The problems are far more serious. The Losties have water, food and most of the luggage, the Tailies don't have any of that. They also have no doctor, so when one survivors injuries get worse, they can do nothing but wait for him to die. They don't have any hunters of knives, so they have forage and go after prey in a more desperate fashion way. And, in the biggest switch, they have to deal with he Others on the first night.

    By far, the scariest scene comes in the night time of Day 12. The Others infiltrate the small number of survivors, and manage to start grabbing people with ease. As the Tailies awaken, they still have no way of stopping the fight, even though they manage to kill one of them. But by far, the most frightening part comes when Ana Lucia finds a list of the survivors names on the body. We've already seen how powerful they can be; now it seems there's a certain measure of omnipotence about them. The survivors won't know that there's something rotten in Denmark until nearly a week later, but the same kind of paranoia that will strike the Losties comes just as fast. Problem is, they don't have a passenger manifest, so they have to go purely on their guts, which as we know can be unreliable.

    This becomes clear when Ana takes Nathan and throws him into the same hole that the rafties will eventually end up in. This is the first sign we get that Ana might have some career in law enforcement, particularly in her methods of interrogation. She stops short oft torture, but we realize that was her next step before Goodwin steps in and kills him.
    Unlike the Losties, the tailies are constantly on the move trying to stay one step ahead of the Others, not knowing where to look. Eventually, they end up at a bunker, and as opposed to Locke, who needed a month to break in, they just have to pull back. Even so the Arrow Station doesn't have any computers or buttons. It also has no heat, running water, food or much else for that matter. These people aren't do this for curiosity but rather for safety, but this isn't assured until Ana has fingers Goodwin as an Other. Similarly, Ana doesn't want answers, she just wants to make sure her people (the few that are still left) are safe.

    One of the things that was salvaged from the bunker is a hand radio which somehow Bernard knows how to work. We finally learn who was the person who answered the distress call that Boone sent out. The difference is, while Boone thought that it was a sign of hope, Ana only sees it as a trick, and her pessimism carries the day. Say what you will about her character: Michelle Rodriguez gives a superb performance. It's clear that she had a hard edge long before she got on the plane, but this experience has realized forced her hand. Like Jack, she has a strong personality, but is also far more cutthroat than he is. The Tailies no doubt follow her, because the situation is more dire as there isn't a strong personality to follow. And unlike Jack, Ana is constantly being buried in failure and death. By the time the radio message comes in, it's clear that she has no hope left, and that not even her steely reserve can withstand the hell she's been going through

    The other survivors don't make as strong an impression, with the exception of Eko. He forms an alliance with Ana, but it is clear that he has more of a religious background than the survivors. However, there is more to him than meets the eye as when he kills two of the Others on the first night. It's very clear that this shames him, and that night he breaks a piece of wood and begins carving in it. (We won't see what until later) He also stops speaking for forty days, much to the aggravation of Ana. Nevertheless, he seems to be a pillar of strength and he gives her a brace when she needs it

    There are a lot more question that are raised from this episode. The most obvious concerns the children that the Others take. We see the same teddy bear that Jin and Eko saw being carried to the jungle, what we don't know is they're going of their own free will. Goodwin also told them that only the good people were on the list, but what does that mean? How is that Claire and Walt (so far the only two survivors who have been taken by them) fall under that category. Walt had some kind of special gift but what did Claire have? Did it have something to do with her pregnancy? What was the purpose iof the Arrow station and why was it abandoned?

    We've probably felt that the Losties were in hell during season 1, but it's clear in 'The Other 48 Days' that the Tailies would have traded places with them in an instant. Its pretty clear that Ana and Eko could be formidable figures to the other survivors, but given how this episode ends, will they get a chance?
  • Not the best episode to start the series with...lol

    I first saw this episode when it originally aired. It was the very first episode of Lost that I has seen. I tried to watch the next episode the following week but nothing made sense. It all makes sense now that I am watching the seasons from the beginning. This episode was very informitive. It was revealed that the others took only the good people from the camp. And I remember how shocked that I was about one of the others was disguised as a survivor. It still surprised me in the 2nd time I saw it. After watching the episode for the 2nd time I grew to appreciate the real lost. I'm glad the show didn't revolve around the other group of plane crash survivors.
  • Uno de mis favoritos...

    Este episodio, me pareció uno de los mejores, como si fuesen piezas que encajaban en un rompecabezas. Me gustó mucho el personaje de Ana Lucía. Es una excelente actriz. Lástima lo de mas adelante. . . Libby, también tiene un personaje interesante, Mr. Eko no tanto. . . A parte de ser un episodio atrapante fue bastante ágil, los 48 días bien descriptos, con personajes que dejan mucha más intriga. . . .
    Como tengo que llenar los 100 minimo solo me resta por decir que este episodio fue genial, muy bueno! ! ! El mejor, veanlo, no se lo pierdan.
  • The missing part

    Bien, bien, buenísimo. No lo esperaba pero era absolutamente necesario contar la parte que faltaba. Por qué el Sr. Eko no hablaba? Qué era ese osito infernal? Por qué la mala onda (desconfianza) de Ana Lucía? Qué les habían hecho "The Others"? Todo eso es explicado y excelentemente. Con razón no estaban tan seguros de Michael, Jin y Sawyer. Habían escuchado a Boone! El cuchillo tendrá algo que ver con John? No... no? Ethan... Nathan... Si "The Others" mueren es que no deben estar muertos, no? Qué es lo que escribe el Sr. Eko en esa rama? Creo el mejor episodio hasta ahora. Shannon está muerta?
  • We have the crash from the perspective of the survivors from the rear end of the plane, as we see them sorting things out, bringing people together, saving Bernard from a tree and then the others getting a semblance of semi-normality.

    They go through the motions of getting a fire going and settling down when there are some screams. Mr Eko is over two bodies, drenched in blood and when they take a head count in the morning, they discover 3 are gone, but the 2 other bodies had no labels what so ever, nobody recognises them and that they were obviously on the island before they got there.

    We see them come to terms with the first 3 being taken and then another 9 getting taken a week later, one dead member of the others had a list on them, with names and descriptions. We have Ana being the strong and the leader.

    They go from place to place and then Ana believes that Nathan is one of them, spying on them, so she digs a hole and throws him down there in order for him to talk, he is down there for 4 days before Ana finds out that someone had snuck him a banana, but she tells Godwin that Nathan will talk to her tomorrow after he loses a digit or two. Then during the night Godwin gets Nathan out of the pit, explains whats happening and then suddenly breaks his neck and takes him into the jungle.

    The group discover the bunker, with all the little aspects that came with it, the radio, some extra's here and there. Ana gets the group into a good routine, no one goes anywhere unless they have a buddy. It's on one of these little trips, when she is with Godwin, that she confronts him, they struggle and he ends up speared and dead.

    Then we see the arrival of Jin washed up on the beach, his questioning and then escape to where Michael and Sawyer are and their capture, also how Ana gets Me Eko to hit her and make it look like she a prisoner too.

    We get upto the present date with them making their way through the jungle with Sawyer in the stretcher, the whispering and then Ana shooting Shannon as the rain comes down heavy and the whispering getting louder.
  • Wow, doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!

    When watching this episode i got so caught up in learning the tail end survivors story that i completely forgot/didn't realise that none of the regular cast we're in it! lol. This tells the story of how, Eko, Anna Lucia, Libby and (Rose's husband) Bernard survived the past 48 days whilst also coming across some of the same problems as the front section, including "the others". This episode focuses on factors such as the "the lists" but we still dont know what they are for yet, also i liked the way thhey used the hatch and of course find a glass eye, which i assume belonged to Mikhail.
  • Lost rewinds back to the very beginning and reveals what life was like for the Taillies before they met up with the Fusies!

    The timing of this episode was perfect! After a couple of slower episodes, none of which really added much to the ongoing storyline, mythology or character wise, this episode comes in to make things feel fresh and new again. It breaks the usual format of the show. There are no pre-island flashbacks in this one to dilute the island action and so you can really get into the struggles this band of survivors endured.
    In comparison to the Pilot it does pale but nonetheless it is still hugely entertaining. What is amazing is how the creators managed to fit in so much in just 45 minutes of screen time. The episode moves in a quick pace and there are plenty of shocking moments throughout.
    The Others were quite prominent in this episode and we got a few more clues as to why they are kidnapping the survivors. Goodwin (one of the Others) mentioned that they were taken becaus they were "good" people. These people had been jotted down on a list by the Others. Nathan was killed because he was a "bad" person. What that means we may never know as, now he's dead, we will never see his flashback story.
    It makes you wonder then if all the fuselage survivors, minus Walt, and possibly Claire, are bad people. Goodwin also mentioned that the kids that were abducted are in a better place. Have they been taken to some kind of heaven? Are they dead? It reminds me of The X Files episodes, "Sein Und Zeit" and "Closure", where Mulder found his sister. In this episode he realises that his sister was taken by Walken Spirits who took them to end the pain and trauma they would have to endure later in life.
    Maybe the Others are some kind of Walken spirits themselves, abducting them, to protect them from great harm that would befall them if they stayed with the "bad" survivors.
    Did Ethan have a list himself? Was Claire and her baby the only ones on the list at the time? This episode brings up numerous questions but it is nice to have some new clues about the Others, instead of dodging everything all the time. The List is a valuable addition to the Lost mythology.
    The opening shot of the episode is perhaps the highlight. You're watching a calm sea and a bright sunlit beach. Then things start falling out of the sky one by one. Then a large piece of the aircraft hits the ocean with a loud splash. Then a fireball falls and then suddenly a seat comes hurtling at the screen. Wihtout the effect of 3-D technology this moment makes you move away from the TV screen. That scene would be so cool in 3-D.
    Another highlight is the scene with Ana-Lucia and Goodwin, when Goodwin meets his end. The scene builds so majestically. It reminded me of how the scene between Kate and Sawyer playing "I Never" built over time. The writers, for the only time in the episode, don't rush through this scene. they let it play out as it should and boy, does it pay off when it ends with Goodwin impaled on a stick.
    While some may think it all as anmother re-hash, I really enjoyed the montage. It moves along well and builds the tension back to the moment when Ana-Lucia shoots Shannon. This was pivotal. We left the end of "Abandoned" with that cliffhanger and then this episode comes in and could have hurt the forward momentum. So the writers tackled that by revisiting the cliffhanging end, so audiences would get the same "can't wait til next time" feeling back again. This episode could have ended differently but then we probably wouldn't have had the same motivation to watch the next episode.
    In terms of character, we don't learn a hell of alot about the survivors lives. But no doubt their flashback stories will flesh this part out a bit. This episode pales in comparison with the introduction to the Fusies but it is still an impressive 42 minutes of television. Superb effort!
  • A Tailies-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as a whole, I didn't really care for this episode all that much. While I thought that it was interesting getting to see what happened to the Tailies during their first forty-eight days on the island, I found this episode pretty boring since none of the main survivors of the plane crash appeared in this episode except for in flashbacks from previous episodes. I really missed not seeing any of the main characters such as Jack, Kate, Hugo, Locke, Claire, Charlie and Sayid that I've come to know and love. Because none of the central characters technically appeared in this episode, this episode just didn't do very much for me at all, and the overall pacing of the episode seemed too slow and lacking in action. In closing, I would definitely consider this episode my least favorite episode out of all the episodes of Lost that I've seen so far, and I think that the show is much better when it focuses mainly on its core cast.
  • Ana Lucia: What? You're talking now? Mr. Eko: It has been forty days. Ana-Lucia: You waited forty days to talk? Mr. Eko: You waited forty days to cry?

    The first 48 days on the island are told from the point of view of the tail section survivors. After crashing in the water near the island, the survivors swim to shore and make camp. Over the course of many nights, the Others infiltrate the camp and take many of the survivors. The few of them remaining find shelter at the Arrow. After running into Michael, Sawyer, and Jin, the group travels to the fuselage survivors' camp. Unlike the other episodes in the series, this one is told continuously without any flashbacks.
    Great episode that really introduced the new characters into our lives.
  • This episode is so good it actually got a 10 :)

    We have discovered in the previous episodes of season two that there are other survivors in the island and now we see what they have been through in a 42 mintue episode summarising 48 days. Very interesting indeed ! I loved it, Lost has been lacking the element of thriller in it's second season until this episode. While I watched it I wondered whether Lost would have been better talking about these survivors instead of the survivors we have seen since the beggining of the show. All the scenes were spectacular, especially the first one with the back of the plane falling into the water and Anna saving the little girl which made me hate her less for klling Shannen. Also having a spy like that being put in the mixture from the others really scared me. From what I have seen so far the others have speed,strength and brains ! Scary. The most exciting scene to me was when Bernard was stuck in his seat on the tree, I was really happy when I found out Bernard was alive. I used to always think Rose was crazy always saying that he is alive and the odds were against her but hey he actually was alive. Great episode. The direction could have been better and the acting was a little too strong but it's fantatic and it deserves a ten :). My favorite character from this episode is Lbby : It was funny how she cracked that man's leg after giving him the speech about how she cracked her own leg. Really good stuff !
  • If only the editing was better. Otherwise, excellent episode.

    This episode tells the 48 days the tailsection spent on the island. We get a rundown on the most important days of their island life. Unfortunately the editing was poor at places. Sometimes a day description was only 5 seconds. So why show "Day XX" infront of a blackscreen breaking the flow of the episode? It just kind of ruined the pace for me. I know it seems like a small thing, but it just made the episode flow much worse. I also thought that the middle parts were somewhat tasteless, because we didn't really get to know the characters well enough so that we would actually care about them.

    But then again, there are a couple of very interesting things. First, the others sent a spy there too much like Ethan. The others kidnapped the kids at first. They had a punctual list of the people they wanted. There were also nice parallels. Ana Lucia being Jack, Eko being just like Locke, but generally, their camp was much less organized. Was a really adventureus and EPIC episode, something we desperately needed after the last 3 episodes. I loved the montage in the end, which showed the 48th day. And actually seeing the previous episode's last scene once again was good, because this time we finally have an idea what Ana and co has been through.

    Overall, this episode could've easily been a failure because it's hard to summarize such a large set of character within 45 minutes. But this episode succeeded!
  • Very interesting!

    This episode shows what the tail section survivors did the whole time we were focused on everybody else.

    The survivors try to fend for themselves and save others on the first day. Goodwin finds Bernard, Rose's husband, in a tree. The first night, three survivors are taken from "the Others." Mr. Eko manages to kill two of "them." Ana grows suspicious of Nathan, a survivor. Two kids also survived, but when they and 7 other people are taken, Ana breaks down. They move out from the beach and into the jungle. Ana locks Nathan in an underground trap. She interrogates him, thinking that he is one of "them." Later, Goodwin kills Nathan. They move once again and Goodwin and Ana climb the hills to test out a radio they found. She finds out that he is one of "them" and kills him. Bernard uses the radio and comes into contact with another person, Boone. The rest trek on and eventually, the story comes together. They find Jin, Michael and Sawyer and it goes up to when Ana kills Shannon.

    This episode was amazing! The opening sequence was so cool! It was really interesting on how they did this episode! Very clever! I loved it! 10 out of 10!
  • Shannon dies...

    Okay, first off, the whole Shannon and Sayid romance thing freaked me out in the beginning. How gross was that. This is the second time Shannon sees Walt. And I don't know if it is just me but, Walt is freaking me regardless if it's real or not. Charlie stepping up being the father figure was such a cute moment, for a second I forgot that he wasn't the father. Now back to Shannon, watching her flashbacks made my feel bad for her. I now can see why she was so snobby. I actually wanted her to be killed off the show a few episodes back but her actually dying made me sad. During the flashback we learn that Shannon father was the man that was killed in the car crash that injured Jacks wife. I was kinda upset with Ana Lucia for being so trigger happy killing off Shannon.
  • Non-stop action from start to finish

    I love this episode, reason being we are shown what happened to the tail section survivors in their first 48 days of being stranded on the other side of the island. But I want to comment on the first scene here; amazing and a wondeful introduction; really! The first day must have been disastrous especially for poor Eko, having to pull all of those dead bodies out of the ocean. And there was good old Bernard asking about his wife Rose who we already know. All of you probably hate Ana-Lucia because she's all bossy and angry, I like her, I think her past life has really effected the way she is now. Libby's a good character to the show, really friendly and helps people like Donald who had a leg infection and soon passed away.
    But what a mad first night, having three good people taken away by the others, many questions rised, it kept me guessing. As the days went on Eko began a vow of silence for a total of 40 days. On Day 12, nine more people were dragged into the jungle in which Ana-Lucia managed to kill one of the others and reveal the names on the list found in the dead lady's pocket. As the remaining seven people headed off into the jungle to find a new camp, Nathan from Canada was possible an other. When Ana had him thrown into the pit, I did have my thoughts about him but I didn't think for one second that he was an other but something else entirely. So, Goodwin killed Nathan to prevent the survivors from discovering that Goodwin himself was the bad guy. Ana and Goodwin spoke of this and she ended up killing him, good riddance! I'm sad that Nathan died eh, he was innocent.

    Later on, Bernard picked up Boone on the other side (via the radio) just before Boone fell and later died. The best part was when Eko revealed to Ana about his 40 day silence and how she had waited for 40 days to cry.. Nice scene, after all they've been through.

    In the last but best scenes of the episode, Cindy and Libby found Jin lying on the beach and then we see the whole flashback from days 45 to 48 again. In conclusion, this all led up to Cindy being taken and Ana killing Shannon by mistake..

    Overall, I loved this episode because it was non-stop entertainment from start to finish as well as it was revealing.

    I can't wait for 'Collision' next week.
  • Goodwin was a bad guy

    The first 48 days on the island are told from the point of view of the tail section survivors. After crashing in the water near the island, the survivors swim to shore and make camp. Over the course of many nights, the Others infiltrate the camp and take many of the survivors. The few of them remaining find shelter at the Arrow. After running into Michael, Sawyer, and Jin, the group travels to the fuselage survivors' camp. Unlike the other episodes in the series, this one is told continuously without any flashbacks.
    Great episode that really introduced the new characters into our lives.
  • This was a great episode that helps us to learn more about the people in the tail of the plane.

    I loved this episode, Ana is kind of scary though she seems very tough though. Mr. Eko is a strange character when I first saw him he looked exactly like what I thought an "Other" would look like. He is really strong and I hope both groups banned together and fight "The Others" together. I don't think Shannon dies but she did get shot in the heart area. I am very curious about what happens next episode. I loved this episode but I was a little upset that it ended with the same ending as the previos one. I also think this episode is the first time Lost had an episode longer than 43 minutes. I hope we see the kids again because I like seeing kids on the island, especially WALT! Micheal better find him!~!~!
  • "You've been waiting 40 days to talk?" "You waited 40 days to cry."

    After five episodes where we spent part of the time with the tailies, we finally get to see their side of the story-the other 48 days that were occurring alongside what the fuselage group has experienced. One thing is clear from the story that we see-as bad as the larger group had things, the tailies had it much, much worse.

    First off, I just want to comment that I wish the episode was 1 minute and 45 seconds longer. Why? Because if that time was added to the episode, it would be 48 minutes long. As it is now, the episode is 46 minutes, 15 seconds. Anyway, back to the topic. There are numerous differences between the tailies' story and the Losties' (fuselage survivors) story. First off, and most importantly, the fuselage contained the drink cart, a lot of water, and most of the food. The tail section was much emptier, not to mention the fact that it landed in the water, and probably sank fairly quickly. Also, the opening of this episode, with the tail crashing in the water and the chair wiping out the camera, is the coolest opening of any episode thus far in the series. Anyway, the tailies had to fend for themselves from Day 1, while the Losties still had the luxury of a lot of amenities from the plane. While both camps had signal fires on their first night, the Losties had a fairly easy time of it, whereas the tailies were struggling with flint and tinder. Also on the first day, both Rose and Bernard were saved by the leader of their respective camps. Jack saved Rose with CPR, and Ana-Lucia saved Bernard from falling out of the tree.

    Both camps learn of their predicament, from the pilot (Losties) and from Cindy (tailies). Both say the plane was a thousand miles off course, and no rescue is coming. There are also the scenes that help develop the characters of the tail section. Libby successfully sets Donald's broken leg, in a sequence that's both gruesome and also indicative of Libby's personality-she's very helpful, but uses her voice and calming influence instead of anything else to relax the guy before the inevitable crunch. Eko also has some good scenes early on. He helps the children, and Ana-Lucia saves Emma's life. Eko then pulls the bodies out of the water, and comforts Bernard, by saying he'll pray for Rose's life. We see that Bernard is not as optimistic about his wife's fate as Rose is about his. AAA does a great job in this episode, especially seeing as how most of it lacks dialogue for his character. Instead, we see the beginning of his "Jesus stick," as Charlie will later call it. He carves scripture and chapters of the Bible onto it, and they seem to remind him of his faith. Eko begins to look more like Locke every episode, except Eko is tall where Locke is relatively short, Eko is black and Locke is white, and Eko has a full head of hair, where Locke is bald. Eko also plays an enforcer role for the tailies, while Locke is the hunter. That's another thing the tailies don't have-someone who is trained in wilderness survival, and has a ton of knives, enough to bring down a boar. The closest they have is Goodwin, who says he's a member of the Peace Corps.

    Goodwin is played excellently by Brett Cullen. He makes the character very likable, and we really can't help but trust him. When Nathan starts lecturing the group about staying on the beach and keeping the fire burning, in addition to his two-hour plus walks alone into the jungle, the audience can't help but think he's the mole the Others have planted in the camp. His name sounds like Ethan's, and they both look something alike, in addition to both being from Canada. The tailies run into one of the island's mysteries on their first night, just like the Losties do. The Losties hear the monster, and Jack, Kate, and Charlie (and the unlucky pilot) encounter it the next day. The tailies are terrorized by the Others. Three people are taken, and Eko is an attempted kidnapping. He gets the better of his kidnappers, though, when he smashes their gourds in with a stone. This leads to his self-inflicted punishment-forty days of silence. He doesn't break this once, not until the scene with Ana-Lucia. After the initial kidnapping, eleven days go by-this throws a wrench into Ana-Lucia's account of the incident in the previous episode, but let's forget that. Nine more people, including the two kids, are abducted. This leaves Ana-Lucia, the silent Eko, Libby, Bernard, Cindy, Nathan, and Goodwin. They agree to leave the beach, after finding a list in one of the deceased Others' pocket. The list contains the names and physical descriptions of the nine people that were taken.

    After settling at a new location, Ana-Lucia digs a pit-the same one that the rafties were put into. Nathan is thrown in, partly at Libby's requests. It's interesting to note that the decision-making body for the tailies is very different than that of the Losties. For the Losties, Jack, Locke, and Sayid usually make decisions together. Kate and Sawyer are sometimes involved, and occasionally people like Charlie and Michael contribute to the group. Overall, though, it's the three guys. On the other side of the island, Ana-Lucia acts a lot like a dictator. Her group follows her orders, though, partly because there are so few, and partly because she's the only one willing to do the job. Every dictator, though, has their aides, and Ana-Lucia seems to rely on the two women with her to make the decisions. Libby acts as Ana's right-hand woman, and Cindy often influences her decisions. Eko doesn't speak, so he doesn't really carry any weight. Bernard isn't really concerned with anything other than his wife, so he doesn't contribute much, and Goodwin is only consulted when the women need advice on something to do with nature, or one of the other skills he possesses. Since Nathan is treated as a traitor, he's largely ignored-until Goodwin springs him, and then kills him.

    The group once again leaves, and moves to the Arrow station, their one advantage over the Losties. Locke finds the Swan before the tailies find the Arrow, but Locke spends weeks and weeks trying to open his hatch, while the tailies just walk right in. They find a glass eye, a Bible, and a radio, which Bernard uses to pick up Boone's transmission from before he fell.

    The scene when Ana-Lucia discovers Goodwin as the mole is the best in the episode. While not as emotional as the crying scene (which is wonderfully played by the actors), this scene does have intensity, action, and mystery. We get a little insight into the Others-they take good people, and they don't harm anybody but bad people, like Nathan. Eko was originally considered a good person, but the five people left with Goodwin are obviously not considered good people, with the exception of Cindy, who is later kidnapped. Goodwin's death is obviously already known to the audience, as we've already seen his dead body, but the brief action scene is very well-done. As the new footage comes to an end, we're treated to flashes of things we already know. While a lot of people don't like these scenes, I think they're brilliant. It's incomplete to tell the tailies' story without including the end of it, and the way that the clips are shown, very briefly before they dissolve into the next one is excellent. The music during the whole episode is great. The flashes sequence is my favorite piece of score this episode, but listen carefully, and you'll hear a lot of Season 1 themes reworked and played differently for the tailies. The music when the group is walking towards the eventual pit location is a different version of the walking music from the pilot (when they arrive at the cockpit), and I believe that the music played when we see the wide shot of the beach right before the title is a different version of Locke's theme.

    In conclusion, this episode is excellent. It tells us everything we need to know about the tailies' island experiences, without giving useless information. It's the first (and only) episode of the series without flashbacks, so we're not overburdened with too much information. The writing, which sums up forty-eight days in one episode when the last thirty episodes have focused on the same amount of time, is excellent, and the direction and acting of everyone in the cast is note perfect. Some people complain about the fact that this episode leaves off at the same point as the previous episode, but I think it's better that way. This episode was to tell the story of the tailies, and should have had as little to do with the other Losties as possible. That it did, and spectacularly.
  • I love this episode.

    This episode is really great because we finally get to find out about the the other people on the tale section of the plane. This episode tells what happened from day 1 to day 48 and i have to day it was does fantastically. I really liked how they tricke dus into beliving someone else was an other but infact it was Goodwin all along. We also see how Anna becomes leader and how many of the people died along the way. Overall i have to say this was a great episode and is amoung my favourites of season 2. But poor old Shannon...
  • This episode, 'The Other 48 Days' was retracking all the events that happened to the tail survivors of the plane from the second the plane crashed.

    This episode, 'The Other 48 Days' was retracking all the events that happened to the tail survivors of the plane from the second the plane crashed.

    This episode was a must and explained to us alot of things that we needed to know. It was interesting to know what hell the tail survivors were going through as the main charcaters were doing what we saw. After this episode I was able to put a few more of my theries together and ahhhh'd myself silly when I was watching it.

    We also get to see what kind of people the late Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr. Eko were like.
  • Review

    I thought this was one of the best episodes that Lost has ever done. Whenever you introduce a set of characters to a show that has all ready been in production it usually takes some time to get used to. I like how Damon and Carlton decided to write this episode into the second season. this way instead of learning about the tail section survivors through island scenes in the present day we got to see what they went through when Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and Boone were over on the other side of the island doing there thing. I thought the scene between Ana Lucia and Goodwin was really well done. With Goodwin and her keeping it cool until eventually they started going at it. The "List" was a little wierd because it makes me wonder why they choose not to take any of the other losties, but they took some of the tail section survivors. Puzzling and Myseterious episode...one of the best.
  • something new

    We've been teased of what we're going to see in season 2 at the end of season 1. Now we are treated with the appearance of the tail section survivors. We get to see flashbacks on their points of view. It's something new for lost, and we get to see stuff that makes the lost story really exciting and engaging. Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Bernard and Libby are the central characters in this episode, they start of as strangers to one another, but then they band together as soon as people from their camp start getting kidnapped by the others. It's a really exciting episode.
  • Very Informative episode, Loved it.

    The Other 48 days What can I say, it blew me away.I thought this was the best episode of series 2 part 1 no doubt.It started off showing the beach and I thought what?Then big noise we see the tail section of the plane fall right from the sky and into the water.We then see Eko and Anna-Lucia and I just cope on Bang, This was the tail sections story.I was so thrilled and excited I thought WOW.Anyway we see throughout the episode that they really have encountered the others and been captured.This showed us so much more about the others.I was really surprised when Goodwin broke Nathen's neck and we found out he was one of them.It was great when Anna Lucia killed him.I loved it when we saw Bernard with the walkie-talkie trying to communicate witrh Boone, who Anna tells him is an other.
    I really enjoyed this episode and loved the way they would now have to meeyt up and face with the whole fuselodge team.
    Classic episode you know that's LOST.
  • Wow! So thats what the "tailies" went through!

    This episode starts out on the beach. In the distance you see the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 crash into the ocean. Characters emerge dead and alive from the water including Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Bernard, Cindy, and Nathan. People soon got to know each other very well. On the second night of the people sleeping, they were attacked by the "others". People were taken away from the camp. Eko was almost captured, but he istead killed the others. This episode also reveals that the tail section had an imposter named Goodwin, it shows the trek of the others to the fuselage camp, how the tailies met Sawyer, jin, and Michael, and Cindy's disapperance.
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