Season 2 Episode 7

The Other 48 Days

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Before Shannon is shot whispers can be heard. They decode as:

      "Relax dude, I think she likes the guy"
      "You're life"
      "Ich weiß nicht" (German for 'I don't know')
      "Look out"
      "Ana's the trigger"
      "You're gonna kill her"
      "Move on"
      (Gun shot)
      "See ya"
      (Like a chorus singing just after the gunshot)

      "She likes the guy, she likes the guy"
      "Your life and time is up"
      "Help me"
      "Shannon, meet me on the other side"
      "Her song" ('Ana Lucia' when reversed)
      (Gun shot)

      "Relax dude, she likes the guy, she likes the guy"
      "I know it all I know it all..."
      "Dying sucks"
      "I don't think you should tell her when she comes"
      "Obviously she likes you"
      "Who's the guy?"
      "I want to see Shannon"
      "Eye to eye"
      "Who's the guy?"
      "Fire Lucia"
      "The brothers that help us"
      "Are you done with it?"
      "Her song" ('Ana Lucia' when reversed)
      (Gun shot)

    • On the inside of the door to the Arrow station can be seen the word "Quarantine", just like on the inside cover of the hatch of the Swan station.

    • It turns out that an Other was killed by a Survivor, before the other way around, like we all thought (Mr. Eko killed 2 of them on the first night).

    • Cindy said "we were flying for 2 hours in the wrong direction". This contradicts the pilot, Seth Norris, who said that it was 6 hours. However, it's possible that Cindy was told only 2 hours before the crash that they were flying in the wrong direction. Also, in "Eggtown", it was noted that the perception of time by people on or near the island may differ from the actual reality.

    • We see Mr. Eko's stick for the first time.

    • Right after the plane's tail crashes on the water, one of the monster's sounds can be heard.

    • Mr. Eko didn't speak for 40 days. he stopped talking on September 23, 23 is one of the mystery numbers.

    • Mr. Eko didn't speak for 40 days. 4+0=4. 4 is one of the Numbers.

    • Numbers: 15

      When they bury the guy who had the broken leg, there are fifteen people standing around.

    • Numbers: 4

      When Goodwin comes to talk to Ana, he says that she's had Nathan in the pit for 4 days now.

    • Numbers:: 23

      There were 23 survivors from the tail section.

    • Goof: (Crew or equipment visible) When Goodwin and Ana Lucia are taking their sit down before their fight, you can see the top of a white car drive from right to left in between them in the background.

    • Goof: Ana Lucia says that she never saw Nathan in the two hours the plane was in the air. However, the plane had been in the air for closer to eight hours before it crashed, as the pilot says in "Pilot" - six before the radio died, two before the crash.

    • Number: 23

      Goodwin breaks Nathan's neck on the 23rd day.

    • Numbers: 4 and 8

      This episode covers the first 48 days the tail section survivors have spent on the island.

    • Numbers: 4

      Libby says that, if Donald dies, he'll be the 4th to go.

    • Goof: In the scene when Ana-Lucia starts crying and Mr. Eko starts talking, when Mr. Eko embraces Ana Lucia we can see a mistake. First, his left arm is under her right arm, but then, a second later, her arm changes position out of nowhere and it's under his arm.

    • The date of the crash, as revealed by Locke, was Wednesday, September 22, 2004 (the same date that Lost premiered). If the 48 days is inclusive, this episode ends on Monday, November 8, 2004.

    • When Eko first begins to speak after his vow of silence, he is wearing two arm bands: one black, one white. This adds yet another item to the good/evil/black/white motif seen throughout the show.

    • It is noted that even though Rose said that Bernard went to the bathroom before the plane crashed, he was found in a seat with the belt buckled. This is not a goof. It is possible that when Bernard went to the bathroom, on his way out the plane was crashing and so he grabbed the first available seat. It is unlikely that the writers would ignore such an obvious fact, that Bernard is Rose's husband. It should also be noted that this is what happened with Charlie when he went to the restroom near the front of the plane and then quickly buckled into a nearby seat as the plane began to crash.

    • When Eko rescues the boy at the beginning, he's not holding anything. He spots his sister and puts him down, and he's suddenly holding a teddy bear that appeared from nowhere.

    • The station in which the tailies lived in was the "Arrow" station.

    • Bernard's reply to Boone's transmission does not match up (or sound like) the one we previously heard in Deus Ex Machina. One obvious mistake is that Bernard does not say the word "Oceanic" when replying, even though this is clearly said in "Deus Ex Machina."

    • Ana Lucia finds an army pocket knife that she estimates to be at least 20 years old. This begets the question, how familiar is she with army weaponry and how did she acquire this knowledge? Also, how did the army knife wind up in the hands of "The Others"?

    • The teddy bear we saw carried by one of "The Others" a few episodes back (i.e. "...And Found") belongs to one of the children from the tail end section of the plane. Both of those children were taken in this episode.

    • It is revealed in this episode that it was Bernard who was talking to Boone over the radio transmission when Boone was in the plane before his tragic accident with Locke ("Deus Ex Machina"). This explains when Boone said over the radio that they were the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, while Bernard said, "No, we're the survivors."

  • Quotes

    • Boone (via radio): Hello. Hello, anybody out there? Mayday. Mayday.
      Bernard: Is there someone there?
      Boone (via radio): Hello! Hello!
      Cindy: Who is that!? Oh my God!
      Boone (via radio): Can you hear me?
      Bernard: Repeat your transmission, please.
      Boone (via radio): Hello. We're survivors of the crash of Oceanic flight 815. Please copy
      Bernard: We're the survivors of flight 815!

    • Ana Lucia: They have satellites... the black box... we don't need a fire for them to find us.
      Cindy: Yes, we do. Before the crash, the pilot said we'd lost communication, we were turning back. We were flying for 2 hours in the wrong direction. They don't know where to look.

    • Ana~Lucia: They're out here in the jungle with no shoes, nothing in their pockets, no labels on their clothes. These people were here before us. We need to get off the beach. We need to find a safer place.

    • Libby: Nah, it's not that bad. I broke my leg skiing up at Stowe in Vermont. I was on this run... going pretty fast, I was racing this cute ski patrol guy. I went off this mogul, lost my edge and, bam! (she twists the guy's leg to try to set the bone.) - Snapped my left leg. Now that ... that was bad.

    • Nathan: I don't remember seeing you on the plane, Ana Lucia.
      Ana Lucia: That's because you weren't on it!

    • Goodwin: I'm worried about you, Ana. You've had him down there for four days.
      Ana: I promised that little girl that I would get her back home to her mom.

    • Nathan: Hey, calm down, let's figure this out.
      Ana: Calm down? Let's figure this out? Here are the names of every single person they took, all nine of them, what they were wearing, what they look like, one of them had a list of us.

    • Bernard: (about Eko taking the dead bodies out of the water) Because my wife - I can't find her.
      Eko: I will pray for her.
      Bernard: Where the hell are the rescue planes?
      Eko: I will pray for them, too.

    • Ana: What are you, a boy scout?
      Goodwin: Grown up version - I'm in the Peace Corps.
      Ana: They still have that?
      Goodwin: I'm just happy somebody your age actually knows what it is.

    • Ana Lucia: Five minutes break.
      Bernard: We've been walking for three days straight, Ana.
      Ana Lucia: And, you're still here. Five minutes

    • Ana Lucia: What? You're talking now?
      Mr. Eko: It has been forty days.
      Ana Lucia: You waited forty days to talk?
      Mr. Eko: You waited forty days to cry?

    • Ana-Lucia: (on Nathan) Did you kill him?
      Goodwin: Nathan was not a good person. (leans over) That is why he wasn't on the list.
      Ana-Lucia: What about the kids? Did you kill them too?
      Goodwin: Children are fine. They are better off now.

    • Goodwin: We should let him go, we're not savages.
      Ana-Lucia: If I was a savage I would've cut off one of his fingers by now. That's tomorrow.

    • Ana-Lucia: They didn't take you?
      Goodwin: I guess they changed their plan after two of them got killed.

    • Ana-Lucia: Yea, they just drag us into the jungle every now and then, no harm done.

    • Libby: Do you really think it's possible that one of us, is one of them?
      Ana Lucia: Why do you think I'm digging this hole? (reveals Ana-Lucia digging in the ground)

    • Ana Lucia: (speaking to Mr Eko) Now's not a good time to talk? What will it take, to make you talk?

    • Goodwin: What is that?
      Ana Lucia: It's a list.
      Libby: A list of what?
      Ana Lucia: Nine...of us.

    • Ana Lucia: I heard a pig or something out there, maybe we can have bacon tomorrow.

    • Ana Lucia: You couldn't find matches?
      Goodwin: Dry ones?

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode in which Jack and Hurley do not appear. Consequently, as of this episode, there is no character who has appeared in every episode of the series.

    • This was Maggie Grace's last main cast credit as Shannon. She was credited as a special guest star in the next episode.

    • Kimberley Joseph (Cindy) passed from receiving the "Co-Starring" credited, to the "Guest Starring" credit.

    • A deleted scene showes the Tailies pulling a large parcel from the ocean. Zach & Emma hope that food will be inside, but they're disappointed when the only thing inside are Australian boomerangs.

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: March 1, 2006 on Kanal 5

    • This episode was nominated for the 2006 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement.

    • This is the first episode not to show one scene off of the island.

    • Although credited, Emilie DeRavin (Claire), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Yunjin Kim (Sun) Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) didn't appear. It's the first time Jack and Hurley don't appear, which means there will never be an actor that will appear on every episode. Also, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) appeared, but only in archive footage.

    • The Polish premiere was on September 28, 2006 on TVP1.

    • This is the first episode with no flashbacks to life before the crash. However, since it finishes with the same shot as the previous episode, the entire story is a raconteur, which is a long flashback.

    • On its original airing this episode aired for an extended 5 minutes past its usual 9-10pm time to 10:05pm with 65 minutes in total.

  • Allusions

    • Religion: 40 Days

      On the 40th day anniversary since the crash, Ana Lucia breaks down, and Mr. Eko begins to talk again. Mr. Eko said he would pray for many things and perhaps this is when he will stop as 40 days has a very significant religious meaning, and he now gives up hope. The same goes for Ana Lucia, implying that she also has/had religious faith.

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