Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: Ben convinces Locke to let him come up to the living room, where Ben shows him a VHS tape labeled Red Sox. Locke puts in the tape and Ben explains that he's seeing Charles Widmore, the man whose boat is offshore. On the tape, Charles is beating one of Ben's men who was caught. Ben tells Locke that Charles wants to exploit the island.
Daniel and Charlotte head to the Tempest Station and Jack and Juliet track them. Juliet is visited by Harper, who tells her that Ben wants her to kill Daniel and Charlotte. Jack and Juliet find Kate, who had been knocked out after coming across Daniel and Charlotte. Juliet sneaks off and heads to the Tempest. Kate and Jack track her.

At the Tempest, Juliet finds Daniel wearing a gas mask and messing with the computer. She fights with him and then Charlotte as Daniel tries to shut of the initiation of gas being released. At the last second he's able to contain the release, and Juliet finds out that they were stopping Ben from contaminating the island.

Kate and Jack catch up with them and Jack and Juliet have a private conversation. Juliet says they are at war and Ben is going to win and that when he does Jack should be far away from her because Ben thinks she's his. Jack kisses her and says that Ben knows where to find him.

FLASHBACK: Juliet is sent to see the island's therapist, Harper, who seems hostile toward Juliet from the beginning. Juliet had an affair with Harper's husband, Goodwin. Harper knows about the affair and confronts Juliet. She tells Juliet that if the affair doesn't stop, Ben will hurt Goodwin.
Turns out Harper was right as Ben sends Goodwin to live among the tail section survivors, knowing that he will eventually be found out and killed.

Ben clearly has feelings for Juliet and Harper believes it's because she "looks just like her". When Juliet confronts him about letting Goodwin get killed, Ben says that after all it took to find her and get her there, she's his.