Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • How could they follow up last week's amazing episode WITH THIS?

    Desmond's episode last week was 10/10. So clever, so emotional, it renewed my interest and love for this show. I cannot fully express how disappointed I am with what I just watched. There was nothing memorable, no cliff hanger, to me it was almost satrical - as if Saturday Night Live was doing a skit. It was so boring I can barely remember what happened. I tuned out for about 80% of the episode. Lets see, the freighter people go to some place we haven't heard of yet to let off some lethal gas and kill the peeps on the island, turns out they go there to try to save everyone. Ben owns Juliet, Juliet is a home wrecker, Juliet and Jack tongue eachother. THE END.
  • How could they follow up last week's amazing episode WITH THIS?

    Desmond's episode last week was 10/10. So clever, so emotional, it renewed my interest and love for this show. I cannot fully express how disappointed I am with watch I just watched. There was nothing memorable, no cliff hanger, to me it was almost satrical - as if Saturday Night Live was doing a skit. It was so boring I can barely remember what happened. I tuned out for about 80% of the episode. Lets see, the freighter people go to some place we haven't heard of yet to let off some lethal gas and kill everyone, turns out they go there to try to save everyone. Ben owns Juliet, Juliet is a home wrecker, Juliet and Jack tongue eachother. THE END.
  • Forget The Constant and this would have been more appreciated

    I dont get why people are so stupid sometimes and just rate episodes like this so low, just beacause it had a much stronger episode before it. One amazing thing about Lost is, that its character development goes as we learn more about a character. They dont actually change i present time. Here we learn about Juliet, although the important player was Ben. His reactions, his face covered with envy over Goodwin and his inner grief, was perfectly excecuted by Michael Emerson. Calling this a filler, is very harsh to say, it's like people decide their ratings by the endings/cliffhangers. The ending was a funny joke, with we had a few of this episode. And its not like it IS a filler, they revealed the boss of the Freighter people. Even though we all suspected it, we all had to see it on the show and not on a forum board. You should really appreciate this little epsiode as it has, A new Hatch, new revelations, drama, action and some jokes.
  • A superb, though not completetly flawless character driven episode.

    I guess most of the negativity surrounding this episode is because of the previous episode, "The Constant". It just set the bar way too high - and it's obvious why can't "The Other Woman" live up to it: simply put, to have an episode like that again, there has to be a setup phase, and this episode enters that phase, but unlike most setup episodes, this one doesn't feel dull... no, far from dull. Using a setup / transitional episode as a character episode is not a new thing to Lost. Just think about "Par Avion". While this episode is a Juliet centric episode, it's more of a Ben/Juliet episode. We learn a new side of Ben, a side that I thought will never be touched upon. He had/has a crush on Juliet...

    Ben as a lover - can it get any more awkward? The flashbacks were filled with awkward nailbiting scenes, very well done. Present time Ben finally revealed some secrets to Locke, earning his trust, proving himself to be useful - Ben is not a prisoner anymore.

    While it's been speculated since season 2, it's nice to know finally that Charles Widmore is after the island, and it's his boat, not Penny's. I always love, that in Lost, to recreate a certain atmosphere in the flashback, the producers bring back characters who died - and even when they were alive, they had minor roles. That's why this episode we see Goodwin and Tom again, and was it great? It surely was!

    As far as negativity goes, there isn't much. The build up to the Tempest was somewhat false and forced, but at least it gave motivation to the characters. A typical Drew Goddard episode too - lots of over the top dialouge that doesn't actually sound corny, and alot of twisted humor. Most memorable quote:

    (Ben to Juliet)

    You're mine.

    Woah. Take that! Overall, superb episode, with more character mythology than island, but that's what Lost is ultimately all about. Kudos to Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell for delivering the best performances of the episode.
  • It was eyeopening and character development but...

    I really liked the Juliet story even thought I do not like her character. But the flashback was good and really opened the terrible and maybe little unknown part of Ben. So, more than on Juliet, it showed us who the Ben really is. And whatever deal he made with Locke - he is now walking around freely - Locke has just lost it's power.

    So, if not to think that it was rather unique way via other char to upon Ben for us, what else did we got? That Penny's father is involved - I think it was somehow sure long ago as he just pop up here and there.. But that it is his boat... ok.. surprise.. but nothing too shocking or emotionally moving.. no close to the last week's episode. And how long are they going to play with "Who is your man on the boat"? I think we all have the idea...

    And the way the Faraday's and that anthropologist - oh.. the only logical connection of that poison storyline what I could imagine is that this is the same poison that long ago killed most of Rousseau's team.. but how she survived if it was so contagious? (that also would explain little of those quarantine labels on hatch)
  • A dangerous mission to a new Dharma-Station, some interesting background story and a lot of character development. All in an old school episode of LOST.

    Wow! How can so many people call this a filler-episode? "the other woman" is LOST how it used to be at the begining. Brilliant writing, tension everywhere and some of the best actiong in television. And it that wasn't enough, we get many definite answers. The Juliet story starts out slow but becomes thrilling when focuses more on Ben and we learn more about the intensions of both of them. On the way to a Dharma-station called "the tempist" we alo get a good idea of what Charlotte and Daniel are up to. But the highlights are the scenes with Ben and Locke. Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn are amazing actors and their characters are the most interesting ones on the island. They make a deal, which brings us the FINAL answer to a question we've been asking for a while.

    But as I already wrote in a review a few weeks ago: It's not about the answers, but about storytelling and thrilling television. And that's exactly what we get here.
    In my eyes the best episode in the forth season yet!
  • More of Juliet's past is revealed and future events are set up in this interesting episode. (Spoilers)

    The episode after "The Constant", many have had their eyes on this and it was likely that the quality of the previous episode would affect people's opinion of this one. "The Constant" set the bar higher for Lost episodes, so it must be realized that not every episode will get it 100% right like "The Constant" did. "The Other Woman" was an excellent episode with plenty of information and major character development.

    Juliet is meeting with her therapist, Harper, who seems a little cold and kind of mean. The session is interrupted by Tom, who leads Juliet outside to find Ben who is greeting her with flowers in front of her new home. Ben explains that she is welcome and that her house has all the amenities, even though Juliet will only be there for six months...Juliet is later shown crying in the medical ward after one of her pregnant patients died, she is met by Goodwin who is looking for medical treatment.It is at this time that Goodwin reveals he is married to Harper, who Juliet had criticized in front of him. The two begin an affair, which Harper learns of and warns her to stop for Goodwin's sake, because Ben likes Juliet and could possibly harm Goodwin if he learned. Juliet then has dinner with an overly giddy (read: scary) Ben after the plane crashes. Juliet inquires about Goodwin who was sent on a mission, but Ben plays coyly with her. Ben later leads Juliet to Goodwin's corpse and harshly explains to Juliet that she is "his".

    On the island, Daniel and Charlotte sneak off to carry out their plan which seems to involve gassing the people on the island. Jack and Juliet follow them, with Juliet being encountered by the whispers in the jungle and subsequently Harper herself. Harper tells Juliet that Ben wants her to kill Charlotte and Daniel, and that Ben is right where he needs to be. Jack encounters her too, but she vanishes without a trace. Daniel and Charlotte encounter Kate who sees that the light on Daniel's phone is on after Charlotte told them it was out of power, she also notices the HAZMAT suits and Gasmasks in Daniel's bag-Charlotte then knocks her out. Jack and Juliet find her, with Juliet running off to confront Daniel and Charlotte at the "Tempest" a Dharma power station. Juliet confronts Daniel who claims he is trying to make the gas inert in order to save everybody, she fights with Charlotte as she doesn't initially believe Daniel, but Daniel was being honest and saves everyone on the island. Charolotte and Daniel are held up at gunpoint by Kate, but Charlotte offers to take her inside and show her everything. Juliet reveals her feelings to Jack and how that Ben thinks that she (Juliet) is his (Ben) and that he would not be happy if they were together. Jack then kisses her (yes!!) and tells her Ben "knows where to find him"

    At camp Locke, Claire tries to convice Locke to let her talk to Miles in order to find out "whose boat it is". Locke also strikes a deal with Ben, if he lets Ben live at the barracks, Ben will give him info. Ben shows Locke a tape of who is behind the people on the boat, and as many of us predicted (myself included) it was Charles Widmore! The episode ends with Hurley and Sawyer playing a friendly game of horseshoes when Ben walks by.

    Juliet's backstory was interesting at times, and then just alright at times. It revealed more info and really enhanced her character dynamic. The beautiful Elizabeth Mitchell did a great job. Michael Emerson can do no wrong as Ben, we really learned much about his character. It was just frightening to see him act so giddy because he is in love with Juliet. The story revolving around Daniel, Charlotte, Jack, Juliet, and Kate was exciting and tense. The information that Ben provided to Locke was pretty good and promises more interesting events. It was great to see Jack and Juliet kiss, normally the romance stuff is hit or miss, but I like these two together.

    Dialogue was good, plot was great, pacing was good, direction was very good, cinematography was excellent. Technically speaking, this episode was incredibly good. The story had some slow parts, but overall it was very entertaining.

    Overall, great episode. Season 4 continues to be strong. I don't think many episodes can measure up to "The Constant", that isn't so much a comparison as it is a statement. This episode really set up future events and was devoted to character development, never a bad thing, it's role will be seen later, and it is likely to be a big setup to bigger events.
  • Like said before, a very disappointing episode. Last week especially with Desmond's time-travel.. THAT is an episode. This filler-crap was promised to be removed.

    Informing us how Ben used to spread the gas over the island in The Tempest isnt thát interesting to know, it's even so boring.. that Julliete doesnt even bother to explain what it is (and Jack doesnt ask.. he just.. ignores that. Oh wait, he never does that..) and she just runs there.. all of a sudden all these facilities pop up that were never found after months of exploring..now within a day they get there? uhuh.. Sorry if this seems more like rambling than an actual review, that's because it's not a real review. I don't feel like i should pretend i know it all and tell them what they're doing wrong. Because it still remains a good show, i just wish they would cut down to the core-story..
  • This episode goes down in history as the 2nd worst (in Lost standards) episode, behind Jack's Stranger in a strange island ep, in Lost history. Producers promised us no fillers and yet we get this. Very disappointing!

    I hate to say this but this was a very, very disappointing episode. I expected more especially since they cut down to 16 episodes and promised us no filler episodes and this felt like a filler. Also, with the previous 5 amazing episodes all featuring some sort of flash forward, I wasn't looking for a flashback. I know the writers said not all episodes would feature flash-forwards but the ones that featured a flash back would be more revealing and far more important than what we saw in this episode.

    I could care less what was happening in Juliette's flashback and the Island present wasn't 'all that'
    Now if they revealed to us who Ben's mystery person is on the boat, then I would have been slightly pleased but they didn't even reveal that!

    Worst episode in Lost history is episode 309 'Stranger in a strange island' and now 2nd worst is episode 406 'The other woman' (PLEASE no more filler episodes)
  • No even near the standards of last week episode but it was still worth the watch.

    What can i say about this epsiode?

    Eventhough this episode wasn't as exciting as last weeks, they reviewed more answers than the previous. what i've gathered so far from this episode is that

    1. Julliet received a visit from Goodwin's wife. Before she appeared and disappeared you could hear the same whispers as when Jacob/concious/blacksmoke appears. She delivered a message from Ben. In the Conditions Ben is currently in, there is no way he could have had contacts with his mates. this only leaves us to 2 options.
    Option 1 ---> Ben & Jacob are the same being if so then this probably the reason why Ben couldn't hear what Jacob said when he took Locke to Jacob's Cabin
    Option 2 ---> Jacob can see anyones movement on the island and is ready to kill anyone posing threats to it's domain

    2. We now officially know that the secrets of the island has been passed on through the hanso's generations magnus --> alvar --> tovard. Jacob has defeated both Magnus(Black Rock) and Alvar(Dharma) and Tovard is keen in line to fulfil the family's legacy but due to lack of finance or personal selfish ambitions he has auctioned the family's secrets. Jacob is at war again and now he can't use his ultimate counter defense system. 3. We now know 3 of Daniel and the others main missions. x Capture Ben Alive any means necessary. (who better to give you information about the island is the leader of the island himself.
    x locate the exact location of the island (eventhough penny's dad has the coordinates, he cant find the island because of the magnetic field surrounding the island)
    x and disable the virus system (better safe than sorry0

    There are a few questions i'm trying to figure out. 1. How come Henry is rich. for someone who was born and raised on the island (doesn't know the value of the dollar) and having a bum as a father, how does one process this amount of money.

    2. how did daniel and the others know about the virus and where to find it. was this also in the diary if so this means that not all of the dharma group were eradicated.

    3. Who is henry's mole on the ship. (I somehow think that Michael is the mole because of the last conversation between michael and henry):
    "Michael: How do you know I won't tell people about where I was?
    Henry: Maybe you will, maybe you won't. But it won't matter. Once you leave, you'll never be able to get back here. And my hunch is you won't say a word to anybody because if you do, people will find out what you did to get your son back."

    I hope we get answers soon but i wouldn't count on next week's episode since is regarding Jin and Sun we might find out if sun's dad is working with penny's dad.
    See you next week.
  • This episode gave me the creeps. Ben is officially the creepiest villain on TV!

    A lot of creepiness going on...we take a classic flashback back to Juliet's arrival on the island and adjusting to life there. The flashback story consisted of providing a greater depth to her 'fling' with Goodwin (which we saw briefly in another Juliet episode). The two hit it off pretty well, except Goodwin's married to this Other we meet for the first time and she is pretty creepy herself.

    But perhaps the creepiest thing about this episode...Ben's romantic obsession with Juliet. You would think after watching many endless scenes with the two of them together that you would think that there was no romantic conflicting issues between them. Perhaps this was something that the writers didnt think about doing until now. When the creepy jealous wife of Goodwin told Juliet that she reminded Ben or "her" I was thinking Annie, anyone else?

    I knew Ben would have to break the news to her about Goodwin's death but to bring her to his rotting corpse?! That is just disturbing and yet so Ben like!

    Ben is truly a creepy and now very disturbing villain. I kinda like it all twisted that way.
  • Great episode. It felt like the "old" Lost again.

    After last week's episode (which wasn't one of my favorites because of the whole "time travel" thing.), I was very satisfied with this one. Plus the fact that this season so far has been moving at a very fast pace, it was nice to have a bit of a "breather" for a change.

    To get the negative out of the way first.... I wasn't thrilled with the gas storyline. If there had been insinuations about it through out the show, or even just the season, it might have been different. But it just seemed to appear out of nowhere in this episode.

    Juliet's flashback was very well done. It was like the ones in season 1. It didn't directly move the Island plot along, but it did provide good information on here and her relationships with and to those in her camp, especially Goodwin. Nice to see him in the show again. And for me it raises questions about Ethan. Did Ben see him as a threat to his 'relationship' with Juliet too?
    But at least we finally get to know who the real owner of Not Penny's Boat is, and the common enemy to Ben, the Others, Locke, and everyone else on the island is.
  • the "loving" side of Ben

    Well that was a very interesting episode. We got to see plenty of others and how they plan things out, it's so cool to see how they live and work. Once again we get a few answers and have to ask more questions. We learned Ben has a huge crush on Juliet and Jack ain't scared of Ben. Michael Emerson is so good at being Ben it's scary. I love when he was all dreamy eyed for Juliet in this episode. Him trying to touch her by the microscope and woo her with dinner was too good. Then to see how quickly he turns on her and leaves Goodwin out to die is freaky. He is very dictator-ish the way he runs things.
  • The plot thickens...

    Finally! After a few lackluster episodes, it appears that good old Lost is back. "The Other Woman" is a classic example of Lost, with plenty of action and revelations from the get go. The episode starts strong and never let up the pace and tension, combining exciting sequences with well written dialogue and interesting revelations concerning the nature of the freighter.

    Basically, Juliet is tasked by Ben to find Daniel and Charlotte and stop them from doing whatever they're doing. In the process, we are introduced to a new station, The Tempest, and given insight into who owns the boat, who is trying to find the island. The answer makes a nice connection between other episodes, in my opinion. Also, the flashbacks actually make sense in this one, and also contain some throwbacks to season two.

    Overall, "The Other Woman" marks a return to form for Lost, with a brilliantly balanced episode which is marred only by a sort of cop-out at the end. I think that an ending which fit in better with the "no mercy" tone (i.e., Juliet completing her mission) would have been nice. But, I suppose, we can't get too many answers in one episode. Keep up the good work, Lost.
  • Juliet-centric episode doesn't do much to advance the plot per se, but we do learn a lot about her & Ben's relationship and get to see some solid acting all around

    Alright, first and foremost, let me say that nothing that happened this week--short of rescue--could have possibly topped last week's moment between Penny and Desmond.

    That being said, it was with trepidation that I watched this week as it had all the makings of a let-down episode.

    Thankfully, that didn't happen.

    While this episode didn't really do much to advance the plot--short of Dan and Charlotte stopping the gas and us finding out who is Ben's direct enemy--it did provide some interesting things to reflect on.

    So our boy Ben's got a crush does he? This episode was cool in the way it kind of threw a new twist on some of the events we've already seen take place, and you've got to love the should we trust her/should we not trust her thing they've got going with Juliet's character.

    Ben strikes a deal to get free, which is kind of like watching one of those really dumb people in a horror movie go into the dark quiet room. We know this isn't going to end well, but hey, it's a fun ride right?

    Something strikes me about Juliet. The more i think about, the more I doubt she'll make it to the finale. Something just tells me she's going to never get off the island, and i mean that in a Paola/Niki sort of way.

    Still, with only two weeks left until the big "jaw-dropper", this episode was solid enough to justify spending an hour watching yet not strong enough that my desire to see more has waned. OUT!
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