Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • I literally fell asleep. Don't like Juliet.

    I really, really did not like this episode. I just don't buy this crap of Juliet being good. I can't stand her. Compared to last week's episode this was nothing. I mean, come on, who cares about Juliet?? I think Elizabeth Mitchell is not believable at all, at least not compared to the other actors and actresses. With them you see history in their eyes: Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, but Juliet's say nothing, they're blanc. It was a wasted episode, they could have done much better. Lets hope it doesn't get worse.
    However I still believe Lost is the best show on TV nowadays. They have us accustomed to a certain level of greatness, and this one fell short!
  • A good ep!!

    In this Juliette focused episode we finally find out about those peschy helicopter people! This season has really been great after season 3 was bad this picks the show back up again! Ben actually becomes part of the group What the hell Ben is totally trickin Locks camp. The Juliette and Jacks steamy kiss was a big shock all that tension FINALLY !!! Now I'm confused as whether if they will start dating even though Jack and Kate are sooo in love. I really thought that Julliete would be part of the oceanic six! I'm really looking foward to finding out who it is. Juliettes past also is fun to have a peek at. Ohh and i now love Rebecca Madar!
  • OK I made a mistake in my last review - this episode was way better than the Constant.

    OK now many will think that I'm crazy and Jack-Kate fans will be angry with me, but I'm Jack-Juliet fan so... The ending was perfect. One of the reasons that I watch LOST is the relationship between Jack and Juliet. The writers finally did what I was waitng for from the last time Jack and Juliet kissed. Only this time it was much more romatic. There was a hug too. Ahhhhhh....

    Also we found out that Penny's father is the one who hired the "boat people" and that he might be the evil, who wants to find the island. I say "might" because that tape could have been another of Ben's tricks. We will just have to wait and see.
  • Something died in me while watching this episode

    I don't know where to begin... a very poor episode.

    I don't care about Juliet and her promiscuity.

    I don't care about Goodwin and his chemical burn.

    I don't care about some shrink chick that pops out of the blue. I don't care about Jack's boyscout crush.

    I don't care about "The Tempest". I don't care about releasing or not releasing the gas.

    I don't care about Claire's function and her obviously unlimited Make-Up depot.

    I don't care about watching Charles Widmore beating up some dude.

    I don't care about seeing Ben fooling Locke again and again and again.

    I don't care about horseshoes.

    I just don't care.
  • Talk about a major step down

    Well, they can't all be like 'The Constant'. There is a tendency to rank this episode as one of the most disappointing and confusing of the series, and in many ways, that's an accurate description. Yet despite all that, this one seems a little more grounded than the weaker episodes of the first three seasons, and it gives a more accurate description of Juliet then we get for much of Season 4.

    In my mind, one of the bigger disappointments of Lost is that after Juliet's betrayal of the Others in Season 3, we never see any confrontation between the two. However, in this episode, we get a better idea as to some of the backstory between the two, and it's pretty interesting. It appears that even though the Others recruited her, Ben seemed to take an almost predatory interest in her from the beginning. We know from 'One of Us' that Juliet had a hard time on the island, and now we realize that Goodwin was one of the reasons that she was able to cope.

    There's an interesting psychological construct for Juliet's behavior. In 'Not In Portland', we learned that she had divorced her husband Edmund, doubtless because he was an inveterate womanizer. Despite that, it took Edmund's (Other arranged) death for Juliet to break free of him. Now on the island, she becomes, well, 'The Other Woman' in Goodwin and Harper's marriage, and even though Harper tells her that there will be consequences if she continues with the affair, she keeps up with it, long afterwards. Juliet is not the kind of woman who can end relationship even when the consequences are horrible, not only for her, but for everyone else involved.

    It's her relationship with Ben that is the most thorny. He has an obsessive relationship with her from the beginning, and now we realize it was his idea of romance. But Ben is so contorted that he can not express things openly, and so manipulative that he seems to pull strings on people even when he's nowhere near any of them. Even though Goodwin was a loyal soldier, and there were apt reasons for getting him out as a spy with the tail section, he did it anyway to punish Juliet. And now, even though he's still locked up on the other side of the island, he still has the capability (through Harper) to move her.

    Unfortunately, the whole quest for the Tempest station (yet another project for the Dharma Initiative) does seem a bit more like a MacGuffin than anything really related to the world of Lost. It seems super complicated to send Daniel and Charlotte all the way to the island to turn off the gas that could end up killing everyone on the island. We know that Ben has probably used it before (no doubt, this is where the gas for the Dharma Purge came from), but why would he use it now, if he was in captivity. It does seem as something more of an exercise than any other part of the season, especially when we learn that Ben is supposedly on the side of the angels this time. (And if you believe that one, I've got some beachfront property in Otherton to sell you)

    The more interesting part of the episode (and what makes it impossible to completely dismiss) is what's happening between Ben and Locke in the Others camp. Locke's leadership is obviously starting to fray, especially if someone as innocuous as Claire is starting to have serious doubts about his leadership. Ben (who knows firsthand what it's like when your underlings start revolting) finally agrees to tell Locke what he knows about the people on the freighter. (Curiously enough, his main source of information is found on a tape labeled 'Red Sox'. Was this Ben's favorite team? Or was he just pissed that the Yankees beat them?)

    The face of the enemy is a familiar one-- Charles Widmore. We've already known from all of Desmond's flashbacks what a piece of work this man is, and we've been able to intuit from little bits of data fed to us in those flashbacks, that he probably knows something about the island.. Now Ben says that he's determined to possess it, but claims ignorance as to why. This is another of Ben's great tricks--- hiding lies in truth. He claims to have no idea what Widmore is planning, but we shall learn--- a lot sooner than we think---- that he knows exactly who he is and what his connection to the island is. We'll soon see how ruthless he is, and that there may be a potential chess match being set up between these two devious personalities.

    This is episode also brings about Kate returning to the beach after Locke threw her out. (It's unclear why it took her and Sayid less than a day to get to the bunkers, but apparently two to come back.) This reopens the triangle (or rectangle) that seems to be developing between Kate, Juliet and Jack. It's been less than a week since Jack told Kate that he was in love with her, and now here he is making goo-goo eyes at Juliet, holding her in his arms, etc. I've already stated that I have no real position between who ends up with who in this particular tangle, and quite frankly it seems more than a little presumptuous to be dealing with it now that rescue seems to be coming.

    While the Juliet part of this episode is ultimately not as strong as many of the others, it does once again reveal how masterful a manipulator Ben is. He makes Goodwin go to the tail section even though he knows there's danger; he takes position of the children in that section even though there are objections; he makes Harper go out and send Juliet on another bombing run, and now he's finally manage to manipulate himself out of his prison at Otherton. When Harper tells Juliet at the beginning of the episode that "Ben is exactly where he needs to be", I have little doubt of that. The question is, now that we know who the enemy is, does this make Ben into one of the good guys that he has always claimed to be a part of? I don't believe it for a minute, but then again, I'm not on the island.
    My score:6
  • The type of episode, that only one or two good scenes barely save an episode!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Every character have their share of participation in Lost, don´t matter if they are not an strong character. This time was about revealing more about Juliet past, which I thought to be a unnecessary thing to Know right now (season 3 was more suitable for this, since we already Know what was essential, this flashbacks just prove this. After they made the episode, they Knew this focus on Juliet Past and Present weren´t enough, so what they did. They put Ben in Revealing mode.

    What I Like/Disliked -» I think that Juliet Flashbacks was very forced, the add about Ben being possessive is strange and was just to make Story. The Island focus was poor, again the writers utilized 2 of the new Characters to make a mission for Juliet and Jack, also Kate. Ben and Locke Interaction was better, wasn´t expecting that Ben would Reveal anything. This is why I liked the ending, was funny.


    Presentation -» (5/10). Simply Poor, a flashbacks about Juliet with a therapist.

    Complication Phase -» (5/10) I mean, you can notice from the beginning that Dan is not a bad guy, his actions wasn´t enough to be suspected and to thought that they were trying to kill anyone. Very poorly done.

    Climax -» (6/10). Juliet with a Gun, and a misunderstood that put everyone life in Danger isn´t interesting.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (8/10). The ending was great, one of the highlights of this episode and one of the Key moments.

    Flashbacks -» (6/10). There were some people that Liked Juliet flashbacks, but I already Know that we have super fans and Fans that are looking for quality and I guarantee, this flashbacks was forced and is unnecessary to see this one.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (5/10). It is hard to not notice that Juliet Flashbacks was forced and her present situation was only a filler adventure. Ben and Locke Scenes was necessary for the future events on the Island.

    Dialogues -» (7/10). Apart from Ben and Locke, other dialogues was there to buy time.

    Action /Adventure -» (4/10). It seems that type of movies that the producers have to put something predictable and unnecessary to make fans feel bored.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Juliet acting is good, the same for Ben, but more than this, this episode couldn´t deliver that type of emotional scenes that can make you feel sorry or cry.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Weak and predictable, nobody would die, so…

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (7/10). Ben make a revelation and a hint that maybe is not telling all the truth.

    Surprise/Twists -» (8/10). The ending is funny and intriguing,
    Thoughts Changer -» None.

    The type of episode, that only one or two good scenes barely save an episode.
  • Ben in love.

    Alot of people didn't like this one, but I kinda dug it. Juliet is fast becoming my favorite female on the show- her backstories are always strong. Here this reveals an interesting new perspective on her time with the Others, as it is revealed that Ben is actually in love with her. Now I can understand people not really being into this- it seems like an afterthought, and it paints Ben as sort of a meek puppy-dog, which destroys the illusion and mystic of his creepiness. The wannabe fakeout at the beginning with the therapist and the Tempest station drama doesn't really work but as usual Michael Emmerson and Elizabeth Mitchel are strong enough to carry the material.
  • Why this episode was voted the least liked episode of season 4, I will never understand as this is definately my favourite episode of season 4.

    I have to see even on top of amazing episodes such as The Constant, Cabin Fever and There's No Place Like Home, this episode is one of my favourite episodes of season 4, simply because everything seemed to be right about it. We had amazing acting from Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Emerson and Matthew Fox, we got to see one of the most dangerous Dharma stations yet and we also found out who is behind sending the freighter to the island...and it was an amazing moment. The episodes flashbacks centre around Juliet after she has recently arrived on the island. She begins to have therapy sessions with a harsh and bitter woman named Harper Stanhope but is soon cheered up when she meets Goodwin, who she begins seeing. The plot thickens when we realise two things 1) That Goodwin is married to Harper and 2) That Ben has a major crush on Juliet and will stop at nothing to make her his. Elizabeth Mitchell is able to play the sensitive, naive Juliet that we've come to associate with her flashbacks so perfectly, whilst Michael Emerson delivers one of his creepiest and possibly heartbreaking performances of the show. By the end of Juliet's flashes we realise that Ben sent Goodwin to be the tail section spy on purpose, hoping to get him killed and it seems his plan worked. As Juliet weeps over Goodwin's body, Ben says that he still can't understand why Juliet doesn't realise that she is his property and no-one elses.
    But why is Ben so fixated on Juliet, before he even got to know her? Harper makes a comment to Juliet during one of her sessions that the reason Ben has a crush on her is because she looks just like "her." But who is the "her" to which Harper refers. As most people think, could it be Ben's childhood lover Annie who has possibly died sometime on the island. Maybe Ben still hasn't got over her. Or maybe it could be a reference to Ben's mother who seems to play an important role in his life. In a future episode we see that Ben has a portrait of his mother in his house at the Barracks she he clearly still cares about her, even though she has been dead for so long. Back to the future, Juliet gets a visit from Harper who tells her that Daniel and Charlotte are going to the Dharma station, the Tempest, and that they will release the gas (presumably the same gas that killed the Dharma Initiative in The Man Behind the Curtains), killing everyone on the island. Jack and Juliet set out to stop them but upon their arrival at the Tempest it becomes clear that Daniel and Charlotte are trying to stop the gas from being released, not trying to release it. Apparently Ben, or one of the others, tried to activate it when they heard the freighter was on it's way. Juliet is forced to make a choice as she holds a gun on the two of them. Should she listen to Ben Linus one more time or finally except that he is a monster and capable of anything? Eventually she lowers her gun, allowing Daniel to shut off the gas and it seems that once and for all Juliet has signed over her aligance to Jack and the survivors.
    Back at the Barracks meanwhile Locke is beginning to lose his grip on his group. Claire is questioning his methods of getting information from Miles and Ben seems to know it. Ben eventually agrees to tell Locke who owns the freighter if he will allow Ben to sleep in a proper bed and eat from a table. Locke agrees and the viewers are shocked to learn that the owner of the freighter and in effect, the person who plans to kill everyone on the island is...Charles Widmore, Penny's father and Desmond's antagonist. I have to admit when we saw Widmore bidding for the diary of the Black Rock in the previous episode, I thought it would take the writers another two seasons to admit why he was doing that, but it was basically answered in the next episode. Widmore wants the island to exploit it and was probably hoping that the Black Rock's diary might hold some info on where the island was. In the final moments of the episode Juliet tells Jack that they can't be together because of Ben and Jack says that if Ben wants to kill him than he knows were to find him. Everything seems to have ended happily for Juliet but things are still going to a boiling point as we learn more about the freighter and about why they are on the island. There are some key questions to take from this episode. How did Daniel and Charlotte know that Ben had used the gas previously? Does Widmore have more information on Ben than we think? And how does Widmore even know about the island? Has he heard of it through his connections to the Dharma Initiative or has he been on the island himself? Well, it seems we will have to wait patientally for these answers and heres hoping that season 5 will present them in a timely fashion.
  • A Juliet-centric episode.

    Let me just start by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. The main reason that I loved this episode so much is because Juliet is one of my most favorite characters on the show. I really enjoyed the flash backs of Juliet's time on the island as an Other. I was really shocked by the fact that she had an affair with her therapist's husband. Another reason that I loved this episode so much was the fact that Daniel and Charlotte were once again heavily involved in one of the main story lines of the episode like they were in the last episode. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode from everyone involved in the making of it, and I can't wait to watch the rest of season four.
  • This should've been in season 3 instead of season 4.

    It has been hinted in the mobisode "The Envelope" that Ben has feelings towards Juliet. Heck, even in season 3 episode 2: they share an awkward moment as Juliet gives Jack soup (Ben to Juliet, smiling): "you never made me soup".

    However, bringing up this matter right at the middle of the season the Oceanic Six is supposed to leave the island AND right after an episode where we got an explanation to Desmond's time travel and Desmond and Penny, the most epic couple ever contacted eachother, was a grave mistake. The episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't really good either, mostly because of it's awkward placement.

    The island plot was laughable, actually. Okay, so... Dan and Charlotte head off to a previously unseen Dharma station called "The Tempest" to release some sort of nerve gas that could kill everyone on the island(including Ben). So Juliet, all alone, goes ahead to kill both of them, as Harper Stanhope ordered(who claims to have these orders from Ben).

    Not only does this SOUND really stupid, it is. First of all: how can Juliet can be so naive? Secondly: the flashforwards already revealed that Ben, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, etc would live. So there was zero suspense. And finally. What does this has to do with anything?

    Not much of a surprise that Dan and Charlotte just wanted to neutralize the gas so Ben wouldn't be able to release it. This is what I call fake drama... Why couldn't Dan and Charlotte just TELL Jack what they would do? this would've made him trust them more, which is very important at this point, I think. After a series of laughable "action" scenes the characters finally stop acting like monkeys and actually discuss what's going on... and it's all crowned with Jack and Juliet kissing, which was good, but god, that dialouge they had there was HORRIBLE. Juliet claims that Ben owns her and that he would kill Jack because he's with her. WHAT? Okay, we see that, in the flashbacks, Ben was really that maniac. But in present time, NO! We've seen Ben treat Juliet like crap in season 3 - he is obviously over her!

    Speaking of which.. the flashbacks saved the episode. They added a new side of Ben and explained why Goodwin had to stick around for so long. Basically, Ben was in love and so was Goodwin; but since Ben has the power to control people, he forced Goodwin to stay with Ana and end up killed so he can "get" Juliet. Loved the "YOU ARE MINE" scene, easily the best moment of the episode. Michael Emerson did an excellent job and so did Elizabeth Mitchell - but strictly in the flashbacks.

    I mean, as I said before, Juliet's island storyline was laughable. But Ben's brief storyline was probably even worse. He talks his way out of captivity and shows John a recording which shows that Charles Widmore is behind the freighter. That's OK - but the whole thing just felt really poorly executed. It's a big reveal after all, but it didn't feel like one.

    Thank god for the last scene - hilarious. It showed that Ben Linus can get exactly what he wants - anytime. But that doesn't save this episode.

    Verdict: Island plot: 5/10, Flashback: 8/10, Overall: around 6.5, well below the Lost average.
  • A great, though not completetly flawless character driven episode.

    I guess most of the negativity surrounding this episode is because of the previous episode, "The Constant". It just set the bar way too high - and it's obvious why can't "The Other Woman" live up to it: simply put, to have an episode like that again, there has to be a setup phase, and this episode enters that phase, but unlike most setup episodes, this one doesn't feel dull... no, far from dull. Using a setup / transitional episode as a character episode is not a new thing to Lost. Just think about "Par Avion". While this episode is a Juliet centric episode, it's more of a Ben/Juliet episode. We learn a new side of Ben, a side that I thought will never be touched upon. He had/has a crush on Juliet...

    Ben as a lover - can it get any more awkward? The flashbacks were filled with awkward nailbiting scenes, very well done. Present time Ben finally revealed some secrets to Locke, earning his trust, proving himself to be useful - Ben is not a prisoner anymore.

    While it's been speculated since season 2, it's nice to know finally that Charles Widmore is after the island, and it's his boat, not Penny's. I always love, that in Lost, to recreate a certain atmosphere in the flashback, the producers bring back characters who died - and even when they were alive, they had minor roles. That's why this episode we see Goodwin and Tom again, and was it great? It surely was!

    As far as negativity goes, there isn't much. The build up to the Tempest was somewhat false and forced, but at least it gave motivation to the characters. A typical Drew Goddard episode too - lots of over the top dialouge that doesn't actually sound corny, and alot of twisted humor. Most memorable quote:

    (Ben to Juliet)

    You're mine.

    Woah. Take that! Overall, superb episode, with more character mythology than island, but that's what Lost is ultimately all about. Kudos to Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell for delivering the best performances of the episode.
  • Interesting

    Juliet has flashbacks to when she had an affair with Goodwin while on the island. His wife, Harper, despised her and Ben was jealous, which is why he sent Goodwin to the tail section of the plane.

    Jack discovers that Faraday and Charlotte have gone missing. Juliet receives a message from Harper from Ben. Harper tells her where Faraday and Charlotte are going and what they plan to do. Jack and Juliet follow them. Kate runs into them and sees the gas masks. Charlotte knocks her out. Juliet goes ahead and finds them at the Tempest station. It turns out that they are trying to disable the gas, instead of spreading it. Ben makes a wager with Locke. His limited freedom for information. Ben reveals that Charles, Penny's father, is searching for this island and he wants to exploit it. Juliet and Jack kiss.

    This episode was great! The ending was funny! Ben is so smart when it comes to manipulating Locke and others. It would be creepy to have Ben have a crush on you like he did with Juliet. He seems like a stalker or something. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Romantic storylines, secrets revealed and a great fight scene between Charlotte and Juliet...this episode is terrific.

    Charlotte and Dan disappear into the island. Kate runs into them but then gets knocked out. Juliet gets a visit from her a woman called Harper. Harper tells her that Ben wants her to kill Charlotte and Dan. That made me wonder how Ben could have delivered that message because he was held in captivity. Where were Charlotte and Dan going and why ? They were going to the tempest.The source of all electricity on the island. They were going to disable it so Ben dosen't use it against everyone on the island. Jack, Juliet and Kate think that what Charlotte and Dan are doing is acutally against them so they set out to stop them. Juliet is ahead of Kate and Jack. She finds the Tempest and she also find Dan inside working on the computer so she puts a gun to his head and tells him to stop what he's doing but he refuses. Then Charlotte attacks her and a very rivetting fight happens between the two then Juliet gains control of the situation but they presuade her that what they are doing is for the good of the island, so she lets them proceed. Juliet and Charlotte leave the Tempest only to see Jack and Kate right infront of them. Juliet and Jack share a very sweet kiss which made go AWWWW. On other events. Ben wants to be free so and in order for him to do that he had to get Ben to trust him so he showed him a tape of his enemy. Charles Widmore was seen on tape. I was shocked that Penny's father was the enemy. Apparently Charles wants to exploit the island. Also Juliet has flashbacks of when she has having an affair with Widmore the man who attacked Ana Lucia but was then killed by her. We also find out that Ben was inlove with Juliet and he thought she was his. That freaked me out. I never saw it coming. Claire tells Ben that she wants to talk to Miles because she could use a different approach so they can get the information they wanted. I liked that. It's about time Claire had some development into the storyline other than being Charlie's hearthrob or the woman on the island with the baby. Loved this episode. Fantastic acting. Great scenery, like the setting where Goodwin and Juliet where having a picnic..that was beutiful. Great episode. Favorite character from this episode : Juliet !!! She looked so hot in that bathing suit. Something really funny in this episode was the expressio non Sawyer's face when he saw Ben walking around free. Good stuff !!!!
  • Juliet heads off to the Tempest, and flashbacks reveal stuff we already knew. (Spoiler Alert!)

    Summary: After Dan and Charlotte head off to the Tempest, Juliet follows them at Ben's wishes. Ben plays mind games with Locke. Flashbacks reveal soap oprah-y stuff. Pros: Ben not only owns Juliet, he owns this entire episode. He was probaly the only good thng that came out of the entire episode. Cons: Juliet's flashes don't reveal much, which is sad because Juliet was a good charater in season 3. And also the Tempest seemslike one of those plot points that will never be brought up again. Overall: This should've been a Ben flashback, but instead Juliet takes center stage. A bad episode only because it reveals nothing.
  • Boring

    The Flashback: Mostly about Juliet's love life and Ben's obsession over her. As far as I'm concerned,it was pretty boring to see Ben drool all over Juliet and kill his way to her. Basically, what we learn is, Ben is creepy. But didn't we already know that?

    The Island: This was also close to useless. Jack, Juliet and Kate go after two of those people from the boat, God it was like watching a game of cat and mouse. The only good thing in this episode was probably Ben and Locke discussing and we finally get some progression, but that was really minor. The ending was pretty killer though, I had a good laugh from it.
  • Any hope of rescue is blown but oh well..... We're given backround to Juliet's affair, Daniel and Charlotte head to the island's power station to cut off a supply of lethal gas that can kill everyone on the island and Ben gets back on top. Yawn.

    Juliet's flashback (yes, they've covered flshforwards and visions from the past to the future and now they're back to flashbacks)is among the slowest ever seen on Lost; we see Ben fawning over her but when the charismatic Goodwin sweeps her off her feet, Ben sends him to Ana - Lucia at the plane crash site knowing that she'll kill him.
    We also see Juliet's old therapist Harper who was married to Goodwin the cad. On the island however Juliet and Jack set out to stop Daniel and Charlotte from completing their mission and we see Ben use his knowledge of the freighter in exchange for some freedom. Apart from the amusing exchanges between Ben and Locke as well as a nice little bit involving Sawyer and Hurley at the end; this episode is powerfully dull and takes the prize as the worst of Season 4.

    Big mistake giving Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet the starring role as she sleepwalks through her role and is the most uninteresting character on Lost since Bernard and his wife Rose. As so much of the episode is dedicated to the drama between Juliet, Ben and Goodwin they try to overcompensate it with hectic fight scenes and "suspenseful" sequences featuring Daniel frantically typing random equations into a computer with a loudspeaker telling him time's up (sound familiar?)

    This episode is also swimming in what are now called "Lost Clichés" which include; having characters walk through the jungle holding torches in the rain, someone seeing a person from their past come out of nowhere and greeting them with a creepy "hello" before disappearing, having the large Hurley beat someone (Sawyer) at sport and of course having the entire scene that takes place in the "tempest". All of these just add to the contrived nature of the show.

    The Direction is at the top of its game with very nicely structured scenes but the problem is the order between the scenes which is really haphazard how random bits that don't tie together are ordered. With this episode we learn that Charles Widmore (Penny's Dad) is looking for the island to turn it into a lucrative gimmick; personally this is a pretty feeble excuse, after two seasons of wondering who was looking for the island and why the best answer is a rich old guy looking for a money - making scheme. Hopefully either Ben is lying or the source that told him that is.

    We're given more insight into Ben' we learn that he had a silly crush on Juliet and killed Goodwin in spite of it, we also find out that he somehow has the power to communicate with his people and have a knowledge of what's happening on the island while being locked in Locke's basement. The Writer's are being generous by giving a great character like Ben so much development and with Michael Emerson's superb performance as him it's even better but i'm getting the sense that they're spreading his character a bit thin. All in all, this is an effective set - up for later episodes but a substandard one overall. The Soap Opera - like flashbacks and rambling events on the island are quick to lose the attention of the audience and the lack of answers and standout performances just deem it a poor episode.
  • Average episode of lost. Nothing to speicla. alot of jealously.

    Bravo! Charlotte and Faraday sneak out from the camping and Jack and Juliet chase them. The former therapist of Juliet and one of The Others, Harper, meets her in the woods and gives a message from Ben, telling that the fugitives are heading to a plant to release gas in the island and kill them. Charlotte and Faraday stumble in Kate and she sees gas masks in Faraday's backpack, but she is hit in the head by Charlotte and faints. Meanwhile, Juliet recalls her passion for Harper's husband and the jealousy of Ben.

    "The Other Woman" is another weak episode of this terrible Fourth Season, and the great loss of audience in this series proves that there are other viewers with the same opinion as mine. The mystery and thriller of the series now is shifted to an unnecessary quartet of love like in a soap opera. With regard to the important plot of the episode, if Charlotte and Faraday have good intentions, why sneaking out from Jack's camp and hit Kate? Why not telling the truth to Jack and Kate and resolve the menace with their support?
  • Do we really need to know this?

    While in my opinion, the flash-forwards are great, i was very diappointed with this episode. Juliet is one of the most uninteresting persons on the island and what exactly do we know now about her? That she doesn't hesitate to go after another woman's husband (watch out kate, juliet will stop at nothing)? that creepy ben has a crush on her (congratulations, juliet)? All of Juliets lying (and she obviously cannot lie very good as she feels compelled to unveil the truth short after- boring)is meant to make her enigmatic and charismatic so she will be a good match for the doctor and be the anti-Kate- a failed attempt. Give the main characters more screen time and stop wasting time with storys about boring characters (paolo and nikki anybody?)
  • great episode

    a julietish episode. one of the others is shown in a juliet flashback, it turns out that goodwin is having a relationship with her. there's a love triangle between the two of them and ben. it's a really interesting episode, we get to see what happened in the past. Locke tries to get more information out of Ben, this time Ben offers him a deal that will make Locke release him from imprisonment. The writers came up with a really cool episode, this is what drama must be like. I love the intrigue, the way the scenes were shot, the actors were great.
  • "Because he thinks that I'm his. And he knows how I feel about you."

    Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.Because he thinks that I'm his. (Crying) And he knows how I feel about you.
  • Did we really need this subplot?

    Following up an episode that instantly becomes recognized as a classic is never easy for a series. It's even harder when the season is transitioning to the next phase. Had this been an episode from the first few seasons (this is the first episode this season to have traditional flashbacks from one character) it'd be easier to forgive, but this doesn't mesh as well with the resolve the writers have had this season. While previous episodes have had major reveals, this one just feels forced and sloppy.

    Juliet was the sympathetic doorway into the lives of The Others. Since that society has been largely obliterated, Juliet now needs a new direction. So they branch out her character by introducing Harper, an Other who despite being married to Goodwin hasn't been seen, heard or referred to before. It also changes the context of her relationship with Goodwin, making it an affair rather than something open (which would've been the way to go considering there isn't much place for privacy in their group). Suddenly The Barracks feel an awful lot like Wisteria Lane.

    The decision to add this element of Juliet as "the other woman", while it has multiple meanings (her affair, her involvement with Jack and being a female Other), is too melodramatic and seeks to define Juliet more by her romances than anything else. This has been a big problem with Kate since her second centric episode. However, Juliet has been well acted and written before, so this may be a bump in the road while the writers craft the next phase for her.

    This episode also confirms that Ben had Goodwin killed for getting close to Juliet. Of course that begs the question how did he know that Goodwin would die on such a mission. It could be a good guess, or maybe Ben is far more astute than we give him credit for. Ben might've known Goodwin would become Ana-Lucia's right hand despite Ben's command not to get involved and leave after they took all people on the list. Many have wondered what Ethan did to have him sent away. It's possible he was thrown in to deflect suspicion that Goodwin was marked.

    Michael Emerson, as many have claimed, steals the episode. We see another side of him, the love sick puppy that can't handle a crush. Some may think that diminishes Ben's image as a character, but it's clear he isn't about to hoist a boombox blasting Peter Gabriel anytime soon. He's a control freak, so he's prone to be jealous. Add his sense of power the island gives him and it's scary. His declaration "You're mine" makes the soap opera antics before far more bearable.

    Considering how everything not spelled out to viewers becomes a source of speculation, I was rather naïve to believe that Harper's remark that Juliet looked like a woman from Ben's past referred to anyone besides Ben's mother. Some thought it wasn't because she died when he was born, but that there had to be pictures of her around. It could be Annie, but she had dark hair when Ben first met her. Ben's flashback showed his mother and her death played a major role in his development. Annie, while a friend for some time, is still a major mystery. His mother's death caused his alcoholic father to heap years of psychological abuse upon him. Later, seeing her would start the chain of events that lead him to the top of The Others.

    Of all the unanswered questions about The Others, another love triangle was the wrong thing to introduce. Why not give us more details on how The Others were between the crash and when they became a bigger presence late in the second season? From that umbrella period they could explore a lot of elements they didn't get to last season. They could've even done more with the chemical burn Goodwin had. Of course, they may be saving the big reveals for the next Ben episode, but there's still plenty of room for Juliet to answer some long asked questions.

    There is the question of how Ben, who has been in the castaways custody for a few days on the island, found out about which freighties were going on the mission and sent one of The Others to get Juliet to kill them. This was likely a back up plan we never saw when Ben left The Others to negotiate with the castaways. If he didn't return after a certain number of days, they would set off The Tempest's gas. Perhaps Ben sent his people to The Temple because they can control the gas or be safe from it. There are also the whispers, which may be his method of communicating should he not be able to otherwise.

    The big problem of the episode is that the conflict exists entirely from the characters not disclosing things they should. Why would Daniel and Charlotte not disclose to the castaways that they were rendering the gas inert? It's unlikely anyone, not even Locke, would object to that mission. Also why do they knock out Kate (perhaps the better question would be why would she turn her back on one of them after catching them in a lie)? This may make more sense later as they describe the freighter's intentions.

    Claire's request to question Miles is another jarring out of character moment. She has never been one of the leaders of the camp, so why is she suddenly being proactive in how they handle the Miles (who as far as we know still has that grenade in his mouth) situation? Perhaps this is representative of the lack of ideas the writers have for her without Charlie.

    Ben continues to play Locke, but this time he has more than just mind games to back up his argument for freedom. This is executed the way the main plot should have. Ben and Locke's story comes from their established behaviors and not them behaving in a way solely to move the story. Ben manipulates everyone while Locke, trying to maintain a leadership role, remains susceptible to anyone who is somewhat convincing.

    Widmore's role in the island mythology gets pushed further with the videotape of him pulverizing Ben's inside man (presumed a different man than the one on the boat). Considering what we know, especially from last week, Ben's assertion that Widmore desperately wants to get to the island makes sense. Purchasing the journal was the first step. It's long been theorized that Widmore used Desmond and exploited Penelope's love for him to find the island as well. Ben, of course, would be a major player to eliminate if he wanted to exploit the island as Ben believes.

    With Widmore preparing for "war" with Ben (a "war" Juliet believes Ben will win) Jack prepares to stand by Juliet. This does play into the flashbacks for why she'd be concerned about that choice. However, this may ironically spell doom for her. Jack gets off the island and eventually finds himself in a deep dark depression over leaving the island. Perhaps Juliet's eventual demise is one of the things he's guilt-ridden over. It would also explain Ben and Sayid's crusade against those responsible.

    Again we're teased with the identity of Ben's inside man, which is further frustrating if it turns out to be Michael as speculated. However, it may be interesting if it's Walt. Locke has loyalties to Walt, so Ben convincing Locke that he sent Walt to help the island might have been what bought Ben the right to roam freely. Of course, it's expected to believe that it's a lie, but maybe whatever he told Locke was right?

    Following the string of solid or knock out episodes, this one is a mess. The back story for The Others offered more soapy gossip than major reveals, although the pay off was satisfying. Hopefully when the next stage of the season begins this will even out, and considering the first five episodes, the good will should be far from spent.
  • Nothing much happened other than we learned more about Juliet.

    Charlotte and Daniel go to one of the many stations scattered around the island and work to stop the gas which Ben used to kill members of the Dharma initiative from ever hurting anyone else. Well so we think. With Lost you never know what characters to trust. Juliette is approached by an unexpected guest and told to stop Charlotte and Daniel from doing this, and she and Jack go after them.

    Not much happened in this episode. It was sort of filler in my opinion, but we did learn more about Juliete and her weird relationship with Ben. There is a small twist at the end, and we also learn who the boat belongs to. However, the big reveal wasn't surprising at all because I think we all suspected it.

    Not one of the better episodes of the season, but it wasn't bad either. It doesn't compare to last week's episode THe Constant, but I've seen worse in other seasons.
  • no spoilfowards! weeeee!! but another episode where they made kate into a silly character.

    the old kate would never turn her back on charlotte. that scene was incredibly stupid. they should have figured out a different way for that to happen. it was dumb. so charlotte is turning out to be quite a violent woman. she knocked kate out & then fought with juliet. i'm glad that juliet is still tough & that her relationship with jack is not fake but genuine. unfortunately thanks to the spoilfowards we know he won't forget about kate & pursue something with juliet. it's too bad as they have more in common with each other & do really well together. this episode seemed rushed with the introduction of the harper, the tempest & how quickly they were nullified. it's too bad that the gas is gone now because it could have been used against the boat people. it was an ok episode, but it didn't really expand on juliet, except maybe when she admitted to jack how she feels about him.
  • Drama and more drama! and nothing really to add to the story!

    This episode really didn't have much to add to add to the story. More questions arise and no answers really. However we do get to see more drama and pointless, filler stories that keep everyone intrigued enough to not get pist off that they're not really revealing anything new. Although I do gotta say, this season has been way better than last, and they're style of going from one episode to the next has improved significantly. They actually continue the next episode where they left off last. Anyway, this episode didn't really have much to offer, hopefully it'll get better.
  • it was good and all fitted together but if you look at it in a different way nothing much happened...........

    this episode was good it all fitted together juliet's affair with goodwin was weird and i think all of it fitted together in the end!!!!! i wonder if they have it all planned or they make it up as they go along. nothing really happens with juliet and jack realationship it is boring. still not quite sure on charlotte and dan if they r evil or nto but she likes hittin peeps over the ehad thats for sure!!!! i bet the gas was put on the island in case those people ever found the island and so ben on his last option would have to use it to kill evryone because the people lookin for the island r so evil
  • That was definitely the worst episode from Season 4 of LOST...

    Well, I think that's the truth, because we're talking about LOST and this can be so much better. The flashback was not so bad, since a lot of things concerning Juliet and her relationship with Ben and Goodwin were explained. It had also emotional scenes and some unexpected words of love from Ben to Juliet.
    But, in my opinion, the prime story was a little disappointing. Something we should have expected when Juliet is the centric character of the episode.
    Some reasons the ratings of this episode are low:
    1) It was predictable enough (as far as the release of gus is concerned) 2) We didn't finally learn who is in that boat 3) There was not a cliffhanger ending
    4) Mitchell could act better...
    5) Nothing really happened and the plot is once again slow
    6) Answers were not given
    7) ''The Constant'' we had seen the previous week was the greatest episode

    But all these seem to be nothing...It's just an episode and there are so many left of them to watch. LOST is the best series on tv and nothing can change that anymore.
  • I actually enjoyed this episode a lot.

    Ok I admit this might've been the worst episode of Lost season 4, but it was darn good for me. Personally I enjoy Juliet episodes a ton, and this one was no exception. This episode foreshadowed a ton about how Ben will probably use her in a future plot, and in the past how he was over protective and manipulative showed a great deal that we Lost viewers probably didn't know. Great acting on whoever plays Locke and Ben too. I liked the ending between Jack and Juliet, although I am not too sure it will happen I just love Jacket soo much, and the kiss at the end was awesome so yea... I enjoyed this episode, watching Ji Yeon now=)
  • A somewhat informative filler episode. Mainly character development based with some answers regarding the islands new inhabitants.

    This wasn't the worst episode in the world, but having to premiere after last weeks episode "The Constant," made this episode seem boring and uninteresting. This episode reveals some of the secrets of the island as well as looks further into Juliet's --and Ben's--characters. Unfortunately, I found the love story somewhat boring compared to the action, adventure, and mystery I have come to expect from LOST. That aside we learn a few important details about the newcomers to the island. We learn who, potentially, is in charge of the boat as well as a little bit about the relationship between Ben, Juliet, and oddly enough, Jack. We also learn about a new station on the island. All of these new tidbits are mixed into a flashback storytelling style revealing Juliet's love affair with Goodwin. Not my cup of tea, but this was still a well made episode. An example of this is how well new characters were worked into old footage and story lines.
  • A really poor and unbelievable episode.

    I love Lost and was really looking forward to series 4 but this episode I'm afraid sums up much of the series. Something is lacking and I can't put my finger on it. The Constant was a 10/10 episode but all the others just haven't really achieved much excitement for me, this being by far the worst. Juliet is dull as dishwater and the whole story with Ben was weak. At the start of Season 3 Ben says "so I guess I'm out of the book club then" and we wonder where their relationship went wrong but in this episode after that event Ben is having Juliet round for a romantic "first date" type meal. That doesn't add up. So Juliet had an affair with that Other bloke. Who cares? Ben sent him off with Ana Lucia as he knew she would kill him? Ridiculous. We have a whole episode devoted to showing that Ben is actually evil? And in such a dull way? Oh dear. We knew that already. Then to make matters worse, Faraday and co go and turn off the gas but just had to hit Kate over the head so we could have the tense ending with Juliet with the are they or aren't they bad question. It's so stupid, why would they not just say "Listen, we think this Ben bloke is going to use the gas to kill you all so we're going to go turn it off"? The answer, they wouldn't!

    Overall a real disappointment of an episode only saved by humour between Ben and Locke.
  • So Funny...

    What can I say baout this episode? It was awesome. It didn't beat last weeks episode but it was still very good. I was really dissapointed when Jack and Juliet kissed. But Kate cant have him all to herself. I really enjoyed he episode, it was very enjoyable! I liked the way this episode was mostly on the island I have got to say I have missed the island alot. How funny was Ben? He was so cute, the way he was running around everywhere. I just hope Jack will be okay you know about the Ben liking Juliet thing. I thought that was so funny and him running up the hill was so, so funny. All in all a very good epsiode and a funny one too.
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