Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • Any hope of rescue is blown but oh well..... We're given backround to Juliet's affair, Daniel and Charlotte head to the island's power station to cut off a supply of lethal gas that can kill everyone on the island and Ben gets back on top. Yawn.

    Juliet's flashback (yes, they've covered flshforwards and visions from the past to the future and now they're back to flashbacks)is among the slowest ever seen on Lost; we see Ben fawning over her but when the charismatic Goodwin sweeps her off her feet, Ben sends him to Ana - Lucia at the plane crash site knowing that she'll kill him.
    We also see Juliet's old therapist Harper who was married to Goodwin the cad. On the island however Juliet and Jack set out to stop Daniel and Charlotte from completing their mission and we see Ben use his knowledge of the freighter in exchange for some freedom. Apart from the amusing exchanges between Ben and Locke as well as a nice little bit involving Sawyer and Hurley at the end; this episode is powerfully dull and takes the prize as the worst of Season 4.

    Big mistake giving Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet the starring role as she sleepwalks through her role and is the most uninteresting character on Lost since Bernard and his wife Rose. As so much of the episode is dedicated to the drama between Juliet, Ben and Goodwin they try to overcompensate it with hectic fight scenes and "suspenseful" sequences featuring Daniel frantically typing random equations into a computer with a loudspeaker telling him time's up (sound familiar?)

    This episode is also swimming in what are now called "Lost Clichés" which include; having characters walk through the jungle holding torches in the rain, someone seeing a person from their past come out of nowhere and greeting them with a creepy "hello" before disappearing, having the large Hurley beat someone (Sawyer) at sport and of course having the entire scene that takes place in the "tempest". All of these just add to the contrived nature of the show.

    The Direction is at the top of its game with very nicely structured scenes but the problem is the order between the scenes which is really haphazard how random bits that don't tie together are ordered. With this episode we learn that Charles Widmore (Penny's Dad) is looking for the island to turn it into a lucrative gimmick; personally this is a pretty feeble excuse, after two seasons of wondering who was looking for the island and why the best answer is a rich old guy looking for a money - making scheme. Hopefully either Ben is lying or the source that told him that is.

    We're given more insight into Ben' we learn that he had a silly crush on Juliet and killed Goodwin in spite of it, we also find out that he somehow has the power to communicate with his people and have a knowledge of what's happening on the island while being locked in Locke's basement. The Writer's are being generous by giving a great character like Ben so much development and with Michael Emerson's superb performance as him it's even better but i'm getting the sense that they're spreading his character a bit thin. All in all, this is an effective set - up for later episodes but a substandard one overall. The Soap Opera - like flashbacks and rambling events on the island are quick to lose the attention of the audience and the lack of answers and standout performances just deem it a poor episode.