Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • Romantic storylines, secrets revealed and a great fight scene between Charlotte and Juliet...this episode is terrific.

    Charlotte and Dan disappear into the island. Kate runs into them but then gets knocked out. Juliet gets a visit from her a woman called Harper. Harper tells her that Ben wants her to kill Charlotte and Dan. That made me wonder how Ben could have delivered that message because he was held in captivity. Where were Charlotte and Dan going and why ? They were going to the tempest.The source of all electricity on the island. They were going to disable it so Ben dosen't use it against everyone on the island. Jack, Juliet and Kate think that what Charlotte and Dan are doing is acutally against them so they set out to stop them. Juliet is ahead of Kate and Jack. She finds the Tempest and she also find Dan inside working on the computer so she puts a gun to his head and tells him to stop what he's doing but he refuses. Then Charlotte attacks her and a very rivetting fight happens between the two then Juliet gains control of the situation but they presuade her that what they are doing is for the good of the island, so she lets them proceed. Juliet and Charlotte leave the Tempest only to see Jack and Kate right infront of them. Juliet and Jack share a very sweet kiss which made go AWWWW. On other events. Ben wants to be free so and in order for him to do that he had to get Ben to trust him so he showed him a tape of his enemy. Charles Widmore was seen on tape. I was shocked that Penny's father was the enemy. Apparently Charles wants to exploit the island. Also Juliet has flashbacks of when she has having an affair with Widmore the man who attacked Ana Lucia but was then killed by her. We also find out that Ben was inlove with Juliet and he thought she was his. That freaked me out. I never saw it coming. Claire tells Ben that she wants to talk to Miles because she could use a different approach so they can get the information they wanted. I liked that. It's about time Claire had some development into the storyline other than being Charlie's hearthrob or the woman on the island with the baby. Loved this episode. Fantastic acting. Great scenery, like the setting where Goodwin and Juliet where having a picnic..that was beutiful. Great episode. Favorite character from this episode : Juliet !!! She looked so hot in that bathing suit. Something really funny in this episode was the expressio non Sawyer's face when he saw Ben walking around free. Good stuff !!!!