Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • The type of episode, that only one or two good scenes barely save an episode!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Every character have their share of participation in Lost, don´t matter if they are not an strong character. This time was about revealing more about Juliet past, which I thought to be a unnecessary thing to Know right now (season 3 was more suitable for this, since we already Know what was essential, this flashbacks just prove this. After they made the episode, they Knew this focus on Juliet Past and Present weren´t enough, so what they did. They put Ben in Revealing mode.

    What I Like/Disliked -» I think that Juliet Flashbacks was very forced, the add about Ben being possessive is strange and was just to make Story. The Island focus was poor, again the writers utilized 2 of the new Characters to make a mission for Juliet and Jack, also Kate. Ben and Locke Interaction was better, wasn´t expecting that Ben would Reveal anything. This is why I liked the ending, was funny.


    Presentation -» (5/10). Simply Poor, a flashbacks about Juliet with a therapist.

    Complication Phase -» (5/10) I mean, you can notice from the beginning that Dan is not a bad guy, his actions wasn´t enough to be suspected and to thought that they were trying to kill anyone. Very poorly done.

    Climax -» (6/10). Juliet with a Gun, and a misunderstood that put everyone life in Danger isn´t interesting.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (8/10). The ending was great, one of the highlights of this episode and one of the Key moments.

    Flashbacks -» (6/10). There were some people that Liked Juliet flashbacks, but I already Know that we have super fans and Fans that are looking for quality and I guarantee, this flashbacks was forced and is unnecessary to see this one.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (5/10). It is hard to not notice that Juliet Flashbacks was forced and her present situation was only a filler adventure. Ben and Locke Scenes was necessary for the future events on the Island.

    Dialogues -» (7/10). Apart from Ben and Locke, other dialogues was there to buy time.

    Action /Adventure -» (4/10). It seems that type of movies that the producers have to put something predictable and unnecessary to make fans feel bored.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Juliet acting is good, the same for Ben, but more than this, this episode couldn´t deliver that type of emotional scenes that can make you feel sorry or cry.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Weak and predictable, nobody would die, so…

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (7/10). Ben make a revelation and a hint that maybe is not telling all the truth.

    Surprise/Twists -» (8/10). The ending is funny and intriguing,
    Thoughts Changer -» None.

    The type of episode, that only one or two good scenes barely save an episode.
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