Season 6 Episode 10

The Package

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004) Sun is in the waiting room at LAX. The customs officer brings Jin out and returns his suitcase and the watch but explains that for the $25,000 to be returned to Jin, will have to complete the necessary paperwork. Sun and Jin leave and Jin says he has missed the meeting at the restaurant. When Sun asks what all the money was for, Jin says that her father gave him the money and watch to be delivered and that he didn't ask questions but just did what he was told. At the hotel, the receptionist finds the booking for a room for Sun and Jin on the eighth floor but Jin explains that they are not married. Another room is booked for Jin. Jin knocks on Sun's hotel room door and tells Sun he is going to the restaurant to deliver the watch. Sun brings him inside and explains that as it is late no-one will be at the restaurant. She explains that the man works for her father so everything will be alright. Jin asks why she would care as she is in LA on a shopping trip. She starts to flirt and unbuttons the top button of her twin set top and then takes her top off and they embrace and kiss passionately. Sun and Jin awake in bed. Sun says they should elope using money in a secret account she has. Jin professes his love for her and as she is about to tell Jin something there is a knock at the door. Jin hides in the bathroom and as Sun checks herself in the mirror she gives a long quizzical look at her face. At the door is Martin Keamy. He says that he is a friend of her father's and pushes in saying she has something for him. Sun gives Keamy the watch, but he asks where Sun's bodyguard, Mr. Kwon is, because he is meant to give him some money. Sun says she doesn't speak English as Omar knocks at the door. Keamy admits him and Omar explains Kwon is not in his room. Keamy sees two glasses of champagne and tells Omar to look in the bathroom. Keamy says he is still expecting the $25,000. Sun says to Jin in Korean that she will pay the money. Keamy tells Omar to get Mikhail who can speak nine languages. Later Mikhail translates Sun's explanation about where the money is. She offers to get the money from the bank. Keamy agrees that Mikhail will take Sun to the bank while he takes "Casanova" to the restaurant. Jin asks that Keamy not tell Mr Paik about his relationship with Sun. Keamy says the secret is safe with him. The bank officer says that Sun's account was closed. Sun is surprised as she says no one knew of the account but the Bank Officer says it was closed by Mr Paik. When she asks Mikhail why her father wold close the account he says "Why do you think"? Meanwhile Omar takes Jin into the freezer at the restaurant. Keamy washes a bump on Jin's head and tells Omar to pick up the Arab. He continues speaking to Jin although he knows Jin doesn't understand him. He secure Jin's bindings and tells Jin how unhappy Mr Paik was when he found out about Sun and Jin. He tells Jin that the $25,000 was his fee to kill Jin. As he gags Jin Keamy says that he's sorry but that some people are just not meant to be together. Later Mikhail arrives at the restaurant with Sun. They discover the carnage. Mikhail asks Keamy who did this, Keamy croaks that Mikhail should look behind him as Jin pints a gun at Mikhail's head. Mikhail asks who did this and says it was not Jin otherwise Jin would already have shot him. Mikhail and Jin struggle and Mikhail gets off two shots before trying to attacks Jin with a carving knife. Jin shoots him twice in the right eye. Sun is seated on the ground crying. She has blood on her hands and is holding her abdomen. As Jin picks her up she cries that she is pregnant. Original timeline (2007) At Locke's Camp Night glasses observe Locke's camp. Sawyer offers Kate a cup of cocoa, and Claire and Locke are shown. Jin bandages his leg as Locke joins him. Locke suggests that Jin should leave the bandages off and let the wound air out. Locke asks Jin whether Sawyer had told Jin about the names written in the cave. Locke explains that only a few names remain which haven't been crossed off and that Kwon is one of them. Locke says he is not sure who that refers to. Locke says that the only way that they can leave the island is if all the names that are not crossed off leave together. When Jin points out that Sun is not with them Locke says that he is "working on it". Locke tells Sayid that he is leaving and that he will back in the morning. He tells Sayid to keep an eye on the camp. Sayid tells Lock that he doesn't feel anything - anger, happiness, pain. Locke says that that may be best to get through what is coming. Locke leaves. Jin and Sawyer see him leave and Jin immediately packs his kit. Sawyer asks him what he is doing and Jin says he's getting out before "that thing" comes back. He castigates Sawyer for just listening to whatever Locke tells him but Sawyer says he isn't and reminds Jin that he has a deal with Widmore. Jin says it doesn't matter because he is going to find Sun. As Jin tries to leave he, Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Sayid and the rest of the Locke's group are struck by darts and all pass out. Widmore's team step amongst the bodies until they find Jin and Zoe says to take him. The Man in Black returns to his camp and finds everyone unconscious. He finds a dart in Sayid's shoulder and revives him and asks what happened. when Sayid says he doesn't know who attacked them he asks "Where is Jin"? "Locke" tells Sayid that he is taking the outrigger and asks whether Sayid is a good swimmer. He gives Sayid a gun and tells him to wrap it in plastic. Sawyer overhears. Locke asks Claire if there is something wrong and referring to the names on the wall she asks if her name is there too. Locke says it is not but that he still needs her and that there will be ample room on the plane for her too. She says that when they get home Aaron will not know her, thinking Kate is his mother. She asks if Kate's name is on the wall. Locke says it isn't but he needs her because she can help get the three people he needs to get off the Island. He adds that once Kate has helped get those people, then whatever happens, happens. "Locke" and Sayid start to leave. Sawyer asks Locke what they are doing and Locke says they are taking a boat to the other island. Locke implies that the Smoke Monster can't go over the water. When Sawyer asks Locke explains that Widmore took one of Locke's people so he is going to get him back. The Man in Black arrives with the outrigger on Hydra Island. An array of sonar pylons are lined up along the beach. Shots are fired near Locke and Widmore's armed team jump out of the bushes. "Locke" grins as he says that he comes in peace. They walk down the beach with Locke remaining outside the line of the sonar fence. Widmore comes down and faces the Man in Black and asks whether he knows who he is. When the Man in Black asks Widmore whether he knows who he is Widmore replies that he is obviously not John Locke. Widmore asks why he came and "Locke" says that Widmore took one of his people - Jin Kwon. Widmore denies knowing what he is talking about. The Man in Black says "A wise man once said that war is coming to this island, I think it just got here." Sawyer sits next to Kate at her fire. She asks him why he is not worried but he admits he is, but also that he has a feeling that "this" is almost over, thinking that Widmore has got Locke. Just then Locke walks back into camp alone. Sawyer asks where is Jin and "Locke" says they said they didn't have him but that he didn't believe them. In replying to Sawyer's question about whether he had lost Sayid too "Locke" asks about the locked room on the submarine and says that he doesn't like secrets. At the Beach Camp Miles and Frank are playing cards. Ilana cleaning her rifle while Ben asks what are they waiting for. When Ilana says they are waiting for Richard to come back, Ben says that he would bet that in view of what Richard said he would bet that they will never see him again. Ilana says Hurley will bring him back. Miles is disparaging about Hurley's ability to track anyone but Ilana says Jacob has never lied to her and that therefore Richard knows what to do. She is convinced that Richard will come back and that until he does they will wait. Sun walks off angrily. She goes to her vegetable garden, now overgrown. Jack joins here and reflects on when she planted the garden and that it seems like a 100 years ago. Sun says she doesn't care whether Richard comes back. Jack tells Sun about Jacob's Lighthouse and the list but Sun says she doesn't care about being a candidate, or their "purpose" or "destiny" and she asks to be left alone. Sun is weeding and cuts her finger on a leaf. "Locke" startles her and she apprehensively steps away from him. Locke says that he found Jin and that he was keeping his promise to reunite them even though it took longer than he expected. He tells her that he is with his people at his camp across the island. He offers his outstretched hand but Jin says she doesn't believe him, that he killed the people at the Temple. "Locke" says that those people were confused and lied to and they could have come with him. He says that he is asking her to come with him and is "asking" her to come. Sun runs and the Man in Black chases her. She runs into a branch and falls. Ben finds Sun passed out. She revives and speaking in Korean asks where "he" and that he chased her. Ben asks that she speak in English and when he asks who did this to her she replies "Locke". Jack is looking after Sun's head wound. Ben is sensitive to a look Ilana gives him and asks why she won't believe him that Sun was already unconscious when he found her. Ilana replies that it's because Ben is speaking. Jack tells Sun that she has concussion and although she understands English she can only speak Korean. Jack thinks she has aphasia which affects the language center of the brain but that the condition is usually temporary. Ilana smiles as Richard strides into the camp with Hurley following. Richard says to them all to pack their bags because they are leaving. When Jack asks where they are going Richard asks Ben where Locke is. Ben tells him that he said he was on Hydra Island. Richard checks with Frank that that is where his plane landed. He says they are going to stop this "man" by destroying the plane. Sun says in Korean that the plane is the only way they can get off the Island. Richard asks why she is speaking in Korean and Jack explains that she was injured when Locke chased her. Richard asks her about Locke but Sun describes him as insane if he thinks he is going to destroy their only means of getting off the Island. She adds that she came to get Jin not save the world and that as Ilana thinks she is important then Richard needs her and he should understand that she is not going with them. It is night. Sun is staring out to sea. Jack brings her some things and suggests that she try to write in English because an aphasia patient he once had could still write. Jack gives Sun a pen and paper. Jack says he went back to the garden and while looking for Locke found one perfect tomato although all the vines appeared dead. He says no one told the stubborn tomato that it was supposed to die. Sun writes that he didn't go with Locke to join Jin because she doesn't trust Locke. When Jack asks Sun whether she trusts him she nods, Jack asks her to come with them and he will help her find Jin and get them both on the plane. Jack makes a heartfelt promise and when he offers his hand, Sun takes it. At the Hydra Island Jin wakes in a locked room with metal walls. there is an array of loudspeakers around the room. Jin throws a switch and the room darkens and on screens are projected film with titles including "We are the causes of our own suffering" , "everything changes" accompanied by flashes of images and a discordant sound track. Jin throws the switch again. Zoe is in the room and says that they are in Room 23 and that the DHARMA Initiative were doing experiments on subliminal messaging in this room, but that he knows all about the DHARMA Initiative. As Jin goes to leave Zoe brings him down with a stun gun. She apologizes but says they had gone to a lot of trouble bringing him here. She shows him a grid map which DHARMA used to identify pockets of electromagnetism. She says that whoever signed the maps could help her out and that the signature looks like "Jin-Soo Kwon" . She asks whether it is him but Jin says he will only speak with Charles Widmore. Zoe says that Widmore would like to talk with Jin too. In the DHARMA Station at Hydra Island Widmore castigates Zoe saying that this should not have happened for days. Zoe responds saying that he should have put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist. Realizing that Jin is looking on Widmore asks Zoe to get the package from the submarine and take it to the infirmary. Zoe agrees. Widmore apologizes to Jin and introduces himself. He gives Jin a camera that Widmore found in Sun's luggage found in the Ajira plane. The camera contains shots of Ji Yeon, Jin's daughter. Widmore says he has a daughter too and knows what it is like to be kept apart. Widmore explains that being reunited with Sun would be short lived if that "thing" ever got off the island. He says everyone we know and love would simply cease to be. Widmore says he has come to prevent that from happening. Jin asks how he is going to do that and Widmore says it is time for Jin to see the package and that the package is "a who" not "what". Sayid surfaces near the sub. Zoe and the baby faced mercenary are pulling someone out through the hatch. They drop the body on the edge of the Jetty and Zoe admits she gave him too much. Desmond opens his eyes as his head hangs over the edge of the jetty and he and Sayid look at each other for a moment before Desmond is carried away.
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